Saturday Night Live Mocks and Shreds Fox News’ Obamacare Lies

SNL 'Fox and Friends'

SNL ‘Fox and Friends’

Some comedy sketches write themselves and this was one of them.

“Saturday Night Live” did “Fox and Friends” doing evil Obamacare, and in the process mocked and shredded the conservative network’s favorite ACA lie.

We meet our “hosts” “Steve Doocy”, “Elisabeth Hasselbeck”, and “Brian Kilmeade”. An Obamacare “victim” tells the panel how horrible Obama is because it makes her drink too much so she stabbed her boss and now she can’t keep her doctor, thus proving what a lying liar Obama is.

Watch here:

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“Now that the deadline has passed, the White House is claiming that they’ve met their goal. But look at our Fox News chart,” they tell us.

A graphic showing 7.1 million as smaller than 7 million appears.

The Fox math whizzes explain, “As you can see, Obama needed to get 7 million new subscribers and he only got 7.1 million. Not anywhere close.”

To poison the well for any of their viewers who are bothering to do their own math, a breathlessly hurt “victim” of Obamacare tells Fox and Friends a “personal story” about Obamacare. (The old anecdote trumps facts trick.)

“It was just a full blown disaster Steve, it’s made me a complete mess,” complained Anna Kendrick as the Fox Obamacare “Victim”. Trembling with outrage and primly pursed lips of disapproval, she then lists her issues: She’s tired, she has mood swing, and she has problems with certain foods like alcohol, which causes her to black out when she drinks a lot.

Someone who blames Obama for all of their woes and refuses to take personal responsibility for themselves? Sounds exactly like Fox “News” and just to confirm it, the whining continues.

From this unrelated nothing, the lynch mob, led by Hasselbeck, decides that Obamacare also made the “Victim” lose her job. Indeed, the “Victim” tells us her sad story of having a few drinks and then finding her boss stabbed after being told she had to have insurance. Thanks, Obama.

And the worst part is? Barack Obama (spit out with the appropriate level of contempt for someone who hates the person they are projecting their own faults onto) told her if she liked her doctor she could keep him, but because of a court order, she’s not allowed within 500 yards of her doctor.

The lynch mob known as Fox and Friends has heard it before, of course, and they nicely don’t call for a revolution just yet, but we can see that Obama is evil and a lying liar who lies because this woman can’t see her same doctor.

The panel of ignorance dishing out propaganda on a string pause for disapproval – of Obamacare, of course, not the stabbing. But then they launch right into another shiny anecdotal exercise in blaming Obama for everything, as Hasslebeck complains that Obamacare glitches are to blame for her husband watching p*rn.

Hasslebeck claims the Obamacare website redirected her husband to “the most awful p*rn site.” The other day she walked in on him signing up, and he was so appalled that the “website knocked off his pants!”

The group decided this was par for the course because, “That’s Obama’s America!”

And they do have a point, because why watch p*rn when Fox gives it out for free and pretends it’s news? It’s the perfect solution for a bible belt that consumes more online p*rn than the rest of America while blaming liberal America for making it.

Got any problems due to your own ignorance and willful refusal to take responsibility for your life? Fox wants to hear from you so they can add your story to their BLAME OBAMACARE files! And remember, 7.1 million is less than 7 million because the Fox chart says so.

Fox doles the Obama hate crack out for free, but the the rest of the reality based world pays for it.

SNL can’t even really do a parody of Fox, because the crazy exaggeration is so close to the reality of what Fox has become — a joke on itself that only fools those most dedicated to remaining misinformed.

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