GOP Needs New Strategy As Vast Majority Of Americans Don’t Want Obamacare Repealed



On Wednesday, the Kaiser Family Foundation released their updated health tracking poll and the results were not what the Republican Party wanted to see. Overall, it shows that Americans are not in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act and are also sick and tired of the ongoing debate about health care, Basically, the majority of the American public accepts that the ACA is the law of the land, and that efforts should only be made to improve the law, rather than to repeal it.

53% of respondents to the poll stated that they are sick of the debate on the health care law and would like for our lawmakers to focus on other issues now. Meanwhile, 42% felt that the debate should continue. This shows that the appetite for Republicans focusing solely on Obamacare during their campaigns this election season is seriously waning. In fact, even Republican voters are getting tired of the continued focus on the ACA, as 47% want to move on to other things.

At the same time, a large majority of people do not want the health care law repealed. 59% of those polled feel that the law should not be repealed. 49% stated that the law should stay in place but that improvements should be made, while 10% said that it is fine exactly as it is. On the flip side, only 29% of respondents feel that repeal is a viable option, with 11% stating that we should repeal the law and replace it with a GOP alternative and 18% saying to repeal it and do nothing else. A majority of independents (52%) are in favor of keeping the law in place.

While more people still have an unfavorable view of the ACA as opposed to a positive one, the gap is definitely narrowing. 38% of Americans said they view the law favorably while 46% still see it in a negative light. However, when asked about individual provisions of the law, nearly every element was met with overwhelming support. The only unpopular provision of the law is the individual mandate. Only 35% of Americans support it, with the vast majority of Republicans and independents firmly against it.

Essentially, this shows that people like what the ACA offers, they just don’t like one particular part of it, which is the individual mandate. The funny thing here is that this is the main objection that Republican voters have when confronted with individual provisions of the law. However, the individual mandate is pretty much a conservative idea that originally came from the Heritage Foundation and dates all the way back to 1989. It also is the key component from Massachusetts’ health care law, or ‘Romneycare’, that made it over to the ACA.

Basically, the individual mandate is the key driver that keeps the costs of insurance premiums down. Without the individual mandate, the additional provisions of the law, which are all wildly popular, would force insurance premiums to skyrocket. Unknowingly, Republican voters, by railing against the individual mandate but supporting the other elements of the law, are pretty much advocating for single-payer, government run health coverage. It appears they want ‘Medicare for all’ without even realizing it.

The main takeaway from this poll is that Republicans need to come up with a new plan for the midterms. Making Obamacare the single issue will backfire badly. By the end of March, over 6 million people will have signed up for new health insurance plans due to the ACA. Millions more will have obtained coverage from Medicaid or through their parents’ plans, also because of the ACA. Americans have accepted the law and want to give it a chance to work. They are for improving it, but not for getting rid of it.

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  1. To do nothing to assist people in getting healthcare is one thing. To obstruct people getting healthcare is another. If I am walking down the street and see someone lying bleeding in the street and choose not to help, that is bad enough. To pull a gun on the EMT’s when they arrive to prevent them from treating the person would be reprehensible.

    I would like to see the Democrats confront these repugs at every opportunity. Commercials, debates, townhalls. Be aggressive and dispute every “fact” that they assert not only on ACA but every issue. Drive home the point that Democrats are not just trying to help Democrats. We are trying to help women, minorities, poor and middle class, college students, LGBT, Americans! We don’t care what party you are or where your from, or how much you make. We want everyone.

  2. Why do more people still have an unfavorable view of the ACA? Some people hate the name – the concept – of the law, rather than the law itself. The specifics of the law they love.

    All people should have a chance to get HealthCare Coverage. Republicans Hate Obamacare, and they believe people just shouldn’t have healthcare insurance.

  3. Many of the people who are against the ACA are people who have no access to it yet. The usual red states whose governors won’t enroll in the program, won’t expand Medicaid. It’s shameful that GOP would rather see people die or lose their homes because their hatred of the president is so strong.

    In the 22nd century, the whole world is going to look back at the early 21st century and try to pinpoint just when it was that the GOP lost it’s collective minds. Pssst, it started when they tried to get Clinton impeached for getting his knob polished out of season.

    It will be a curiosity just as the 1850’s pre-civil war Know Nothingism was to us.

  4. They don’t need a strategy to appeal to voters, not really. Their strategy is likely to consist of fraud, fear, and force, in that order.

  5. I have a new strategy for the GOP, don’t let the door hit you on your way out of the country…..

    (apologies, but time has proven that there is no reasoning with these folks.)

  6. Being BLACKLISTED from birth, I’m so happy it’s now ILLEGAL for insurance companies to deny me coverage because of a birth defect!

  7. Being under Congresses taxing authority it does not have to be repealed. Tax law are modified, amended or removed at anytime. No need to repeal it is not amendment or part of constitution. Of course you would hope people would understand this after the Supreme court decision. On a law a majority never wanted. Still does not!

  8. A grade school comparison of a child. Obstruct? On a law nation never wanted. On a law ever poll stated nation did not support. Needed special process to pass. Easy to forget all that when you are as dumb, ignorant and stupid as you. The comparison you make is that of an ignorant child. Does not even make sense except to punch drinking loon like you. One has and lost already. Sorry but nation never supported it. Only convers 10 million of original 40 million uninsured. Yea great piece of nothing legislation as majority it was suppose to cover will not. Disputes will not matter because nation never wanted it. Something you inbreds do not seem to get. Trying to force a nation to buy something they did not want to subsidize the insurance of those who cannot afford it. Except 30 million short of that goal. We want everyone except when you tell us you do not want it then we pass it anyways. Typical troglodyte breads and circuses pussy sell out. Sellout Democrat loser! Good Toby!

  9. Ignorant partisan BS answer of nothing. No most people get insurance through employer and this law does not change that idiot. If fact this law will not even cover more then 25 percent of uninsured. Republican believe people should not have insurance is a lie. Now that you proven a liar ignorant moron who lack simple understanding. Replies with grade school lies told to say by his master. Rest is uneducated post of nothing and arguments long found wanting. Being tax law may change at anytime. People want insurance just not version government decides on. Making majority of nation pay more to pay for you losers who cannot. I guess you cannot do for yourself so I have too. Typical Bread and Circuses Democrat leach. A price paid in next election till law is revised or removed like any tax law can.

  10. Actually majority of nation has been against it from the beginning. Of course a Partisan dolt like you does not believe anything your plantation taskmaster have not told you to say. They do not like being told by penalty they have to do anything. A law passed by special process because Obama did not have votes in his own party. That may be removed as soon as republican take the senate. That is the beauty of tax law may be revised, amended, modified or eliminated. Tax law a nation never wanted. Rest is drivel!

  11. No there strategy is not support a bill a majority of nation did not want. To do what the people who elected you want you to do. Not what the Emperor Obama wants and uses little used special process to pass. Why special process if nation really wanted it? Because they never did! Did not even have votes needed in his own party. Rest is regurgitated BS! Tax laws are easily changed by simple vote.

  12. Stop your bullshit and read what the polls actually said. 17% want the law to go further dummy. If you add that number to the 45% who support the law then you have a majority over you stupid ass people. Damn this aint rocket science. And the next time you insult someone you will be banned

  13. I notice you didn’t complain when Bush used that same “special process” to hand a trillion dollars in tax cuts to the richest Americans. But then again, you didn’t complain when Bush raised the debt ceiling over and over to pay for the war he lied us into, either.

    As for the ACA, the FACT is that 59% (that’s a majority, by the way) either want to keep the ACA as is or keep the ACA with changes. A whopping 29% support repeal. But don’t worry about facts. Just keep watching Fox.

    Source of statistics:

  14. LOL lots of things besides Constitutional amendments get repealed. Statutes (like the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) are also subject to repeal.

    [ri-peel] Show IPA
    verb (used with object)
    1. to revoke or withdraw formally or officially: to repeal a grant.
    2. to revoke or annul (a law, tax, duty, etc.) by express legislative enactment; abrogate.
    3. the act of repealing; revocation; abrogation.

    I was going to suggest you actually read the Constitution, but maybe starting with a dictionary would be a wiser move.

  15. The ACA is not a tax law. It is a valid exercise of Congress’ power under the commerce clause. Roberts knew that, of course, but if he had admitted it in his decision it would have deprived the conservatives of one of their biggest talking points.

    Not that that matters anyway. ANY law that Congress has passed can be repealed in theory. All it would take is a majority of each house and the President’s signature, or two thirds of each house if the President vetoes the move. That’s why the 52 wastes of time the Republicans in the House have committed with “repeal votes” is totally useless. Even if a majority of the Senate went along with them, there’s no way the President would ever approve it and there’s no way they’ll EVER get 2/3, especially since the majority of Americans do NOT want the Act repealed.

  16. Sad, isn’t it, that John Boehner & Co. are working so hard to put you and millions of Americans like you back on that blacklist.

  17. Now that’s just NOT true! Fear comes first, THEN fraud.

    “Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…fear and surprise…. our two weapons are fear and surprise…and ruthless efficiency…. Our three weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency…and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope…. Our four…no… amongst our weapons…. amongst our weaponry…are such elements as fear, surprise…. I’ll come in again….”

  18. That’s always the way with conservatives. While Liberals and Progressives and even most Moderates seek to do what will benefit everyone in the hope that they will be among those who benefit (not that they always succeed), Conservatives seek to do what will benefit themselves and don’t give a damn about anyone else. They also have the misguided notion that in order for them to gain, someone else has to lose. If they give millionaires a tax break, they “balance” that with depriving poor children of food.

  19. Yeah, you may want to proofread your comments before posting. When you troll around, calling everyone that disagrees with you an “idiot, stupid, dolt, ignorant” etc, you become nothing but a joke. Screaming insults at people when you couldn’t pass 2nd grade English is just pathetic.

  20. See, this is why conservatives can never win an argument. The President was elected by a majority of voters in 2008 based in large part on his promise to reform health care in this country. He was re-elected by a majority of voters in 2012 based in large part on the fact that he DID reform health care in this country. A majority of voters chose Democratic members of Congress because Democrats support the ACA. And as I’ve already posted, a whopping 39% of Americans (that’s not a majority, by the way) want to see the ACA repealed.

    And by the way, five years in, where IS the “Republican Plan”???

  21. Actually, a majority of Americans (59%) either support the ACA as is or support it with changes. Only 29% want to see the ACA repealed.

    It also cannot be overlooked that many of that 29% feel the way they do based on Fox disinformation – like believing there are death panels, coverage for illegal aliens, coverage for abortions, etc.

    And the funniest part is that there are some who oppose “Obamacare” but support the Affordable Care Act! Jimmy Kimmel had a segment where they asked people on the street which one they like more, and a lot of them said “well I don’t like Obamacare but the ACA sounds like a good deal.”

  22. You DO realize, I hope, that the “special process” you keep ranting about is simply a majority vote rather than the 60 vote supermajority that the Right Wing has used to block everything the black guy in the White House proposes, even when, as with the Affordable Care Act, it’s a conservative idea, developed by the Heritage Foundation in the first place!

    And PLEASE learn the basics of American government. A majority in the Senate would do the Party of No no good at all, since anything they pass would have to be signed by the President! Think they can get two thirds of the House AND two thirds of the Senate to vote to deprive millions of Americans of access to affordable health care?

  23. You’re on fire Starr. Thank you for your comments. I read Politicus every morning but have trouble getting my thoughts together to comment as you do. I’m not only enjoying reading someone who speaks so clearly and passionately, but I’ve learned stuff too. Thanks.

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