Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says That Minorities Are More Likely To Be Politically Corrupt


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Former tabloid talk show host, now supposed serious news journalist, Geraldo Rivera was on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss recent political scandals that have effected Democratic elected officials. The two main stories that were discussed involved the recent arrest and resignation of Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon and the arrest of California State Senator Leeland Yee on gunrunning and bribery charges. Rivera, along with the hosts, used these stories as proof of liberal bias in the mainstream media. Rivera would later take it even further.


Basically, host Steve Doocy and Rivera discussed these two stories and stated that other media outlets made sure not to mention that these two politicians are Democrats. Rivera then stated that it is ‘provable’ and ‘undeniable’ that the media has a definite liberal bent and that the reporters don’t want to go against Democrats if they don’t have to. The discussion between Doocy and Rivera went along the line that media outlets want to portray Republicans as hypocrites when caught being corrupt and never want to label Democrats as it goes against their preconceived narrative.

Then, Rivera made the following statement:

“Usually, the politicians who are robbing on the democratic side tend to be ethnic politicians, as in these cases…We are the antidote to that particular problem.”

Below is the video courtesy of Media Matters:


This is just laughably bad and lazy ‘journalism’ by Rivera, along with it being at least a tad racist and bigoted. To start, he bases everything on the premise that the majority of media outlets did not reveal the political affiliation of either Yee or Cannon when reporting on these stories. Does he offer any proof? No. He just says it as if it is established fact. Neither he nor Doocy provide anything to back up their claims that only Fox News made sure to point out that both of these politicians are Democrats.

After going down that road and stating that mainstream media as a whole is liberal and that it is ‘undeniable’, Rivera then moves on and makes another statement without providing any actual proof. He states that when a Democratic politician is involved in corruption, that politician is usually ‘ethnic.’ Rivera then goes on and states that this makes it even more troublesome for liberal media members because of ‘political correctness.’ After that, he points out that Fox News provides the antidote for all of that, as they are the only ones with the guts to really report the facts.

What Rivera did was nothing more than conjecture, not actual reporting. He based his opinions on nothing more than his already biased notions. He didn’t cite actual facts once. Just because you say something is ‘provable’ or ‘without a doubt’ doesn’t necessarily make it so. It is possible that Rivera might be right about some or even all of what he said, but without citing anything at all, he is just shooting from the hip in an effort to sway the audience to agree with his position.

Finally, can Fox News please stop acting as if they are NOT part of the mainstream media? At every opportunity, you will see one of their talking heads boast about Fox being the #1 news network ratings wise. Yet, at the same time, they will bemoan and chastise the MSM. I hate to tell you this, but if you are the most watched news channel, and you are owned by a guy that also runs several high-profile newspapers, then you are a major part of the mainstream media.


20 Replies to “Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera Says That Minorities Are More Likely To Be Politically Corrupt”

  1. A few and I repeat a FEW Democrats get busted being stupid and according this idiot and other idiots from the right claim that all minorities are corrupt. But literally HUNDREDS of Republican/Conservative Lilly White politicians get busted and deny wrong doing and it ALWAYS is some sort of “liberal plot”

  2. Come on silly, don’t you know that facts just get in the way? Opinion always supports the facts at Faux news. As for Geraldo, he has the same thing in his head as was found in Capones safe. Not a damn thing.

  3. I live just outside of Charlotte, and this is on the news here, but it’s not crazy big news as you might expect. I suspect it has something to do with Cannon being both a Democrat and a man of color, and a CLOSE CLOSE friend of Gov. McCrory (R). How can the RW fringe complain about AG Holder not conducting investigations/prosecutions because of political/racial connections in this case? You CAN’T – ergo you can’t make a huge stink about it when across the country an Asian Democrat has been charged.

    I’m also of the opinion that they’re not busting R’s because the Koch Bros run a pretty tight ship and the FBI couldn’t get an investigation past them. I accept that I could be wrong, but until I’m proved wrong I’m entitled to my opinion.

    Geraldo Rivera thinks that minority groups are more likely to be corrupt? Well I guess HE would know.

  4. OK, Geraldo… pop quiz: Define ‘Politically Corrupt’

    In my eyes, there are more corrupt people in the Republican camp then they let anyone know about. Come on, who do you think pays for them to spew this kind of baloney?

    (On a personal note… even though I don’t live in California, I find it so damn amusing that Yee, the anti-video game crusader that he is, got busted on gun running and bribery charges. To me, being one of those people who blame our ills on video games is no worst then blaming our President for the ills of our nation)

  5. With as many white politicians who have gotten in the trouble for YEARS, this comment is SO racist that I don’t even know where to begin!

  6. gerardo is still a taboid talk show host! and I guarantee you No REAL journalist wouldn’t step foot in FUX for employment, BTW for our resident RWers which are typically WOMEN, why don’t you educate us liberals on why FUX is registered with the FCC as a ENTERTAINMENT channel and not a NEWS channel? 1- 2- 3, cue the crickets folks, because this is how to shut a republicans pie hole shut UP!!

  7. Geraldo once again has shown he left his brain in Al Capone’s vault and PS He’s a minority himself!

  8. The guy who aided and abetted the Iraqi government by revealing where some members of our military were located in Iraq should be ashamed to show his face in public. The fact that he, Oliver North, and Scooter Libby are considered republican heroes is ludicrous. If any democrat had done what either of these dudes did, he wouldn’t dare show his face on TV so frequently or host his own radio program. Elliott Spitzer popped up on TV recently, but look how long it took before he did, and he was only guilty of paying prostitutes for sex. Spitzer resigned, but Vitter, who did the exact same thing is still sitting up in Congress with the power to make laws that affect every American. Geraldo and his buddies at Fox have no room to accuse anyone else of wrongdoing or to push racism. Geraldo is in denial about his place in the GOPTP. I can well imagine that he, like Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson are denigrated by some GOPTPers in some of those “quiet rooms” Romney spoke about.

  9. So, where is Malkin’s phoney outrage on this score, seeing as she is quite obviously, a visible minority.

    Michelle, are you there?

    Didn’t think so.

    I guess your brand of morality only applies to comedians who are smarter than you are.

  10. The more Geraldo Rivera talks, the more he forfeits the right to any respect he once enjoyed. As for his idiotic remark about “ethnic” individuals, doesn’t it occur to him that he’s considered “ethnic” himself? True to typical racist form, he takes the cases of two racial minorities and paints all African-American and Asian politicians with the same brush. He must have forgotten about Spitzer and Weiner, not to mention the huge number of white Republican politicians who’ve been caught in some transgression or other. Ever since he made that bone-headed remark about hoodies in connection with the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin, I have never been able to even stand the sight of him.

  11. Doocy, Rivera, and the rest of “them” at FOX Please!!! What else is new? As usual your rebuttal is “super”, although you fail to mention that TRMS was the first to report on the arrest of L. Yee & Co. and specifically reveal their political affiliation. Check this out.

  12. The only thing I have to say to Geraldo……”Tear down that wall Geraldo!!!!! Tear it down now….share Al Capone’s cash and other secrets with us!!!!”.

    If some of you remember, Geraldo’s big show of busting into Al Capone’s secret hiding place. Yes…Geraldo’s professional and highly honed journalistic skills and years of professional journalism[sic], lead him to that conclusion.

    Then there Geralaldo’s fake fire fight over in gw bushes illegal venture into Iraq. Yes…that was another attention getter.

    Geraldo, go away, unless you are planning comedy as your next lifes adventure. lol

  13. So it’s ok to go on FOX and say that minority politicians are mostly corrupt-with NO facts to back that up save a few recent inquiries/arrests of politicians who are minorities? No mention of Christie, Walker investigation etc. because they are innocent. Only the minority politicians who have a D as a political affiliation are corrupt. And these are the same people who are upset at Colbert’s show for what they see as racist insults. How is this different? Because they get Rivera–who is Puerto Rican and Jewish–to say it? Hypocrites the lot of them.

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