Death Panels Come To Life as Thousands Will Die In Obamacare Obstructing Red States

GOP death panels 2GOP death panels 2

If there is one thing a voter never expects of their representatives is that they would deliberately inflict harm leading to deaths of their constituents, but this is 21st Century America and Republicans have demonstrated they will go to extraordinary lengths to create hazardous conditions for the people they were elected to serve. Republicans will even spread blatant lies about policies created to protect Americans to instill fear in the public even though their fear-mongering lies never come to pass, but one of the greatest lies Republicans have ever told about health care reform is coming true regardless the lie was deemed the “lie of the year” in 2009.

According to perennial idiot Sarah Palin, “seniors and the disabled will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care.” The cruel twist is that in a sense Palin was right; seniors, the disabled, and the poor have stood in front of Republican death panels that decided they are not worthy of healthcare because Republicans rejected a major component of the Affordable Care Act.  According to a recently published report, Republican governors and legislatures will be responsible for sentencing thousands of their constituents to death every year due to lack of medical care and the GOP’s intense hatred of President Obama.

A Harvard Medical School team of researchers recently published a report, “Opting Out Of Medicaid Expansion: The Health And Financial Impacts,” that calculated the body count in Republican states rejecting  free Medicaid expansion for millions of Americans because they hate the Affordable Care Act more than they care about their residents. According to the Harvard report, Rick Perry will be responsible for up to 3,000 Texans’ deaths every year, Florida governor Rick Scott will have 2,221 Floridians’ deaths on his watch, Nathan Deal will help kill 1,176 Georgians each year, and North Carolina governor Pat McCrory will be responsible for 1,145 North Carolinians’ deaths every year. All told, 24 Republican states will kill off up to 17,000 poor Americans every year and the travesty is that the deaths are preventable and the cost of saving their lives to Republican states is nothing.

Before the Affordable Care Act was fully implemented, three organizations, the Urban Institute, Families USA and Harvard Medical School released studies estimating the number of preventable deaths among 50-million uninsured Americans was between 22,000 and 45,000 each year. But according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the death toll would virtually disappear as 25-plus million Americans gained healthcare insurance coverage over the next decade due to the ACA  unless they are poor and reside in a Republican-controlled state; especially in the third world Southern United States where healthcare is the worst and GOP governors rejected free Medicaid expansion to show their distaste for the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid expansion in the Affordable Care Act is a stop-gap measure to assuage the “coverage gap” for Americans too poor to qualify for subsidies to buy healthcare insurance that the Republican Wall Street Journal noted would cover “nearly five million people ages 18 to 64 clustered mainly in the South according to estimates by the Kaiser Family Foundation.” The number is actually nearly 8 million Americans who could have been covered by Medicaid expansion if their Republican leaders were not entrenched in opposition to anything remotely affiliated with the African American President the GOP hates as much as they despise their own constituents. Tragically, Republican states opposed to free Medicaid expansion are not only killing their own residents, they are closing down hospitals people with healthcare insurance will lose access to.

According to a Fitch ratings agency special report released last October titled, “Adverse Expansion: Hospitals, States and Medicaid,” it warned that “Hospitals operating in states not expanding Medicaid, which usually have higher uninsured and poverty rates, will have to absorb the full impact of the ACA reimbursement cuts without the full benefit of increased insured volumes” as a result of better than expected enrollment in private insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act. States such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina that reject expanding Medicaid are among states with highest uninsured and poverty rates, and the most stringent Medicaid eligibility requirements. “Fitch believes hospitals in these states, particularly those with weak payer mixes, will be particularly vulnerable.” For example, in Georgia, as many as 16 hospitals face closure in coming months, and according to the Tennessee Justice Center, “Almost half of the 61 rural hospitals in Tennessee face ‘major cuts or closure’ without Medicaid expansion.” If it was not bad enough Republicans are deliberately closing down hospitals in Southern states, the refusal to take free Medicaid expansion money will hurt hospital workers as much as patients without access to hospitals.  Some conservative estimates claim struggling hospitals already laid off 5,000 people since last June in Republican states that refused to expand Medicaid.

To make matters worse, Republican states Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma and Wyoming refuse to guarantee that insurance companies follow the ACA’s new regulations to protect consumers, and residents of those states already reported encountering insurer abuses thanks to Republican governors. Constituents cannot appeal to the state’s representatives in Congress for assistance with crooked insurance carriers because several Republicans, including Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS), announced they will not answer any calls about the Affordable Care Act leaving consumers to fend for themselves by contacting the federal authorities for redress.

Americans get it; Republicans hate President Obama and, by association, his signature healthcare law and are bound and determined to make it as difficult as possible for their constituents to either procure affordable health care insurance or get medical care through Medicaid expansion. The Republicans are so opposed to saving their residents’ lives through Medicaid expansion that they are costing their states certain economic benefits they would likely use for tax cuts for the rich, but at least millions of poor Americans would have basic medical coverage. As despicable and pathetic as Arizona and Ohio’s Republican governors are, they are intelligent enough to see the economic benefits ($400 million surplus in Ohio) of expanding Medicaid and took advantage of the opportunity to both help poor citizens receive medical care and bolster their state coffers. Twenty four other Republican states are bound by spite and will take credit for the body counts as long as they can boast they rejected free healthcare for their residents because it is associated with an African American man occupying the White House.

This is another case of Republican voters, primarily in third world Southern states, who continue electing Republicans deliberately imperiling the lives of their constituents who are willing instruments of their own demise. They, like their Republican heroes, are so driven by racial animus and void of self-preservation or regard for their loved ones it is likely they cheered wildly upon news their state was one of 24 that would be responsible for the deaths of thousands by showing Obama the prospect of dying due to lack of medical care was a worthy way of demonstrating racism.  One might understand Republicans’ fear of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion because they knew it would be a success and save countless thousands of innocent American lives; especially the poor. However, it is telling they knowingly plagued their states with a completely unnecessary death toll that has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with malice for an African American President their poor constituents will pay for with their lives in mostly Southern states with Republican death panels producing body counts in the thousands every year.


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  1. This should be made into an ad with the closing caption “Will you or your love ones be one of the 17k

  2. Of course the insane Reich Wing will claim that those people will die BECAUSE of the PPACA not because of the Red State Hate. And Scarah Palin will toss out another word salad and claim that she was correct while not really knowing the context which she will claim is the fault of those “Evil Liberals” and not her hateful buddies.

  3. If there is a hell, repubs will all be rotting there. Work like hell to keep the Senate in Dems hands or we will face the repubs repealing the ACA.

  4. A few years ago wasn’t it a Florida Rep who said “the rethugs(MY word Not the one he used) want you to die and die quickly” He was right!

  5. I have sat and thought about the actions of these people. It is one thing to be callous or indifferent to the needs of others. I supposed we are guilty of that to some degree. But to actively try to obstruct and oppose the welfare of another person is depraved.

    I agree with Rmuse that this is blatant and outright hatred of the President and his being black. I also think that this is the last bastion that these types can hold on to in order to convince themselves they are still the elite. People in this mindset must be scared to death as it becomes apparent that women, LGBT, minorities, and all of the other segments of society they despise are not only equal to them, but far superior in many instances. I think that they use this issue as their last stand in making them feel superior. I have health care and you don’t. As they commit to this stand I would encourage them to reread history and see how it worked out for Custer.

  6. Great article with excellent research. So good that I am going to e-mail it to all my tea bagger family members!


  7. I guess I am one of the 17,000. I live in Florida and I am an Obama supporter (voted for him both terms). I work in healthcare in the admin side of it so I understand the terms and lingo many do not. I am caught in the middle where i do not qualify for medicaid but I am not able to afford the premiums offered to me with the ACA. The lowest I was offered was $268 a month but with that comes a $3500 deductible. What is the point?? For a decent plan i would be out $400+ monthly and I simply cannot afford it so I had to opt out of enrolling and be subject to the fine. I understand this is not Obama’s fault but the crappy Florida Governor. But, I happen to be exactly one of those talked about. I am a hard working citizen, never been in jail, never lived off govt assistance. I pay my bills and strive to be the best person I can be and where does it get me?????

  8. NH just voted to expand medicare. Cross that one off the red state map, we have a Democrat for Governor, and one Democrat Senator and Democrat Representative.

  9. Your present crappy Florida Governor has a re-election in November 2014. I presume you will Vote, please Vote for the other guy!

  10. These spineless GOP/ teabaggers should be sued for malice due to the potential deaths of so many people (this is fascism at WWII levels) there hate for the people and country is obvious, we’re being punished because we suppport the POTUS or could it be consided manslaughter knowing what the outcome could be for thousands? Where is the SCOTUS, seeing this go on they do nothing, except make more repug exceptions to the law and protecting them against legal action.

  11. Make sure you vote for Democratic Congressmen and senators. President Obama cannot do it alone. Get the people out of government that refuse to fight for your best interest but will do whatever to support the rich who don’t need the help. They have trillions in off shore accounts just sitting there while our citizens suffer and our infrastructure crumbles. Do the right thing.

  12. Excellent post Rmuse! Hope it goes viral. This is the truth that the media will not televise! They won’t televise the thousands of success stories of the ACA either. We will continue to hear the GOP talking points. i would expect the site to crash on the last day with everyone scurrying to sign up on the deadline. It was down briefly but I heard about it on the news all day long and on the internet. I wish Americans would get more informed and actually do research. Don’t just listen to the lies of the GOP. Watch what they actually do. Their desire for the US to fail outside of the 1% is alarming on so many levels!!!!!!

  13. It’s even more unfortunate that we allow stupid people to hold elected office.

    No matter which “party” an elected official may be associated with, his/her district is made up of more than just members of that “party”, and therefore should have an obligation to represent ALL of his constituents, not just those who voted for him/her – otherwise, they are not really doing what they were elected to do, they are pandering to a select group. Anyone like Huelskamp or Chaffetz who refuses to take calls re: the ACA is guilty of dereliction of duty, and should be kicked to the curb in this next election cycle. GOTV.

  14. I am in that “coverage gap” thanks to our teabagger Gov. Mead. I could easily be on of the 17,000 to die, as I wait for my kidneys, heart and eyesight to fail. Unmedicated Stage 2 Hypertension can do that, or I could be lucky enough to have a stroke or heart attack. Or maybe the next asthma attack will be too severe, emergency services not enough to save my life. This is not politics, this is my LIFE! Why have I been deemed expendable?! I’m not asking for the world, just the right to LIVE. I have three children to care for, what happens to them when I die from a preventable illness? Cold, heartless, evil, unAmerican, anti-Christian, greedy, lazy soulless mongrels is what they are. Karma’s a real b@tch, you know.

  15. Virginia Lawmakers Are Building Themselves New Offices Instead Of Giving Health Care To Poor People

    Lawmakers in Virginia recently voted to spend $430 million dollars to build a new office building and parking deck for elected officials. And for health care advocates in the state, that number is particularly significant. It’s the same amount of money that Virginia has missed out on because of its refusal to accept Obamacare’s optional Medicaid expansion.

  16. I can’t think of a single person, even the ones people allege to see standing in line at the grocery store to buy steak, cigarettes, beer and M&M’s with food stamps, that I could deny having health care by the expansion of Medicaid.

    How do you sleep Governor Pat McCrory, Rep. Thom Tillis and Rep. Justin Burr? ………….. David Morgan

  17. You cant buy cigarettes or beer with food stamps
    If you go to a cheap grocery you can get steaks at a decent price. Although they are not quality steaks.

  18. On a net end result level, is letting multiple numbers of people die in quiet obscurity in diffuse locations any different or more moral than letting said same number of them die within the same confines, you know, ‘concentrated’ in any one of a number of designated locations?

  19. I can’t understand how so many AMericans can still believe in the Republicans, at this point in history. This article and the general attitude of the GOP and furthermore of the Tea Party bring to memory this prophetic song of 1969 by the British group0 King Crimson:

    “21st Century Schizoid Man”:

    “Cats foot iron claw,
    Neuro-surgeons scream for more,
    At paranoia’s poison door.
    Twenty first century schizoid man.

    Blood rack barbed wire,
    Politicians funeral pyre,
    Innocents raped with napalm fire,
    Twenty first century schizoid man.

    Death seed, blind man’s greed,
    Poets starving, children bleed,
    Nothing he’s got he really needs,
    Twenty first century schizoid man.”

  20. New Orleans is still waiting for a public hospital to replace Charity, closed since Katrina.

    Instead, Gov. Jindal is selling off our public assets to fund his political ambitions. We’re almost all renters and sharecroppers here, thanks to his ruthless betrayals.

    ACA is a law regulating insurance companies. Period. Not people.
    Regulate insurance companies. Why is that a bad thing?

    Everything else is a distraction. Including corporate religion.

  21. I too wonder how Americans can be so uninformed. Listening to an interview with people who would not have anything to do with Obama care, but ACA was fine? Wake up folks, it’s the same thing. Your teabaggers and great and good conservatives gave the ACA the name “Obama care.” Thinking it would kill the bill. Being s-o-o uninformed must be by choice. If this is the case, why? Hate? envy? or just being stupid? Or is it inherited?

  22. We Democrats in the state of Utah have figured out the reason why this is taking place is to force people who are not covered by any insurance, to leave our state so they can reduce the number of poor in the state and also reduce the number of Democrats, These self righteous people believe that poor people are the cause of the national deficit and therefore want them to leave. after they leave the ghetto neighbors would slowly increase in value because they also believe once the poor have left the state, that public schools would regain their status of a better education without having the equation of including the ghetto students that require government handout along with government strings being attached to these hand outs. They want these poor people to be purged out of our state like Hitler wanted the Jews to be purged out of Germany because the Jews were the reason for their economic woes. (absolute power corrupts absolutely) notice these are the states that have strong religious-

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