Rather Than Seek Re-Election, GOP Congressman Would Rather Be The Next Rush Limbaugh

Mike Rogers


On Friday morning, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) declared on WJR Radio that he will not seek reelection in November and instead will host a conservative talk radio show. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has already inked a deal with Cumulus, which will syndicate his show. Rogers is in his seventh term in office and wasn’t looking at a tough race this year. He won in 2012 by 21 points, despite Mitt Romney only carrying the district by 3 points.

Below is Rogers’ full statement stating he will not seek reelection:

It has been an honor to serve the people of Michigan’s Eighth Congressional District over the last 14 years. We have accomplished so much together, and I am most proud of our work to turn the House Intelligence Committee into a true legislative and oversight body.

But I have always believed in our founder’s idea of a citizen legislature. I had a career before politics and always planned to have one after. The genius of our institutions is they are not dependent on the individual temporary occupants privileged to serve. That is why I have decided not to seek re- election to Congress in 2014.

As I close this chapter in my life, I am excited to begin a new one that allows me to continue serving as a voice for American exceptionalism and support a strong national security policy agenda.


It seems likely that Rogers’ got swayed by both the notoriety and money that comes with conservative talk radio. Rogers got a taste of fame this past year. He was a key figure in the Benghazi fever that swept over Washington in 2013 due to his position as Chairman. Therefore, he made the most Sunday show appearances in 2013, even more than John McCain. Besides the Sunday show appearances, he was interviewed numerous times by cable news networks and radio shows.

With the Benghazi investigations finally dwindling down, especially now that the Pentagon berated Congress for wasting millions of dollars on them, Rogers isn’t as sought out anymore by the news shows. He’s already felt the bright lights and he sees his chance at being a ‘name’ fading away. Therefore, best to try to follow in the steps of Mike Huckabee and enter into the conservative entertainment business. Instead of attempting to serve the people while in public office, Rogers would rather just serve himself by slinging out some Obama hate like Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.


12 Replies to “Rather Than Seek Re-Election, GOP Congressman Would Rather Be The Next Rush Limbaugh”

  1. Just what the country needs, another Rush Limburger Jr., as if we don’t have enough of these circus clowns now. Well if he is going to emulate Limpy he better make sure he stocks up on viagra and oxycontin.

  2. ” I am most proud of our work to turn the House Intelligence Committee into a true legislative and oversight body.”

    One word. NSA. Well done Brownie

  3. Dude. If you are the one responsible for Michele Bachmann being on that committee, you need to resign and move to Belize in shame.

  4. Mike you do that and shorty your co- host will be rick snyder!! see here in SW Michigan the ONLY liberal radio station was shut down!! that was during snyders end run midnight scam!! republicans are incredibly ignorant! just because they took off the ONLY liberal station here I guess they thought liberal thinking listener would just roll over and DIE!! WRONG!! it just made me a very devout LIBERAL.

  5. Now really, who can blame him? What job could possibly be easier than sitting in front of a microphone in a comfy chair spouting the most reprehensible things you can think up every day?

    Granted, it costs you your soul, but if you didn’t have one to begin with it’s all frosting!

    And maybe he can chip in with Rush and get a group rate on the sex tourism…

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