Republican Poll Has Bad News For GOP as Mary Landrieu Leads All Challengers In Louisiana



The media likes to pretend that GOP control of the Senate is a done deal, but a Republican poll of Louisiana found Sen. Mary Landrieu leading all of her Republican challengers.

The Advocate has the details on the Republican poll from Magellan Strategies:

Though Landrieu leads with definite and probable voters across the state, she only has 39.3 percent of the 600 voters interviewed between March 24 and March 26


U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, of Baton Rouge and the leading GOP challenger was the choice of 26.3 percent of the respondents and the second choice for 15.7 percent.

The other two Republicans in the race – state Rep. Paul Hollis, of Covington, and Rob Manness, retired U.S. Air Force officer from Bossier City – both scored in the single digits. Hollis, however, was the second choice for 17 percent of respondents.


When you keep in mind that this is a Republican poll, and conservative pollsters tend to demonstrate more inaccuracy than non-partisan polling, the news isn’t bad in Louisiana. Landrieu’s unfavorable rating is only 52%. The mainstream media keeps putting Louisiana in the Republican column already, but the truth is that this is a contest that Democrats can win.

Landrieu is nowhere near the 50% mark that she needs to avoid a runoff, but she has time. The media continues to bury the Democratic chances to keep the Senate, but Democrat Sen. Kay Hagen is within the margin of error in North Carolina, and Landrieu is leading in Louisiana. If Republicans fail to capture one or both of these seat, they have no chance of taking over control of the Senate. If Republicans lose in Kentucky, and/or Georgia, they will have blown their chance to take back the Senate.

2014 is the GOP’s last shot to take control of the Senate for a while. Republicans will be playing defense in the next few election cycles after this year. Democrats should be paying close attention to what happens in Louisiana. If Mary Landrieu pulls out a win, the odds are that Democrats will keep the Senate.


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  1. “A Republican poll shows a Democrat leading all of her Republican challengers”- it’s a hose job, they’re trying to lull us into a false sense of complacency. Don’t fall for it, we need to keep on reiterating that everyone who is eligible to vote must get out and VOTE – don’t let them suppress you or make you think that your vote isn’t needed – it is.

  2. But, but, but … OBAMACARE!!!

    I think we learned from 2012 not to listen to CNN & co when it comes to election predictions. They have to create nail-biter scenarios to keep ratings up. Anyone paying attention during the Presidential election knew Obama would win in a landslide, but landslides don’t sell..

    I’ll be surprised if we LOSE the Senate and quiet as kept, I hold out hope for the House! People are pissed and pissed voters show up (just ask the Tea Party)! Just because David Gregory, John King, Chuck Todd and the rest of the political media motley crew doesn’t talk about it, doesn’t make it so. Democrats are gonna surprise more people than you think on Nov 4!

  3. If you look at the current polls on the polls are getting tighter. I am confident the Dems will hold the Senate and maybe pick up a seat or two. I don’t think they can take back the House but maybe make a couple gains. I think the Repugnants are acting so confident to try to convince the Dems there is no reason to vote. I think they are going to be in for a surprise.

    The main repugnant party has more than just the Dems to worry about. They are also spending money and time fighting within their own party to keep the teabaggers from undermining them which I personally find hilarious.

  4. This is great news, but let’s continue our hard work to get democrats elected. I’m doing my part to convince my community to go out and vote. It is crucial that everyone goes out and cast a ballot. Regarding Nate Silver’s probability of Republicans capturing the senate, that is just a snapshot in a specific time frame. There are still months away for the November elections and plenty of work to accomplish.

  5. Nice but where are the jobs? You see not many Americans can even afford it and those that can? There goes their extra money for Haircuts, A Meal, or all other extras that were cut with the Obamacare Law! The Law is real bad and only if you haven’t read it or ATTEMPTED to read it will you even understand how bad it is! Then throw into this mix the fact that so many are receiving Subsidies but the Subsidies portion of this Law isn’t even built yet? Then throw in the Lawsuit about who is entitled to these Subsidies? This will really hurt the Law because not only will it only give Subsidies to people in those States that built their own websites as an Incentive,and that is how it is written! So the Counting of Chickens is Way to Early to say the least! So where is the taxpayer’s money? Being wasted to the point that a $6,000,000,000 loss in the Clinton State Dept,isn’t even a problem in this Democratic Administration yet Six Billion could have Provided Health Insurance for each Uninsur…

  6. Folks, don’t let the Republican smear campaign effect your ability to vote. These slivering liars have nothing !!! Certainly no Presidential candidates, and if they are dumb enough to run against Obamacare !!!? Well they are kind of dumb. All we need is you !!!! support Mary and all the other Democrats, let the Koch Brothers and all there millions go for not, just like the last election. Don’t fall for there bullshit!!!.

  7. “The Law is real bad and only if you haven’t read it or ATTEMPTED to read it will you even understand how bad it is!”

    Mmkk, so, Brian, clearly YOU have not read it, correct?

    I bet that just flew like a cuckoo bird right over your head, didn’t it?

    Your whole post is gibberish. It reeks of Fox disinformation.

  8. So you’re complaining about health insurance because it might cut into your haircut money and not being able to go out and eat? Ok. I am assuming you pay your car insurance without complaint. Without your health your not going to need to worry about what your hair looks like.

  9. An incumbent who can’t poll 40% has nothing to feel good about. If she gets into a runoff she’s history. Just ask “Dollar Bill” Jefferson. Mary Landrieu’s natural constituency won’t turn out for a runoff.

  10. The good people of La. need to keep in mind conservative policies are the reason they have a shorter life expectancy than most of the country. If they keep voting conservative they will be shaving years off the lives of their neighbors, their families and themselves.

  11. There are a lot of Republicans that did not have health insurance know have it. What are people who will still vote Republican thinking.
    Republicans the do nothing Congress with a approval
    rating of 10% and have been on more vacation time
    then any other congress.

  12. Hello!

    The current political climate is such that the Democratic Party needs to be watching very closely to what the opposite party is saying and be able to respond accordingly at a moment’s notice. There are far too many things being said that can give them the upper hand and that would be quite unfair to the many supporters of the Liberal viewpoint.

    It would be prudent to organize a good effort to have “monitors” for popular radio, television, Internet and other programs to be able to respond when called for. Conservatives expect complacency when it comes to discussing the issues and think they have Democrats beat on the talking points. Not so! What needs to happen is that Democrats need to be more vocal and visual from now on if they expect to win in November.

    Have a matrix of “Talking Points” ready in order to respond effectively. Use it or lose it!

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