Obama White House Drops A Fact Bomb That Eviscerates Paul Ryan’s Bogus Budget



The White House responded to Paul Ryan’s latest attempt to cut taxes for the rich with a faux budget with a devastating fact bomb.

Here is the White House reaction to Paul Ryan’s budget via Press Secretary Jay Carney:

To build real, lasting economic security for the middle class, the President and Democrats in Congress have a plan to grow our economy from the middle out, not the top down, and create more opportunities for every hardworking American to get ahead. Unfortunately, Republicans in Congress do not have a plan that works for the middle class and the House Republican Budget is the same old top-down approach. Because of a stubborn unwillingness to cut the deficit in a balanced way by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy and well connected, the House Republican Budget would slow the economy, stack the deck against the middle class, and threaten the guaranteed benefits seniors have paid for and earned.


The House Republican Budget would raise taxes on middle class families with children by an average of at least $2,000 in order to cut taxes for households with incomes over $1 million. It would force deep cuts to investments in our roads and bridges, scientific research to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and at every level of education from early childhood to community college. It would end Medicare as we know it, turning it into a voucher program and risking a death spiral in traditional Medicare. Instead of ensuring that Americans earn a fair wage for a hard day’s work and lifting millions of people out of poverty, the House Republican approach undermines Americans working hard to support their families by slashing food stamps and Medicaid. And rather than expanding health coverage for all Americans and making it more affordable, it would repeal the Affordable Care Act, raising health care costs on families and businesses and eliminating coverage for the 3 million young adults who have gained coverage by staying on their parent’s plan, the millions of people who have signed up for private insurance plans through the Marketplaces, and millions more who can continue to gain coverage through Medicaid.

The House Republican Budget stands in stark contrast to the President’s Budget, which would accelerate economic growth and expand opportunity for all hardworking Americans, while continuing to cut the deficit in a balanced way. The President has put forward a Budget that rewards hard work with fair wages, equips all children with a high-quality education to prepare them for a good job, puts a secure retirement within reach, and ensures health care is affordable and reliable, while at the same time asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share and making tough cuts to programs we can’t afford. And by paying for new investments and tackling our true fiscal challenges, the President’s Budget builds on the progress we’ve already made to cut the deficit by more than half since 2009 and cuts the deficit as a share of the economy to 1.6 percent by 2024. It also stabilizes the debt as a share of the economy by 2015 and puts it on a declining path after that.

Budgets are about choices and values. House Republicans have chosen to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest rather than create opportunities for middle class families to get ahead. The President believes that is the wrong approach and that we should instead be making smart investments necessary to create jobs, grow our economy, and expand opportunity, while still cutting the deficit in a balanced way and securing our nation’s future.

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to pass off Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) exercise in fantasy math as a jobs plan, “”With this balanced budget, Republicans are continuing to build on our plan to get Americans working again. This fiscal blueprint helps people who work hard and do the right thing by promoting an all-of-the-above energy strategy, overhauling the tax code, repealing Obamacare, strengthening entitlement programs, and beginning to pay down our debt. All of this adds up to more jobs and more security for hardworking people, and less spending and less government in Washington.”
The new Ryan budget has the same ideological mission as all of his previous attempts at faux budgeting. Paul Ryan and the House Republicans are still trying to sell their job creator mythology. At the heart of the Ryan budget is the belief that if the “job creators” a.k.a. the wealthiest Americans are given more, they will benevolently create more jobs and boost the economy.

What really happens when the rich are given more at the expense of everyone else is that the already wealthy get richer while income inequality grows.

The big secret behind the Ryan budget is that it isn’t really a budget. Paul Ryan and the House Republicans aren’t interested in laying out a fiscal vision for the country’s future.

The mission behind Ryan’s budget is a massive upward redistribution of wealth away from those he views as lazy takers.

Just like the Ayn Rand fantasy novels that guide his political career, Paul Ryan’s budget is a work of fiction, and the Obama White House dissolved the fantasy with a dose of reality.


52 Replies to “Obama White House Drops A Fact Bomb That Eviscerates Paul Ryan’s Bogus Budget”


    He wants to get senior citizens mind on “the inner city” while he cuts their throats on Medicare.

    He ran in 2012 with this stupid plan and he LOST.

    When will he put his Miami University education to use???

  2. There is simply no data to support the supposition that providing disproportionately huge tax cuts for the top 2% of the wealthiest people results in job creation or other significant economic growth.

    Enter the Congressional Republican think tank: since the GW Bush era mega-tax breaks for the wealthy clearly had no stimulating effect on job growth, they concluded that we needed to further extend said tax cuts indefinitely in order to stimulate job growth.

    In reality, the only result that the GOP truly expects is the one that did occur — the rich got richer at the expense of everyone else.

    So let’s see.
    Tax breaks for uber-millionaires so that they can buy a couple more imported luxury cars or extend their European vacation by a couple of weeks? Good for America.
    Tax breaks for middle class families so that they can pay the mortgage, gas up the car, and/or send their kids to college? Bad for America.

    Don’t pee on my shoe and call it trickle-down economics.

  3. That wasn’t a budget proposal it was a comedy skit. Interestingly he also wants to cut funding to NPR. I guess because they don’t have Limpballs or Beck on there. I think he should have stayed a burger flipper at McDonalds. Their budgets, their ideas, and their actions should have every single person offended. Well except for that 1% I guess.

    I am betting Obama didn’t even read that piece of refuse. It’s probably in the Presidential potty being used a toilet paper.

  4. I drove past Paul Ryan’s district in Wisconsin in past autumn. Their roads is unbelievable Un-drive able. Their highway infrastructure are crumbling, one bridge on busy two-lane highway is closed and had to take a detour which took nearly 10 miles to get around and back on same road. I checked, that bridge hasn’t been under repair in more than two decades. Paul Ryan’s original campaign was based on the promise to improve his district ‘s infrastructure by creating jobs. His plan haven’t came to fruition, yet…

    Yet… Yet his district voters continue to elect him ever since. They’re a joke for keeping high hope that lyin’ Ryan would doing his job for them. He doesn’t have more than $100,000 in his account before his election. As of right now his net worth is in range of $20-40 million of dollars, more than quadruple his net salary from his district.

    His constituents makes me sick.

  5. We can only hope but unfortunately polls after polls, include Mr. accurate, Mate Silver, put GOP in control of senate and retain the house.

    Even polls in Ryan’s district put him in big lead over two democrat opponents by double digit.

  6. This bs continues about “those who work hard”. People have jobs and they do them. The economy does not depend on who works hard but on those who do their jobs.

    Boehner hyprcisy:

    “repealing Obamacare, strengthening entitlement programs”

    Lyans district will elect him and blame Obama. Sad people

  7. WI has long been known as the state that jumps over the state line to all connecting states in order to get jobs. Road have never been great up there and are getting worse. Their roads are horrible in the winter time. Lake Geneva is all WI has to offer and that is looking very crappy.

  8. Just how much money do the 1% need? when is enough,enough?Since the koch brothers and their ilk have the GOP in their hip pocket they want to own the rest of the country.

  9. and that is exactly why they have the tea party crying about states rights. They already have at least 25 GOP states that are corrupt and are doing exactly what the Koch brothers and ALEX want. They can’t own the federal government, but they certainly can own the states.

  10. Yeah, with all the redistricting GOP has done they will win these races in certain districts and regain control despite the fact that they will probably garner less votes than they had on a national scale when they lost the senate. It is an ingenious plan, however, it should not be legal.

  11. It’s not that. The problem is that some people refuse to vote across party lines regardless of how horrific the incumbent has been. You see it in so many places, where senators have been in for decades, and have consistently voted against the best interests of their people, only to get reelected b/c their constituents refuse to vote Democrat.

  12. The ALEC bunch in the TN General Assembly are doing everything in their power to remove ANY power from the governor – as for the citizens, we are surely just chopped liver although TN has one of the highest UE rates in the country and one of the lowest wages in the country – no Medicaid expansion.
    True Bagger regressives in power.

  13. Here is the problem. These Ryan voters believe that the problems with the roads and bridges are because big government is bad and can’t do anything right. Ryan and his crew make this a reality by cutting funding so that government can’t do the job right thereby proving to the voters that government doesn’t work. It’s faulty logic on the part of voters but when their hardcore ideology is that government is bad then they will never look at the real why of its failing.

  14. Any spending that doesn’t directly benefit the 2% is wasteful. The American People are a WASTE as far as the GOP is concerned. They hate this country and everyone in it.

  15. It’s to bad ole assistance boy forgot where he came from, instead of being a puppet for the filthy rich.

  16. Right ON Tim… seems to believe what got him and his mother thru life is NO LONGER a Valid way to help and support others …


  17. So,
    Paul Ryan’s ‘new’ ideas are,
    basically, his same old ideas?
    It seems there is an epidemic of
    running rampant in the Republican
    Really, they look you in the eye and
    just frickin’ LIE to you & it’s
    sickening, the ease with which they
    do it!
    We need to send them packing.
    We need to Vote in people who
    will work in OUR best interest!

  18. America must work to repeal TEA-types and combative Republicans tooth and nail until bills are passed that work with and for ALL Americans! Remember the words of the “Occupy Wall Street” group – The “concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people and the concentration of power in stricter, less compassionate hands,” still holds true today more than ever!
    The 2014 Mid-term election is a-coming! “Sweep the HOUSE CLEAN….in 2014”

  19. Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell, Cruz, Issa and the whole damn bunch are in the pockets of the Koch Brothers and their followers. Right now, some of their GOP Tea Party buddies are in Las Vegas ass kissing so they can get some of casino magnate, Sheldon Adelson’s money!! 75% of the US Congressional members are either millionaires or billionaires! It’s NO wonder the Congress is doing NOTHING for the middle class or the poor, or Veterans, or the elderly and disabled, or hungry, starving children! MONEY has corrupted our public officials to the degree that they support only those who can line their pockets! EVIL has invaded America and it’s called INEQUALITY! I’m 77 years old and I NEVER thought I would see the broken-down, sad state of affairs I see in America today! The land of the free and the home of the brave no longer exists! What has happened to the America that was of the people, by the people and for the people???? The LOVE OF MONEY is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL! This is the TRUTH…

  20. Even Stockman- Reagan’s economist who repackaged the old trickle-down theory in supply-side- had serious doubts about his theory. The numbers, he said, weren’t adding up! He actually gave a interview in The Atlantic saying this at the same time as Reagan was selling trickle-down.

    In fact, William Jennings Bryan nailed it back in 1896 when he said in a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago:

    There are two ideas of government. There are those who believe that if you just legislate to make the well-to-do prosperous, that their prosperity will leak through on those below. The Democratic idea has been that if you legislate to make the masses prosperous, their prosperity will find its way up and through every class that rests upon it.


    Amazingly the Republicans are STILL trying to sell this fraud on the American people.

  21. Hear, hear! Thanks for stating things so clearly!
    Although there are some who need visual aids! We know who they are! lol

  22. They have a hard time coming up with fresh ideas dontcha know. It amazes me that they are so certain that we won’t notice the difference! (or lack thereof)

  23. I got a kick out of that comment, myself. “Repealing Obamacare and strengthening entitlement programs”. What a hoot. I wonder if his rabid followers actually catch the promise-with-fingers-crossed statements he makes? He says it with a straight face, too! I think bacteria in a petri dish would catch that one. These guys are so slick, BP could drill every day for the rest of eternity and still have oil left over. That’s why they are trying to destroy public education. They have to keep the masses stupid enough for their smarmy statements to go over the heads of their followers – formerly known as village idiots.

  24. Let’s not forget that the repubs use the media, fear, lies, hate, brainwashing and propagandizing to make sure their non-rich base voters vote for them. Keep the folks stupid and full of hate for others. Yea, that’s the repub key.

    I abhor repubs. If there is a hell, they will be rotting there.

  25. Can’t we just close down the Repub’s?? Send them out back to the woodshed and let them forage!!!!

  26. Can’t we just put the Rebub’s out of business? I don’t want to wait for the next election…it’s too far away and they can only find several more screwball ideas to run with!! (Oh, yes…probably vote to dump the ACA again for the 55th time!!)

  27. Can’t we just get rid of the Repub’s now? Just send them out back to the woodshed and let them forage?

    It’s too worrisome to have them around for the next election…they’ve rigged the vote in too many places.

  28. Trickle-down economics did work well under Reagan but not well under Bush Jr. The right economic situation has to be in effect for it to happen well. I’ve seen a lot of anger generated by this ideological warfare that’s been created for political gain over the past few decades. The real economic problem with this country is that we were once the ‘big dog’ in the world and the rest of the world pretty much had to buy our products. Labor unions thrived and carried a lot of influence with big business. As the world grew up around us and started competing with us, we failed to see how it was going to affect us and make our adjustments. As labor, low corporate tax rates and a stronger foreign middle class attracted big business overseas, industry and big business in America continue to find that they don’t have to deal with what they regard as oppressive union demands. What we have left is causing considerable frustration with the middle and working classes and results in ideology clas…

  29. Trickle down never work and if you would take the time to Google David Stockman the architect of that voodoo would know that

  30. Poor, starving children? Give me a break! Food stamps, aid for dependent children, SNAP food vouchers, free phones, Medicare, Medicaid, disability, free school breakfast and lunch, free VA clinics and hospitals. Did I leave anything out? What else do you want? Obama hasn’t produced jobs or cut spending in 6 years. Money did not ruin public schools. Single parent family’s did. How can people in large cities get jobs when they make the city so dangerous that even a grocery store won’t open there. People need to take responsibility for their actions and quit depending on the government for everything. These are the people that hate America.

  31. You have got to be one of the most out of touch people on earth. Let me gues, breitbart or world nut daily?
    42 straight months of job growth. Concessions to cut spending quite a few times with the house. The bill they passed in 2010 that requires a balance for all new spending with cuts in other places.

    You quote nothing but cliches. Totally uneducated in the country in general

  32. In the 90′s, the federal government set up the Lifeline phone service program via a mandate by the FCC. This program, funded by Universal Service Fund fees on telephone bills, provides qualified consumers with discounted (often free) monthly telephone service. It began as just a landline program and a few years ago made it’s debut with cell phones. It’s been commonly called the “Obama phone” but that’s an urban legend as free cell phones were added under the Bush Administration.

  33. When they trot out that old turkey, “A rising tide lifts all boats” they forget that tides lift from BELOW, not from above.

  34. Voting Dems must admit, and rectify, all the free stuff that the takers only are encouraged by Dems to take! It is too easy for the lazy, smart con artist to freely live off the generosity of Americans! On the other hand repubnos are equally guilty in lining the already bulging pockets of the 1%! Dems, unfortunately do too lack of funds to fight these villians will probably loose the Senate! If the Dems loose the White House; then we will be a truly serf/master country! Bottom line, imo, repubnos NEVER had compassion for really hard working poor; while Dems are all to eager to give everthing away to lazy, non working, non deserving Americans! BOTH parties need to come closure and combine a little of each others political philosophies! I am sorry to say that I am glad my grand children are all through schooling, and unfortunately seeking their futures in other countries! Sad, I am a vet who fought for this country…the way it used to be…not the way it now is!! We miss our grands!

  35. There is a lot of truth in your post. But, in regards to that same post…there is no such thing as free “VA Care”! By your wording I can assume u never served this country in uniform! I DID, and I receive VA medical benefits! I get upset with persons like yourself who NEVER serve this country; but begrudge things like VA care. VA care is not FREE! Many of us have wound scares; missing limbs that were the direct result of defending our “enemies” in recent, needless, profitable wars! We volunteered out of a feeling of patriotism! Many “patriots” NEVER serve in harms way for this country, their siblings also never serve! Are u one of these “patriots”?

  36. @k johnson, do everybody a favor , take that STORMFRONT BULL$HIT rant you posted and grow a pair! don’t you white nationalist get SICK of your own whinging ??!! Listen no one here is buying your cry baby white racist temper tantrums! you just keep voting GOP and eventually they’ll pull you out of your trailer and show you how white trash gets treated.

  37. @john, thank you for serving, and NO thank you for that utter BULL$HIT you threw up here, get your head outta your AS$ friend! it’s apparent your a victim of FUX NEWS! wake up @john!

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