Democratic Support Among Young People Reaches a Record High


As more senior citizens are becoming Republicans, Gallup found that younger voters are supporting Democrats in record numbers.

Here are a few of the choice findings from Gallup:

From 1993 to 2003, 47% of 18- to 29-year-olds, on average, identified as Democrats or said they were independents but leaned to the Democratic Party, while 42% were Republicans or Republican leaners. That time span included two years in which young adults tilted Republican, 1994 and 1995, when Republicans won control of Congress. Since 2006, the average gap in favor of the Democratic Party among young adults has been 18 percentage points, 54% to 36%.

This Democratic movement among the young has come at a time when senior citizens have become more Republican

Recent decades have brought significant shifts in Americans’ political allegiances, in the short term and the long term. While young adults have generally been more likely to align themselves with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, they are now much more solidly Democratic than prior generations of young adults.

Gallup suggests that the hardening support for Democrats among young people is at least partially based on the fact that the country is more racially and ethnically diverse. Democrats have embraced the changing face of the country, while Republicans have become even whiter.

It has long been believed that, as people age, they get more conservative, but over the past 20 years, young people have been aging and staying with the Democratic Party. This shift helps explain how Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections.

Young people turn out in higher numbers in presidential years. This a problem that Democrats are working day and night to solve before the 2014 election. The key to sustained success for Democrats is activating a portion of these young supporters. If younger voters get into the habit of voting in midterm elections, the Republican Party will be in huge trouble.

As grandma goes tea partying, the country’s future is supporting Democrats more than ever. This is why if Republicans can’t rock the vote, they are going to do all that they can to suppress it.


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  1. I am wondering about those republican numbers with seniors. The reason I say this is that I go to the senior center in my town to play chess and have some company a few times a week. We have these republican outreach people that come though like Jehovah Witnesses from time to time. They never talk politics, mainly want to get voters registered and drop of pamphlets. As soon as they leave everyone sits around and says what asshats they are.
    They shot themselves in the foot when Ryan said he wanted to get his hands on Social Security and Medicare. We were having a big discussion on it one day and some of the retirees that relocated here were defending Ryan on the premise that he surely wouldn’t do anything to destroy SS and Medicare. I made a point of telling them that these are the dame people who weren’t going to destroy their 401k’s either.
    I don’t know if they switched parties or not but I know alot of them moved here because of their 401k losses.

  2. I wouldn’t totally rule out seniors. I’m in my sixties, part of the boomer generation, and there are many in my age group that are either Democrat or Libertarian here in SF Bay Area. They sure aren’t Republican or Conservative. So it depends probably on the region of the country.

  3. Have you noticed, though, that Lyin Ryan et al have toned down on the SS and Medicare talk? I’m sure their thoughts and plans haven’t changed but we don’t hear the GOP exalting the “Ryan Budget” any more, probably for the exact reason you describe.
    As seniors see themselves outliving their savings their insecurity will overcome even their intolerance (for most, anyway).
    And even if it doesn’t affect them directly (because of their age) the ‘thinking ones’ should KNOW that their children’s and grandchildren’s future long-term security hangs in the balance.

  4. Our country is more diverse than ever before and a large number of young folks have associations with people other than their own particular religious, sexual orientation or racial group. They also see and hear Republicans denigrate those same diverse groups. Young people aren’t stupid, they hear their friends and relatives, and neighbors being put down and it doesn’t sit well. Keep it up Republicans and your party will die along with your supporters.

  5. I totally disagree. I believe by and far, young people are choosing to opt out of the false left/right paradigm and engage in more libertarian/freedom loving/small government politics. Democrats only offer a blue version of Republicans. They are friends and they aren’t as divided as it’s made to believe. They all want perpetual war, spying on citizens, Constitution trampling, forced purchase of healthcare for workers, free healthcare for the lazy, world policing, helping the non-US owned Federal Reserve make money & cause inflation, ship in tons of communist made slave labor goods, ship jobs out, higher taxes, more spying, drones, drone assassinations, pro-GMO, and all that garbage. Opt out of the puppet show and just be American. Leave us be. That’s what most people want. Not a blue or red tie, choking them to death.

  6. It is said that, in order to get the Senior vote, you can’t really talk about the future, unless it’s THEIR future. The here and now/near future is what concerns them. What that in mind…
    Democrats need to hit the GOP hard about the truth. The truth is that the GOP have evil plans for Social Security and Medicare. They’re trying to get support for their plan by employing the ridiculous “cutting SS and Medicare will cut the deficit” talking point. What the GOP REALLY want to do with those programs is to abolish them. Why do I say that? SS and Medicare benefits are not paid from the general funds of the US Treasury; they’re paid from the Social Security Trust Fund, which has been “raided” by the last 3 GOP Presidential administration to the tune of $4 TRILLION. If SS and Medicare are abolished, those “loans” don’t have to be repaid and whatever money left over in the SSTF can be distributed to the GOP’s wealthy and big corporate masters via tax breaks. Continued….

  7. There is no such thing as ” libertarian/freedom loving/small government politics”

    Libertarians do not want freedom for you, they want freedom for corporations and the money. They want small government so the money can own the government.

    Your constant cliches indicate you are stuck on what you are told to say.

  8. So, how the Democrats should frame those truths is to correctly say that the GOP think of the SSTF as some sort of “slush fund” or “piggy bank” for their use, not what it really is: a fund that’s collected the FICA taxes paid into it by millions of Seniors for several decades before they retired. “Grandma/Grandpa, if the GOP are elected into total power, you can kiss your SS and Medicare benefits goodbye”.
    The next point you can make is how Seniors lived in abject poverty before the Social Security Act of 1935 was signed into law by FDR. Many old people couldn’t afford to live by themselves or of by their own devices. And, after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, caused by the financial policies of the GOP, the problem got much, much worse. Social Security changed all that. If it’s abolished, Seniors will go back to living like that.
    Finally, SS and Medicare are not “handouts”…people paid into the SSTF…tell the GOP to keep their greedy mitts off of the SSTF!

  9. Wow Dustin ol’ Rand Paul and his poppa have you completely brainwashed eh? You keep believing that propaganda if you want. Every modern civilized society toady has healthcare for all, as it should be. The Democrats stand for equality for all. When in power the economy recovers. Republicans like war, ie. GWB. Prior to the Fed everyone printed whatever version of money they wanted. There were literally thousands of different currencies circulating in the US. Of course it is set aside from the branches of government so that no party and corrupt or influence it. It allows for expansion and contraction of the economy. Is it perfect? No, but no one has had a better idea. Going back to the gold standard would be impossible. The entire world economy is based on the dollar. Take away the Fed and the grocery store can demand 10 dollars gold for a loaf of bread. That would also cancel you debit and credit cards. There could no longer be electronic banking. Welcome back 1945.

  10. The GOP is that OLD- WORN OUT- RUSTY- UNWASHED- WHITE WALLS- STATION WAGON in grandpa’s barn!! No young person wants to be seen with it! let alone drive it! Let’s be REAL! the GOP appeals “MOSTLY” to caucasians who feel like this is their country and the rest of us should be grateful for the privilege to serve them. The typical GOPer admire the willard rommey types not because they themselves have a pot to piss in, because they admire guys like that because they identify with being the GREEDY heartless. bully! Young people are typically idealist, they want clean water and air, they want social justice! The republican party is destined to DIE!! their ideas of hate and fear just didn’t motivate young people like my generation seems to stuck on!!

  11. I completely agree Andrew. As a retired person who lives on SS all of us are scared the GOP will just grab it and run. They want to dump it into the stock market like a damn roulette wheel. I worked hard for that income. In 2008 I had about 130,000 in 401k plan. As the market tanked I lost 40% of those earnings. The thought about seniors only caring about the present is a tactic being spread by the GOP in an effort to divide the generations. We worked hard not only for ourselves but so the generations after us would have it better than us. The same people who have destroyed that legacy are now trying to blame us for it.

  12. Any senior citizen who is in favor of the GOP/Tea Party do not know that the GOP/TEA Party will cut/stop Social Security, Medicare in a heartbeat and leave these Senior Citizens. People need to get on this to be sure they know what it going on. The GOP/Tea Party will have no qualms about stopping Medicare and Social Security and throwing them out on the street. I know I have had a couple of relatives that are getting incorrect information and believe all of the GOP lies.

  13. @dustin, PLEASE!! libertarians live in a bigger fantasy world than republicans! libertarians have gotta be HIGH or just plain STUPID!! it’s 2014 not 1814! that every man for himself BULL$HIT is just typical screwball white guy trying to play daniel boone! This is a global economy, smaller government??? LMFAO NO, more efficient government! And that can be accomplished by throwing out the dick armey/ koch brother tea party white guy club! secondly all these traitorous dogs from RIGHT need to be given a choice, either spend some time in federal prison for sedition or move to RUSSIA!! since they admire putin so much!!

  14. I am 64 and I have not nor will I not ever lean Republican. I have two sisters who are big Tea Baggers, but I also have a sister who is and always will be a Democrat. I also have 3 brothers, one who is retired military and is a very big Right Winger! The other 2 brothers are Democrats. Not all of us old folks are senile or foolish enough to follow the Faux News crowd. I for one have always believed in the world’s youth to make our world better. Our youth and elderly should join in the struggle to make sure like minded people can get to the polling booths for all elections!

  15. I find the senior citizen comment suspect considering that many of us who are/are becoming seniors were also children of the 60’s. I have been a Democrat since the first election in which I could vote and I shall be a very proud, progressive Democrat until the last time I can complete a ballot.

  16. A great many tea partiers are people our age(Im 63). In fact the majority of the bags are around our age.

    And from what I can remember, I too am a child of the 60’s. I just cant remember what year the 60’s were

  17. Most of the Teabaggers that I know are the middleaged group, that are in love with their guns. Racism is another of their hangups. I think Fox news plays a big role in their beliefs. Some of the 60 year age group are hung up on the Bible and how we need religion in our schools because our young people don’t believe in the Bible. I keep telling em that if that is the way they feel, either pay to send the kids to Religious school or take em to church. Of course, than I am taking away their freedom of speech and religion cause I’m entitled to my opinion.

  18. Dustin,
    that is what the Tea Party wants you to believe, as if you don’t vote Dem, its a vote for Pubs.. If the parties are alike, why does, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and the Koch Bros.. who alone put over 400 million to elect Republicans… if the parties were the same, why put out that kind of money.. Its because they are not the same. Pubs work for the wealthiest 2% among us. when they can’t get you to but their disdain for the govt. or the poor, they try to get you to think both parties are the same.. you know the biggest backer of the Libertarian Party.. the Koch Bros… do your homework Dustin.. they are pulling the wool over your eyes..

  19. How dare you use my name, which is my REAL name mind you, and spout out this garbage?

    How can you seriously believe that Democrats and Republicans are the same? They aren’t. One side actually gives a damn about people like me: Those who are poor and trying to make a living for themselves. Those who use the government’s help not as a crutch, but as an aid to help them out when they need it.

    The other side? They couldn’t give you the time of day unless you had a Swiss bank account with your name on it. That’s the side you have chosen and for that, I offer nothing but this to say: Go ahead and spout your libertarian baloney. No one here is listening to it, let alone thinking that it matters.

  20. I think after the mid-terms the 18-29 demographic will have increased their participation even greater than the polling now suggests. With the ACA allowing millions to get healthcare for the first time at an affordable cost, even working part time jobs, they will reward the democrats for standing tough, for them.

  21. more evidence that the GOP should change their mascot from the elephant to the dinosaur because like the dinosaur they will become extinct as a national party! Like the Dinosaur alot of them are loud and have a small brain!

  22. I am afraid that you have been led by the nose…there are vast differences between republicans and democrats, and if you listen to the libertarians, really listen, you will hear some astoundingly awful things. I agree that there are more people that just want to be left alone, but you have to either make a choice as to which party will do you the least harm, or else, if you relinquish the voting to others, you lose your right to have a say, or to complain.

  23. President Obama and the democratic party will always have my support. I’m in my 20’s, will be voting in any election out there and encouraging others to do the same. There are some disagreements between candidates, but that is why primaries exist. When people say that they aren’t voting because they are disillusioned, they are giving the opposing party a vote. We just can’t agree 100 % on anything, we are a coalition.

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