As Wendy Davis Surges Panicked GOP Considers Investigating Greg Abbott’s Pay Discrimination


Thanks to her championing of equal pay, Wendy Davis is surging in the polls while her Republican opponent Greg Abbott could be facing an investigation into pay discrimination in his office.

The Republican candidate to be the next governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has found himself in hot water after the Wendy Davis campaign pounced on him for his refusal to say whether or not he would veto the state’s equal pay bill . Texas Republicans managed to make things even worse by claiming that women earn less than men because they are, “bad negotiators.” Things got even worse for Abbott when a study found that his attorney general’s office pays women less than men. As the equal pay controversy was catching fire, a new poll was released that showed support for Wendy Davis surging.

Texas Senate Democrats turned up the heat by sending a letter to Republican Lt. Governor David Dewhurst asking him to launch a senate investigation into pay discrimination in Abbott’s office. Dewhurst said the letter sounded a lot like “gotcha politics,” but that he would consider assigning the Senate study on equal pay.

Dewhurst also made his real motives clear, “As the son of a single mother who worked multiple jobs to support our family, I believe sincerely in equal pay, but Gov. Perry got it right when he said that last session’s bill was unnecessary. It would have duplicated federal law.”

The fact that Republicans are willing to consider a Senate investigation into pay practices of their own gubernatorial nominee illustrates how desperately they want this issue to go away. Texas Republicans are thinking that they can bury the equal pay issue by launching a senate investigation. Obviously, the Republicans intention is to make sure that the investigation won’t be completed before Election Day.

Republicans are getting very panicky. One anonymous Texas political consultant described the situation on the ground, “The entire Republican Party of Texas is on high alert right now. They’re very concerned about Battleground Texas and Wendy Davis and the elections. They’re not taking anything for granted. Every issue that comes up it will seem like there’s a panic about it.”

Texas Republicans are slowly starting to realize that Wendy Davis isn’t going to go away. They are panicking as they begin to understand that the same war on women issues that have hurt the national Republican party in the last two elections may get Wendy Davis elected governor of Texas.

Wendy Davis is making the entitled Republican men of Texas politics shake in their shoes, and that is something that they never thought could happen.


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  1. Mark my words, there will be certain ladies in Abbott’s office already got an intention to vote for Wendy Davis.

  2. This is a beautiful and intelligent political move by Ms. Davis. Dewhurst cannot really say no to an investigation or it will look like a cover up on his part. If there is an investigation then Abbot looks bad. Divide and conquer, it has worked forever. It sucks to be them. Go Wendy Go.

  3. My wife and I gave another 10 bucks to Wendy Davis last night and we will again on our next check. Please support Wendy Davis in anyway you can. Money, spread the word, knock on doors, whatever you can do. Out of state? Donations and words of support will go far.

    Thank you Politicususa for bring article like this to the people.

  4. Browncoatvoter, you wouldn’t happen to be a fan of “Firefly” would you? I have the entire series in a box set, great show. I plan to donate to her as well, I know a lot of people that have already.

  5. Because they’re bad negotiators. And because they’re very, very busy and don’t care about equal pay.

    (According to the GOP’s new reach-out-to-women team).

  6. Wendy for Governor of Texas! Boy that sure has a nice ring to it…bet the repukes are shakin’ in their shoes…they should be…You Rock Wendy!!!Keep the Heat on…

  7. Great news to hear. We are going to fight to the very end to make Wendy Davis the governor of our great state.

  8. Donation on it’s way. Texas women and any man with women in his circle of family and friends deserves better than what the GOP is offering. I hope the people of Texas are ready to get rid of the misogynists called the Texas legislature. It’s time – way past time. Wendy is the first step.

  9. I don’t live in Texas. I have a teabagger sister who does. So I sent $20 to Ms. Davis campaign. Hopefully can do that again in April.

  10. “Divide and conquer” – that’s a page straight out of the Repuke playbook. It’s about time we started playing the game. ;)

  11. Turn Texas and the rest of our country BLUE . Maybe then Texas can reemerge from being the outhouse of our country . GO WENDY DAVIS !!!!

  12. This seems to be an EEOC issue….why aren’t the State’s attorney employees filing a Federal claim?

  13. I’ll be savoring the moment when my home state of Texas becomes blue. The national republican party is afraid of a blue Texas, since it will be game over with the states’ 38 electoral votes. The state is not really very conservative, but many people just don’t vote. I’m going to encourage my friends, family, and neighbors to vote with issues that are important to them. There needs to be a cultural connection with the sizable hispanic population, Si Se Puede y Viva Wendy Davis.

  14. Jason, TX men don’t quake in their shoes. It’s Texas, therefore it’s BOOTS!!!! Cowboy boots to be precise!!!

  15. Good idea, Sally. I say the women Barack Obama is shorting on pay should join in and sue. It appears this is a tough problem that starts from the very top. Let’s deal with it now. I’m sure Wendy Davis will gladly jump on board and demand that Barack Obama quit cheating women, right?

  16. They always underestimate Wendy Davis. She’s got that misogynist creep & his pedophile friend Ted Nugent against the ropes.


  18. I’m a retired high school teacher who taught civics for over 30 years. Did you take civics in high school or political science in college? If you did, you’d know that no U.S. president can introduce or vote on a bill in either house of Congress. You’re trying to give Pres. Obama a power he doesn’t have!

    I’ve never understood why some republicans expect Pres. Obama to be a dictator and then get upset when he isn’t. I know your comment was meant to be a dig, but it is really an example of a big FAIL on your knowledge of civics.

  19. I say your pulling the same crap you conservatives always try and pull but has now resulted in conservatives having a 20% approval rating. Lowest in history. All because rather than addressing their real issues head on they always try and spin, message, and lie their way out of any issue. CHANGE YOUR POLICIES.

  20. WRONG. Federal salaries are not set by presidents, but by members of Congress. Why? Because they are paid with tax dollars and all spending of our tax money must be approved by Congress. No president has ever been able to “set” salaries for those who work in the WH. I don’t know who wrote that article you linked to, but it appears they don’t know how the federal government operates. Congress has to approve the salaries of its’ own members the POTUS, and for all federal employees!

    Some people will lie to others to “prove” a point, and make fools of them by having them spread false information. The U.S. Constitution prohibits any branch of government, other than the Legislative Branch, from having anything to do with spending and borrowing. (Article I.)

    “Who sets the pay for federal employees?

  21. I agree, Teddy, but according to the MSM, democrats aren’t fired up and ready to go in 2014. They’re so busy predicting a low turnout for us that they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m donating to Wendy and some other dems after I receive my monthly retirement check on the 31st of the month.

  22. Ignore Stan, folks. Like all members of the Teapublican Taliban, he has no facts to back up his asinine claims.

    As for Wendy, this was a fantastic strategy on her part. she’s showing us more and more why she deserves to be Governor of Texas.

  23. the only men who think it is okay to discriminate in pay against women and anybody else have been living in a man cave circa 1314 ad when they know the calender says 2024.

    so the gop are panicking, are they? really? how did these idiots think running on the issue of pay discrimination was a winning formula? there are federal laws against this sort of thing, yet abbott and those good “negotiating” men though the idea sounded grand!
    sounds like abbott may get the loss he truly deserves.

  24. Oh my goodness!
    I am just overjoyed at how Wendy Davis is completely kicking his nasty disgusting butt alllllll over Texas!!
    I just wish there were more women in the Senate like her and Elizabeth Warren! Damn! Then we would FINALLY REALLY KICK ASS ALL THROUGHOUT THAT CONGRESS!!!
    Because honestly, every married man knows for a fact…. If you piss off a woman by insulting her like that—you have just started a war. However, you have already lost! You just don’t know it yet. You will. Period.

    We need more women in the Senate like Wendy Davis, and Elizabeth Warren.
    There would be NO CONTEST. ANYWHERE.

  25. Jackie,

    You are correct. America needs a democratic representation of women in the statehouses and the US Congress. We are over 50% of the population and after 238 years it is about damn time we had real democractic representation.

    Every kid in America knows by the time they hit pre-school that “when there are choices or disagreements, everybody gets a vote and the majority wins”.

    You can observe a group of little kids playing anything and inevitably someone will yell, “not fair, we need to vote” and children will stop and take a vote to see how their game rules will be observed!

    Lobbyists and bullies are the only Americans who do not like “one person, one vote”.

    Really, why is it so difficult for politicians to understand this simple concept?

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