As ACA Signups Skyrocket Towards 7 Million Fox News Claims Obama Is Cooking the Books

Deadline For Coverage Starting Feb. 1 Draws Crowds At Health Care Sign Up Location

As the number of people who are enrolling in the ACA’s private insurance plans surges towards 7 million, Republican Sen. John Barrasso and Fox News Sunday teamed up to claim that President Obama is cooking the books.




CHRIS WALLACE: Well, the White House announced this week that more than 6 million people, now total have signed up for private health insurance on the exchanges, including 1.8 million so far, just in March, but they still have no numbers for how many people paid for coverage. How many, so called young invincibles signed up, nor how many people have signed up who were previously uninsured. Sen. Barrasso, given that how much does this 6 number actually mean?

SEN. JOHN BARRASSO: I don’t think it means anything, Chris. I think they’re cooking the books on this. People want to know the answers to that. They also want to know is, once all of this is said and done, what kind of insurance will those people actually have? Are they going to be able to keep the doctor that they want? How much more is it going to cost them, and we know that some of the best cancer hospitals in the country want very little to do with people who buy this insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.


(After Barrasso later claimed that hospitals are turning down Obamacare, Sen. Angus King shot down these lies abut the ACA.)

SEN: ANGUS KING: No, now, that’s a big. There’s no such thing as Obamacare. You can’t sign up for Obamacare. You sign up for an Anthem policy, an Aetna policy, or a Wellpoint policy. It’s private insurance, and private insurance companies have been doing closed networks for years. I do think there is a problem. If John Barrasso would like to join me in co-sponsoring a bill to have more transparency so people can know exactly who’s covered and who’s not covered by the various policy options, I’m all for it, but I think this thing of you can’t keep your doctor, but there is a problem in New Hampshire, because there is only one carrier on the exchange. I think that is the only state in the country like that.

I looked up. I played a game, and looked up John’s situation. If you are Laramie, Wyoming, you make $50,000 and have two kids, mom, dad, two kids, there are 16 different policy options you have ranging in premium from $67 a month to $800 a month. There are a lot of choices out there.

Barrasso closed the segment by telling Fox News viewers not to be fooled (by things like facts and reality.) The truth is that ACA signups have now passed the 6.55 million mark. It is looking like the White House is going hit their original goal of 7 million enrollees by the 31st.

Republicans and Fox News are denying this fact.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) claimed that President Obama is cooking the ACA books, and Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace played along by asking questions about what we don’t know. Wallace relied on a McKinsey and Company study from February, which is before the surge in young people signing up started, to paint the ACA as a total failure. (The study that Wallace cited came from an organization that has refused to release their questionnaires and methodology.) McKinsey and Company has also consistently refused to disclose who is paying for their studies on the ACA.

It is safe to say that Fox News is trying to pass off some Republican book cooking of their own as fact, in order to portray the ACA as a total failure.

The truth that Fox and their GOP allies don’t want to admit is that there is a huge demand in this country for affordable health insurance. Yes, the law does need tweaked as unintended consequences arise, but Republicans aren’t even pretending to be realistic about the ACA anymore.

They are living in their own fantasy land, where they know that Obamacare is a failure, and they will reject anything that suggests otherwise.

Fox News is spawning a whole new group of Republicans. They are the Obamacare deniers. No matter how successful the law becomes, they will still stick to their claims that it isn’t happening.

Their behavior is sad, pathetic, and a little disturbing because this is the same crowd that the American people put in charge of the House of Representatives.


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  1. Standard FOX News m.o. — i.e., propagate a politically-biased conclusion designed to support Republican rhetoric … and then desperately search for evidence to back this conclusion.

    Alas, the opinions of conservative commentators and right wing bloggers does not constitute evidence.

  2. Why do the Right Wingers continue to try? Every “Obamacare Horror Story” they have concocted has blown up in their faces, there ARE no “skyrocketing premiums”, and there are more Americans who want the ACA to do MORE than it already does than there are who want it repealed. Even Sarah Palin has stopped talking about the nonexistent “death panels.”

  3. Barrasso telling Fox News viewers not to be fooled (by things like facts and reality.) Fox News viewers stay clueless.

  4. I figured it wouldn’t be too long before Republicans started claiming that he numbers were somehow manipulated.

    I read an article yesterday on AddictingInfo that showed where Ted Cruz posted a question along the lines of are you better off with Obamacare (ACA) than you were without it and the overwhelming response was yes. He did not get the response he thought he would.

    Republicans are doing a very dumb thing by trying to make the mid-terms into a referendum against the PPACA, they are in deep trouble if that is all they have to run on.

  5. Maybe they should get Darrell Issa to begin an investigation, form a committee, and dwell on it of a couple years all the while wasting millions of dollars. These spinmeisters make me throw up in my mouth a little.

    I wish “anonymous” had a hotline to call. I would tell them to shut down Faux news for about 24 hours. That would probably kill off 25 percent of these idiots just from bias media withdrawls.

  6. The Koch Brothers are heating up the necessity and you Repugs are downplaying your feast on the public.

  7. True to form, Faux News accepts every word spoken by the Republican as fact, allows the Republican to speak first AND last without interruption while using the exact opposite set of rules for the opponent (an Independent in Sen. King’s case).

    Just more “Fair and Balanced” journalism… NOT.

  8. This is the same on air talent who brought the Birthers club, denied the 2008 election club, the Obama fake the BLS numbers club, fake the 2012 election polls club..
    The same club that said, “Obama trying to change the subject from Obamacare, when he (PBO) announced Iran talks, raise minimum wage, immigration reform, Syria removal of CW.
    Well, now they got what they want, America to focus on the ACA. And once again, we see the mental party crack-up on national/international TV.
    And once again Pres. Obama make monkeys of the republicans/Amer. media.

    God bless this President, his family and his administration.
    Now the chickenhawks Dems. need to find a backbone and be a DEMOCRAT..

  9. The ACA has helped so many people to get the health coverage they have needed for so long! I am very happy for those who have been helped by it.

    Now, if they would only fix the “Family Glitch”! If you are a low-income family and are offered ‘affordable’ (less than 9.5%) INDIVIDUAL coverage through your employer, you are ____ out of luck! I am a single-mother and it is taking a 1/3 of my income to provide family coverage insurance. I have read every article I can and I have spoken with the Navigator’s. There are no options available to families if the individual coverage offered through their employer is less than 9.5% of their income. They are not eligible for subsidies through the exchange. It would make all of the difference in the world to me (financially) if I was eligible for the subsidies. I would be able to cover my family for less than $1,000 a year instead of having to pay 1/3 of my income each month.

  10. FOX Noise is demonstrating the kind of Republican stupidity about the ACA that should be thrown up in the faces of any current or potential Republican officeholder who wants to discredit it, along with well-documented facts about its success. Since Congressional Republicans have tried and failed more than 40 time to get the ACA defunded, they continue to double down on stupid in order to get some gullible fools to believe them. These folks are a bunch of sick puppies who have no alternative plan to fall back on. Yet they would gleefully deny health care to Americans partly to stick it to a president they detest and partly because they are for insurance companies. All this should be used against them in the months ahead during campaigns.

  11. They’re NEVER wrong! The weapons of mass destruction are there….we just have to keep looking….

  12. David Gregory at Meet the Press and Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd on MSNBC are just as bad. At least Chris Matthews will interrupt to always refer to Kennedy in the 1960’s and Reagan in the 1980’s (don’t forget his books, you know!) then Hillary 2016 (this to me undermines this Presidency and what’s going on NOW).

  13. Good luck with that. They’ve given up so quickly and completely you’d think Romney won in 2012 and they’re settling into permanent minority party status…

    Show some pride! Is it that difficult?

  14. Know you all don’t believe it, but now several articles on DU about Cruz’s facebook page and they say he has literally thousands of responses and most are overwhelmingly in favor of the ACA.

  15. Whats DU?

    Its not that I dont believe you, its just that we will not support any links to Addicting Info.

  16. first it was no one will sign up for it and now this. can’t wait for there next excuse love to hear replies to what that will be lmao

  17. Thank you Senator King. Once again, you prove that you the facts.

    Barrasso, as usual, the TGOP has nothing to offer except their faux news. GROW UP or get out!

  18. Yeah! Right!..But Fox News IS the expert when it comes to cooking the books. They advocate cooking the books the hate just as the Nazi’s did in the 30’s. They are also experts at fudging numbers by claiming that they are the most watched news channel, they never mention that Fox is on every basic cable network as part of the cheap basic packages. Perfect for Fox..Cheap and basic. But the numbers don’t matter really, because quality (MSNBC) is better than quantity(FOX).

  19. You are absolutely correct! ANY basic cable package you get from ANY cable provider THROWS FUX NEWS in for absolutely FREE!! republicans are so despicably DISHONEST!! they lie so much! But as I’ve said countless hundreds of times, the GOP is ALL about PROJECTION!! so WHENEVER they go on their mud slinging campaign 10 times of of 10 their REALLY talking about THEMSELVES!!!

  20. GOP and their Pundits can continue to be negative, but in the end here is the way it is. The health care exchange that is benefiting from “ObamaCare” are the Commercial Insurers that the GOP says they support. It is a complete falsehood to say that “ObamaCare” is putting most people on government insurance because it isn’t. It is only subsidizing so the 99% can afford to be insured by the health coverage of the commercial insurers. For those people who live in poverty or at a % above poverty they will be placed on Medicaid in those states that expanded. For the states that didn’t expand, there will be people that don’t qualify for Medicaid and cannot afford the commercial insurance even with the subsidy. This is a GOP Crime. In the end, most of the new insured are being covered through the Health Care exchange which are the private commercial health insurance plans like United, Aetna, Cigna, Anthem.
    Why did numbers go up at the last minute? That is the Health Insurance …

  21. You are wrong. Premiums HAVE skyrocketed! My group’s policies were 1) cancelled because they didn’t comply with Obamacare (even though the deductibles were $2,500, not the $6K that is OK under Obamacare). 2) Premiums went up an average of 35% (ranging from 18% for middle-aged insured to 60% for those under thirty).

  22. $6000 deductable? And you signed on to that? The higher the deductable the lower the premium. I suggest you find someone with a brain to renegotiate whatever it is you are using for insurance. If your premiums went up, its because the insurance corporation is gouging you

  23. Bullshit. Insurers cant raise premiums to any “skyrocketing” point due to the 80/20 rule, if they did its a show and youll be getting a refund from them . they had to return $500 million in 2012 alone.

  24. @spencer. The 80:20 rule has nothing to do with raising skyrocketing premiums. Have you heard of the 3:1 rule? Where premiums for the most elderly can’t be more than 3 times a young person’s even though they account for 5 to 6 times the cost of a young person. The fact is Obamacare unfairly screws younger Americans.

  25. Obamacare doesnt screw anyone. if anyone gets screwed its by the insurance companys. NOT by the ACA. Premiums are based on income.

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