Paul Ryan’s Budget Would Increase The Number Of People in Poverty

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It is abundantly clear to literate Americans that an anti-poverty program’s primary function is to reduce poverty, so when Paul Ryan released a stinging condemnation of the nation’s anti-poverty programs it was obvious that he is either pro-poverty or had a solution to create good jobs, raise the minimum wage, and alleviate the need for anti-poverty measures. Ryan and Republicans’ thirty-year failed approach to create jobs is giving the rich and corporations a 15% tax cut that will enable more and more corporations to pay nothing in taxes and bring the wealthy’s tax liability closer to zero but do absolutely nothing to reduce poverty or create one job. Since there is nothing whatsoever in Ryan’s latest budget to create jobs, one can conclude he is pro-poverty and according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) that took account of the cuts in his latest budget proposal, the lion’s share of cuts come from anti-poverty programs and will increase the level of poverty in this country to levels unseen since the Great Depression. However, like the Great Depression, the wealthiest Americans will increase their riches through greater tax cuts and the rest of the population will either fall from the middle class or sink deeper into dire poverty.

In a preview of a forthcoming report, the CBPP notes that out of $4.8 trillion in non-defense cuts (Ryan increases defense spending by well over three-quarters if a trillion dollars) 69% of Ryan’s cuts ($3.3 trillion) come from programs that serve people precariously close to or already living in poverty.  These lop-sided cuts put an end to any bovine excrement that Ryan is even remotely concerned for the plight of the poor and belies his newfound designation as the compassionate conservative face of the Republican Party. In the past Ryan’s budgets were inaptly named Path to Prosperity, but the latest offering’s apropos title is the Republican Party’s pro-poverty manifesto. The devastatingly barbaric cuts to anti-poverty programs target every low-income demographic and will increase suffering due to lack of medical care, food, education, and specifically targets seniors, children,  the disabled, and poverty-wage working families. If nothing else, Ryan deserves credit for completeness for making sure every person close to or already in poverty will fall deeper into destitution, and expands the number of Americans living in poverty.

The largest cuts in Ryan’s budget are for healthcare related programs and it makes the Republican goal very clear; keep the greatest number of Americans in ill-health and without any kind of healthcare coverage whatsoever. Ryan cuts at least $2.7 trillion from Medicaid and subsidies that assist low and moderate-income Americans afford private healthcare insurance that he will use as a partial payment for tax cuts for the rich.  Ryan’s plan reveals the Republicans’ goal is preventing at the very least 40 million low and moderate-income Americans, a little over 1 in 8, from having any healthcare coverage within ten years. Ryan claims his budget directly helps people living in poverty and builds great opportunities for the poor to become wealthy, but he clearly intends on providing the poor with an opportunity to die from lack of basic medical care while they wait for “trickle-down” wealth to reach them.

If the pro-poverty manifesto fails to kill off 40 million Americans through disease and ill-health, Ryan’s vaunted compassionate conservatism and regard for the plight of the poor will precipitate their slow starvation. His budget cuts food stamps (SNAP) by $137 billion and is more than the program-ending Draconian food stamp cuts the House passed last September. According to the Congressional budget Office, Ryan’s intent is to force 3.8 million hungry seniors, Veterans, children, and families earning poverty wages completely off the program in 2014 alone. The food stamp program then faces much deeper cuts when Republicans convert SNAP to block grants that allow Republican-controlled states to use the money as they see fit; more likely than not for tax cuts for the rich and corporations as has been their wont.

To make sure Americans living in poverty will never have the opportunity to increase their chances of finding jobs that pay more than poverty wages, Ryan cuts $125 billion from Pell Grants that help low income students afford higher education by cutting eligibility, repealing mandatory Pell Grant funding, and freezing grant amounts even though they barely cover a third of the cost to attend college. It is noteworthy that Paul Ryan benefitted from federal government assistance to attend college, so he knows the importance of help to earn a college education that his Ayn Rand sensibilities will not allow for other Americans because he does hate “takers.”

Ryan’s budget also cuts an additional $385 billion from many mandatory programs for low-income Americans such as Supplemental Security Income for the elderly and disabled, the school lunch and child nutrition programs, and the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits for lower and middle-income working families.  As if to add insult to injury, sickness, hunger, lack of education, and hungry school children, Ryan adds $250 billion in cuts on top of the discretionary caps included in the Republican sequester.  None of the devastating cuts include privatizing Medicare that will burden seniors with added healthcare costs or the cuts to pensions Republicans yearn for to force middle-class Americans into poverty when they retire.

All of Ryan’s cuts will increase the suffering and misery of Americans already struggling in poverty, but one aspect the CPBB did not account for were the millions of jobs cuts to anti-poverty programs will destroy. Just cuts to food stamps alone will decimate millions of jobs as every dollar spent for food stamps returns at least $1.70 in economic benefits that create and sustain jobs. Republicans have not been averse to killing millions of jobs with budget cuts over the past three years and there is no reason to believe they will despair over killing a few million more, especially as a value-added bonus of forcing more Americans into poverty.

It is true that Ryan’s budget will never get past the Senate or President Obama’s veto pen, and reports are that several teabaggers and Republicans in the House will not vote for Ryan’s budget because it is far too generous and does not completely eliminate anti-poverty programs or tax revenue to starve the federal government into bankruptcy and foreclosure. However, Republicans are sending the American people a very strong message that they are pro-poverty and have every intent to follow Ryan’s recommendation to eliminate anti-poverty programs and use the funds to increase defense spending and partially fund tax cuts for the rich.

Republicans and Democrats just passed a two-year budget that gave Ryan greater spending cuts than any of his previous budgets, but it did not kill enough jobs, starve enough already hungry Americans, or prevent millions from access to medical care as Ryan’s newest pro-poverty manifesto. The tragedy of Ryan’s proposal is that Republican supporters across the country heralded the budget as another path to prosperity that if enacted will transform the entire nation into what the Southern United States has been for five years; a third world nation inhabited by a population living in poverty. However, millions and millions of Republican voters should rejoice that Ryan’s budget included protection for a few hundred wealthy families from sick and hungry peasants by a military that just got a three-quarters-of-a-trillion dollar budget increase.

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  1. I love how Ryan and his buddies keep shifting further and further to the right. They’re gone go off that cliff pretty soon. I seen one their talking heads on some channel the other day and they were talking Ryans budget and how the repugnants are going to use that as part of their campaign stumping this year. I certainly hope they do. Something on that wish list of his will offend everyone.

    What makes no sense is that anyone working minimum wage with a family is more than likely receiving food stamps. So the repugnants say say no to raising minimum wage which would eliminate the need for food stamps. Then turn around and cut food stamps. Amazing.

    In my opinion the Dems need to use his budget proposal on the campaign trail too. They need to tell people this is what the repugnants intend to do.

    This is their “big idea guy”, can you imagine that?

  2. The more Republicans come up with their ideas for attacking poverty (no jobs but free job training for non-existent jobs, being homeless is treated as a crime, no food, no health care)is getting us all ready for a Hunger Games society. You’d think Republicans would want a more level playing field since they have to mingle with the peasants but I see them putting us away in Districts, starving us, where, as the Koch Brother character, said the only emotion greater than fear is hope.

    The mainstream media and political pundits blame allegedly “bloated” salaries and pension funds of public sector workers such as police, firefighters and teachers. But the truth is that such blame is misplaced. What is not addressed is both the slow economy (in dire need of more fiscal stimulus to provide growth and tax base) and, more importantly, the hundreds of billions in foregone revenue from the Bush tax cut, and state and municipal tax breaks given to large corporations in the vain hopes of keep and replacing jobs gone overseas. Austerity is imposed in the form of state budget cuts, usually on the poorest sector of the population and regressive property taxes are raised. These slow the economy.

  4. So since I am a disabled widow rasing a child I should die and my child should fend for herself. I’d like Ryan to look me in the eye and tell me why we are worthless.

  5. Paul Ryan and all of the other bought and paid for GOP, Tea Party, puppets, of the elite 1% want to now “legally” (by making laws) transform 99% of the population of the U.S.A. and all of its Govt. operations into a 3rd world country’s dictator, peasant-class, type of system. In my opinion. THE GOP GOD DAMNED (not blessed) THE U.S.A.. “IN GOD WE TRUST”. Its is written on all of our money. Money is now “GOD” to the GOP. In my opinion. “Money is the root of all evil”. The GOP and their “money-god” cannot be trusted and are all truly evil. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING, AS WE SPEAK. WAKE UP. ALL HANDS ON DECK. MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS. ALERT…KLAXON… NO SHIT… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

  6. Ryan’s world is sponsored by the KochMonsters & they will try to elevate us to their third world because Ryan’s Koch World is just a mirage. We must get out the votes because $bills don’t vote & I just hope the desensitized buffons who vote against our best interest wake up before its too late for the 98%.

  7. No one should be surprised anymore at any of the anti-poor drivel that Lyin’ Ryan loves to spew. However, the House Democrats who voted to further impoverish people already down on their luck also need to be deprived of their seats in Congress for lacking a moral backbone. Most of all, I’m sick and tired of the stupid morons who keep voting for soulless creeps like Paul Ryan.

  8. I have to say,
    Democrats should be THANKING Republicans
    for all their help.
    After all, it was the GOP and all their
    talking heads who took their message to
    the American People and ya know what?
    We didn’t like what we were hearing.
    They drove Democrats to Vote in a way
    Democrat leaders couldn’t.
    It seems they are doing it again.
    Confident they will hold the majority in
    the House and gain the majority in the Senate,
    they seem determined to snatch defeat from
    the jaws of victory.
    Many seek to silence the likes of Rush,
    Hannity, Beck & the rest but I say let them
    They really are a Democrats BFF

  9. This is the Vision of the ” New World Order” of the Dominionist Fascist Movement !!

    Lyin’ Ryan and the Koch Brothers,the Entirety of the Religious Right and the Koch Suckin’ Teabillies are the PROMOTERS of the Dominionist Fascist Movement, and THEY desire to make us ALL Slaves in their World Vision !
    Treasonous Seditionist Fascist rants of these scum just call for our Society to CALL for the BANISHMENT
    of these CRIMINALS !

    Those that COMMIT Sedition in order to CREATE Laws to make their Desire to COMMIT Crimes Against Humanity LEGAL are NOTHING but CRIMINALS !!!

  10. I come from Colorado where Americans for Prosperity (aka the Koch brothers, billionaires extrordinaire) are funneling billions into ads against our incumbent senator. Ordinary people need to speak up. I did. I posted a video on Youtube against the AFP latest ad. It is title: Don’t want to go back to the days of Charles Dickens. If you want to view it:

  11. The Paul Ryan budget makes one wonder just how far back in time the party of “No” wants to take this country. Obviously they wish the country to morph to a time prior to the great depression or possibly even farther to the years of President McKinnly (which was the Victorian Age in England)– a cruel time in history. Or perhaps they would like to go back to the Middle Ages. Clearly their policies towards women would make one tend to think so. But all joking aside, we are now facing the greatest threat to our country in decades where everything that people have fought for will be set aside by a few billionaires and their extremist lackeys. Please citizens–read up on the “Starve the Beast” strategy that is being implemented NOW. Paul Ryan is a follower of Ayn Rand’s writings. Familiarize yourself with the view of the Makers and the takers and how the poor should just be left to die! It is time to DO something. At the very least get out in November and vote!

  12. Sorry for being so long-winded but this report on Paul Ryan is extremely troubling. Mainly because it appears that Ryan and his cohorts feel free to spit in middle class citizens’ eyes. They don’t even try to hide their agenda any longer and have attacked — the unemployed, those on food stamps, have been staunch in saying no to an increase in the minimum wage, are targeting medicare and social security, not to mention Obamacare and medicaid. Just what do they plan to do with all the homeless and hungry people they are creating? What will happen when they nudge people from the tiers of the middle class to the lowest level of poverty? What will they do to those they feel are expendable? Most importantly when will the naive and gullible citizens stop listening to propaganda that hurts their own best interests, get off the sofa and act before it is too late? When will they speak out against the treasonous behavior that is now becoming the norm?

  13. Of course Ryan’s plan would increase poverty, that’s his objective. He is a sad, sick man who takes pleasure from hurting others

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