Republicans Lose Their Minds As The ACA Is a Raging Success


Republicans have responded to the great success of the ACA by completely going out of their minds. Conservatives are trying to discourage people from signing up, and they are even inventing their own data so that they can argue that more people signing up for the ACA is a bad thing.

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As Republicans began to realize that people really are signing up for the ACA, they went into complete denial. Republican Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) accused President Obama of cooking the books during an appearance on Fox News Sunday. Barrasso said, “I don’t think it means anything, Chris. I think they’re cooking the books on this. People want to know the answers to that. They also want to know is, once all of this is said and done, what kind of insurance will those people actually have? Are they going to be able to keep the doctor that they want? How much more is it going to cost them, and we know that some of the best cancer hospitals in the country want very little to do with people who buy this insurance on the Obamacare exchanges.”

See how this works? When the numbers show that the ACA is popular, they are obviously rigged. It is as if Republicans can’t comprehend that the American people want access to affordable healthcare.

Rush Limbaugh claimed today that only a million people signed up for Obamacare, “So they say, “It’s beyond repeal now. Yay!” It is such a tiny number. I’m telling you, the number of people who’ve actually signed up, and who are actually signing up for Obamacare with an actual Obamacare policy and actually making the payments and not being subsidized? I’ll bet you that number is less than a million.”

Meanwhile, Fox News is inventing their own data to make it look like 6 million people signing up for the ACA is a bad thing:


Republicans and their media have come unhinged. There hasn’t been this kind of collective mental breakdown on the right since President Obama won reelection. Lord only knows what will happen if anybody tells them that more people now favor the ACA than disapprove of it.

The Affordable Care Act was supposed to be President Obama’s Waterloo, but it’s the Republican Party’s Obamacare lies that are being sent into exile


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  1. Is this satire? This man is completely illucid and devoid of all sense of reality…
    This would by hysterical were it not so sad…
    Good grief… this is journalism…really???
    Even the Dem. pols are trashing this nonsense… wake up. You sound ridiculous.

  2. Charts and graphs are great tools. You can make them look any way you want.

    Coming from Fox the data is already suspect. The republican lie-athon is always on top of any opportunity

  3. The PUKES just can’t stand it. They cannot accept the fact that after 51 times of trying to repeal OBAMACARE that it is a SUCCESS and Obama will have a Legancy as the FIRST PRESIDENT TO HAVE EVER HAD UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE FOR ALL. They are going crazy as they know now it can’t go backwards and OBAMA MAE IT HIS LAW AND THEY ARE ABOUT TO HAVE A GOD DAM HEMORRHAGE OVER IT. WELL GOOD FOR THE PRESIDENT AND I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM.

  4. I like how they misrepresented that graph from Faux news. The bars going across the screen for every million and they have the 7 million on the 8th bar, while the 6 million is on the third bar. Do they think anybody wouldn’t catch that? DUH! Nothing irritates me more than someone just assuming that I’m stupid.

    It shows how incredibly stupid the repugnant party thinks people are. I am quite sure they are fuming at this point. They have to realize that they have been cornered. How do they continue to rail against something that people already want? How are you going to take something away from them? On the other hand you can’t say alright now we are for it. That is being between a rock and a hard place. Sucks to be them.

  5. Wow, what are you smoking? You didn’t see the lines of people signing up? Looked like they were giving away free cars or something. You do know your television gets more than that one Fox channel right? By the way it says on the front page REAL LIBERAL POLITICS. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. Life in their bubble must be scary.
    Obama Care works,it can’t be so.
    Sow more propaganda to feed masses
    Expand this war on working class Americans.
    Republicans are bankrupt,morally and fiscally.
    Show some respect for our democracy.

  7. Send Fox News the video showing long lines formed to sign up in red state cities like Tampa, El Paso, and Houston.

  8. Illucid is street talk, as in urban dictionary. Grown up people would use “obscure” but perhaps Gina isn’t a grown-up.

    I wonder if somebody should tell Rush that the number of people who have ‘Obamacare’ policies is zero. Lots of people have Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Wellpoint, Humana, Avera, Aetna, Cigna, Kaiser and a bunch of other marketplace policies I don’t know the names of.

    Anyone have any idea what “not being subsidized” has to do with the validity of the insurance? Employers subsidize the amount they charge their employees especially the super-duper Cadillac policies like Ted Cruz has through his wife. That is different because …

  9. Just losing their minds?

    If the Democrats have the moxie to campaign on the benefits of PPACA they will have the GOTP losing more than their minds………

    But their seats in Congress…..

    The talking point is simple……


    Tell me who is going to win the day if the Democrats frame the argument that way in 2014

  10. Gina……….what you are experiencing is called denial……

    Take an aspirin and take a nap.

    And trust me, you will come to love Obamacare too

  11. sorry to shoot a hole in the bailing bucket… you first must have a mind in order to lose it.

    they have something between their ears but i wouldn’t call it a mind. at not a thoughtful, comprehensive, logical and lucid mind anyway….

  12. Poor Gina. So misguided. Guess what a new ABC poll came out today showing net support for Obamacare. The first time since it passed. Wait until the stories start rolling out on how it is saving more and more people’s lives. You will then see republicans quickly back away from repeal. If Democrats are smart they will go on the attack and start asking what specific legislation the GOP would replace Obamacare with. Of course they won’t have a comprehensive answer because Obamacare is largely the GOP’s plan.

  13. Seriously, Gina, let me ask you, how much do they pay you to go to sites and comment nonsense like this? I was wondering because I’ve heard Putin does this and I wondered how long it would take the conservatives to get on-board with this kind of social engineering online.
    I certainly hope you are getting paid because nothing else could explain why anybody with half a brain would deny the obvious.

  14. Losers can’t lead. They can only complain. Had the wing nuts had their way, we would still be operating under the old system. Not a single one of those 7 million people were dependent on an employer to sign up for healthcare insurance. The people have voted by signing up and we know that Republicans don’t want you to have a vote.

  15. I do not understand the republican hand wringing about the cost. for small subsidies to give the folks healthcare so they can avoid serious illness the cost of emergency rooms and premature deaths are avoided, we all know the cost of emergency room treatment comes down to all of us – is that not a subsidy?

    Republicans are always saying everyone has health care, and they can just go to the emergency room, they never tell the whole story.

  16. …kinda reminds me of that scene in the movie “Papillon” where Steve Mcqueen and some others were being put into solitary confinement, and the camp commandant recommended that they “masturbate as little as possible, it saps the strength”. The 50+ Republican attempts to repeal the PPACA are legislative masturbation, and their continuance in that vein will only serve to sap their strength even more as they find themselves going into solitary political confinement. So foolish. As pointed out, what they call Obamacare was the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank. Oh yeah, and basically the same policy, signed into law by Republican Governor Mitt Romney in Massachusetts is still working pretty well. At some point, one would think that, seeing the writing on the wall, they would start claiming it as their own…….

  17. Thanks a bunch, but Gina has nothing to say, really.

    The headline reads “Republicans losing their minds” to which I say it is impossible to lose what they never had.

  18. When will the teathugs realize that evil does not prevail?…I know they are SOS(stuck on stupid)which keeps them in their state of denial while they vent their frustrations.ACA is here to stay,so grow a brain and get over it.

  19. “and we know that some of the best cancer hospitals in the country want very little to do with people who buy this insurance on the Obamacare Exchanges”
    So what?
    Those hospitals didn’t accept the “kind of people” who would buy insurance on the ACA website Before, so the only difference now is that “those people” might be amitted someplace else. And not be bankrupted in the process.

  20. This article makes a false claim..First you must HAVE a mind before you can lose the afore mentioned mind. The GOTP have no minds just an amygdala!

  21. You notice that a common RWNJ tactic is to have sound alike names? I hope nobody mistook you for that Gina Collins person who posted that derp at the beginning of the comments section.

  22. Is that you Patrice Lewis? You may not have been born at night, but you are definitely in the dark. Scoot on back to Townhall or Deadbart now and tell them how you “schooled” them damn Libruls.

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