Wendy Davis Smacks Down Greg Abbott’s $20 Mil Hypocrisy on Pre-K

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Greg Abbott is just no match for Wendy Davis.  This is the second time in less than a week, Davis countered Abbott’s hypocrisy on an important policy with facts.

The last time, Davis pointed to Abbott’s discriminatory pay policies as Attorney-General when he claimed to support equal pay for women.  Davis’ use of facts was effective enough to make the Texas boys club of Republicans more than a little nervous for their boy Greg.

This time, the issue was pre-K.  Following Abbott’s announcement of his plans to improve Texas’s pre-K program, Wendy Davis gave 20 million reasons why Abbott’s promises prove he is a hypocrite.  Twenty million is the number of dollars in cuts to Texas’ pre-K program that Abbot is defending in court.

 The hypocrisy is astonishing. It’s completely dishonest for Greg Abbott to be talking about early education at the same time he’s defending deep cuts to Texas pre-k in the courtroom, Despite the pleas of students, teachers, parents and school boards across the state, Greg Abbott is using his office to undermine Texas’ effort to prepare its students for the jobs of a 21st century economy

Ouch!  Facts strike again!  Aside from using facts to prove, once again, that Greg Abbott’s statements need to be fact checked with his actions, Davis exposed Gregg Abbott’s true agenda of returning to yester-century when access to education was restricted to children of the rich and the privileged.  No matter how Abbott tries to mansplain it, there is nothing about a $20 million dollar cut to Texas’ pre-K program that is conducive to improving the program, or improving access to it.

In reality, Gregg Abbott is saying that educating all of Texas’ children to ready them for 21st century challenges is a waste and by extension that access to 21st century opportunities should be limited to a chosen few.

By calling him out, Wendy Davis is exposing Abbott’s short sightedness and unwillingness to prepare Texas’ children for 21st century jobs – something that is necessary for their well being and for Texas’ economy.

As importantly, Davis is proving to be a capable leader who relies on facts in her opponent’s record and actions instead of Koch style smear tactics and campaign appearances with radical has-beens like Ted Nugent.

This is the second time, that she caught Gregg Abbott making promises that contradict his actions.  With the election season being this young, it’s inevitable that there will be others.  Stay tuned.

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15 Replies to “Wendy Davis Smacks Down Greg Abbott’s $20 Mil Hypocrisy on Pre-K”

  1. Man, Wendy is pulling out cans of of whoop a** on this dude. Like watching one of those really lopsided boxing matches. Go Wendy go!!!

  2. Will the voters of Texas listen? No matter what this is like Don King have the judges in his pocket and no matter what the winner has already been declared. Only in America

  3. Million Woman March, High Noon, Grant Park , Chicago, Sat. July 5th. Be there or be square. Chambers Brothers providing music.

  4. Apparently, Davis isn’t too busy to catch Abbott in his repug lies. Sooo… equal pay or education issues or any of another dozen issues between now and November, Davis is the only candidate showing leadership skills. Hope the people of Texas are listening and watching.

  5. Typical politician calling out the faults of the opponent without coming up with their own ideas “ready them for 21 century challenges” how much more vauge can you get?

  6. It doesn’t surprise me that Abbott is exposed as a hypocrite for a second time. After a tree fell on his car and crippled him, he sued the homeowner and won a $10 Million lawsuit, but when he became more involved in politics, he supported a bill to limit punitive damage payouts to $750,000. This shows that Abbott cares only about Abbott. It was OK for him to collect $10 Million before he became involved in politics, but after he became a politician, he felt compelled to limit the amount other Texans could receive in punitive damages. He’s a typical screw- you-I-got-mine, greedy, corporate suck up who is willing to screw the people he’s supposed to be looking out for while selling them a load of packaged BS based on a mountain of lies—lies that are sold to them as being representative of his desire to protect their “freedoms.”

  7. Is there an event link for this, website, Facebook, something like that? I live in Illinois, about an hour west of the city and if it’s a go, my daughters and I will be there.

  8. If I didn’t love you for your excellent post, I would for the quotation marks around “freedoms”. Gods, how I detest the use of that ridiculous word!

  9. I foind this immensely funny because if Abbot said something about her you would go right along with it. Why do you run so fast from the Abbot hypocrisy? Cant take the heat? She simply did what all [politicians do and you cant stomach it

  10. she is talking about what her plan is to bring education to the 21st century. She wants to open pre k up for all day, but not limit the children who get access like Abbott. She wants to reduce the amount of standardized tests in Texas, give more opportunities for dual credit for high school kids and not to mention more funding, not cutting like Abbott wants. Open your eyes.

  11. Greg Abbott is clearly showing that he is following the State Policy Network policies of the ALEC like other State Republicans are nationally that they are bought and standing up for the very rich plutocrats of America and Abroad.
    All defying what is; civil, human and the best interests of what is All American with all its infrastructure that works in the interest of all that is good.
    Keep on exposing the hypocrite for our nation to connect not just Texas, but the rest of our grassroots “We The People of America” to clearly be INFORMED THAT WE WILL NOT STAND-BY AND LET THE POLITICIANS THAT ARE TRYING TO DESTROY OUR NATION get away with all their lies.
    It will be interesting to witness the end result!?!

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