Obama White House Calls The Republican Argument to Repeal Obamacare a Loser



The Obama White House has been emboldened by the good news on the ACA and is calling the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare a political loser.

Video of White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer on Face The Nation:



BOB SCHIEFFER: What about the politics of this? Some people are saying that this may, in fact, wind up with a Republican-controlled Senate. And it will be the cause of Obamacare. It is still by every poll still unpopular.

DAN PFEIFFER: Well, first I’d say we believe we’re going to keep the Senate. But look, health care is a divisive issue. It’s been that way for a very long time. That’s where it took 15 years to get health reform passed. I do think that the Republican argument for repeal is a political loser. What they’re arguing now is that the seven million people who signed up through the exchanges and the millions more who got it from Medicaid and other ways, they’re going to take health care away from all of those people.

And then what they’re going to do for the 85% of Americans who had health care before the Affordable Care Act is that they’re going to take away their protections. Because embedded in the Affordable Care Act is the patient’s bill of rights. So we’ll go back to the days where women paid more than men for the same health care, seniors paid more for prescription drugs, and insurance companies had all the power. That’s not a good argument to make.

Democrats far and wide should be explaining what the Republican plan to repeal Obamacare would mean for every single American. In the simplest terms, Republicans want to revert back to a system where insurance companies can drop a person when they get sick, and people with pre-existing conditions can’t get coverage.

As more people sign up for the ACA, the more the debate is tilting towards the Democrats. Republicans are playing a losing hand if they think that the millions of Americans are going to support taking away their own healthcare. What Republicans don’t get is that people don’t want to go back to the old system, but all the GOP continues to offer is a return to the way things were before.

Their argument is definitely a political loser, but Democrats will only win if they stand up and tell voters what will really happen if the ACA is repealed.

The White House is on the offensive, and determined to make the Republicans pay for campaigning on repealing Obamacare.


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  1. ACA-OBAMACARE WINNING ISSUE: 64% of Americans Stick With Obamacare and the numbers growing daily. As of 3-18-14 with 6 million sign ups – ACA – Obamacare is a go and a winner for the American people. Now is the time to go to court and sue every one of the Republican Governors that are killing 27,000 people that have not expanded Medicaid.
    Republican Health Care HORROR REALITY: 25 Republican Governors have personally refuse to extend Medicaid denying millions of people healthcare insurance. 5 million people, estimating that 27,000 will die due to lack of health care coverage.
    Tell Congress Healthcare Is a Human Right! http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/1987/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=1276577
    REPORT: 27,000 Will Die Because Republican States Refuse To Expand Medicaid http://www.nationalmemo.com/report-27000-will-die-because-republican-states-refuse-to-expand-medicaid/

  2. They are losers who have sold out their souls for a few dollars. And what is it all for? So they can make the whole country suffer so they can buy a few extra goodies?

    They still have to leave it all behind one day.

  3. I can’t stand Bob Schieffer. He thinks he is the master manipulator with words. He kept saying Obamacare like he could barely stand to let it come out his mouth. Why not say Affordable Care Act? He had to get his little dig in about the “disastarous rollout”, and then roll the point of how Obamacare is “by every poll still unpopular”. He brought up the campaign finance aspect just so he could mention how Obama is out “spending a good amount of time” campaigning, basically insinuating that the president isn’t doing his job.

    Well I didn’t mean to get off on a tangent but,…forgive me. Anyhow, the repugnant party sealed it’s fate along time ago opposing ACA. They could have jumped on board, shared the credit, but they just want to obstruct anything from Obama. If he said the sky was blue they would want to disagree and pass a bill against it. I hope the repugnants go out and campaign against ACA. I hope the Dems confront them at every turn.

  4. So I have to wonder where the 30 or 40 million people who previously were denied insurance are? With an enrollment of 6 or 7 million and a million or two of those folks who were dropped from their non-compliant policies, that leaves at least 25 or 30 million desperate for insurance sitting back waiting to pay the ‘fine’ for not having coverage instead. Why? Just wonderin’

  5. God grief. There were less then a million who lost their policy and most of them were upgraded and lost nothing.

  6. I mentioned them as a million or two, if you like 1 million better then ok. But the question remains; Where are the 30+ million that the entire bill was to address? It seems like the 7 million required is a fraction of the people previously denied … Where are they now when the opportunity is here? In fact just to keep it from being a sticking point forget that ANY of the now enrolled were lost policies, there still remains an obvious gap in the numbers? Why?

    And how are the people without picture IDs supposed to get coverage? It’s bad enough that they might be disenfranchised in a Presidential election in some states due to a lack of ID but denied health insurance for it too? Now that would be downright mean being as how one is more likely to need to heath insurance than to vote.

  7. Yes – let’s implement universal healthcare (like other countries have had for 100 years) and ensure that EVERYONE is covered.

    The problem with that ? One of the two parties blocked it. I wonder which one.

  8. The Republican party sealed its fate long before the ACA with
    measure after measure: Anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-gay and with a good dash of just plain Tea Party bigotry.

  9. The ACA is hardly universal health care and I don’t watch fox at all. Why wouldn’t you want to know what happened to the 30 to 40 million that became eligible and yet didn’t enroll? Perhaps a new approach is needed to get them onboard or aware of the opportunity. Why is any question of the status quo met with name calling and hateful innuendo? If all had gone according to plan there would be 30 to 40 million people signed up who were not eligible before. What happened? If you don’t know, fine but don’t get cranky about it and start hurling dismissive insults about. Is there no civility in political discourse possible within our own party? I have said nothing pro republican here or called anyone names;lighten up eh?

  10. Look the ACA was not universal health care and if you wasn’t in the land of the stupid you would know that. Look dummy you lost give it up

  11. Oh, right because taking away health insurance from everyone on Obamacare and keep the BLACKLISTED, BLACKLISTED still is the right thing to do. Well if you have NO SOUL AND ARE A MEMBER OF THE GOP THEN THE ANSWER IS YES!

  12. It’s all in the boxes of text above but to put it all here for easy access…
    1) Where are the 30 to 48 million people without health insurance that this bill was created for and why have they missed the chance to sign up.
    2) Why is it so bad to ask for a picture ID for voting when you need one for the ACA?
    Denis states that universal health care was blocked but it hasn’t been introduced much less blocked
    I’m not a republican
    I am a lifelong democrat
    I’m running into a lot of cranky answers just asking questions,perhaps this is the wrong forum as there seems to be a lack of civil discourse here.
    I think that sums it up for this thread but I do have other questions if you’re not cranky about these.

  13. Listen tea bag. You DO NOT NEED a picture ID for the ACA. How in the fuck can you use a picture ID when getting insurance on the net? jesus christ, you have been told that 3 times. There is nothing wrong with askign for a picture ID. There is something wrong with changing what ID’s can be used just before an election and denying ID’s that have been used for years.

    I dont know where the 30 to 48 million are, do you?

    Now move along mr fake lifelong democrat.

  14. I know I’m jumping in late….but many of the 30 million were able to apply for and get medicaid or Chip(I think that’s what it’s called) and in CA. it’s healthy families. So many didn’t qualify for those programs before the ACA set the income limits at a realistic level. Now they don’t have to decide whether to but groceries or meds for their sick child. Isn’t that GREAT!!!!

  15. Also, you can sign up online through the exchanges so you don’t NEED to have a picture ID. It’s just proof you’re a legal resident of the US if you go somewhere in person to sign up, that’s all.

  16. Patient, Grasshopper. 7 million was the hope for the first attempt and is a good one. More and more are signing on. GOP obstruction and refusal to expand Medicaid denies many many the ability to afford to get ACA because there are no subsidies for them. Costs have been consistently dropping for health care and will likely continue to do so. So where is a good alternative from the goppers? One that doesn’t rip away protections now in place, like not having pre-existing held against you and being able to afford it. Try it, you might like it. Otherwise, you have nothing to say.

  17. The guy does have a good question part of the 30 or 40 million he is referring to might be because so many red states wont expand medicare. I don’t know the answers. Could someone shed some light on this.

  18. It is an interesting inquiry that would get you banned apparently even if you’re civil. I sure hope they got covered through Medicaid like Mary T said. She sure is nice!

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