Conservatives Plant A New Insane Conspiracy By Accusing Obama of Common Core Mind Control

via the Patriot Post

The new scandal is the mind control behind Common Core, or “ObamaCore” as the Tea Party calls it. Never mind that it’s not a federal mandate, “It was developed by the National Governors Association, through a panel led by Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D) and then-Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (R).”

BUT OBAMA I tell you. He tells you what chair to sit in with ObamaCare and now he’s taken hold of our minds by trying to educate Americans. Well, the far right isn’t having it.

Michelle Malkin tells us we are wrong not to be paranoid, for a national data base is being made for kids information (sorta like a Sarah Palin Death Panel, only less effective as a scare tactic due to her smaller platform), “They don’t loathe anti-Common Core parents because these parents are “paranoid.” They fear them because “paranoid” is the political demagogue’s word for active, alert, and well-informed.”

Yes, if by “well-informed” one means misinformed. It turns out that the data mining is voluntary and has nothing to do with Common Core. Also, like so many things the Right suddenly finds objectionable, it was going on long before Common Core.

The point of the story? Obama scares conservatives a lot and so now they hate education. Prepare to be inundated with “non partisan” fear stories about Common Core.

Common Core is the new conservative Benghazi, IRS (insert crazed, planted scandal here). Conservatives are calling it “ObamaCore”, in what some say is a reflection of their frustrated inability to repeal ObamaCare (something everyone but the conservative base knew was not going to happen, and the Republican leaders stoked those cheap flames of misinformed outrage).

Reid Wilson at The Washington Post explained on Tuesday that conservatives have introduced 100 bills to “slow or reverse” Common Core, “an 85 percent increase over the year before”, even though their paranoia is unfounded.

Back in October, PolitFact rated the mind control fear mongering claims “Pants on Fire”. You see, Common Core is not even a curriculum. It’s standards. “Determining the curriculum is left up to local school boards, districts, and teachers.” So, it’s sorta like mind control only not.

In a long “guide to Common Core” published by USNews on March 6th by Allie Bidewell, the person she uses to lead us through the Common Core maze is Rick Hess from The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI). She never tells the reader that the AEI is a private, conservative, partisan institution or that some AEI members were leading architects of George W Bush’s public policy. Dick Cheney, John Bolton and former deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz are associated with the organization — not exactly the folks many would want driving our education policies.

Rick Hess, who is an articulate scholar, also has a Wiki Page that was marked in January of this year as possible spam, “This article reads like a news release, or is otherwise written in an overly promotional tone…” And again, “This article contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information.” But heck, his page is up in time for him to be used as an “non partisan” expert, as his Wiki page claims, so that’s handy when you have a narrative to weave.

Hess, who is big on Libertarianish sounding things like “educational entrepreneurship” and school “reform” brought about by cost cutting (LOL), was the undisclosed conservative lens through which the public got to view the alleged demise of Common Core on USNews. Hess followed up his disguised policy push with a March 26 (today) article in the National Review that reads exactly like the conservative argument to ObamaCare.

On March 20, Hess argued in the National Review that Common Core wouldn’t be an issue in the midterms and if the Tea Party really want to see something done, it will only happen if Tea Party candidates win out over establishment Republicans (very subtle Mr Hess), which he ended with this opportunity for alert Tea Partiers, “… in this case, on how well (or poorly) the fancy new assessments work, on whether the public finds the test scores credible, and on whether parents find the homework and new lessons compelling.”

Just five days later, and voilà! Guess what was trending today (written Tuesday), the day after Indiana dropped out of Common Core? Via Yahoo:

A Facebook update from a father frustrated with the Common Core math program at his son’s school is making the Internet rounds after the father Jeff Severt expressed (via what looks like a kid’s homework assignment) how convoluted the teaching approach is.

How did this note get noticed? Oh, it was posted to the “Patriot Post” Facebook Page and picked up by Glenn Beck. This isn’t mentioned specifically in the article, but it is captioned thusly and the first link goes to Beck. The Patriot Post declares that the time is now for Americans (white Americans it seems) to decide whether to be slaves or freemen. This article is shared right next to a picture of a car with a bumper sticker reading, “Does your Obama sticker make you feel stupid yet?”

The Patriot Post has been endorsed, according to their website, by Senator Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, and Dick Armey.

The Yahoo article notes, “The Facebook post (which by Tuesday had generated 4,400 likes, 4,300 shares, and 700 comments debating the issue) coincides with news that on Monday, Indiana became the first state to formally withdraw from the Common Core standards.”

So the story was posted on Monday, the 24, just 4 days after Hess noted that Common Core’s success or failure would be determined by factors like parents finding the homework compelling. It was written up in Glenn Beck’s The Blaze on Monday the 24th, Yahoo on Tuesday the 25th, and it’s trending by Wednesday the 26th.

DO YOU GET IT YET? COMMON CORE IS HATED BY RANDOM PARENTS AND A WHOLE STATE JUST DROPPED IT. This is just like the proof that the IRS was “targeting conservatives” (also debunked), which was provided by conservatives who had been found guilty of illegally assisting the GOP. (The media didn’t feel you needed to know that last part.) Then followed a summer of lies, later debunked.

If you want to laugh before you cry, read that WaPo article. Wilson explains that this whole big to-do regarding Indiana’s alleged “sovereignty” being protected doesn’t actually mean that they won’t be using Common Core. Or Common Core principles. In fact the new standards look a lot like the old standards, it’s just got a different name. Sort of like how Kentuckians love ObamaCare so long as it’s not called ObamaCare. Wilson notes, “That’s similar to the approach several other states are taking: Pass standards nearly identical to Common Core, but under a different name.”

This is the moment when it’s fair to say we are not actually discussing ideology or ideas. This “debate” is about nothing other than a new way to mask a partisan poutrage over Obama having any power at all, under the guise of alleged objections to policies.

The issue here isn’t whether Common Core is any good or not. Common Core is being pushed by the business community among others and it is not an Obama initiative. The issue is that the public is being duped again about the origins, partisan nature and purpose of the criticisms. And this set up looks a lot like the IRS set up, with coordinated timing of planted sources and claims, that taken together create a publicly accepted narrative that may or may not have any truth to it whatsoever.

Image: From Patriot Post, later reposted on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Yahoo


28 Replies to “Conservatives Plant A New Insane Conspiracy By Accusing Obama of Common Core Mind Control”

  1. I figured long ago that the republicans were insane,
    in fact I don’t think they are human.

    One of the latest bad deeds is to stop the increase of the US increase to the IMF. They are deliberately
    trying to make the US look weak in regard to the Ukraine, just to win one over Obama.

  2. Yeah kids, if your pa can’t figger it out it must be some devil math from that awful black man! I find it humorous the teabaggers and right wingers want to pound religion into their childs heads. Insulate them from culture diversity, and keep them ignorant of science. Then when they send them to school they can’t compete. Naturally it’s not their fault.
    Children as a rule are sponges when it comes to learning. They love challenges and have that innocence of belief is anything is possible. If you nurture that and encourage it, they can grasp and learn anything. To stifle it only breeds ignorance.
    I suspect that some of these parents are afraid to let their children excel in that they know once the child exceeds the parents abilities that culture of ignorance will be over.

  3. How anyone can vote for Republicans, and particularly Tea Party types, is beyond me. But then, I haven’t believed anything that either Beck or Limbaugh or Fox (non-)News has ever promoted.

  4. Mind control? REALLY!!??!! this coming from a party that uses Goebbels playbook on propaganda! this coming from a party that owns 9 out 10 media outlets! this coming from a party that went to the southern churches with all they’re TAX FREE exemptions and ”conspired” to spew RW HATE to many of it’s Godless, FAKE christian congregation! this coming from a party that uses BONEY- BLUE EYED- BLONDE- FEMALE MODELS to attract typically OVER 60- VIAGRA POPPING- ROGAINE ADDICTED- PHONY PATRIOTIC- NEO CONFEDERATE- CAUCASIAN- MALES to brainwash these undereducated individuals to sell their ”WE THE RICH PEOPLE” mind control agenda!! REALLY! the republican party is a CULT!! and majority of it’s FLOCK are probably BEYOND the ability to RE- PROGRAM them!!! let the out out like David Koresh! in a BLAZE of IGNORANCE!

  5. I predicted this deliberate systematic destruction of our educational system way back in 1980. At that time people dismissed it as paranoia and I was called “radical”. Now I make Nostradamus look like a neophyte. All of my predictions on how the Conservative Christian Reich wing have come to pass. They are a serious threat to this nation and it’s future.

  6. In 1980 you were correct. With the election of Ronald Reagan (a man whose resume already included gutting the California public university system, which before he came along was considered the best in the country) the conservatives DID begin a systematic attack on the American education system, not the least of which included totally unfounded attacks on teachers’ unions.

    Conservatives have long known what scientific studies have confirmed – the less intelligent and/or the less educated someone is, the more likely they are to support conservative points of view. The only way they can hope to win elections (other than voter suppression, fixing electronic voting returns in Ohio or getting the Supreme Court to throw out the Constitution) is to make the public as dumb as possible. And the fact that people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Allen West have actually managed to be elected to something only proves that it’s working.

  7. This should surprise no one. Conservatives have long known that the only way they can win an election (other than massive voter suppression, fixing electronic voting returns in Ohio or convincing the Supreme Court to throw the Constitution in the toilet) is to keep the voting public as dumb as possible. Scientific studies have confirmed the direct correlation between low intelligence/education and support for conservative positions. Every time an American learns a new fact they become less likely to vote for a conservative. That’s why Fox “news” exists – to blanket the country with disinformation and fantasy so as to obscure factual information and keep the population ignorant.

  8. 2014 will go down in history when the wharb garble of the GOP reached epic levels of fail. Some day our descendants are going to look back on this era and conclude that truly certifiably insane people got a hold of the Republican Party and turned it into an asylum away from home.

  9. I think you are a conspirist knight4444, ;)

    Rememeber that Salon piece about the father following FOXNews and believing what they were saing without regard to critical thinking.

  10. Astorix, Republicans/Conservatives have ALWAYS had toys in the attic! And since the election twice of a Democrat who is black those dusty broken toys have been their only thing to play with.

  11. @Iceneedle, lol no conspiracy theory here pal, you’re being sarcastic, RIGHT? it’s common knowledge that the GOP recruits on FEAR- CLASS WARFARE- RELIGION- ANTI SCIENCE- BIGOTRY, I would suggest you research Lee Atwater’s ”Southern Strategy” with nixon and then reagan, conspiracy theory? nope, those are documented FACTS. just like ayn rand! as they say in Yiddish, was a SHYSTER.

  12. And to think that my family and I believed that “W” had pushed the Rightwing SO far to the right that the Party of No would be a dinosaur by 2010.

    How wrong we were about the seemingly infinite ability for the Rightwing to systematically destroy virtually everything positively deemed “American”….in the name of Guns, God, and Fetuses, and yet continue to pickup steam….

  13. We dodged a destroy Common Core bullet in GA last week. The TPers had spent most of last year intimidating members of their local boards of education in regard to CC, making ridiculous claims, and showing their *sses. Some even put fear into the hearts of RW state lawmakers and our corrupt governor. This led Deal to issue a useless executive order stating that nothing coming from the federal DOE could be implemented in GA. Some teachers and sane parents banned together, showed up at the Gen. Assembly in Atlanta, fought for CC, and won. Score one for sanity and our kids. It never ceases to amaze me how people like Beck and the dad in this concocted farce know little/nothing about how children learn but feel 100% qualified to tell teachers how to teach, something they wouldn’t dare try with their lawyers and doctors. It’s past the time to shut these ignorant loudmouths down and do what is in the best interests of our kids–ensure they can compete at a national/international level.

  14. I’m pleased to read your comment, Joan. The very idea of sharing a species with the repubes is utterly repugnant.

  15. Could be I, may be alone on this BUT.I believe the mind control started a long time ago. Way back when the money men decided to create Professional sports. So the masses would become addicted. So now we have a very large number of men and women who only know read the sport pages. After that control, the rest was easy. Just look at the teabaggers if they are not controlled, I don’t know who is, and they, want to control everyone else. Honesty is not part of the plan, it’s all bait and switch. Look at Beck, Limpbaugh, Hannity, O’really sarah palin, Graham Cruz,& how many more?The retuhug house that Bonehead is head of. Voting 51 times to stop a law already in force.51 times? that is mind control.

  16. Understanding todays GOP doesn’t require a degree in political science, just a little history, common sense and my favorite critical thinking. The GOP has to muddy the water with misinformation (Conservative media) and bald face lies! and their unholy attempts to destroy public education is just another tool for them!! as someone here quite eloquently said “Keep the poor, keep them STUPID, keep them republican.

  17. For the deniers but then again you can lead a horse to water……

    Salamanders are shrinking as their mountain habitats get warmer, drier

    In response to the climate shift of their habitats, salamanders are undergoing a shockingly rapid change in size. The question is whether this is an adaptation, or the first signs of a trend toward extinction.

  18. Many New York liberals oppose CC, so stop pretending that the only opposition is coming from conservatives. Americans of all backgrounds oppose centralized planning in our schools. All children are not the same. All children should not be expected to conform to a very narrow curriculum that prepares them to follow orders at work instead of how to think for themselves and be good citizens.

    It is illegal for the federal government to impose a national curriculum.

    America became succesful because we are a nation of individuals, a nation of thinkers and creators. CC will turn us into a non-creative, dumbed down nation of widgets worried about test scores.

    I am so ashamed of the Dem Party for imposing this fundamentally un-American garbage on future generations.

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