Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Thought a Cockfighting Rally Was a States’ Rights Rally

matt bevin

It all makes sense now. The Tea party, which is the Koch brothers’ reinvention of their busted, failed Bircher movement, which is the step child of the KKK and the “states rights” Southern rage at the “war of Northern Aggression”, is based on the misinformed leading the blindfolded masses to stumble into pits of rage from which they can’t recover themselves. This is how Matt Bevin thought a cockfighting rally was a states’ rights rally.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) Republican Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin attended a cockfighting rally meant to support legislation to legalize cockfighting (what better thing to stand for when you’re not hawking guns in bars? I ask you, America, isn’t this the kind of person we need in the Senate?), and later tried to worm his way out of it by declaring he thought it was a state’s rights rally. I guess cheering on two animals fighting to the death for your amusement seemed just like a “states’ rights rally”. I grant you, both feed a need best not expressed in polite company.

But it’s hard to understand how Bevin could miss that the entire purpose of the rally was the legalization of cockfighting – if he’s truly this easily manipulated, he should definitely avoid D.C.. The Courier Journal reported:

But the event’s organizer told the Corbin News Journal that the sole purpose of the rally was to gain support for legislation to legalize cockfighting in Kentucky. The newspaper reported that about 700 people attended.

Furthermore, and be warned not to read this if you’re sensitive to psychopathy (i.e. of the human race and not damaged beyond repair):

Michael Markarian, president of the Humane Society of the United States’ Legislative Fund, said cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states and is a felony in 41.
He said it’s a brutal sport in which people will sometimes suck blood out of an injured bird’s throat and lungs to allow them to keep fighting.

Oh, yes. Good times, Mr. Bevin.

Predictably Mika and Uncle GOP Joe over at Morning Joe were not impressed, with Joe wondering, “I don’t know how you accidentally stumble into a cockfighting rally.” But then, Joe would do anything to help poor struggling Mitch McConnell keep his seat, so it’s not a surprise to see him jump on Bevin.

h/t Daniel Strauss at Talking Points Memo for the Morning Joe connection.

In case you’re shaking your head at the Devil’s choice between Mitch Who-Cares-About-Your-Jobs-Because-I’m-Getting-Rich McConnell and Matt Cockfighting Bevin, there is a sane person in this race who actually cares about Kentuckians. Her name is Alison Lundergan Grimes, and she talks about things that legislators should be talking about — like jobs plans and passing unemployment extensions for the people. In other words, she’s the Democratic candidate.


65 Replies to “Tea Party Senate Candidate Matt Bevin Thought a Cockfighting Rally Was a States’ Rights Rally”

  1. Irregardless of what this moron “thought” he was attending a completely illegal function. If I lived in Kentucky I wouldn’t vote for this goofy just for the fact he is advocating fighting animals. Maybe him and Michael Vick should team up.

    I have listened to Grimes and she is an intelligent woman. I hope they elect her in November.

  2. This person is a perfect example of the manipulation of our government by plutocrats like the Koch brothers.
    They (Kochs) spend copious amounts of money to get these ignorant people elected as public servants, these ignorants do the Koch’s bidding, and they have NO idea about government, the branches of government. They just vote the way they are told to by the plutocrats.

    “The biggest enemy of intelligence is not ignorance, it is the illusion of intelligence”………Stephen Hawking

  3. Bevin should not have a job cleaning up the puke off the Roller coaster at Bush Gardens let alone hold a high office.

  4. He made a huge mistake going to that event.

    In his defense, most people in the ‘States Rights’ camp tend to act like giant cocks to begin with.

  5. C’mon, these fine folks just want “to bring back the simple civilized pleasure of watching two animals fight to the death”:

  6. “A brutal sport in which people will sometimes suck blood out of an injured bird’s throat and lungs to allow them to keep fighting.”

    Salmonella, anyone?

  7. The GOP has entered into the trap LBJ avoided like the plague! crazy americans! yeah a vote is a vote but when you openly court the tin foil crowd there are consequences!! and the GOP has made being mentally disturbed a fashion statement! it’s the 21st century and bevins is out there wasting time talking about COCK FIGHTING??? how about some JOBS kentucky!!!!! how about health insurance kentucky!!!! NO, we’re talking COCK FIGHTING!!! stupid A$S HILLBILLIES!!

  8. America is suppose to be a free country, the leaders has gradually over time bowed down to organizations like HSUS, in which is a disguised organization. We are not fighting the war all over again like some of your comments mention above. Rural country Americans, are tired of having urban lifestyle shoved down our throats. I personally do not care what you enjoy doing, nor should you care about what I do. Billions of chickens are consumed every year and slaughtered in a brutal way but that is acceptable practices. No one is forcing you to attend a fight, we just don’t want to be criminalized over practicing our tradition. Rural Americans are the backbone of this country, and personally I am tired of carrying the urbanites.

    “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.”

  9. To Phil Harris, be careful of your words my friend. Your political opinion is starting to block your ability to think clearly. There was nothing illegal about the meeting. Perhaps you’re knowledge stops just short of the Constitution that says you have the right to assemble. To Knight 4444 perhaps unconstitutional laws being signed isn’t important to you. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important. If you need a job go find one. It was a rights rally, and it is a state matter.

  10. The gross misconception that everyone who attended the rally was a criminal is disturbing! All walks of life enjoy many different aspects of the gamefowl heritage, including breeding, showing, and harvesting. Individuals who attending are very much so law abiding citizens.The Humane Society of United States has several CONVICTED CRIMINALS on their payroll, convicted dogfighter Micheal Vick to name one and other animal right groups like ALF being labeled by the FBI as “domestic terrorists”

  11. How was this a illegal event. It was a huge crowd of citizens trying to get their rights back. Why should they have to live under the opinion of liberal animal rights groups? I would like to thank Bevin for standing up for states rights to choose what should go on in their states.

  12. They are no mistake in listening to citizens that have concerns, where’s the crime in that ?? I’ll give you time to make one up……

  13. Except there are far more urbanites, and you are not carrying anyone

    How funny is your well they do this so I can do that crap

  14. What rights were they trying to get bacK Chicken fighting? Hello? Its called betting, not chicken fighting

  15. If chicken fighting is all they have for entertainment, lets face it the intelligence level there is extremely low

    Why dont they go for the gusto and use dogs? Much more action.

  16. 9 times out of 10 when some person uses a screen name with something that supposedly sounds WINK WINK ”patriotic” be prepared for ANYTHING that’s isn’t patriotic or even intelligent! see ”gomer pyle” I mean, @patriotic1983 is the person who votes GOP because they have the intelligence of dung beetle.

  17. So Shiva, you’re promoting dogfighting? You talking with some experience there?

    “Why dont they go for the gusto and use dogs? Much more action.”

  18. I am not promoting any type of animal fighting. To do so requires very little intelligence. I just gave the poor low brow hicks an alternative to masturbating while watching chickens try to kill eachother

  19. Shiva so again if they do that, why do I have to be the criminal, shouldn’t be a crime. HSUS kills every rooster they confiscate, what happen to the 3000 roosters in New York? What’s humane about killing them all? I am sure you have know ideal nor understand anything about gamefowl harvesting, because it is intellectually above your mental capacity. Seems that it’s okay with you to target a group of society and make them criminals for something they do enjoy, your moral disapproval is not a valid reason or justification to criminalize that particular group.

  20. I know about gamefowl harvesting, but chichens are not gamefoul.

    Again, if HSUS does this I should be able to do that? is this all you have?

    I am not making them criminals, I am making them extraordinarily stupid. And animal fighting is criminal. Sorry, but let me know when you can come up with something that isnt if they do this I can do that

  21. @danny, and your little friends who joined you should ask yourself a question, with the unemployment rate in ky being over 11% for 2014 and YOU want to talk about COCK FIGHTING! REALLY? listen, YOU don’t want to discuss KENTUCKY’s literacy rankings, DO YOU? try 37th LOWEST, and don’t worry about my job situation! I don’t live in ky. The GOP will take good care of you gubber, just keep voting republican and maybe you’ll be 50th in literacy in a few years.

  22. Does ANYBODY know what this @dky is ranting about?? you’re tired of the ”URBAN” lifestyle shoved down your throat??? WHAT?? @dky I think you confused this website with STORMFRONT thats the home of cry baby racist rambling along about minorities taking away THEIR america. Listen @dky if your grandchildren are dressing like RAP STARS don’t come here crying about it! because caucasian have been trying to imitate people color for decades. just ask ELVIS lol or pat boone

  23. Every single study, governmental and private, shows that the “rural” southern red states are the “TAKERS” and that the blue states provide the funding by a 4 to 1 margin to pay for these “takers”. So WE are tired of having the “red neck, cock fighting, still making, fake duck hunting, bible word twisting, swamp living, science denying, gun toting, womb invading, equality hating, “rural” idiocy shoved down our throats. You couldn’t make it without us. And this isn’t about urban vs rural, this is about cruelty to animals vs higher brain activity.

  24. game fowl – any of several breeds reared for cockfighting
    domestic fowl, fowl, poultry – a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl

    Definition of GALLINACEOUS

    : of or relating to an order (Galliformes) of heavy-bodied largely terrestrial birds including the pheasants, turkeys, grouse, and the common domestic chicken

    The way I read it, which I’m a stupid hilljack, is that gamefowl is a chicken.

    The year 1958 Humane Slaughter Act

    the Humane Slaughter Act specifically mentions only cattle, calves, horses, mules, sheep and swine

  25. yawn

    isnt it easier to just go to farmers house and shoot their chickens? Do you understand just how incredibly boring your life must be?

  26. Turtle Vs. Hen..sounds like the title of a Looney Toon cartoon!..Luney Toons..perfect because they are both Looney and they spew the same racist, ignorant tunes. Didn’t know it was a cockfighting rally..yeah right! And I’m Foghorn Leghorn!!

  27. Be advised Moongal6..your questioning his Lord Charles Koch and taking away his “freedoms” and suppressing his idea of “free and open society and debate” which translated means the “freedoms” that the Koch’s give you at their choice and the “open debate” that they alone control.

  28. DKy..sigh..YOU are a prime example of the kind of complete cluelessness and ignorant constituents that not only put people like him in public office but blame all your own faults and woes on everyone who choses not to live in the sticks. and NO!!! no one is shoving anything down your throat!

  29. patriot1983..Face/Palm..what part of ILLEAGAL ACTIVITY do you not understand!? LET me repeat, ILLEAGAL ACTIVITY on a state and federal level no less! Getting back their rights my ass! NO one has the “right” to participate in an activity that is that cruel and stupid, except perhaps cruel and stupid people like yourself. I say that we take you and DKy and put sharp beaks on your face and tie your hands behind your backs and force you to peck and tear at each other until one of you dies! How about that you ignorant twit! Patriot my ASS! remember people whenever you see the word “Patriot” that means that it is totally a lie borne out of insecurity and arrogance.

  30. DKy,Someone has been busy on the googlemachine! Because it’s quite obvious you are not that smart or know any scientific terms at all that aren’t clearly in front of you to read. Give up trying to act informed..we are not buying it.

  31. DKy..but your stupidity is a valid reason huh!? and BTW, PETA is a bunch of crazies that also include Conservatives..how do you think they got so crazy!?

  32. You should not judge people you know nothing about based upon things you obviously know nothing about. Someone posted that instead of worrying about gamefowl fighting, what about worrying about unemployment? Obviously you have no idea how many jobs in KY will be lost due to the Farm Bill section pertaining to gamefowl. These gamefowl have to eat, do you have any idea how many feed stores will close down due to the loss of the gamefowl industry? Apparently none of you have any clue what kind of effect this will have on communities already devastated by the decline of coal. No one is saying “you do this so we can do that”, this is a way of life for many people in areas and they just want to continue on with the same traditions there forefathers had. We are a minority, and choose to live our lives and be left alone. You characterization of the gamefowl community as a bunch of ignorant hillbillies is just as offensive as generalities against minorities always are.

  33. @gamefowl, c’mon you really can’t be that blatantly ignorant, can you?? ANYONE who gets a WOODY watching two animals fight to the death obviously has some MAJOR issues!! just because your inbred HILLBILLY culture gets off on COCK FIGHTING doesn’t make it right! but then I’m sure YOU actually think wrestling is real too, RIGHT?

  34. Shiva,
    “is that all you have” is that all YOU have? With a name like yours I expect to hear divine providence and instead see a stuck enter button. I’ll buy you a new keyboard if that’s the issue. As for your question though what other answer were you looking for? We’re persecuted as organized crime figures, we all do drugs, sell illegal alcohol and heaven forbid we let roosters do naturally. Many of you may think we do it for money. That’s a fat no. I spend as much in a week for feed and supplies as most of you do buying groceries for a month and I don’t show gamefowl. Now I saw you say that chickens aren’t gamefowl. I’m gonna love hearing the ignorant rhetoric behind that one.
    Knight4444 I wouldn’t know the first thing about the illiteracy rate nor unemployment rate in KY. I bust my ass daily doing enough that would kill you vegans in two hours..I have a college level education, I play 6 instruments. Speak 3 languages and can read or comprehend others. I can draw, tattoo a…

  35. The point of what I was saying is that many of you have these vague misconceptions about who raises gamefowl. You obviously can’t read as I said I don’t show fowl at this time. I and many others deserve the same rights as others yes. This new provision was in direct conflict with the constitution and sorrowfully if you can’t agree with that then there is no point talking to you. Your intelligence level will not have been sufficient to carry on more than a one sentence reply. You should quite possibly rename the site to Politicadumb because I’ve yet to see anything said by any one other than myself and some associates that showed any intelligence of politics..one dumbass even tried to physically equate the life of a chicken to the life of a human. Truth is my gamefowl could teach all of you a few things. That’s why we raise them. Pride is why they are shown.

  36. I have a Master’s degree in teaching reading to middle school kids.

    Where in the post did Ms. Jones call the pro-cockfighting event “illegal?”

    Cockfighting is illegal in the U.S., and since KY is a state in the U.S., it’s also illegal there.

    It’s a darn shame seeing/knowing that some adults are incapable of accurately comprehending what they read.

    The attendees to this event had the right to attend it and to advocate for issues they’re interested in. No one is trying to say their meeting was illegal, but that cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states.

    Once again, Ms. Jones only referred to cockfighting as being illegal in the U.S. She’s right. She said nothing about the meeting being illegal or that it was illegal for Bevin to speak at the event.

  37. 1. The article is about cock fighting.
    2. You are right.There is no point in you being here.
    3. Your girlfriend I was responding to continually tried to make comparisons that had no meaning to justify whatever it was he was trying to say. Repeatedly. Thus my response is that all you have. I never sdaid a cock was not a gamefowl, I said I knew what one was.
    4. You seem, to be terribly in love with yourself, go cuddle with a dead chicken.

  38. How sad that you fall into the trap of trying to justify a wrong by calling it “our tradition”. It was traditional to lynch blacks for looking at a white woman, too.

    The you compound your stupidity by trying to justify your evil by linking it to an unrelated evil. Yes, the meat processing industry uses many practices that should be stopped. Does that justify the cruelty of cockfighting? Only in your deranged mind.

  39. Danny,

    No, it was NOT a state’s rights rally – which, imbecile, you cannot seem to comprende – means nothing – States rights DO NOT trump FEDERAL LAW.

    The stupidity of your comments proves you are simply a bigoted and clueless ASS.

  40. Danny,

    So you have a “college level” education which can be defined as any ridiculous thing you Baggers want it to mean. So you have a BS degree? Majored in Asininity – Cruelty to animals is how Jeffrey Dahmer started. For all we know, you may be his long lost twin brother.

    Gamefowl argument is total bullshit in 2014 – you want to see slaughter and gamble on it – admit your ignorance. Why don’t you go to one of the gazillion Hate Sites on the innertubes and find the illiterate bigoted Baggers who will agree with your insanity and leave the sane people alone.

  41. Dan the Dummy,

    You likely do not know this – but both Shiva and Eykis are in Tennessee – you know the state that borders Kentucky – we get Kentucky news on our teevee machines.

    We also have to suffer the Traitorous Fools of the confederacy when we see the confederate flags on your ancient pick-up trucks, your lack of teeth and the general “stereotype” of racist and bigoted rednecks who “proudly” display their hate, ignorance and poverty – how much welfare do you collect?

    DO NOT use the word “Pride” – Bigots also call racism “Southern Pride” or “White Power” when amongst your disgusting cohorts. I go to local town meetings and hear this crap.

    Shiva and I both live in small towns (I live outside Nashville, but work Downtown) and WE KNOW exactly what you look and sound like and are NOT fooling anyone with your RACISM and STUPIDITY.

  42. Fowl Foul Liar,

    There will ZERO jobs lost – and this is 2014 – your forefathers pasttimes are a ridiculous way to defend your stupidity. There is NO giant Gamefowl demand – only rednecks who kill animals because they are cruel.

    If you want to be left alone – GTFO out of OUR COUNTRY – go someplace where your “culture” will be appreciated – Americans believe in the Rule of Law whether you and the Baggers understand what that means or not – Education is the problem in “coal” country. You and your BF Danny really need to seek Adult Education classes and perhaps gain a GED. There is NO mention of gamefowl in the Constitution, but NONE of you Baggers have read the Constitution or have the ability to understand the words.

    Hate, cruelty, bigotry and racism is all you have – this is not about some fantasy “Gamefowl” culture, it is about slaughter for gambling morons.

  43. Dky,

    I live in a rural area outside Blue Nashville. Rural Americans are NOT the backbone of America – the ones who vote Repig/Bagger are too ignorant and uninformed to know they are being ripped off at every turn.

    Rural America has the LEAST populated and educated morons with no jobs, no hope and spend their time blaming the Black Guy while Kochsukking$ to give billionaires all the power they can buy.

    People like you are pathetic and why we cannot have solar, wind, alternative fuels and anything progressive in America.

    When Bob Corker stopped the UAW union – it was the ignorant and scared who voted NO. Now the Billionaire TN Guv Bill Haslam, along with his Repigs in Congress are under investigation for corruption and hopefully will be indicted.

  44. Hi, Knighy. I just wanted to say I actually agree with you on this post, which is a FIRST. The planets must be perfectly aligned. Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Folks,
    Just keep your eye on the ball. First things first. Vote for Bevins in the primary. The first Goal, the single most important Goal to achieve for your family, your neighbors, and your Nation, is to get the hell rid of Mitch McConnell, and send him back to Alabama where he came from, or where he was on the lamb from when he stumbled and fell ass first in Kentucky. How does a man that can’t even harness a damn cart horse end up in Kentucky anyway? Send Mitch’s thieving, cowhocked old jenny ass packing.

    Vote for Bevins in the general election too. Win or lose, we can deal with Bevins or Grimes a lot better than we can with Mitch’s perverse, corrupt Mob.

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