Real Freedom for Wives, Claims Conservative, Lies in Surrendering Control

Patrice_LewisSarah Jones wrote yesterday about the GOP “mansplaining” to women that they should not care about equal pay. Hard as it is to believe, it gets worse. Patrice Lewis wrote over at World Net Daily the other day that surrendering control to her husband is what truly makes a woman free, and that the real oppressors of women are feminists, who want “to make their husbands submissive and subservient.”

So it’s okay to make a wife submissive and subservient, not a husband? Why doesn’t the husband feel equally liberated when the woman makes the decisions? Why, as Patrice Lewis claims, does it make life easier for the husband to be head of the household, and not the woman? Well, it turns out that because men and women are biologically different, and, well…gosh darn it, that’s just the way God wants it:

I like to think that God in His divine wisdom came up with the spiffy concept of a division of labor for the sake of efficiency. Divisions of labor are utilized over in the workplace to increase efficiency. Why not try it at home as well? Feminists call this oppression. Homemakers call it freeing.

According to Lewis’ scheme, she is the Heart of the household and her husband is the head. While both are important, she says, “someone has to have the final say in a house for peace and order to prevail, and that job goes to my husband.”

A wise Head takes advice and counsel from his Heart. My husband and I discuss all household decisions and mutually agree on nearly everything. But if there is a dissenting opinion between us, and unless I can demonstrate why my position is superior, then I defer to his guidance.

Oooh, sacrilege to the feminist cause. Feminists, presumably, must always have the last word, which I interpret as meaning feminists try to make their husbands submissive and subservient.

Like most Republicans, Lewis hasn’t been paying attention. What women are talking about is being treated equally, like people as fully human and fully realized as their male counterparts, equal before the law, receiving equal pay, and being treated in all respects as men expect to be treated in our society. It is not a basic premise of feminism that men are inferior to women and should be treated as submissive and subservient. But Lewis interprets the idea of women being given an equal voice as one that automatically makes men inferior.

To use her own words, her logic is shocking, appalling and outrageous. The answer is not either/or, it is both, because both are human beings and therefore deserving of the same respect and treatment. But the conservative mind seemingly cannot conceive of a world where women are not an inferior species, inferior physically and inferior mentally by being slaves to their emotions.

Look how difficult it has been for conservatives to grasp the fact that women like sex as much as men, let alone the fact that women object to the idea that a man has a right to run around putting babies in whatever womb he wants.

No one will deny that a woman’s physiology is different and that, for example, women will lack a man’s capacity for upper body strength. Men have testosterone that women lack, and women have estrogen. Simple fact. But that does not make women inferior to men. It makes them different in certain respects. It does not make them less human. It does not make them second class citizens by default.

As for intelligence, one study of 2,500 brothers and sisters found “a disproportionate number of men in both the stop 2 per cent and the bottom 2 per cent,” and that therefore “the male of the species is actually more intelligent – but he’s more stupid as well” (This explains a lot). Take that, Patrice Lewis.

But here’s the thing: the average scores of men and women were the same. The facts are that there have been studies that claimed men are smarter than women and other studies that show women are smarter than men. Pick your poison. At least one of the researchers who gives men the nod also says race determines intelligence, so you might want to take that into account when you consider his findings.

The real question here is why do intelligent, capable women frighten conservative men so much? Why do they surround themselves with the vacuous Barbie doll-types in short skirts and plunging necklines that populate Fox News? Why do they gravitate toward “faux” real women like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin with their room temperature IQs? Because such women are not a threat to their position of privilege.

Women who want equal treatment, who want equal power, equal pay for equal work and equal respect, threaten that sense of privilege, just as other religion and no religion threaten the Christian sense of religious privilege they have so long enjoyed in our culture. And the two, as we so often see, are closely intertwined. After all, it even says in the New Testament that women should “know their role.” But then, hey, so should slaves and servants, and look how that barrier got overturned despite Paul’s defense of the slave-owning class.

Look, times change. It’s not the Bronze Age anymore. It’s not the Middle Ages. We live in the 21st century and women are no longer relegated to the kitchen, there to remain barefoot and pregnant according to the whims of her husband. Women can have careers too, if they want. The fact that some men (and women) don’t like this does not mean there is something wrong with the women who do want it; it means there is something wrong with those, who like Patrice Lewis, are so threatened by the specter of change.

But let’s be real here for a minute: without fear of change, the Republican Party would suddenly find itself without a platform.


25 Replies to “Real Freedom for Wives, Claims Conservative, Lies in Surrendering Control”

  1. The inequality of wealth caused many women to go into the workforce 40-50 years ago – we are not going back!

    Women getting higher education has also shown that WE DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK.

    Repigs got nothing but Bronze Age Fairytales and the majority of us are just damned tired of having religion thrown at us 24/7.

  2. The conservative message on women is so ho hum. Before Phyllis Schlafly ossified, she was travelling around the country telling women to be submissive to her husbands and stay at home. Nobody apparently spotted the irony of a woman globe trotting telling other women to stay home. Also her husband was strangely silent and out of sight.

    This is a ho hum message the troglodytes are still trying to spread. This is what happens when they base their beliefs on a mouldy old 4500 year old writings.

    Yes, the men are threatened and so are the conservative women who put their minds in boxes made of Ticky tacky years ago. They are All mansplainers who leave the home and travel around spreading their message that other women should stay home. These women are first in line to tell their husbands to shut up. My ex mother in law was just like this!! Seriously. It’s beyond male privilege. These women are narcissistic personalities who don’t want competitors.

  3. So when these submissive women are cheated upon, beaten, and have a few kids, what should they do? They have no education, no ability to take care of the children without Mr. Head of the House. They become victims. They become slaves. Is that really what these people see as God’s Plan for the female? A brood mare who just takes it? I also chuckle when old Sarah gets on her jet and tells women how ‘strong’ and ‘intelligent’ they are, while she barely speaks English and not one of her girls went to college (and no, Sarah, ‘hair and skin school’ is not college, and will not sustain their lifestyles after you end their SARAHPAC allowances.) Celebrity ends. A college education is forever. Power is forever. The ability to support oneself is the best gift any person can have…male or female. My daughter is an attorney who is the breadwinner for now, while her husband looks for work. Freedom comes from knowledge, not submissiveness. And hey, Evangelicals, Jesus did NOT write those ver…

  4. Yeah, and then what happens when hubby becomes incapacitated or suddenly dies in an accident, or runs off with another woman – with no marketable job skills of any kind, maybe unable to balance a check book or even operate a motor vehicle (I know women who can’t drive), what becomes of the woman and maybe her children, other than for her to go find another man to support herself and her family? It’s not like she can take in other people’s laundry or sewing like in a former time. And if she plans early on to marry, stay at home, and raise children instead of working, then she undoubtedly doesn’t have any need for higher education, which would leave her in even more dire straits if hubby is no longer bringing home the means to pay the bills. If a spousal arrangement of “division of labor” works for you at home, then by all means, have at it. But in this day and age, like having insurance, it is only prudent to make accommodation for the unexpected.

  5. The Republicans always remind me of my favorite Eddie Money lyrics: “They want to go back and do it all over but you can’t go back no more”.

  6. …”I like to think that God in His divine wisdom came up with the spiffy concept of a division of labor..”

    Well, ah liyk’ta’thank that Gawd…pause…in Hee’is de-vyne wizz’dum…pause…came up with NO idea, No concept, No division of labor, and, would never, ever use, or conceived of a word like “spiffy” to describe anything “created” in the universe! When’s the last time someone like Neil Tyson-Degresse used this phrase in explaining scientific fact, or Elizabeth Warren to explain economics?

    Where did this “weasel word” phrase, “I like to think” come from? Origins? Anyone?

    I cannot find a place in conversation(s) where this phrase surfaces except, in settings where a passive-aggressive “volley word player” set-up themselves up to have the last word!

    Like Patti Lewis…right Patti?

  7. THis division puts an unfair amount of power into the hands of men, and some men will certainly take advantage to bully and deprive their wives, and there are plenty of abusive men who will be thrilled to abuse these tired old rules for all that they can get.

    That is not to say that all men are so horrible.

    But it’s unwise to not acknowledge that sociopaths exist.

    It’s so boring to be a housewife, and the poster who mentioned that there is no sewing, nor laundry for these women to do is not wrong. They might be able to babysit or walk dogs or clean houses but will that be enough to put food on the table, and keep the lights on in 2014?

  8. The biggest supporters of these archaic ideals are the christian women whose husbands make make an ungodly amount of money so they have the luxury of staying home and playing house. Of course they are the ones who have their kids in private school, take a valium or two to get through the day, and overlook the occasional affair of the husband because boys will be boys. They are the ones who have long since surrendered any self worth to have the ideal life. Both know that divorce is out of the question so they live their miserable lives with plastic smiles and alcohol. Yet attending church faithfully for appearance sake.

    In the real world both men and women are working and scraping to get by on a daily basis. In the majority of households the woman is not only working but also taking care of bills, and her family.

    As a man I can only say if I were seeking a spouse I would want an equal, someone as strong as me. If I want something to boss around I can get a dog.

  9. Gimme that old thyme religion where men are men and women stay shut up in the kitchen.

    Conservatives. Still in the caves.

  10. Agree with you Phil. and even a dog deserves to be treated more then just being bossed around.
    I once knew a Women who’s Son got married to a very young girl. (Girl) what what she was, very young. His reason: “so he could train her up the way he wanted”.
    This Mother agreed with this thought, I was so horrified, I had no response. quickly, stopped all contact. These people moved in from one of the States from the south, and solidified my opinion of the south. Thought to myself, had never seen or heard such thinking. Plain stupid and loving it.

  11. Wow! This Patrice Lewis has been very thoroughly brainwashed to the point where speaking her own mind means she does what she is told. But then look at the source of this ignorance, The Whirled Nut Daily! Those people post from another space and time entirely! They have their own little world and demand that WE who live in this REAL world are the ones who are in error..Yeah Right And I’m Ish Kabbibble!

  12. Once again, the Conservatives presume to know what’s best for every person & family in the US as they define “What makes a family.” These types irritate the snot out of me by constantly screaming that their rights & freedoms are being trampled by the very people they are constantly undermining.

  13. Now folks, just wait for the FLOOD of republicans, especially our darling republican women whining and CRYING about how evil, mean spirited and misogynist “LIBERALS” are because we’re stating the obvious. I’m the furthest thing from a misogynist! I’ve been a champion for women rights since the early 80’s I’ve acknowledged several times my deep admiration for the ladies here at Politicus usa, but I am bewildered at all these republican women going all “SICK HOUSE” here. c’mon ladies of the GOP tell us ”poor liberals” about that anti rape gene your republican men are ALWAYS talking about or tell us how about your parties opinion on if your raped how you should have carry the fetus to term, how about equal pay for you gals?? GOP says, no way jose! tell us, ”Enquiry minds wanna know”

  14. The power people love this! This Stepford “wife” doesn’t understand her slavery and the stark reality that she has made a slave out of her strong virile male husband.

    What happens when Mr. Male Privilege loses his ability to provide his family all that “they have been accustomed to”? Is he a failure?

    And so… the price of his privilege is slavery to the power people who can make or break him on a whim.

    Patti is a complete idiot with no understanding that her “freedom” is slavery for both her and her husband. The power people have succeeded in convincing her of doublespeak. Slavery is freedom!

  15. We the people living in the REAL WORLD are sick of the fake christians and the domestic taliban trying to send women back to the 19th century. They need to get out of our lives.

  16. This woman is one of those who looks in the mirror, sees what she hopes the rest of the world sees (and covets) and then goes on to tell the rest of us how we’re all doing it wrong. She believes the lies she tells herself so much that she can’t conceive that other women would see right through that and want or like something different. To this kind of woman I say, “Go for it honey, if you truly believe you are happy, but keep it to yourself; I’m happy where I’m at, and your little fantasy world has no bearing on my actual reality. Pay attention to what’s burning in your own kitchen instead of what’s cooking in mine.”

  17. Well I’m going to do, what I do! and say the things most people are thinking but don’t say out loud, the overwhelming amount of women who talk like patrice lewis are conservative, CAUCASIAN, religious folks! I highlight caucasian ONLY because black and hispanic women typically don’t bow down and roll over like conservative caucasian women will. Now don’t take my opinion as racist! I’m just saying MOST black and hispanic women have to fight for what they want in life, where many conservative caucasian women had that little think called WHITE PRIVILEGE! so staying at home baking cookies was normal, where going to a “SHRINK” and crying about a broken nail or a bad hair is common place. patrice lewis doesn’t speak for REAL everyday women, she’s speaking to the semi well kept 1940’s gal of yesteryear.

  18. In the history of humankind, women have always been treated as “less than”. I wonder how much we as humans have lost in ideas, music, art, medicine, etc. because of this.
    Isn’t it time we stop throwing away all the talent women possess?

  19. I don’t give a Flying Spaghetti Monster what this brainwashed-breeder bimbo believes. What concerns me is how far she and her co-delusionists are willing to go to re-assert their primacy in our social order–that’s what is actually being threatened by civil rights and secularism.

    Power plays are us.


  20. Phylis also had at least one round the clock person taking care of her home and children, she was a career woman even though she hid behind being a stay at home wife, which she wasn’t.

  21. A real life example that rebuts every claim Patrice Lewis makes in this World Nut Daily post is myself and millions of women like me. When my daughter was five, her dad and I got a divorce. What did I do? I kept working and raised her to be a smart young lady all by myself. Lewis is so out of touch with the way other women live that she is a joke. Based on her beliefs, I should have either remained in a bad marriage, or divorced and found some other man to run my life for me. I rejected both and went on to raise my kid alone and to see her graduate from high school and college with honors and become a self-sustaining and contributing member of society. Lewis needs to restrict her “advice” to the members of her weekly coffee klatch or to her kids’ play-date members. The rest of us women who live in the real world and have kids to raise and bills to pay don’t need her “advice” from that alternative universe she inhabits.

  22. You know I was a young kid when she was doing this and one day I asked my mom why she didn’t take her own advice and stay at home. LOL!!!!!

  23. It may be time for a good old fashioned bra burning again to wake some women up!!!! Our mothers went thru hell to get us where we are we are not going back because of a bunch of crazies. A real woman makes the choice to work or not to work. She is not told what to do. It is her choice and nobody makes it but her. If you want a career go for it. Now later its our choice. Its not a Woman or a Man thing. Its a Human rights thing. Remember that. Human Rights. Say and Repeat. Human Rights. I am Human hear me Roar !!!!!!

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