Bobby Jindal’s Corrupt Regime Swatted Down by Federal Court as MoveOn Wins

MoveOn_Billboard_LA_Final_COMPA victory for free speech and a defeat for Bobby Jindal in his administration’s attempt to force to remove their truth-telling billboard in Louisiana. As MoveOn reported yesterday,

Judge Shelly D. Dick of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana issued a ruling in Dardenne v MoveOn rejecting the state of Louisiana’s attempt to force to take down a billboard criticizing Gov. Bobby Jindal for denying health care to 242,000 Louisianians.

Judge Dick thought it was pretty obvious that the MoveOn billboard was not an official state billboard, saying in her ruling that, “the Lieutenant Governor [Lt. Gov. Dardenne] underestimates the intelligence and reasonableness of people viewing the billboard.”

Well, that is the modus operandi of the GOP, to dumb things down, including, if they get their way with education policy, people.

Judge Dick shot down Jindal’s corrupt regime lock, stock, and barrel:

The State has not demonstrated a substantial likelihood of prevailing on its burden of proving confusion by viewers of the billboard. Furthermore, the State has failed to demonstrate a compelling reason to curtail’s political speech in favor of protecting of the State’s service mark. Finally, the State failed to demonstrate that injunctive relief is required to ameliorate irreparable injury. There has been no showing of irreparable injury to the State.

This is a huge victory for freedom of speech. It turns out you can tell truth to power in Louisiana and survive the experience. Civic Action executive director, Anna Galland, celebrated the victory but pointed to the foolishness and waste of the entire episode:

This decision is a victory for common sense, freedom of speech, and the 242,000 Louisianians being denied health care because of Governor Jindal and Louisiana Republicans’ outrageous refusal to let them access Medicaid. What it means is, our billboard is staying up.

While we are pleased with today’s outcome, it’s a shame that the state filed this baseless lawsuit in the first place — which nearly every lawyer with basic knowledge of the First Amendment said they’d lose. Lt. Gov. Dardenne should apologize to the taxpayers for this waste of time and money — time and money that could have been better spent finding ways to get Louisianians access to health care.

But the Republicans, while declining food and medicine and housing to the needy, and education to our children, don’t mind throwing money away on their pet causes, like wasteful investigations of “scandals” they themselves have invented out of whole cloth, or repeated votes to repeal Obamacare, or frivolous lawsuits like this one. There is always money enough for them to play their political games, and they never apologize for spending it even while complaining the coffers are empty.

They certainly won’t apologize for attacking the First Amendment. They have been attacking it in state after state and they are not going to say “We’re sorry” now.

And it isn’t just money wasted on frivolous lawsuits. As Galland pointed out in her response,

Medicaid expansion would be fully funded by the federal government for three years, and then at least 90 percent of the funding would be guaranteed to come from the federal government forever. By saying no to this money, what Governor Jindal is doing is essentially taxing the people of Louisiana to pay for Medicaid for people in other states, but refusing to allow Louisianians to reap the benefits.

The Republican Party has shown itself to be the poster child for a reinvestment in education in this country. You have to believe that if more people could do their sums, that elephant would be begging on a street corner somewhere rather than ruining lives.

The Times-Picayune reports that Lt. Gov. Dardenne has not decided whether to “move ahead with the legal challenge.” Dardenne, significantly, is a candidate for governor in 2015 and can make the billboard a cause célèbre for his campaign. Not coincidentally, Bobby Jindal sees himself as a candidate for president in 2016, and he, like his lieutenant governor, stands to gain or lose Tea Party cred by what he decides to do now. As reported by The Washington Post on April 2, Jindal has already, “announced a plan Wednesday to repeal and replace President Obama’s health-care law, an effort by the Republican to insert himself into the increasingly competitive early maneuvering for his party’s presidential nomination.”

The real tragedy is that people who vote Republican bring this on themselves, but so many people find themselves victims of the vote, victims of vast sums spent by unscrupulous plutocrats, or victims of voter suppression, suffering from a terminal case of legislation without representation, the very thing that brought the colonists to war against the British government.

Yet in a perverse reversal, the GOP, playing the part of King George III and Parliament, pretend to be the patriots in this story rather than the oppressors. The facts show the opposite to be true, and put Republican administrations like that of Bobby Jindal squarely where they belong, publicly humiliated on the stocks in the village square. All we lack is the tar and feathers, but we can apply that during the midterms and again in 2016, and ensure that for once and for all, the basic essentials of a free society are not denied even the poorest American.


19 Replies to “Bobby Jindal’s Corrupt Regime Swatted Down by Federal Court as MoveOn Wins”

  1. What happened to Bobby Jindal’s statement “we’ve got to stop being the Party Of Stupid.”

    Oh yeah, they decided to be the Party of Mean. The Party of Grift. The Party of Hatred. The Party of Suppression. The Mansplaining Party. The Party of Discrimination. The Party Of Denial. The 15th Century Party. The Creationist Derp Party. The Party that sucks Koch. The party that crawls on their bellies for a gambling magnate’s dollars.

    The Party of no shame, no conscience, no ethics, no feelings.

    You’re just a swell bunch of troglodytes aren’t you, Grumpy Ossified Parasites?

  2. Republicans ALWAYS portray themselves as the oppressed victims of big ugly and nasty libruls. Even billionaires who are buying elections do! “Poor me”…without ever taking any personal responsibility!

    It is just pathetic in its vulgarity as it is in shamelessness.

  3. Well gee, who didn’t see that coming? We all knew that lawsuit was going to be a loser. Yet they persist in their nonsense. I assume they will probably file an appeal and keep defending their ridiculousness. The Dems running in Louisiana need to pound this issue home.

    Jindal is to stupid to realize that he is a GOP lapdog. According to the repugnant party the Whitehouse is reserved for rich white guys. The only way he gets there is if he is invited for dinner.

    Dems in Louisiana, do yourself a favor and go vote. Don’t sit idly by and let these people keep running your lives. Get off your butts and vote.

  4. Moveon should put similar billboards in all the red states that have denied healthcare for their people.

  5. I imagine that we will be bombarded with fake plans to replace the ACA in 2015 and 16.

    None of which will benefit anyone at any time

  6. How can you not love a party that makes no secret of its desire to prevent the dissemination of facts? As has been obvious since January 20, 1981, the Republican Party knows that its only hope of winning elections (apart from Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, rigging electronic voting results in Ohio and a corrupt Supreme Court) is to keep the populace as uneducated and uninformed as possible. Hell, the only reason Fox exists is to provide a constant stream of fact-free talking points for the ignorant masses to chant over and over again in the hope that someone will believe them.

  7. More likely in 2016 the Republicans will be talking about how the ACA was really their idea, and the word “Obamacare” will vanish entirely.

  8. It’s about damn the Teapublican Taliban were taught a well-deserved lesson: that free speech works BOTH WAYS and isn’t theirs to abuse at their petty little whims.

  9. “and he, like his lieutenant governor, stands to gain or lose Tea Party cred by what he decides to do now.”

    Tea Party credibility may help Dardenne to win in Louisiana if he runs for governor, but it doesn’t help Jindal at all nationally in any attempt at the Presidency. The TP is a vocal minority within the Repulsive Party, but still a minority, and appealing to them means turning off moderates and independents. He doesn’t have an icicle’s chance in hell of gaining the GOP nomination.
    The GOP chose ignorance decades ago when they decided that they would stick solely to their principles without any thought towards compromise, towards accommodation, towards meeting somewhere in the middle. Intelligence suggests that if you want to attract enough voters to win nationally, you have to have something to offer other than disdain, hatred and condescension to anyone who isn’t wealthy – after all , we do have a vote.

  10. When will the Republicans stop hating America? Most likely when they don’t have a black man in the White house because it’s painfully obvious that they intend to punish this nation because we have the courage to do what is correct.

  11. GOP, Republican, & T-Bagger Voters
    may not be the most intelligent group.
    They Vote against what’s best for them
    all the time.
    Sadly, unless they personally feel it,
    they don’t believe it.
    So, if Democrats would just explain in
    simple terms, what is being withheld from
    them by the GOP, money that would help
    their state, access to affordable health
    insurance, or maybe even medicaid for
    them and their families, maybe the light
    would come on. Maybe they would realize
    that the people who they elected to work
    FOR them are actually working against them.
    THAT would be a glorious day!


  12. Yeah, this. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said. Bobby Jindal raped and pillaged Louisiana and now it will take 80 years to mend what his 8 years in office has done to the state. His “knowledge” of health care leaves about 245,000 still without healthcare and yet other Republican governors have accepted the ACA and implemented it (can you say Kentucky?) and are calling it a success. Jindal closed the charity hospitals in Louisiana and contracted with large hospitals in the major cities to treat the uninsured and medically needy. Only he gave them contracts with blank pages in them. One wonders if those blank pages were ever filled in, as these large-city hospitals are now complaining because the uninsured and medically needy are now swamping their emergency rooms and they are not getting reimbursed at the rates they were promised, if at all, and they want their money and they want these people gone. Pied piper, indeed. HAH! The rats following the biggest rat of all.

  13. What a depressing group this sounds like. Name calling, criticising, tired old cliches, where is any honest reflection?
    Race card,class envy,war on women, GOP all white all bad, Dems rainbow colors all good-REALLY?
    Phony scandals?
    I hope this is just partisan bilge- the real war is on young black men. Check the employment numbers and the pro amnesty stance of our President and Congress. More low skilled workers equals lower wages and less available jobs.
    Best Regards to you all,

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