Rachel Maddow Highlights How President Obama’s Sharp Wit Hurt Putin’s Fragile Ego

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On Wednesday night’s episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, host Rachel Maddow saved the last segment to highlight some of the President’s greatest comic insult moments. Among those moments, she showed President Obama’s recent ‘interview’ on ‘Between Two Ferns’, the President tearing into Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, POTUS tossing a nice little barb at Mitch McConnell at the 2013 dinner and President Obama making himself laugh when discussing Mitt Romney in 2012.

Maddow pointed out these moments as a way to setup what the President did in Europe this week. During a news conference at The Hague on Tuesday, ABC’s Jonathan Karl attempted to corner Obama, as well as make Romney look good in hindsight, by asking the President if Mitt Romney was right in 2012 when he said that Russia was America’s greatest political foe. As Maddow helpfully underscored, the President used that opportunity to use his extremely sharp insult skills to take Vladimir Putin down a notch or three.



The way Maddow stated it, the President threw some ‘serious Presidential shade’ at Putin by declaring that Russia is a regional power. Obama also pointed out that Russia is only threatening its neighbors out of a position of weakness rather than strength, as they are concerned about their waning influence in the region and the world. POTUS accurately stated that the US is not looking to invade any of its immediate neighbors to maintain its influence on them or force a cooperative relationship.

President Obama reasserted this point the next day during an address in Brussels. The President stated that this is not the beginning of another Cold War. Russia is essentially not a superpower anymore, as they do not lead a bloc of nations and do not have a global ideology that a large number of other countries wish to follow or emulate. Once again, the President was pointing his insult gun directly at Putin and blasting away, essentially calling him weak and ineffectual.

While President Obama’s biggest critics back at home have taken aim at him regarding this crisis in Ukraine, stating that he is weak and timid and that his foreign policy is the cause of Russia invading and taking over Crimea, the President showed the world that it is really Putin that is in the position of weakness. Knowing that Vladimir Putin is a vain man of the highest degree, Obama attacked him where it would hurt the most — Putin’s ego. Essentially, President Obama brushed off his shoulder and said that Putin is a nobody.

Once again, the President is two steps ahead of everybody here. While conservatives in his home country are criticizing him for not considering military action against Russia, and referring to Putin as a true leader and figure of strength, Obama goes in front of the international community and calmly dismisses Russia as a ‘regional power’ of no real consequence. In one fell swoop, he hurts Putin to the core while making his critics look like idiots for admiring a small, vain little man like Putin.


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  1. Ever since Republicans are smooching with Putin’s show of power in Ukraine while criticize President Obama at the same time, we need to ask this certain question to Republicans during critical election year…

    Which country their loyalty lies with?

    It doesn’t matter if Putin and Kremlin slapped the sanctions on certain Republicans, the latter are still in love with Vladimir Putin.

  2. But – but – but I thought GWB looked deep into Vovka’s baby blues and got “a sense of his soul”.

  3. Putietang as I call him is a man that in my opinion is not blessed with intelligence and has a very fragile ego. I believe this incursion into Crimea was a deflection from the true problems with his economy. I make a habit of reading the Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times to get my dose of propaganda. Russia is watching the politicians here as they constantly try to undermine the President, and openly mock him. This only emboldens them to invade a country. Putietangs job approval was falling dramatically until Crimea and now it is at 80%, however that cannot last long.
    I think those who constantly try to undermine the President are so blinded by their prejudices that they fail to realize he is an intelligent man. Obama knows that with a little patience Putietang will have to fold. Putie knows it too and he is a desperate man. Russia is already closing banks, the ruble is falling, the MICEX is being propped up and he told his billionares buddies time to pay some taxes. GOBAMA!

  4. The Putin putdown was ok, but the ALL TIME best Obama roasting was the one he did of Donald Trump. And the fact that the Bin Laden mission was underway and in the back of the President’s mind, made it even more AWESOME!

  5. How would actual dim-wits (in my opinion) like Mitt and John have handled Putin if they had been elected President and were in charge of this situation?

  6. From the Obama Diary – In the end, the success of our ideals comes down to us — including the example of our own lives, our own societies. We know that there will always be intolerance. But instead of fearing the immigrant, we can welcome him. (Remarks by PBO in Brussels)

  7. I hope that, once Putin and the president’s domestic enemies realize how he makes them look like the small-minded (and hearted) fools that they are, we may be treated to the sight of Putin throwing an all-out toddler-style tantrum and see Palin et al, foaming at the mouths with impotent rage! Yay!!!

  8. Putie has one friend, Steven Seagal. They are best buds. The b-rate actor is over there saying how great Putie is and that he is thinking about taking up russian citizenship. I think we should cancel his visa and passport.

  9. Obama has always played his adversaries like a chess master. Unfortunately, those rivals have not been smart enough to figure it out. You would think that after his years in office these morons at Fox and the GOP would have caught on. He sets the bait and they fall into his traps like lemmings. It is quite entertaining; certainly he must be getting bored by now because the results are so predictable.

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