Hobby Lobby: A Mixture of Racism and Xenophobia

David and Barbara Green
David and Barbara Green


Hobby Lobby’s owners have brought forth a case to the SCOTUS asking for an exemption from part of the Affordable Care Act that requires it to offer employees health coverage that includes access to the morning-after pill.

David and Barbara Green, founders of Hobby Lobby, said that birth control pills are comparable to that of abortion and their religious belief prohibits abortions.

Is birth control abortion? According to Princeton University,

No, using emergency contraceptive pills (also called “morning after pills” or “day after pills”) prevents pregnancy after sex. It does not cause an abortion. (In fact, because emergency contraception helps women avoid getting pregnant when they are not ready or able to have children, it can reduce the need for abortion.)

Emergency contraceptive pills work before pregnancy begins. According to leading medical authorities – such as the National Institutes of Health and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg implants in the lining of a woman’s uterus. Implantation begins five to seven days after sperm fertilizes the egg, and the process is completed several days later. Emergency contraception will not work if a woman is already pregnant.

The way emergency contraceptive pills work depends on where you are in your monthly cycle when you take them. EC works primarily, or perhaps exclusively, by delaying or inhibiting ovulation (release of your egg). It is possible that EC may affect the movement of egg or sperm (making them less likely to meet), interfere with the fertilization process, or prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. The copper in Copper-T IUDs can prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg and may also prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.

Yet because of the Green’s religious belief and the First Amendment right, the Green family has the right to believe this. They have every right to play Christian songs, close at night and on Sundays, but they have no right whatsoever to block an employee from receiving contraception pills.

They can always not offer medical insurance and the employees must go on the exchange, but that would mean Hobby Lobby will be paying a penalty. Yet apparently, they don’t want to do that either, as a for-profit entrepreneur, their goal is to make a profit…even if it mean to purchase items from a country that counters their religious belief.

According to Forbes Magazine,

[Hobby Lobby is] suing the federal government to stop the mandate to cover emergency contraception through health insurance.

Yet if you walk into any Hobby Lobby, pick up any merchandise and read the back of the product. You would most likely read: Made in China. China forces their women to have abortion if they are pregnant.

According to Life Site News:

“By order of the factory’s Family Planning Commission, every month during their menstrual period, women had to undress in front of the birth planning doctor for examination. If anyone skipped the examination, she would be forced to take a pregnancy test at the hospital. We were allowed to collect a salary only after it was confirmed that we were not pregnant,” Ping said. “When discovered, pregnant women would be dragged to undergo forced abortions—there simply was no other choice.”

The admission was enough to alarm forced-abortion opponents, who questioned Apple’s commitment to ending the practice. One leader noted that the company “has been auditing its facilities since 2006.”

“Why, then, is it still the case that pregnancy testing is reported as rampant?” said Women’s Rights Without Frontiers President Reggie Littlejohn, the U.S.-based leader instrumental in Chen’s dramatic escape into the U.S. last April. “Either Apple’s requirement that these practices must stop is new, or its policies to implement it are ineffectual.”

This hypocrisy of limiting the basic needs for a woman to prevent pregnancy, yet profit off a nation where abortion is required, much to the chagrin of pro life activists and Christian alike; spending taxpayers money to go before the SCOTUS, is sickening.

The Green family are not just hypocrites, but their disregard for the lives of women in China in order to make a profit but to limit women in the U.S. to have contraception is racist. If the Green family were truly anti-abortion activists, then their product in their store would read: Made in America.

It doesn’t.

And now, because of their “morality” on abortion has reached the ears of the SCOTUS, folks like the Greens only prove that the right winged Christians are racist and xenophobic and are truly in war with women in both the U.S. and China…and God has blessed them as David Green has mentioned.


30 Replies to “Hobby Lobby: A Mixture of Racism and Xenophobia”

  1. I do not buy anything from Walmart and now another store, Hobby Lobby, will be added to my list of stores to stay out of.

  2. I should add that I stay out of churches, also! And I firmly believe that all church property should be taxed as my, and your, home is taxed.

  3. I took a job there in 2008 for a couple months just to survive. They are such hypocrites. Palin posters on break room walls, religious reading material on the tables. Yes, they are closed on Sunday but working is mandatory during holiday season. They fired me for refusing to work.
    The big sign advertising pay and benefits is a farce. Only if you work 40 hours a week. There may be 3 people full time.

    Knowing this company I don’t feel this is about contraception at all. If it was why did they wait so long to object? They knew it was coming for a long while. I may be completely off and crazy but I believe the end game is to get a ruling in their favor. Then come back and say that since they are basically considered a religious organization that they are now entitled to tax exempt status.

    I know if SCOTUS rules in their favor it will be a travesty. Scalia and Thomas are very dangerous in their decisions. Kennedy I can’t seem to figure out.

  4. Two things have to happen here as difficult as that may be. Don’t shop there and don’t work there. Stores shut down if they don’t have customers and employees. As far as I’m concerned the owners of this company are a bunch of damn perverts. They think they hide their perversion behind their Bible but it’s perversion. I mean honestly. Sticking your nose in the sexual affairs of your employees? Yuck. Maybe people need to start pointing to what these people are. Perverts. Say it out loud. Put it in your articles.

  5. Two things have to happen here as difficult as that may be. Don’t shop there and don’t work there. Stores shut down if they don’t have customers and employees. As far as I’m concerned the owners of this company are a bunch of damn perverts. They think they hide their perversion behind their Bible but it’s perversion. I mean honestly. Sticking your nose in the sexual affairs of your employees? Yuck. Maybe people need to start pointing to what these people are. Perverts. Say it out loud. Put it in your articles.

  6. Watch out for these Hobby Lobby trolls lurking Twitter. I encountered a couple of accounts that started up for the purpose of trolling liberals, trying to engage them, so they can repeatedly spam block somebody and get them suspended. They also lurk in the #HobbyLobby hashtag. I am tired of this tactic by RWNJ.

    They can’t play fair, they can’t play nice. Everybody who has a twitter account get a back up account.

  7. The hobby lobby people are worse then you think. They are very rich, and are funding conservative causes especially in the personhood movement. These people are not right in the head

  8. Hobby Lobby better hope they lose this trumped up “war”. What they’ll have to pay in advertising just to get past the bad mouth from those of us who are disgusted with religious right claptrap would pay for contraceptives for every woman in the U.S. As a hobbiest, I know a lot of people who used to buy from Hobby Lobby. Not any more. I’ve spread the word any place I can.

  9. In many communities, depending on various circumstances, the land is taxed to cover the services they use. Check your community because churches have often agreed(not conservative ones of course) to pay a fair share to their communities.

  10. “David and Barbara Green, founders of Hobby Lobby, said that birth control pills are comparable to that of abortion and their religious belief prohibits abortions.”

    And sex with your spouse is comparable to that of un-married sex, and your religion prohibits fornication… so I guess you’re both still virgins.

    See how that works?

  11. Exactly what the hell IS their ‘religion’ since they used to cover contraception in their PRIVATE plan?

    The 1993 act on religious conscience does NOT trump the Civil Rights Act that guarantees employees the right to conscience that cannot be usurped by their employers. It was meant to allow some services not to be offered to the public (WRONG and not permitted by SCOTUS without some alternative being provided) but not a wholesale dump of the Greens’ beliefs on those who work for them.

    Most of all – they do not PAY for contraceptive coverage because it is part of a package, Were it to be removed (as it legally may be for those religious groups that are 100% religious and do not operate with our tax dollars) they would pay EXACTLY the same. Where there is no monetary damage, there is never a case. NEVER.

    This is racist OK – but mostly against this Black president. The flagrant hypocrisy of this entire argument needs to be outed, shot down, and overturned.

  12. R.C. Willey furniture is closed on Sundays, too. It is owned by Warren Buffet who thinks employees deserve days off. He is one of the largest donors to Planned Parenthood. So much for the Greens’ “religiosity” when an observably NON religious guy like Buffet does exactly the same.

  13. Time for a National Boycott of Hobby Lobby and a movement to start picketing the front of their stores

    Step on them like the bus they are

  14. Xenophobia can be Anglo Americans hating Irish, Italian, Polish Americans. Not a racial but ‘alien’ issue.

  15. To me, it’s a much greater issue than if the Green’s are perverts or if people should boycott their business. When a business owner incorporates, he/she does so for the benefits of declaring their business a separate entity. They can deduct their expenses unlike an individual. They can protect their personal assets from business failure unlike an individual.. But, when they want to impose their personal beliefs on employees, they want the freedom to take off their corporate hat and put on their personhood hat. We, as individuals, can’t put on a corporate hat when it suits us. This would be granting greater rights to business owners than individuals. That would be blatant discrimination against the non-business owning individual. If the Supreme Court were to rule in favor of Hobby Lobby, the ramifications will be much greater than just this one business IMO.

  16. As always, the religious reich does not shrink from using anything, no matter how hypocritical, untrue, absurd, illegal, or simply lacking in common sense and human decency when attempting to force their sick, evil ideas upon the rest of the world.

    They are the most judgmental, unforgiving people on earth.


  18. Are David and Barbara Green Christians or authoritarians?

    Hmm. This could open the door to the possibility of another “faith” organization to force THEIR way on women?

    The USA was founded as a secular nation NOT a theocracy. It looks to me that the Greens may be a bit confused or misinformed.

    A woman’s health is between her and her doctor!

  19. Nothing says “Christian” like using your religion as justification to discriminate against people you don’t like or to buy yourself special “rights” above other people.

  20. Freeman Stickney, I agree with you completely. I quite shopping at Hobby Lobby and I haven’t stepped foot in a church in years because of their hypocritical views.

  21. I have never shopped at either Walmart or Hobby Lobby, and I never will. As wealthy as they are, they love to whine about “freedom,” which to them means the freedom to impose their views on their employees. This is how they deny the freedom to others that they are always claiming they are denied. It must be nice living in a delusional bubble where they don’t have a clue of how others live and care even less. I despise the way Walmart treats workers, and I despise equally the Greens’ views on contraception which they stupidly equate with abortion. They are the biggest hypocrites for doing business with a country that they say forces abortion while they don’t even seem to believe in birth control.

  22. What makes them so special that they think they don’t have to follow the laws. This is all about control, invade what should be a persons most private part of their lives the bedroom. If they can control you there they have you in every aspect. Rick S said sex was only for procreation I think for him it’s because he is gay so he got to limit having sex with a women and from now on because they are long past the age of conception. His religion warped him to suppress his sexuality and since he does it he thinks other gay people should be able to.

  23. The Greens worship slavery under guise of religion. They think you become their slaves when you become their employees boycott them into chapter 11.

  24. Thanks, Hobby Lobby and some of the SCOTUS justices (the male ones, mostly) for not reviewing the science of birth control, not caring, and trying to use big words you don’t understand like “abortifacient.” Apparently “establishment clause” doesn’t ring well with you, either.

    SCOTUS, you do realize that finding for Hobby Lobby, et al. in this case will pave the way for Jehovah’s Witnesses to refuse to cover blood transfusions, right? Or for Christian Scientists to refuse to cover any medical care? I believe the female justices rightly brought this up.

    If the United States Constitution, which it is your solemn duty to interpret and uphold to the best of your ability, means a damned thing to you, SCOTUS, you need to find for the government on this one.


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