Stephen Colbert Flawlessly Mocks Republican Heartbreak In Wake Of Obamacare Success

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On Tuesday night’s episode of Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert began the show with a bang. The mock conservative host lampooned Republicans by lamenting the fact that millions of Americans now have health insurance. He then showed clips from earlier in the day revealing that due to Obamacare, 7.1 million people have been able to obtain a private health insurance plan in the marketplace.

After playing those clips, Colbert complained about how crowded his doctor’s office will be now that there will be 7.1 million other patients in line before him. He then pointed out that in recent weeks, conservatives had assured him that there was no way that the ACA would meet its goal. This was followed by clips from right-wing pundits, mostly on Fox News, stating with absolute certainty that Obamacare would fall far short of its intended target.

The clips Colbert played included some priceless statements from notable conservatives, such as John Sununu saying on March 11th that the enrollment figures would top out at 4-1/2 million. Another funny one was Karl Rove using his white board about a week ago to demonstrate how it was impossible for the ACA to reach this target. This led to a funny bit where Colbert referred to Rove and ‘Boardy’ as a couple and pondered how they could get this wrong after calling Ohio for Romney back in 2012.


Colbert revealed that he didn’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, pointing out that he had to cancel his ‘Obamacare = Failure’ parade. He also stated that he had to cancel another event, ‘Stephen Colbert’s Rockin’ Enrollment Failure Eve’ which was to be co-hosted by T.I. and Ryan Seacrest. Their plan was to drop an uninsured person at midnight and not take him to a hospital since he wouldn’t have insurance.

After that, Colbert highlighted how a late influx in young people led to the surge in enrollments in the end. He then said that nobody could have foreseen college students waiting until the last minute to get something done. This was followed by clips of conservative news hosts in denial. Colbert playfully mocked these pundits by claiming that numbers are just abstract concepts and that we use Arabic numerals. Obviously there is a conspiracy at foot!

Colbert then brought the segment to a close by playing video of the President’s remarks Tuesday afternoon in the Rose Garden, where he ripped into Republicans for actively trying to deny millions of people the chance to get health insurance. The Report host felt that was ‘dirty politics,’ as pointing out that Republicans don’t want people to have insurance could hurt their chances to retake the Senate in these midterms, and then they wouldn’t be able to take away people’s insurance. He then concluded that this was all a big April Fool’s Day joke four years in the making. Seriously, Colbert asked, do you really think conservatives wanted America to be the only Western industrialized nation without affordable health care?

As always, Colbert used his faux-conservative shtick to masterfully shine the mirror at Republicans and show just how foolish they are. In this instance, he ridiculed right-wingers for constantly campaigning against the law and openly rooting for it to fail. By stating that it was all an April Fool’s Day joke at the end, Colbert is divulging to viewers the long-term plan for many Republicans when they finally realize that they’ve completely lost on this issue. They will merely turn around and say that they’ve supported this law all along.


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  1. Colbert is the master of mockery. Everything he said was absolutely true. I think it should required watching for the Congress. Maybe they could actually see how ridiculous they are. Nah, I doubt it would sink in.

  2. the Republicans try so hard to be good liars. But it’s impossible for them to do so because they are incapable of telling the truth. What kind of party who wants to run for national office tells Americans that if you’re poor you are nothing, but if you are uninsured, you are uninsurable. What kind of party tries to write bills that cut taxes for the very rich and at the same time increase taxes for the poor and take away everything that America does for its own poor?

    The Republican Party is going down an unlit Avenue.they have to operate in the dark because nothing they do are nothing they say should ever see the light of day

  3. …Why is there an ad in the middle of the page telling Congressman Gary Peters (MI) to stop Obamacare…?

  4. Arabic numerals.

    Some xtian fundy is ruminating about that right now and thinking what kind of conspiracy that is coming from and how it somehow is Obama’s fault.

  5. We have already seen one of the favorite types of dirty tricks the republican minds come up with. The Twitter/racist BS over the weekend. And we see the same folks push push pushing the lies they are behind. I don’t watch Fox so the only time I see the actors on Fox News openly grinning because their scripts are so ridiculous are clips on other shows. With the effort it takes to keep them from laughing out loud, I can only imagine the things said off camera about the people they can manipulate so easily. When the same few people control ALL the media..why is it so hard for people to understand the news on ANY station all boils down to what those few want. All the shows are no better than the scripts and the actors delivering the lines.

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