Editorial Cartoon: Those NOT Standing

Following the slaughter of so many innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I decided to start a cartoon campaign on gun violence. After about ten cartoons it came to be called ‘Guns and Graves’ by several readers, so I took the title. So far I’ve done over thirty cartoons on gun violence as part of my ‘Guns and Graves’ cartoon series. I knew it was getting some traction when Alex Wagner on MSNBC used a tweet by Congressman Steve Cohen after I did a cartoon on the Washington Naval Yard shootings.

Not to be outdone, Bill O’Reilly on FOX News then denounced me as ‘left wing’ cartoonist stirring up anti-gun hysteria!  Thanks for the plug, Bill.


4 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Those NOT Standing”

  1. Powerful. But I’m afraid that even self-explanatory pictures with no words comprises too complex a message for the zealots blinded by fear and ignorance.

  2. To bad a mandatory IQ test isn’t law prior to buying guns. Anyone below 100 is refused a weapon. Sales would crawl to a snails pace.

  3. Stand your Ground leads to in the ground.Actually Phil that AND ask the question about how religious a person is would be even better. Because Christians of whatever denomination should NOT be allowed to own even a hunting rifle.Anyone who believes in a fantasy that has caused so much death and destruction through the ages should NEVER be given a weapon of any sort. And since they love to quote and live by “biblical principals” then I say they should only be allowed slings, sling shots, spears and rocks. Also No pick up trucks just horses and chariots and NO Greek chariots! because tires are really expensive now!

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