Neutered Republicans Destroy Their Chances With Women With One Vile Poster



The genius trolls at Breitbart know how to win the war on women. See below, via Ana Maria Cox’s tweet.

I gotta say, the image in full is even more disgusting than you can see on Twitter. In the full image, a scantily clad Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is being dominated by a muscle bound man (Governor Jerry Brown, I’m told — didn’t recognize him in Arnold’s body) as she submits in with her tongue hanging out to catch his hostile offerings.

breitbart pelosi

This image is the closest thing to a cry for help I can imagine. It’s screaming a Freudian fear of women, and subsequent need to dominate and humiliate them lest they demonstrate the power between their “teeth” by castrating the male. Yes. It’s a castration anxiety (fear of emasculation) image, by the perpetually fearful. No big surprise here.

Because what it actually means is that they find women so powerful, they’re terrified of them. It leads the anxious to avoid being dominated or made insignificant by the feared female. Castration anxiety usually strikes in a child’s “phallic phase”, between the ages of 3-5. The fact that the folks at Breitbart are still trapped at this stage should not surprise anyone.

This is what happens when people can’t defend their party’s policies with words based on ideas. This is a good clue that you’re dealing with juvenile, single cell organisms so driven by their own fear that they can’t think.

Women and men with breasts and women with tongues (symbolic of — fill in the blank)… It’s all too much for a conservative.

But in truth, it’s poor Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who is dominated by the Tea Party, whereas former Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a leader in every way. She continues to rescue Boehner from his own crazies for the sake of the country. Yes, she’s a powerful woman, and no, turning her into a dominated sex slave in their fevered imagination doesn’t make it so. It only reveals something about the mentality at Breitbart, but then, we already knew this.

After their failed attempt to mansplain away women’s desire for equal pay, this is how conservatives plan to convince females that there is no GOP policy war on women. Apparently the folks at Breitbart think this is helping the Republican cause. LOL 4eva.

Image: I tried to pick the least offensive picture for the main image to share with this post. So sorry, but this is what conservatives deem appropriate for a political website.


39 Replies to “Neutered Republicans Destroy Their Chances With Women With One Vile Poster”

  1. Of course you do realize that this poster in their minds are “proof that the Right Wing are the ones who are really empowering women’ and or “the left simply is taking it all out of context. Or even that this poster was clearly invented by the left and posted to their site as a liberal plot. The right has simply given up any pretense that they are mentally unstable, heinous scum and are embracing it to appeal to their base.

  2. This is a kind of consolatory promise to men one plans to take everything else away from that, in the harshly hierarchical order one plans to impose, they will at least be restored to automatic pre-eminence over all women.

  3. Yeah the RWNJ’s are coming out of the closet. They aren’t even trying to pretend that they’e not sexist and racist anymore. Can you imagine the reaction if a poster came out like that with one of their right wing cheerleaders like Palin? It would be some communist plot and they would be demanding someone be fired.

    Imagine if neutering was a real option for these goofies? I’d be willing to pay for a few of them.

  4. Nancy Pelosi should demand an apology from BREITBART! Make an example of the GOP Insanity!

    If Dems did this to Sarah Palin there would be all hell to pay!

    Give them hell Nancy Pelosi…don’t let it pass!

  5. That “muscle-bound man” is California Governor Jerry Brown. He should be as furious as Ms Pelosi and the rest of us!

  6. Come on Repugs, there are not enough middle aged rich white men in this country to save you from this cr#p!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is completely and utterly FOUL. Nancy Pelosi should do more than demand an apology–she should sue the Hell out of them.

  8. Everyone commenting here is wrong. This is brilliant marketing for Right-Wingers. The vast majority of Americans won’t see it and conservatives will chuckle and laugh because they imagine liberals getting angry while they get to call Nancy Pelosi old, botoxed and a sick woman.

    It hits all the psychoses of the right while causing them ZERO backlash. Unlike when Reince Priebus demanded apologies from MSNBC and got them.

  9. Free speech!!!
    Let your freak flag fly!
    Let the reactionary Right show their true colors. Encourage it. They will turn most people off. I consider quite likely that the Westboro Church did gay rights a huge favor with their revolting tactics.

  10. I suspect that she is just as likely to grab a Ouiji board and get an actual apology from Andrew Breitbart as she is to get an apology from the people at the Breitbart website.

  11. Wow… I’ve seen some low down dirty things before, but this is a whole new level of shameful.

    Best thing we can do as a reasonable group of people is to ignore the poster. No reason to let the little mental midgets at that site get any attention for their action.

  12. Anything at breitbart represents the very worst of both politics and conservatism. Breitbart was known as a cheater, liar and someone who would do any dirty trick to get over. He is worshiped by the conservatives who hold the same values. None

  13. This is exactly why I get PISSED off at democrats!!! the GOP has been allowed to controlled the conversation to the point that the GOP is brazenly, OPENLY, BOLD and FILTHY as HELL!!!! I was brought up to believe if you allow a BULLY to kick your butt, without ANY resistance, you’ve part of the problem!! could you imagine if the Huffington post threw up some $HIT like that about sarah palin and john mccain???!!! FUX NEWS would be screaming BLOODY MURDER and demand that the doors be closed permanently!!! I’m PERSONALLY and SICK and FU@KING TIRED of this insane double standard CRAP! democrats better toughen up and stop this NICE guy BULL$HIT!! this is politics! and the GOP / WHITE NEO CONFEDERATE PARTY don’t believe in HONOR and FAIR PLAY!!

  14. BTW, I’m waiting for the HORDE of republican women who love bringing their two cents here with the FUX NEWS dribble!! I wanna hear our christian conservative WOMEN on that FILTHY A$S poster, no, we won’t hear ONE damn thing from the GOP’s FEMALE hen house!! not ONE thing!! C’mon ladies! don’t play your typical DEAF- DUMB and BLIND role now!! speak up!! what do YOU gotta say for your NEO CONFEDERATE PARTY NOW?? too busy fixing a sandwich and a beer for your hubby??

  15. Nope you can’t make this shit up, GOP YOU ARE EVIL! THE GOP IS THE EVIL PARTY!

  16. Considering the age of most of the Republicans, without access to Viagra they are essentially neutered now.

  17. I do believe their so called religious values have flown out the window, and if they really were neutered they wouldn’t have to be doing all the birth control crap either. Hell,that would take care of the abortion issues also. I do find that poster very offensive and I, personally, believe the GOP should be called on it. Pelosi deserves an apology.

  18. In fact, even if posted about a public figure, that kind of depiction is actionable, and it’s time someone acted.

  19. Absolutely Disgusting! Repukes are vile.Like children they don’t seem to be able to conduct themselves appropiatley.This is just disgusting.

  20. Well, actually… they did. Don’t know who, but there were plenty of doctored pics of Sarah Palin on the Internet when she was campaigning with McCain… However – I think they were done by dumbass basement bloggers, not a well known political website like Breitbart. The folks @ Breitbart should at least TRY and act responsibly. I doubt that will ever happen. This certainly proves that, like Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, they don’t give two shits about thier credibility.

  21. Correct….Pelosi and all Democrats should never ignore ANY Republican voter base attacks, especially the more crazy ones.

    People need to see more and more crazy to bake in a generation of voters who will believe the GOP is wrong for America.

  22. Say Palin was used in this way….She would be on Fox news complaing very loudly, asking for the person’s head..

  23. @ knighty…….Did you ever think that conservative, Christian women are unable to respnd to your rants right away, not because we are deaf and dumb, but because we are working. You know….working at a real job, unable to hang out on here 24 hours per day.. As for these obscene pics, they were posted on a blog site..they do not speak for the entire republican party. If a democrat did the same on a left-leaning website, I would not blame the whole Democrat party. There are crazy people in both parties. You, for one should know that. As for the pics, there is no excuse for that, so I cannot defend them.

  24. @kristen this is the SEVENTH time you’ve brought up the subject YOU have a JOB, it’s extremely obviously that you’re a very immature young person because ranting about having a job constantly is really juvenile. let me educate you my brittany spears wannbe, I guarantee you that Many other people here have jobs also and were working when your mother was conceiving you in the back of that Chevy. most people here ignore you and I think it’s time I wise up and ignore you too, have a good day kid

  25. @ Knighty..I only responded to you because you were calling someone like me out….looking for the HORDE of conservative Christain women who were playing deaf and dumb..I won’t say blind since I have a blind son! Not as old as you are (I googled your name so I could get a mental pic) but def not juvenile. G’day Knight4444

  26. I’m not sure they’re winning over anyone other psychopaths with that Poster… and I imagine the comments section will be enough to drive any sane person away.

  27. @kristen you googled my name looking for me through the internet? LMAO, I really feel sorry for your son, having a parent that trolls people over the internet sounds serious! you got DADDY issues don’t you, seek professional help PLEASE!

  28. @knighty. You’re everywhere on the internet. Suggestion: change your name around a bit. It will provide some security for you. And leave my son out of it.
    @Shiva. LOL. I’ promise to be good and behave on your blogsite. Knighty started it though!

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