Republican Led Southern States Dragging America Down By Leeching Off Of Your Tax Dollars

World without red states

Synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy means “working together” for the greater good and it can be distilled down to the concept that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts;” in America that concept is proving to be increasingly false. It is true that as a whole America is still barely a first world nation, but it is in no way thanks to Republican-controlled states primarily in the South. In fact, about the only thing exceptional about America is the preponderance of wealth limited to a few very rich families and its military might; other than those two aspects, this country is slowly being dragged into mediocrity at best due to the waste of resources being spent on truly ignorant people at the expense of the nation as a whole.

For all of America’s wealth and technological advancements, it ranks below most developed first world nations due to a significant number of low-achieving, backward thinking, and unenlightened human beings residing primarily in Republican-led states in the Southern United States. About three weeks ago a Huffington Post article displayed maps showing the dire situation of residents living in the South titled “These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners,” but a more apt title would have been “these maps should absolutely enrage America” because the rest of the nation is in decline because the South is taking valuable resources in the form of tax dollars and preventing reinvestment in America. Most Americans do not resent sending taxes collected in Democratic-controlled states to feed, house, and provide healthcare for the destitute in the South, but they do resent giving their hard-earned tax dollars to people unwilling and unable to help themselves due to religious intransigence, resistance to education, and opposition to policies that would improve their lot in life and benefit the entire nation.

Although the Southern mindset is not quite setting the agenda for the entire nation, there are just enough Republican representatives in Congress elected by gun zealots, bible fanatics, and low intellect racists that they are hampering progress and damaging the rest of the nation with their rejection of policies that would lift their standard of living to a point they could be self-sufficient and help invest in America to put the nation back on track to becoming an exceptional country. Last year a Forbes pundit commented that, “the common media view of the South is as a regressive region, full of overweight, prejudiced, exploited, and undereducated numbskulls,” and according to empirical measurements it is a fair representation of America’s third-world.

One of the great contributors to the South’s recession into third world status is their adherence to a mindset that encourages more guns, religious extremism, less education, willful ignorance, and low pay leading to no economic mobility that Republicans convince their constituents defines the vaunted “real America.” This “real America,” in great part, is the price the entire nation is paying for a region that has distorted education as a liberal plot to drive the nation into Socialism founded on liberal values, and why Republicans so easily convince Southerners that voting against their own best interests is waging war against Obama “liberalism” that keeps the former Confederacy the nation’s most impoverished region.

The South boasts lower than minimum wages, the least economic mobility, least affordable medical coverage, lower percentages of high school and college graduates, lowest housing values, lower life expectancy, and lower household incomes. The South’s low wages, less union representation, less education, and lower incomes all contribute to the high cost to the rest of the nation to prop up and support ignorant people living in the South who cannot fend for themselves and are not contributing to the nation as a whole.

Republicans are successful at marketing so-called takers living off the government to ignorant Southerners with dog whistles portraying people of color as draining resources from the government, but when Republicans use dog whistles belittling “takers,” they mean the Southern United States most dependent on government assistance. It is ironic that Republicans’ greatest support comes from the South that takes more from the federal government than it contributes, and if not for Democratic states contributing more in tax revenue to the government due to higher wages, a better educated populace, and higher household income, the ignorant “real America” would be in deep distress indeed.

If people in the South, and Republican-controlled states in the Midwest, would elect representatives at the state and federal level who would fight for better economic opportunities for their constituents like more education funding, well-paying jobs, and affordable healthcare instead of tax breaks for the rich and corporations, then not only would they eliminate the need for taxpayer-funded government assistance, they could begin contributing to reinvesting in America. This once world-leading nation has fallen so far over the past thirty years since Republicans convinced morons that instead of investing in America, it was economic Utopia to invest in the wealthy who fund Republicans responsible for perpetuating the deplorable conditions in the South and GOP-controlled states in the Midwest. It is a vicious cycle that has starved the government of revenue to rebuild, reinvest, and modernize America because what little revenue taxpayers in Democratic-controlled states contribute is needed to sustain Southerners barely surviving the Republicans they continue electing.

America needs about $3.6 trillion in infrastructure improvements in the next five years to bring the country up to first-world standards to compete with every developed nation on Earth. Last month a very well-respected conservative economist suggested that President Obama should propose, and Congress should immediately approve, a minimum of $1.2 trillion in infrastructure funding to create good jobs and strengthen the economy. Republicans, primarily Southern Republicans, responded with more tax cuts for corporations and the rich and more spending cuts to domestic programs that are sustaining their constituents that drew great support from voters in the South.

Americans are generous people and do not hesitate helping those in need, especially other Americans in Southern states with Republicans keeping their constituents in dire economic conditions. However, at some point those in need have to help themselves and abandon their idea of “real America” founded on religion, low wages, guns, illiteracy, poor health, and racial animus. Because not only have they made the South a veritable third world nation, they are dragging the entire country into something less than mediocrity. Besides, those guns, bibles, ignorance, and racism have not provided one iota of food, housing, and healthcare assistance that has come courtesy of Democratic-controlled states that would rather spend their hard-earned tax dollars investing in all of America and not just the third world former Confederacy.



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  1. Great article. They need to hear it. Straight-shooter style. Unvarnished truth is just what they deserve. I give it often. I also live in the South.

  2. And what is really funny about this you ask? I am glad you brought it up. Who parades around wanting less taxes? The south. With less tax money being taken in, who gets hurt the most? The states that rely on Federal money the most. The South!

    So the people who vote republican are voting to destroy themselves. All for the koch! This would be funny if it didnt effect the entire country

  3. While what has been said here is true I don’t believe the South will remain as it is much longer. With internet access and social media ever expanding I believe change is going to come like a whirlwind.

    Look at Georgia where thousands of people march in the streets wanting the ACA while their ignorant republican politicians pass the “guns everywhere” law, the “nobamacare”, restrictions on abortion, the “drug testing for SNAP and welfare” which is out right illegal. According to Georgia law now even an ER can turn you away. Meanwhile there are many grassroots organizations making sure they get people eligible to vote and getting them proper ID, etc..

    I keep in touch with a friend in Louisiana and she tells me that people there have the same sentiments. They too are signing up voters as fast as they can.

    The ‘good old boys’ club is dying and they know it. They won’t go quietly but they will go.

  4. This article is right on time, because it thoroughly debunks the myth that the GOP promotes self-reliance and fiscal responsibility. There’s nothing responsible about enacting policies that keep Americans in Republican-controlled states in a perpetual state of poverty. There is also nothing enlightened or responsible about people who vote against their own economic interests out of ignorance and/or a desire to stick it to others. A lot of racists vote for policies they think will hurt non-white Americans, especially black Americans. They always fail to realize that they are also negatively affected by the same policies. As much as I hate the way Southerners are labeled, having Southern roots myself and having relatives in Southern states who don’t think that way, the stubbornness of clinging to religious extremism, misogyny, racism, and love of guns keeps too many voting against their own interests. It gives ammunition to the detractors of the South.

  5. If we’re looking at true drags on the American culture, and being honest, we must note that Southern states have the largest percentages of fundamentalist Christians, with their anti-scientific, low regulation, pro-corporate polluter mindset, and they are creating toxic hellholes that the rest of the country will have to pay to fix, long after the individuals responsible have died, and left their ill-gotten inheritances to their unworthy offspring. And Southern Christians will demand we help them after they have trashed their environment, and ours in the process, because, Jesus.

  6. What the GOP establishment want in the South again is a captive workforce. Economically, socially captive: indebted, uneducated, malleable and an immobile workforce.

    It is no accident that educating a slave by another slave in the 19th century was a crime punishable by death. From slavery came share cropping, then Jim Crow.

    What the establishment racists did was make sure that the black and poor white workforce was uneducated. This is why people in the south (and Midwest) consistently vote against their own best interests.

    The two books you should read are:

    Better Off Without Em and Idiot America. Both books illustrate that attempts to keep the population ignorant are entirely by design.

  7. As an American citizen from a Southern state, I think you are just like our President. Divisive should be your middle name. I am insulted to the core of my being that our military has fought to give you the right to spout this hate speech, even though I won’t begrudge you the right to do it. If you want to fix this country, you could vote for politicians that are not out for a lifetime ride on the backs of the American people. Term limits would take care of a lot of the back-log. There are way too many people working “for” us in the government. Get rid of some of them, take away their perks, and have the ability to fire incompetent employees. You want to do some more good, get rid of the blood-sucking unions. They are only out for the people at the top of their little pyramids. I do not care if you agree with me, I am a proud American citizen from the South and yep, I am a reformed Democrat. I became a Republican after seeing what I knew Obama would do to our country.

  8. Facts just seem to elude you.

    BTW, no unions, no one to lobby for your vacations, benefits, pay raises etc. All the things you hate

  9. Its funny that our military had to beat you traitors ass and now you have the gall to speak highly of them. GTFOH

  10. It is obvious that most of the people commenting on here are not from the South and so have no clue what they are talking about. Kind of like the President talking about jobs. You have to have a point of reference, not just have an uneducated opinion.

  11. The Confederate States massive populations of ignorant, brain-washed (from birth) human zombie like slaves and all of their “elite” corporate plantation masters and church leaders must be very happy with their current status in life. Just like all the real pigs would be immersed in a large pile of slop. Otherwise they would be changing things faster than a tick jumps on a hound-dog. In my opinion. Someone needs to let all of these Southern Confederate State human zombie like slaves of their corporate plantation masters and their churches that they are “not” really happy and their lives could really be a whole lot better. In my opinion. LETS FREE AND SAVE THEM ALL FROM SLAVERY AND HELL ON EARTH. LETS ALL UN-BRAIN WASH THEM (Or we could just let “GOD” take care of them). The People’s Radio “Freeing-Zombies” in the South (U.S.A.) and around the world. Broadcasting System.

  12. I support national health insurance for everyone regardless of income. Medicaid needs to be combined in this. The administrative costs can be reduced tremendously, Also we can include the poor by reducing the the amount of Earned income tax credit to fund this. EIC now has a 30 percent fraud rate.

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  13. It is a known fact that the southern states are the takers, if anyone does a small amount of research
    online they can get the exact amount of dollars paid by each state and the amount they get back from the feds -try it!

  14. ” I do not care if you agree with me”
    And there, concisely, is just one of the problems. Like unthinking belief in the religious indoctrination received in childhood, you can’t reason someone out of a position that they were not reasoned into to begin with. They don’t care about facts, they don’t care whether or not you agree with them, and they don’t care to seek out the truth for themselves, it’s easier to just accept whatever they hear on Rush radio, in their social clubs on Sunday, or what their bubba friends spout. I grew up in the South, still live here, and whether or not you chose to accept it, things ARE changing, and not in your favor. Oh, and BTW smeasel, I have been a union member for over 30 years, and your blanket statement about unions is just another example of your apparently low IQ. I also seriously doubt your being a “reformed democrat”, it’s more probable that you lost your right to vote after release from prison.

  15. This entire article is stereotypical BS written by a hater. Southern states are not sucking up your tax dollars; Washington is. Look in the mirror and look at the people where you live. How many people where you live have welfare babies, Section 8 housing, etc? Like what you see in your own state? Well, there’s the money trail, so right back at you Blue states.

  16. The facts don’t matter to these people, Shiva. Attempting to debate with them is like mud-wrestling with a pig – at some point, you realize that they like it.

  17. Allowing the south to succeed would be like spitting on the graves of all the brave Americans, both black and white, that gave their lives for a free America in the Civil War!!!! We need to put the voice of the majority back into the system, and get the money of the plutocrats out of politics!!!

  18. I’m betting that you consider yourself to be a Christian. In fact you’re a CINO christian in name only. And talk about haters – the hate drips from that post of yours. Helping those who’ve been brutalized by the excesses of the free market is a Christian thing, it’s the right thing to do.

  19. smeasel, The author’s bio said she/he is a native Southerner and has a good estimation of the mindset there. The facts are undeniable but you deny them because they aren’t in your bible or printed on your guns. Bah-ha-ha, Your comment reinforces the article’s premise that you’re a moron.

  20. My job required me to work in the south for several years, in Tenn. and La., and it was not a pleasant experience. I being white and my wife being black were discriminated against from both sides. The level of ignorance astounded me. It was impossible to reason with people in their views because they don’t debate, they spit out hate and contempt and call you names. As soon as that job was over we moved back to civilization.

    What I would suggest to drag the southern states into the 21st century is to mandate that they adhere to federal law. If they choose to be defiant then so be it. Simply cut off all federal funding. No more subsidized housing, no more SNAP, no more highway and bridge money, no FEMA, nothing. I would seriously doubt that any one of those states would last more than 30 days. Oh, and no more federal salaries to the officials responsible for that particular state.

  21. I agree with Clinniso5 dear southerner. Go get educated, learn what working for less, really means. The fact you say you are a reformed Democrate and are now a RETHUG tells me, you deserve what you get. So the next social security or Gov. check you get, in what ever form, fall on your knees and thank God for the north.
    I for one am sick and tired of the “Southern mind set” I wonder if, you have any minds at all.
    any feed back you send back will be ingored, I have no time for people like you….

  22. Another problem is the number of totally redundant military bases in the South, that exist solely to give surrounding communities a source of income besides cooking meth, and cheating welfare. Some are mere military golf courses, that add nothing to the security of the country, but can be used by visiting congressmen on their “fact-finding” taxpayer-financed junkets. Add the number of Southern Defense contractors who are sued by the government on a regular basis for cost-rigging schemes, and the true picture of the South emerges, as a bloodsucking parasite that adds little value, other than the Blues/barbeque/things that blow up real good, for their (sometimes unintentional)entertainment value.

  23. The South is an inoperable brain tumor, that makes the American body politic do irrational things, while it continues to swell.

  24. This rant was hateful- not helpful. Plenty of us southerners are intelligent and educated. We’re not all religious, gun-toting, racists. We don’t need your ridicule. We need your help. We’re fighting an uphill battle for change. So, if you are one of those fortunate people living in a blue state, consider donating to Democrats running for office in the south. Maybe, if you you put your money into helping us get the truth out to people who are constantly bombarded with right-wing misinformation, you could stop having to support them with your tax money. Republicans get corporate sponsorship, and easily outspend grass-roots Democrats. If you are really tired of paying for the south, then stop bitching about it and help us change it. Help us stop Fox News, Big Coal, and the Koch brothers. Help us fire McConnell and elect Allison Grimes. You have idiots in the north, too (*cough* Chris Christie), so get off your high horse and work with the southerners who fight this battle every day.

  25. a significant number of low-achieving, backward thinking, and unenlightened human beings residing primarily in the Southern United States.

    Chuck Thompson? Is that you?

    —as a University of Georgia student asks Mr. Thompson near the end of the book—

    “If you don’t have the South to look down on, who would you look down on?”

  26. You have unions confused with corporations. Guess you hate having weekends off, job and workplace safety etc. Hope I don’t see your name amongst the dead at the next factory/plant catastrophe because OSHA hasn’t been there in 20 years. Go away you parasitic leech, us makers in the Blue States are tired of your shit. I hear Crimea is looking for resettlers.

  27. The propaganda you echo
    Evokes memories of Goebbels
    Another time,yet there is still nothing new
    Bigotry hatred and division
    Are the coin of their realm
    Guns,God and gays
    Gives you reason to stay afraid
    End the corporate welfare,the real”welfare queens”
    Respect our democracy,you’ll be shown some in return

  28. I’m from rural Indiana and appreciate the uphill battle you are facing. Seriously. It was an indefatigably, stultifying, rigid area that was hopeless to try to convert. Only 5% of my graduating class went to college. 24% dropped out. It had the highest teen pregnancy rate of all the schools except the deepest inner city school. Our farm became the property of the airport; all of my friends except for one left the rural area, most went to the city but most of them moved out of state, and scattered all over. There was nothing left to stay for.

    So I left. I am so glad that I did. It was sad because I do miss. Indy. I miss all the friends there. But I am glad to have single payer for my autistic daughter in Canada now.

    Much as I miss it I would never move back. You have to weigh the pros and cons and decide if you can make any real change or if you are banging your head on your desk.

    How bad is it there?

  29. He’s right, John – sometimes the ignorance is frightening down here, but not all southerners are racist bible-thumpers with NRA stickers on our trucks and IQ’s in the single digits. Those of us who haven’t gone over to the dark side can use all the help we can get from the enlightened, but most of all we need to get out the vote, convince as many as possible to show up for EVERY election that they are eligible to participate in, local, state, as well as federal.

  30. “With all their faults, trade unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race, for the developing of character in men, than any other association of men.”
    -Clarence Darrow

    Wow Smeasel…
    I hope you’ll stick around and hopefully see where we Dems are coming from. The South has been isolated and brainwashed regarding many things. And for you to be against Unions shows your lack of knowledge and what’s truly valuable.

  31. Me, too! And, I enjoy aggravating the willful ignorant but I am also seeing change in the South (and, change for the better)!

  32. Were the US to smoke out all the oil speculation artificially spiking up the price of oil per barrel the southern US economy would come to a halt. Texas would find out their so called “economic miracle” was mostly based on high oil prices. Them low taxes would have to drift northward under such a scenario or else the southern poverty rates would get much worse than they already are. The US under investing in its education systems and infrastructure due to a belief that lower top tax rates will trickle down prosperity for all has run its due course.

  33. I’m from the South too and he’s right, it’s idiots, hateful idiots like you that bring down the rest of us. You are an embarrassment. Glad you left the Democratic party, we need to get rid of the likes of you.

  34. Another hot topic for Rachel MADDOW…THE TRUTH TELLER…..where’s THE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS?Pulitzer PRIZE AWAITS you to let it all be known.

  35. For ANY southern to drag their butts here WHING about people calling out RED STATES issues I strongly suggest you do a little research, it was the SOUTH who thought slavery was God’s gift to WHITE america! it was the SOUTH who used the bible to prop up it’s immoral, SICK behavior! it was the SOUTH that open up it’s legs and SOLD themselves to the GOP during lee atwater’s SOUTH STRATEGY campaign, it was the SOUTH that happily spewed RW HATE to your ROTTEN churches and trying to pass it off as christianity! And how did the GOP repay you PROUD- LOUD MOUTH- INBRED tribe? you’re ALL MOOCHERS! yeah pat robertson and jerry falwell got RICH! but your rank and file southerner is still under the impression it won the civil war while they pile up 15 folks in a TRAILER.

  36. I was born, raised, worked, and retired in the South. Southern states have some of the most ideologically-driven, fact-hating, reality-denying, close-minded people on the planet. I’ve spent my life dealing with people with your mindset. It’s easy for some rich person to order you around and make you vote against your and your family’s best interests. All they have to say it “I hate abortion, love guns, am afraid of “the other,” and think Christianity should be a state religion.” All BS. I’m a liberal, a Christian, a gun owner, and I am not a fan of abortion. The difference between you and I is like the difference between bravery and cowardice. I let no one tell me what to think/do. I’m the last person you’ll ever see getting on anyone’s bandwagon in order to “fit” in. I couldn’t give a flying f*ck what some rich tool thinks I should do. There’s nothing conservative about many southerners. It’s just a label used to conceal their fear of everything.

  37. To be fair, the south is backwards in a lot of ways (from my biased northern viewpoint), but blue voters in the south are far more likely to be on welfare and/or unemployed. Look at the blue counties in the south – they match up as the counties with the most welfare/unemployment. Look at voter demographics in the exit poll to who is more likely to be on welfare and/or unemployed.

    To say that just one political party is destroying America is foolish. Both parties have gotten us into this mess. Both parties will need to work together to get us out of this mess.

  38. Where to even start? Seldom have I ever seen a collection of spleen driven talking points except when mistakenly looking at an Anne Coulter based discussion. Truly there are demented – misguided fools on both ends of our political spectrum.
    There is no way to offer any factual information to add to a completely fabricated issue.
    I guess the friend who sent me this link wanted me to see the depth of hate and paranoia on the other side of the fence.
    Depressing and an indication of exactly why it is so hard to build any kind of consensus in our society at present.
    At least I will not follow this particular crowd in demonizing those who don’t hold to a similar position.
    I love that-you post and your comment comes up with a “your comment is awaiting moderation”- with the tone of this string-moderation by who or what I’d ask
    Help me obewan kenobe-no one on this site is any help

  39. All first time comments awaits moderation. You would be surprised of the real hate that comes through here. You may disagree as long its respectful

  40. You REALLY need to stop making blanket assumptions. I was raised in the South, deep in the heart of rednecks, hillbillies, racists, dirt roads, mud boggin, etc.. Hell, there was a KKK compound built near my house and not only is it still there, they’ve got their own Adopt A Road signs! And you sir are a shining example of why I left in ’98 and never looked back.

  41. As if Democrats and liberals are not just as narrow minded if you dare to disagree with them. btw, not a conservative or Republican, liberal or Democrat. I would say more, but this website has a ridiculous character limit, and is not designed for real discussion.

  42. Meanwhile here in Tennessee, we have no Medicaid expansion, very high unemployment, low wages, and legislature full of EvangeliBaggers trying to remove more rights everyday!

    Repigs do not want anything but more power to the wealthy and screw everyone else.

  43. And the unemployed low waged people here in Tennessee continue to vote republican in hopes they stay poor and unemployed

  44. While I believe most Southern states have many problems, let’s not forget that slavery existed in the North too. Many Northerners were just as racist as their Southern brethren, and most did not fight in the Civil War to end slavery, but to preserve the Union. Abolition os slavery was partly a political move to prevent
    England from recognizing the Confederacy.

    Also slavery could not have continued as a profitable enterprise in the South if the demand for their cotton in the North had not been so great. Northern textile mills ran on Southern cotton. So, while in the end, the North put an end to slavery, it supported that same institution for many years.

    That being said, it’s time for the South to grow up and act like modern, educated, socially responsible states.

  45. Maybe you should tell everyone here what website meets with your HIGH STANDARDS!! you obviously enjoy standing on your narrow little soap box throwing stones, GROW UP sonny boy!

  46. Ignorance is not just limited to Southern States. Thank you for proving my point.

    This article is divisive, and there is nothing constructive here.

    It’s the pot calling the kettle black. Just more mud slinging.

  47. You are right. In the beginning, there was slavery in Northern states as well. However, it eventually was limited to the South since the South was better suited to the agricultural economy that slavery upheld. It’s also true that textile mills in the North benefited from the cotton that field slaves had to cultivate. However, there are still folks in the South who harbor the bitterness of that region’s defeat in the Civil War. It’s also been home to the most egregious examples of racial and religious bigotries, although those haven’t been confined to just the South. The problems in that region at this time can be rightly attributed to the long-term ascendancy of the Republican Party which is doing its level best to turn the clock back. While there are plenty of Southerners who are progressive and want to move forward, they are currently outnumbered by those influenced by the GOP to vote against their own interests. They are who give the South a bad name.

  48. Johnda, you do understand that Chris Christy is a rethug don’t you???? Republican big time. Yes, do have rethugs in the north and they are always as bad as any in the south, it’s just the nature of the beast. We,(And I’ll use Mn. as an example)did haven a rethug in office, as a Senator not for long, at the next election he was GONE…….We now have the Govoner ship, both Senate seats and house members, all Dem’s once again. There are a couple of blue dog dem’s that should be taken to the wood shed tho. Maybe next time….
    Machelle Bockman is on her way out or the big house. Would prefer the latter form her.

  49. I think if he knew that Unions are outspent 15-1 politically, it still wouldn’t phase the obvious brainwashing that has evidently took place over many years, but we can keep hammering it home.

  50. As representative of the gun totin’ conservative red necks of the south I agree. We will all move back south and seperate from the Union and let you go your own way. My only request is that you pass every one of the things you claim we are holding you back from into law. Also we will be sending you your undocumented workers since you know what to do with them. Best of luck with everything we bear no hard feelings but please be aware we will have a zero tollerance immigration policy. Once you create your liberal progressive paradise you have to deal with it, not spread it around like a disease. And don’t try to screw with us, we have all the guns and all the common sense.

  51. Your last sentence is hilarious! And you have fun with your total lack of inequality, your hate towards women, your need to get your first kill. We would let you di this instantly, because we know it wouldnt be long and there wouldnt be any of you left.

    You see, you are still stuck with all the poverty and other things you love. No vacations, no benefits, great slave labor wages.

  52. BTW, you also have the most unwed mothers, the most pollution and the most people without any kind of healthcare. Are those the ones you will shoot first? You know, you have the least educated people. Just look at yourself.

  53. Hi Shiva. Thank you for the kind words. Sort of shocking that you are talking down to me though; you being the open minded liberal and all. Must be that your mind is free of all that hate I have that causes me to be so stupid. Haven’t gotten my first kill yet but I did beat my wife this morning so I’ve got that covered. Didn’t know the unwed mothers were conservatives but we’ll take ’em. They made some mistakes but at least they had enough sense to have the child. You see all that gay marriage and abortion tends to put a pinch on the population (less battery waste from the electric cars I suppose).

    I don’t know what you are complaining about anyway. We are holding you back and are willing to leave. We’ll take 25 states and you take 25 states and may the best ideology win. We can do this, we can make this happen!

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