Five Republican Supreme Court Justices Want America Ruled by the One Percent



The McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission ruling which eliminates overall campaign contribution limits, merely confirms what Americans already know. The five Republican appointed Supreme Court justices (Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Thomas and Scalia) are little more than party operatives for the GOP, intent on putting the country under the control of the uber-wealthy. This was abundantly clear after the landmark Citizens United ruling, and reiterated after the court once again struck a blow against campaign finance laws by lifting the cap on contributions. In the eyes of the five justices appointed by Republican presidents, free speech is anything but free. The person who can buy the most political influence is entitled to the best representation.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and other mega-donors by arguing that:

Spending large sums of money in connection with elections, but not in connection with an effort to control the exercise of an officeholder’s official duties, does not give rise to such quid pro quo corruption…There is no right more basic in our democracy than the right to participate in electing our political leaders...There is no right more basic in our democracy than the right to participate in electing our political leaders.

Of course in his obtuse argument he pretends that bankrolling a political candidate, since it is not a bribe for specific legislation, is therefore not a form of political corruption. In a blistering dissent, Clinton court appointee Stephen Breyer rejected that naive notion arguing that:

Speech does not exist in a vacuum. Rather, political communication seeks to secure government action.

He added that the Court’s ruling:

fails to recognize the difference between influence resting upon public opinion and influence bought by money alone.

The McCutcheon ruling illustrates the sharp and clear partisan divide on the ostensibly non-partisan court. The five justices appointed by Republican presidents showed that their loyalties are firmly aligned with America’s super rich. By contrast the four dissenting justices, all appointed by Democratic presidents, aligned themselves with the American people, and not with the corporate elite. This latest Supreme Court decision not only demonstrates the ruling majority’s allegiance with the one percent, but the case also serves as a reminder that which party holds the White House also determines the future direction of the Supreme Court. America is still paying the price for having electing two George Bushes. The Bush legacy is an ideologically reactionary Supreme Court that favors an aristocracy of the wealthy over a representative democracy where a voter’s worth is not measured by the depth of his or her pockets.

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41 Replies to “Five Republican Supreme Court Justices Want America Ruled by the One Percent”

  1. We got rid of the Bush’s and they are still doing damage. Now these repugnants want to run a third Bush. The country could barely handle two, we certainly couldn’t handle a third.

  2. Finally the constitution has been used against the people by a legal and binding court. The constitution seems to have gotten in the way of Israel, Adelson and the major corporations such as oil and big pharm.

    You will see the congress in 2015, if the dems dont take the house, turn totally against the people in the name of the almighty tea bags and their owners the koch. The fundies, the republicans and the corporations will get richer and the dreams of Americans will be gone

  3. It’s high time that we destroy not only these Conservative Justices but the very finances behind them. There should NEVER EVER be a Conservative or a Republican appointed to the Supreme court. They are incapable of rational thought or fairness. Only Democrats/Progressives and Liberals are capable of fairness and rational intelligent thought.

  4. Time to arrest the five traitors! Ilive in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,not the UNITED STATES OF CORPORATIONS!

  5. That’s why you see Boehner just smirk, and Ryan talk crazy, and the rest of them acting to arrogantly and openly racist. They have the SCOTUS, and the Congress. With enough money and voter suppression they will have the Senate. At that point the Presidency won’t matter and will eventually fall to them to. It is a concerted effort to gain absolute control of the country so they can implement their idea of Kochtopia. Although they may succeed in their endeavors of taking control there is no way they will be able to maintain it. This country was founded on revolution. There is nothing so dangerous than someone with nothing to lose.

  6. The Roberts court is the worst since the late 1800’s. Roberts is absolutely corrupt, as are half of the other justices thanks to the republicans who appointed them. Totally unethical trash who have no love for our country at all.

  7. The GOP’s gonna steal the 2016 Election, just as they did in 2000.

    They’re desperate now and we need to be prepared to point-out, for all the American people, each one of their vicious tricks.

    As of 1/1/2014 Liberal AM Radio was removed. Now all that can be heard is Republican Propaganda on United States Radio.

    One by one, we see them putting their ducks in a row for 2016.

    We need to wake up our fellow Americans like never before!

  8. Absolutely, Americans must wake up to the FACT they have been RIPPED OFF by the United States Supreme Court of Thieves.

  9. I finally opened up my political email & donated small amounts to majoritypac, OFA, Jeff Merkely & About $10 is all I can afford. Signed petitions but I don’t think they work. I’m disgusted enough to ignore politics from today on.

  10. Justice Roberts is a fraud & liar. He has an insidious agenda to turn America into an oligarchy. Today was his gift to Republicans & the Kochs. I wonder if the ruling is to spite Obama’s success of the ACA reaching it’s goal?

  11. republicans make me SICK!!! I’m sick to death watching some country bumpkin, tobacco chewing moron on supposedly “NEWS” shows thinking he’s smart trying to quote one of our nations founding forefathers! I got news for all our republican gubber wing nuts!! The forefathers are spinning in their graves on what this nation has turned into!! Why the hell did the colonist risk their lives the fighting against British rule just to have us return 239 yrs later to being wage slaves for the 1%ers of today?! The GOP want to bring this country to the days of England’s DUKES- EARLS- MARQUIS- VISCOUNTS and BARONS!! and of course everyone else is just DIRT!! canon fodder!! The GOP is the ugly, evil, sick, greedy side of the human psyche! The SCOTUS is a JOKE!! the usa is a laughing stock!! any court that allows clarence (wanna be MANDINGO) to make ANY legal decisions isn’t worthy of merit!! The WORLD hates us! and we owe it in large part to the G O P !!!

  12. If these contributions to politics by the 1% are tax deductible..(i.e., non-profit)….then that needs to be stopped immediately. In fact, I think that any political organization should not be allowed to have non-profit status; and I would go so far as to start including churches in that as well. Or..make political contributions taxable to the receiver, at a very high rate.

    It is all BS..all of it.

  13. Exactly, that is why they are reckless and belligerent, and downright cruel to the people..they know they will “win” regardless of their dangerous ideas.


  14. One more point, the usa is simply repeating history! study how ancient Egypt fell, see how the Roman empire fell, enemies from within!! and the civilized world knows the usa days are numbered! the GOP and their corporate MASSA’s are doing their Goebbels plan and your rank and file republican are so hopelessly IGNORANT that their actually helping the Visagoth’s SACK the U S of A

  15. The SCOTUS gut the voting rights act that effect millions but this ruling which only benefit the few is okay. Go figure

  16. Knight..absolutely spot on. This is why the GOP wants to defund education, etc…they want dummies, and there certainly are a lot of them.

  17. @Democratinny!! especially the churches!!! the churches should be TAXED!! churches crossed that line of separation of church and state over 50 yrs ago!! they should be taxed early and OFTEN!! or stay out of politics!!!! PERIOD!!

  18. The damage started when Reagan was in office. He made it a concerted effort to stack the Supreme Court with pro corporation conservative activist judges. Clarence Thomas was one of Reagan’s Gerbil Bush Sr’s nomination. And we have the Frankenstein’s monster of a Supreme Court now. With an absolute farce as a democracy.

  19. I can see the long steep decline of the US. Or a revolution that will over throw the system. Either way, the 22nd century is going to be radically different than it is in 2014.

  20. @Knight..yep, churches should be taxed. Our economy is such that the middle class/poor have nothing left to give, blood from a stone. Let the massive amounts of money held by the churches be taxed. Worried about the deficit GOP?..Leave the seniors, kids, veterans, and infirm alone..GO AFTER THE CHURCHES.

  21. If you don’t pay taxes for basic services then you are supported by the taxpayers. This shit aint rocket science

  22. I’m rooting for the revolution. I can’t believe the real people, middle class has put up with the republican’s crap for this long. It getting worse & the government will never correct it.

  23. Margaret Murphy,

    Churches own large tracts of prime real estate all over this country and PAY NO TAXES….that is TAX-PAYER SUPPORTED no matter what your EvangeliBagger preacher tells you as he ILLEGALLY politicks from the pulpit each week! Clueless as usual – keep ’em ignorant and they keep giving money to snake-oil fake Xtian hatemongers and liars who promise you bullshit while they get rich off your fear….

  24. This is just the beginning if the rethugs take control of the senate. Why else has the House refused to consider any appointment to the court(even the lower court) by Obama. They know full well control is just an election away from the total control of country by rethug rule.

  25. @margret, you’re absolutely wrong! as a liberal christian myself I’m telling you. Remember when Jesus got furious over the corrupt money changers in the temples?!! and he flipped the tables over! well many of todays churches (especially in the SOUTH) are NO better than the filth that Jesus put the beat down on!! @margret, think about it, does it make ANY SENSE to you that pat robertson is a MULTI MILLIONAIRE??? SERIOUSLY!

  26. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says we’re becoming Ukraine:

    “It’s a little ironic that we’re spending so much time and energy and effort trying to support Ukraine as it emerges from corrupt and oligarchic government, while we have a Supreme Court that is busily at home kicking down the protections that protect American democracy from that same kind of oligarchic government,” Whitehouse said.

  27. They’re letting the people that crashed our economy back in 2008 simply buy our government. Makes me sick to my stomach.


  28. Phil, you and I and all the many Democratic voters have to get out and get rid of the republican majority in the house and certainly keep it in the Senate. VOTE, VOTE,VOTE,VOTE. Stand in lines forever if you have to.

  29. We are all in agreement here, I hope we can stay mad enough to organize, my greatest fear is that people like those in my small town (who just seem to have no interest in politics) and who vote republican because, well, the pres is black and they listen to FOX, then that is all they know!


  30. Darrell West, you have not been paying attention. This ruling is small potatoes compared to the Citizens United ruling.

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