GOP Tries to Woo Women Voters by Mansplaining That They Shouldn’t Care About Equal Pay


How do you fool the ladies after your party rebranding failed? You get a bunch of women folk to parrot the lines of the Koch Brothers, ‘cuz nothing fools the ladies like another lady.

The latest conservative strategy regarding how to win women voters is to inform women that they shouldn’t care about equal pay because… Obamacare roll out glitches.

Greg Sargent was not impressed with the “winning message” (and thanks to Mr. Sargent for calling attention to this gem) :

Nia-Malika Henderson and Jackie Kucinich must have had a tough time controlling their reaction as the GOP’s 2014 plan was explained to them for their Washington Post article. They reported, “The troubled roll out of the Affordable Care Act is an issue that GOP candidates believe they can use to return fire on the criticism that the party is hostile to women.”

So, roll out with some glitches = GOP no longer hates women! Cool trick. Women especially love being told by the Koch Brothers what matters to them.

What about that Republican policy war on women?

Oh, no worries! Remember that incredibly inaccurate, misleading “Obamacare victim” ad the Kochs were running in Michigan to help Republican Terri Lynn Land? The ad so misleading that even conservatives wouldn’t back its Obamacare claims? That’s the basic idea behind their strategy.

Sure, the Kochs had to dump that ad after being pummeled by factcheckers, but hey! The ladies don’t need to know pesky details. They’re too busy to care about equal pay anyway, according to Texas Republicans. Too busy to care.

So the Kochs are going to keep using that essential strategy of pasting a woman onto their Obamacare horror stories in order to mansplain what you ladies should be thinking. The WaPo article continued:

In Michigan, Republican Terri Lynn Land, running in a close race for another open Senate seat, marked the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act and stressed her opposition by highlighting the voices and stories of women who said they were negatively impacted by the law. That strategy also is being used by Americans For Prosperity, a conservative nonprofit backed by the Koch brothers, that has also used women as the face of their ads attacking the health care law.

Jennifer Stefano, regional director for Americans for Prosperity, said they have run ads designed to appeal to women because “women carry the burden of failed economic policies.”

Apparently in this GOP fantasy, women do not bear the brunt of no health insurance for themselves and their family. Oh, no. Their biggest concern is how the roll out was bad or the policy in general is a “failure”. It’s a failure that you can take your kid to the doctor even though he has a pre-existing heart condition. Yep. That’s what the moms of America are thinking. Rather than thinking gosh, I’m so glad my kid can get help, they’re thinking about policies that help the Koch Brothers make a bigger profit.

BUT LADIES. We saved the best for last.

You don’t care about equal pay anymore because… OBAMACARE!

Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said reminding both genders of the problems with the Affordable Care Act would trump Democratic attacks on the equal pay issue.

What can I say? I think the GOP/Koch Brothers have finally sorted us ladies out. We are more concerned about the Koch Brothers than our own kids, and equal pay. Meh. All we can think about are the Obamacare glitches. Plus, bonus points for totally ignoring any specific policies that would help women, and instead focusing on being negative and sans solutions for another policy that is helping women. This reads a bit dismissive to me, but heck. It’s not like they have a lot to offer women.

We don’t need equal pay when we can vote Republican and lose the healthcare protections afforded to us under Obamacare, like free mammograms. Plus, Republicans want to take our birth control away because they’ve recently become obsessed with our unfertilized eggs and how mean ladies are picking on corporations like Hobby Lobby, so TOTALLY.

This is totally working.

This is what happens to a party when it is dictated to by the top of the 1% of the 2%. It should surprise no one that the Koch brothers have no idea just how insulting their mansplaining strategy is, or that women will see through it.


15 Replies to “GOP Tries to Woo Women Voters by Mansplaining That They Shouldn’t Care About Equal Pay”

  1. Everyone should really let KellyAnne Conway know how they feel about equal pay – she is on Twitter @KellyannePolls

  2. Wow….”mansplaining”….
    Allow this man to explain something:
    The Republicans adhere to each and every one of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism…one of those “DCs” is rampant sexism. Fascist regimes like the GOP are ant-abortion and homophobic in addition to being misogynistic. Yet another “DC” of Fascism is corporate power protected. Way too many big corporations in this country practice what I call “Vampire Capitalism”. Suppressing the wages of employees is an important component of Vampire Capitalism.

  3. I love how when people say they want something the repugnant party tells them no that’s not what you want, this is what you want. Amazing, at what point do these turds figure out it’s not working?

    Any person with any sense of morality would not object to equal pay for equal work regardless of sex. I read some repug article the other day saying that Dems don’t say equal pay for the same job because they think the secretary should make the same as the CEO. So according to this dip, the secretary has to be female, the CEO has to be male, and equal pay is self implied it would be for the same job.

    Not only equal pay for women but I wonder how they are going to address closing down abortion clinics, taking away a womans’ right to make her own decisions. Going around saying that rape is alright if you’re married. Saying if a woman is raped she needs “to get over it”. Saying that women are a “pre existing condition”.

    I think they are intimidated by women, bottom line.

  4. I’d bet that the real GOP thinkers (if there are any) already know they’ve lost the female vote. All they can do is to try and minimize the damage their policies have created.

    All the blather about how well they’re going to do in 2014 elections is just blather. I think the girls have a little surprise in store for them come November.

  5. I am one black woman who is not only offended by their blatant anti-black racism but also by their insistence on insulting the intelligence of women. What’s most sickening of all is how they use women in order to sell the crap that no woman with even one brain cell is buying. No matter what package they wrap their bovine excrement in, and no matter what gender the seller is, their policies are also anti-woman and stink to high heaven. It’s another variation of the idea that women shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about important things and let these so-called men do it for us. Never mind that health care is an important and inextricable part of economic decisions, just as equal pay is.

  6. I’m part Mexican and I am tired of the shit dished out to illegal immigrants. I am a woman and I don’t want any part of their shit-flavoured Kool-Aid. I am so sick of the hypocrisy about sex from them.

  7. Helllo! GOTP! The 1950’s called and they want their culture back! There are many things that I like about the fifties like the architecture<( I Like Eichler!), the autos and even the clothing but socially there were some big problems.

  8. In my opinion, Men who are so frightened by a Women who has a brain, the ability to think, reason, and decide for herself. This is the man who demands women stay in (HER) place. Heard my Husband once say “he did a lot of stomping on his hat” in our marriage. Still, to myself think this was a compliment. says, he tried to be in command and did not quite make the grade.

  9. I always find this liberal crap interesting when you start talking about a war on women–especially since it was the democrats that didnt want us women to have equal rights to begin with, much less equal pay. It was the republicans who helped bring womens rights to the forefront of Politics and if you had any idea of what is in a history book you might know this. I am a friend of the GOP, a conservative Libertarian and I do not or have not ever heard or seen any message of the sort. In fact it is more like, what can i help you do to be more successful. SHut up with your lies and go read a history book. Start with the Senneca Falls Convention and maybe you might learn something about womens rights.

  10. I find it funny you Koch sucking teabaggers go back 100 of years to claim morality instead of looking at the here and now. You are a idiot that is all

  11. Val Emmons you are indeed a moron, and apparently can’t read a calendar. Has it ever dawned on you this is the 21st century? You’re so oblivious to your own mental deficiency that you cited that what Republicans did for women can only be found in a history book. You’re like racist Republicans and libertarians who boast that because Lincoln was a Republican and freed the slaves in the 1860s it is impossible for Republicans in 2014 to be racists. What anyone with even an amoeba’s brainpower knows is that as a conservative libertarian you belong to the club waging the war on women. If you can’t comprehend any of this, go find a good conservative libertarian male to “mansplain” what’s up since you obviously can’t understand when a woman like Sarah Jones explains it.

  12. Val Emmons, can you truly watch what they say, then turn around and say Democrats are lying to you? Even though you get it from the Horses ass?

  13. Val, while you are in the history books, Lincoln freed the slaves, but he was a racist. You claim republicans helped women; they may have done so back then, but they are not helping any women now. You need to come into the here and now. When you lose all rights to your own body, can’t support your family because you can’t get paid correctly, etc., will you get it them?? The days of the “kept woman” are long gone. We are no longer “chattel.” The GOP only brought women into the political forefront so they could garner the female vote. They have no intention of giving women any real power, unless those women do, think, and speak as they say. Come out of Stepford.

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