Fox News’ Chris Wallace Follows His Republican Marching Orders By Bringing Up Benghazi

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During Sunday’s one-on-one interview with Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Fox News Sunday’s host Chris Wallace did his very best to try to reignite the debate over Benghazi. Wallace had Rogers on ostensibly to discuss the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. Also, Rogers, the current Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, made news recently by announcing he is retiring from Congress at the end of his term so he can host a conservative radio talk show. Obviously, that would also be a topic of discussion.

However, Wallace decided to also use his time with Rogers to bring up Benghazi and the fact that Rogers has more hearings scheduled on the attack that killed four Americans in September 2012. Below is an excerpt from the show’s transcript:

WALLACE: Congressman, let’s turn to the Benghazi terror attack, because the former acting director of the CIA, Michael Morrell, is going to be testifying before your House Intelligence Committee this weekend open hearing. Question, what do you want to find out from him?

ROGERS: Well, we’ve had two hearings with Michael Morell both in a classified setting. And I thought it was inappropriate. So, his last time testifying in front of the committee in a classified session, we’ve had some additional information. I think it’s important for him to have the opportunity to answer questions on the public record and allow the public to see, you know, the House Intelligence Committee has done more investigative work, more public hearings — excuse me, more hearings, more committee time hearings, more subcommittee hearings than all the other committees.

WALLACE: But is there a specific — sir, is there a specific question or a specific issue that you want to resolve with him?

ROGERS: Well, I think we do. There’s — the fact of the memo and the talking points is important. Many believe that there was political influence on the changing of those talking points in that particular — in the day that’s happened right after the event.

We need to make sure if that in fact is not true. Additionally, you know, we know that facts on the ground said, hey, that the State Department folks were requesting help and didn’t get it. We need to try to make sure Americans and the committee fully understand that link and why that didn’t happen.

Was it anything that the CIA did leading up to the event or was this completely a State Department failure when these folks were asking for additional security and somebody in that chain of command for security clearly didn’t — ignored the threats, ignored the intelligence and unfortunately at least contributed to the death of four Americans?


Sigh. Conservatives just cannot let Benghazi go, can they? Republicans have beaten this dead horse for far too long, yet it appears they are not quite done with it. Congressional Republicans have conducted around 50 hearings on the attack and the Pentagon has blasted Congress for spending millions of dollars on these repetitive and unproductive hearings. Rogers and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, have conducted this dog and pony show for well over a year, all in an effort to try to damage President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton politically.

Wallace was just carrying water for the GOP on Sunday. He sees that Benghazi has gone far past its expiration date. However, he also knows that Republicans need something to hit Hillary with in 2016. This is really all they have, unless they want to go the Rand Paul route and try to talk smack about the extremely popular Bill Clinton, which just seems like an unbelievably dumb approach. Therefore, might as well try to keep Benghazi alive as a potential issue. Wallace is always a good little servant for his Republican masters.

Just to show how much of a GOP honk he really is, Wallace kissed up to Rogers at the end of the interview and even tried to convince him to run for President in 2016.

WALLACE: I have to do the kind of thing that you’re going to do when you’re on this side of the microphone, because I noticed when you were talking about the conversation, you talked about New Hampshire and Iowa, just as random states. And, you know, Ronald Reagan back in 1980, I don’t have to tell you, used his platform as a radio commentator to run for president.

So is that a consideration for you? Are you prepared at this point to rule out any interest in 2016?

ROGERS: Ronald Reagan used his platform on radio to run for president of the United States? I had no idea, Chris.

WALLACE: I think — first of all, you’ve always been a great congressman and great guest. I suspect you’re going to be successful as a talk show host.

Congressman Rogers, thank you. It’s always good to talk with you, sir. I’m sure we’ll get the chance to do it again before you start your new career.

ROGERS: I hope so. Thanks, Chris.


Yep, Wallace sure is a fair and impartial host. Very friendly, as long as you are a Republican. Not sure if I’ve ever seen him give such a rousing endorsement of a Democrat like the one he gave Rogers at the end of their interview.


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  1. It’s to bad that this jerk wasn’t at Benghazi, it was the republican’s fault that they thinned down the security.

  2. Today they had David Brock from Media Matters on MSNBC. When he began his career Clinton had just been elected. At that time Brock was a repug and working for the GOP. His marching orders were to dig up dirt on Clinton at any cost. They told him if you don’t find anything then make something up. He was saying how the repugs feel as they should be the only party. Funny now days he is trying to burn them down. Faux news hates Media Matters.

    This whole Benghazi thing has been run into the ground. Every thing the repugs have investigated or spewed is nonsense. Obama is just to intelligent for them. Not only that but Holder is his right hand man and he is very smart. If Obama had done anything which was impeachable they would have been on it like pit bulls on a meat wagon.

    Chris Wallace and the whole Faux gang are disgusting. As a journalist you are supposed to have ethics and integrity to make sure what you report is “fair and balanced”. I don’t know how they can even look in a mir…

  3. I didn’t know until a couple of years ago that his father was a Republican. He learned well at his father’s knee.

  4. If Democrats had hammered on the battle under Bush where Bin Laden had escaped, with the President saying years later “I don’t think about him much”, or the Democrats playing “I’m proud of you, Brownie” intertwined with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Wallace, et al would have been the first people hammering the idea.

    It’s too bad the Democrats never follow suit and/or point out obvious Republican hypocrisy. Sites like this do, as do many respondents. But the Democratic Party or the Apologist Beltway So Called Liberal Media (or “lame stream” in the words of Sarah Palin) NEVER, EVER do this. Sometimes they’d rather be “fair” and continue to pontificate to Chuck Todd or David Gregory on Sunday mornings than win. They can still be on tv , but next time tell McCain and Graham to just “Shut UP!” This goes for media like Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell as well as the elected.

  5. Mr. Wallace, there’s an old saying that appears to be relevant in your case:

    “You don’t get a round mouth from eating square meals.”

  6. Ahhh….Benghazzzzzzzzz……..
    O! Sorry…
    While tragic, the attack has been investigated
    & investigated & nothing…..
    But, it’s their Go-To cover up.
    Its all they have.
    The economy is getting better, Obama’s
    numbers are going up, the ACA is going to
    Americans are going to get tired of the GOP
    wasting time & money on this instead of
    doing what Voters sent them there to do.
    We need to fire them all this November!

  7. Better get used to it! Benghazillion is going to be the watchword for Republicans as the ’12 and ’14 elections draw nearer.

  8. Better get used to it! Benghazillion is going to be the watchword for Republicans as the ’12 and ’14 elections draw nearer.

  9. All I know about republicans anymore, especially the young ones, with little ones, just starting to speak. Instead of the childs first words being, mamma, papa, they are Benghazi, IRS, ObamaCare.

    Guess they have nothing else going on in their rightwing so-called lives. lol

  10. Benghazi cuckoo
    Benghazi cuckoo

    Sometimes when you repeat a crazy lie, people don’t believe you, they start to think you’re an OCD looney tunes,

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