Republican Senators Slam John Boehner For Blocking Unemployment Benefits Extension


The group of Republican senators who support extending unemployment benefits are calling out John Boehner for blocking the Senate agreement that would help millions of Americans.

Politico spoke to the group of Republicans who debunked Boehner’s complaints:

“There’s a lot of things that the speaker doesn’t like that we do over here,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). “What we have out there is a fair proposal.”

“It’s a good compromise that takes care of people who are running out of their checks and does it in a way that is paid for appropriately,” said Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

“It would be a mistake not to at least have that discussion” with the House, (Sen. Dean) Heller said. “I knew that they would have some issues with it. I think it’s pretty palatable for their side. It is paid for. We had to limit the amount of time to five months. There are some good arguments to having this done.”

And NASWA is now working with senators on making technical tweaks to the legislation to ease states’ worries over implementation. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said one easy fix would be to lay out in the legislation how to explicitly bar millionaires from receiving jobless benefits.

“I just don’t see why that would be a problem. You could have a simple form that people would sign attesting to their income,” Collins said.

Speaker Boehner has come up with a set of increasingly ridiculous complaints that he is using as justification for his opposition to extending unemployment benefits.

The real reason why Boehner is vowing not to bring the eventually Senate passed bill to the floor of the House is that his party wants to ransom the unemployed. Boehner has made rumblings about spending cuts and a bill that works for the House.

A bill that works for the House is Boehner speak for demanding that the IRS stop their crackdown on the campaign donations of the right wing billionaires, or changes to Obamacare.

These are the same old House Republicans, who again, expect to be rewarded for doing their jobs. The Republican senators aren’t buying what Boehner is selling, and neither should you.

At any time, any of them could make Boehner’s life a whole lot easier by dropping their support for the bill. If one Republican defects, the bill will not pass.

They won’t abandon the extension, because they believe in this compromise, which means that John Boehner is now on the hot seat, as his position of starving the unemployed grows more unsustainable with each passing day.


39 Replies to “Republican Senators Slam John Boehner For Blocking Unemployment Benefits Extension”

  1. Good on those who actually believe in compromise. It’s a fair deal, so why not put it up for a vote.

    Is he afraid of being called a RINO by the Teabaggers?

  2. Two comments: To be fair, it is the House GOP that is at fault. It is quicker to type out one person’s name. The House GOP members are totally despicable.
    Second, the article talks about helping those that are getting close to running out of benefits… What about those that LOST benefits EVEN if the 99 week previous contract on the table didn’t run out. That is who is most affected. It is just the same as showing up to work and finding the your ‘plans’ bankrupt and closed up. Moved out the night before; and left the employees no severance or unemployment insurance. Career direction doesn’t turn like an exotic car or a jet plane… those cut off December 31, 2013 when the US DOL turned hard ‘fell out’ of the vehicle’s window, and are bleeding out on the side of the road.

  3. I think that people who have lost their unemployment and cannot pay their rent, cannot afford to heat their homes, cannot afford food, cannot feed and clothe their children should be interviewed by the media. Of course, that will never happen. The media is basically useless in covering Main St.

  4. This is the Repugnant parties message to the country;
    You don’t need no stinkin’ money,
    You don’t need no stinkin’ health care,
    You don’t need no stinkin’ equal rights’
    You don’t need no stinkin” right to vote,
    You don’t need no stinkin’ equal pay for women.

    This has been a message brought to you by the Repugnant Party, by the old white bast*rds, for the old white bast*rds. Financed by the BillionairesClub of America. Don’t forget, vote repugnant so we can keep you in servitude.

  5. He’s useless, no one wants his job, what does he have to lose? People who already don’t like him will not like him even more?


  6. Bottomline, the ONLY reason those few republicans like senator collins are confronting boenher on unemployment benefits are because I guarantee you her republican constituents FLOODED her office about UNEMPLOYMENT compensation and are scared to death about having ZERO income!! see your typical republicans ONLY care about government when THEY can personally benefit from it. Lets be honest! the GOP hasn’t represented the PEOPLE since the times of the Rockefellers!! and yet the vast majority of republicans aren’t wealthy but without hesitation you’ll cheerlead for the GOP that’s on a NEVER ending campaign to CRUSH the common man. UNREAL

  7. Boehner knows there is no “IRS crackdown on the campaign donations of the right wing billionaires” And the people of the US want citizens united gone. They are not going to support boehner in this instance. Even republicans have to understand boehner is not supporting them or their families.

    Pure politics for the rich.

  8. Well, he’s already waging war on about a million of his own voters, so ticking off other republican politicians (who’ve been doing the exact same thing) really isn’t much of a stretch now, is it?

  9. Saying that an extension would help millions of Americans is the weakest possible argument the GOPer senators could present to Boner. Boner and the rest of the House repubes don’t care about Americans. They’d throw each and every one of us under the bus, if only it’d make that black dude in the White House look bad.

  10. The media cover main street?? You got to be kidding me.That would take away time from the latest report on the British royal family or celebrity gossip. Heaven forbid we don`t hear that!!!

  11. W….T…..F……Boehner!!!!!
    American People need your help!
    You don’t have to agree with helping everyone and maybe not everyone deserve it, but many American Families are suffering.
    While other Country are laughing in your face, because your will to help other, but not the American Families……

  12. John Boehner needs to get out of the way. His politicking has cause enough issue and prolonging this bill will cause you issues back home next election.

    John is heartless and is acting out and he needs to be reminded that he works for us and we need that bill passed.

    Contact his office:
    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax

  13. John Bonerhead is a real Piece of Work If there is a way to Start Impeachment proceeding Please count me there > Anyone turning there back to follow AMerican who have lost there job through no fault of there own, has no Right in serving us.


  14. Lord for in you my faith is revealed!! Please allow my family to avoid poverty, we are in crisis, lord above please help the cold hearted republicans pass this U.I. Exsetion, we are in your need!! Amen..

  15. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) must go…Yes he is a real piece of work is right. He got voted to help the American People. He is nothing but a very neagative person…Does not belong in the house…So Very Sad what he is doing to starving families….Shame on Him……Start the impeachment proceedings ASAP……

  16. So many people need this UI bill passed in the Senate and in the House! What do we have to do? Show up dead or dying in the streets? Can’t pay rent, can’t pay gas to look for work, can’t buy enough food to last the month even with the little help I get from food stamps.
    There are 2 million people that would benefit with the passage of the UI bill.
    I haven’t heard anything from the President, he gave up speaking on it a month ago.

    I hope he is working behind the scenes to help.
    Yeah! God bless America. It’s true if you have the money.

  17. When did we stop having “public servants, and start having these self-centered, self- indulgent, self-promoting, career politicians? We have truly become subordinates to these “elected officials”. They no longer care what the people think or say, they’re in their own little “chiefdom” all their own. It’s truly disgusting how these politicians have used these two million unemployed workers, and families as “bargaining chips”, and political leverage for their party’s own agenda. The fact that there are families suffering, and many losing their homes, and becoming homeless, makes very little difference to them. They have “theirs”, and as long as their families are not affected, then all the better. The founding father’s would be in shock, to see what the government has turned into. It’s no longer “We the people”, it’s ” We the elite”. The one percenters rule over the ninety nine percent. It’s truly a crime, that the Republican Senators, would make these needy families go without be…

  18. Maybe the media won’t cover the problems with the unemployment extension because the money to cover their combined mon thru fri daily news casts of 165+ hours for just the main three stations [KOMO-KING-KIRO]are paid by outside sources.

    You know the commercials will not cover their wages, cameras, personnel, planes, helicopters, rent, lights, phones, and everything else they use.

    So where do they get the funds to keep running???

    So who is running the news agencies???

  19. What the GOP has not figured out is that our President is steadfast and truly believes that “No sword formed against me shall prosper”. If the president’s policies have been and are so wrong then the best thing the GOP could have done is let him have his way and put his foot in his own mouth. They know he is right about women’s right as well as the benefits that the unemployed that need these benefits have earned. Karma will prevail and in Nov is when everyone that is tired of the GOP holding the middle class and lower hostage to really show up and vote their butts out of office for good. Karma will prevail. Your vote counts!!!!!

  20. Employers claim that unemployed workers lack the skills that employers need. However, when I apply then interview for jobs I am told that I will not be hired because I am over qualified. Then the employer hires cheap foreign labor. The republicans insist that to get unemployment they require job training. How would required job training make me not over qualified? I believe that this is a plan to break down the American people to third world peasants status that will be willing to accept poverty. The financial class has written off most Americans. The financial class ha taken our homes, our pensions, are benefits, and our jobs. This is out of the financial classes desperation to maintain their corrupt financial system. Reinstate the Glass-Steagal act, and prosecute the wall street criminals.

  21. Wonder how many people know that in Boehners home district (8) in Ohio is in one of the most hard hit with unemployment. If those people are williing to move against him, they can vote him clear out of the House. It would be hard to find somebody who’s worse than him.

  22. We have got to get Boehners out of office. He will never to do the right thing especially while there is an African American president!

  23. John Boehner is not happy with his public image he is the police officer that got the job to make people’s lives hell. He needs to grow up and actually do his job, I don’t think anyone would of elected him if they knew this guy he is surely showing his true colors. Does this guy ever smile?? John Boehner if you want to work on your public image how about representing the people that elected you instead of your own self interests. Playing this god role with millions of people’s lives is just not the way to go. Get your life together and back on track to what means the most helping and serving the people. Stop acting like the grinch that stole christmas and being a total scrooge people don’t hate you well some might but people really want you to be fair and have a lil humanity. Get away from the darkside and enjoy your life by knowing you are serving the best interests of the people. In god we trust. DO YOU?

  24. Contact this camel smoking devil

    In addition to the Washington, D.C. office, Congressman Boehner has three Eighth District offices conveniently located for constituents in Butler, Clark and Miami counties. You may contact us via phone, e-mail or fax. Due to security procedures, mail sent through the Post Office could take up to 3 weeks to arrive in the Washington, D.C. office.

    Butler County Office
    7969 Cincinnati-Dayton Road
    Suite B
    West Chester, OH 45069
    (513) 779-5400

    Miami County Office Clark County Office
    12 South Plum Street 76 East High Street
    Troy, OH 45373 3rd Floor
    (937) 339-1524 Springfield, OH 45502
    (937) 322-1120

    Washington, D.C. Office
    1011 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-6205
    (202) 225-0704 fax Toll-free number
    Residents of the 8th District
    of Ohio may use the toll-free number: (800) 582-1001

  25. This just goes to show you that the republican party hates you and hates your way of life. This is another assault in the class war. If the republicans really wanted to balance the budget they levy a tax on wall street stock trades. This would generate enough revenue that small business employer and employee taxes could be greatly reduced.

  26. But Boehner is in the front line in the class war by the 1% against the 99%. They have taken our jobs, skimmed our pensions, and not they want to take away any of our benefits. If Boehner really wanted to help the economy, and reduce the deficit he would sponsor legislation to impose a tax on wall street financial transactions. But obviously he want to proceed with a program to reduce the American working class to the status of 3rd world peasants who will accept austerity and poverty.

  27. I believe it is time for us to throw the money lenders out of the temple of our society. Pass Senate bill 1282 the “21st century Glass-Steagall Act, and House Resolution 129 “Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2013”. This will separate legitimate commercial banking from speculative financial banking. Then we can start to build a America that will serve the welfare of all the American people.

  28. This is the class war by the 99% against the 1%. If we can pass legislation to have equal public funding of election, then we can level the playing field. Now the wall street drug money launders, and corporate criminals can financially dominate elections.

  29. I was an employer for 36 years until the economy finally did me in. During that time I paid federal unemployment taxes for my workers. What happened to that money. These people shouldn’t have to be begging for what is theirs. Since I owned the business I’m not eligible for unemployment and that’s a whole nother issue. From here on in I vote independent or not at all. It is truly sad what our politicians both parties have done to this country.

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