The Feds Are Closing In On Chris Christie as Bridgegate Investigation Turns Criminal


The US Attorney’s federal investigation into Bridgegate has turned into a criminal probe as the feds begin to close in on Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

ABC News reported:

The U.S. Attorney in New Jersey has convened a grand jury to investigate the involvement of Governor Chris Christie’s office in the George Washington Bridge scandal, ABC News has learned.

Twenty-three jurors convened in a federal courthouse in Newark today to hear testimony from a key staff member, Christie press secretary Mike Drewniak, whose lawyer, Anthony Iacullo, said Drewniak was not a target of the investigation.

The convening of the grand jury is evidence that the U.S. Attorney’s investigation has progressed beyond an inquiry and moved to the criminal phase.

This marks for the first time confirmation that what started out as a preliminary inquiry into the governor’s office has now become a criminal investigation into the activities that led to gridlock traffic across the bridge from Manhattan in Fort Lee.

Gov. Christie might want to put those 2016 presidential campaign plans on hold. While Bridgegate gets all the headlines, this may not be the only federal investigation that Christie will have to deal with. The feds are also looking into the New Jersey governor’s handling of Hurricane Sandy relief funds.

The investigation has morphed from an inquiry into possible wrongdoing to a grand jury investigating potential criminal activity surrounding Bridgegate. No wonder, Christie, was in such a hurry to release his own report where his lawyers declared him innocent.

Bridgegate is not going anywhere. Christie can hold all of the press conferences that he wants. The governor can spend millions more in taxpayer dollars on sham investigations, but this scandal is not going to go away in time for him to run for president in 2016.

Christie is beyond politically damaged. Even if he did by some miracle win the 2016 Republican nomination, there is no way that he could win a general election contest against Hillary Clinton. Even the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson don’t have enough money to solve Christie’s image problems.

Forget the Republican nomination, Chris Christie will be lucky to avoid federal prison.


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  1. The Kochs invested BIG-$$$$$ in Chris Christie…all that wasted money now down the drain!

    From ‘Mother Jones’ The Kochs were planning to take Election-2012 by storm:

    “The crowd went wild when David Koch introduced Christie, the dinner’s headliner, mentioning how they’d spoken a few months before the governor proclaimed New Jersey’s unilateral withdrawal from a 10-state carbon-trading pact that would cost the Koch brothers’ privately held oil, paper, and chemical conglomerate—a major polluter—loads of money”.

  2. Maybe he can call the Koch brothers or Adelson for bond money. I have no doubt in my mind this investigation is going to lead right back to him. It is easy to see that he is a petty and vindictive person.

    Don’t worry Christie, we the taxpayers are going to give you something you don’t want to give the american people. We are going to put a roof over your head. Give you three meals a day. Give medical care if you need it. We will even give you a daddy named Bubba. Tell Bubba we said hi!

  3. Been a while. 3 different investigations.
    lot of speculation, but still have yet to see anything that ties Christie to this. Just sayin’

  4. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual…

    after all…

    He was the one out there moving the cones around…

    am I right about this??!!

  5. It looks like Chris Christie’s re-election was a hollow victory, now that his second term is being marred by being subjected to federal scrutiny. He doesn’t deserve one bit of sympathy because he brought all this upon himself with his hubris, his bullying, and his petty vindictiveness.

  6. Looks like Moby “DICK” is finally laying on the beach so all us little people can watch the segulls pick his dead bones! The GOP is a HOT MESS!!

  7. The FEDS need to order a new orange Jumpsuit.

    The size should be XXXXXXXXLLLLLLL.

    Or They could just sew 10 of the normal size together.

  8. I’m just sayin’ that this investigation is different from the other two because the U.S. Atty has convened a grand jury. It indicates that the U.S. Atty thinks the GW bridge closing might have been a federal crime. As for the three investigations you mentioned, only one of them has been concluded–it’s the one in which Mastro cleared Christie–without talking to the major players involved in the incident. Neither Stepien, Samson, nor Kelly were interviewed for that investigation. The NJ legislature’s investigation hasn’t concluded yet, and the federal case is just getting started.

    The aforementioned facts shouldn’t lead anyone to conclude at this point that Christie is innocent.

    Who would reach this conclusion when two of the three investigations are ongoing?

    The answer: Only someone who isn’t the least bit interested in holding our politicians responsible for the wrong things that they do. I’m glad we live in a nation in which not everyone thinks this way.

  9. State legislature investigation stepped back as to not interfere w/potential criminal charges the federal prosecutors could bring as in Friday’s grand jury. State legislators aren’t done w/the Adelson’s darling boy.
    As for that bs adolescent report issued by Christie’s lawyers, attributing Kelley’s behavior to being a scorned woman (lol), possessed the prohibitive value of a soap opera. More NJ tax dollars squandered by tubby to promote his self interests.
    Let’s see what the federal prosecutor presents and if the grand jury returns an indictment. Minimally, this bridge closure interfered w/interstate commerce, a criminal offense, all ready admitted in email conversations.

  10. I couldn’t agree more. I hope he goes to jail. He is so corrupt — he makes me sick. I don’t believe for one second that he knew nothing about this — he threw all of his closest people under the bus to save his own butt. He would throw his own mother under the bus if he thought it would advance his political ambitions. He makes me sick. He used Sandy money to get endorsements — people are still not in their homes and he couldn’t care less. He gave away pieces of the World Trade Center for endorsements. He’s disgusting — people died that day! What about those poor families?
    He got his Lt. Governor’s “Doublegate” scandal swept under the carpet with a complete conflict of interest — getting it investigated by a group of people she worked with. There is no end to his corruption. He’s a bully — no, he’s a thug, and she’s no better! I hope they all get what they deserve. When I watch the pathetic followers at those phoney town hall meetings, I have to laugh.

  11. Yes, perhaps they will bail him out. I love the way he was so apologetic to Adelson — contrast that to the way he speaks to teachers or even the Navy Seal who didn’t agree with him — if Adelson was a teacher and didn’t like his comment, he’d get in his face and put him through the shredder. But when he wants something from you, he turns into the phoney, sweet Chris Christie — he was humble for a short time after his scandal — that quickly went away and the obnoxious thug is back.

  12. The feds build their case from the bottom up. It will take a long time for them to finish — they are predicting 18 months for the grand jury. They don’t continue unless they think there is something there — the have something like a 93% conviction record.

    I’m sure he was smart enough not to put anything in writing. But we’ll see when people start talking to save their own skin.

    You can see by what he’s doing now that he wants to have the public call off the Legislative investigation. He’s saying it’s costing too much. He needs to pay back the million he spent on his phoney nonsense, and let the investigation continue. The attorney is costing half what his buddy cost the taxpayers. That’s his next plan. You can see it developing already. If they can’t get him on Bridgegate, Sandygate should be easy enough. He used that money for endorsements, while people are still suffering. He’s disgusting.

  13. I think his comment about being the one moving the cones around may be the only true statement that’s come out of his mouth!

  14. It also interfered with homeland security on the anniversary of 911! He has told one lie after the other. When Baroni resigned, he said that he was planning to resign and decided to do it early. WHAT? Then they found a text or email from Baroni that said “you mean we’re being fired?” He thanked David Wildstein for his service when he “resigned” and then said he was not cool enough to be his friend in high school, and was bad when he was 16 or something stupid like that. He calls other people stupid and comes out with things like that? He said he didn’t like Stepien’s “tone” and that’s why he was fired. Has he ever listened to himself? Nobody’s tone is worse than his. He also said that Samson was planning to leave the PA — what a coincidence! It just goes on and on — what about insider information for his brother knowing the Path deal was going to go through and buying properties and tripling his money? Didn’t Martha Stewart go do jail for that? I think so…

  15. Tom S. elections can be bought. Gov. Crisco covered NYC & Philly TV with re-election ads. Remember? I do. Every three innings on every Yankee game and at least one on every Jeapordy game – pink, long sleeve shirt, the fattest thief of all time. The trouble is, that was federal Sandy funds. And his wife’s dial-a-charity? Where is that money?
    FEMA paid out (that’s Federal) and homeowners, too. Time 4 an accounting.
    Buying election have consequences. One cost should be bankrupcies, another incarceration.

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