Scott Walker Pretends That He Might Need a Degree to Run for President in 2016

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Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) is making noise again about maybe getting his college degree before the Republican primaries really get going.

James Hohmann at Politico reported that Walker told reporters today:

Walker, who dropped out of Marquette University in 1990, told reporters Monday that he is interested in using the University of Wisconsin System’s FlexOption program to get the final credits he needs.

“But at some point, hopefully by next school year, they might start offering other courses beyond those,” Walker said at a media availability, the transcript of which was shared by his office. “None of those are in my area of expertise, but I’d love to in the future be one of the students.”

The 46-year-old dropped out of Marquette with enough units to qualify as a senior.

Walker refuses to release his transcript, so the question of why he left college can’t be answered definitively, but it is true that he left after losing a race, being deemed “unfit” after violating campaign rules and being accused of stealing the newspapers which announced he was unfit for office (early shades of his later recall campaign). PolitiFact reported on the campaign rule breakage and subsequent “unfit” ruling and loss:

It was gentle stuff, but the Trib took offense, publishing an election-day editorial headlined, “Walker unfit.” It decried his “mudslinging” and said another factor in its reversal on Walker being qualified was the alleged theft of papers, which Walker’s camp denied.

The next day’s vote wasn’t close; Quigley won 1,245 to 927.

It’s unfortunate for Governor Walker, but due to his own party’s insistence on seeing President Obama’s long form birth certificate as well as demanding his college transcripts, Walker is wide open for massive criticism for refusing to release his.

Walker has been making noise about finishing his degree for a while now. Back in November, we heard rumblings about this same thing, but we were also told that his lack of a degree makes him likable. His lack of a bachelors degree is a selling point among Republican voters.

Nothing says winning like hating on education and claiming that you don’t need to know anything to be President. While it’s true that a bachelor’s degree is not required, nor does it determine in any sense the intelligence or lack thereof of the holder, it is important that a President has a solid grasp of history and civics. One doesn’t get the idea that Scott Walker likes to settle down at night with a good, non-partisan book of history — rather, he champions the Poujadist juvenile rebellion against authority that works so well when one is selling fools gold to the voters.

Scott Walker would do anything to please the Koch brothers, and if he runs for President, that audio of him trying to suck from the wind from beneath their wings is going to harm him much more than his lack of college degree. It also appears that he is under investigation yet again.

Most people don’t operate under a constant cloud of suspicion, and don’t need to erase all of the hard drives from their previous government office as Milwaukee County Executive. So Walker can wave his “I don’t have a degree, I’m just like you” flag all he wants. He’s fooling himself if he thinks a national campaign will be as easily bought as the recall campaign was.

But ultimately, it would be a mistake for Scott Walker to get his degree. Without it, he can run on resentment of the elites much better, and any accusation from Democrats that he’s not qualified will be more fodder for his self-described victim status, which is like crack to the Right.

They love nothing more than a seeming victim of the elite, never mind that Walker is a puppet for the most elite of the elite. Walker should definitely keep dropping hints about his degree, trawling for Democrats to take a swing at him over his lack of one, so that he can avoid discussing things like his horrific record on jobs and the way his policies have ruined Wisconsin.

This is a the Republican Party, where the more misinformed and uneducated one is or seems to be, the more they are liked. If only Scott Walker could pretend to be from Texas or Alaska while he dodges learning anything that might be valuable in the White House…

Don’t fall for this troll bait, Democrats. He’s dying to be attacked over this so he can win the martyr vote.


28 Replies to “Scott Walker Pretends That He Might Need a Degree to Run for President in 2016”

  1. Every time I see this man’s face, he looks like there is just one big void between his ears. He does not look right, creepy, very creepy.

  2. Reminds me of a love story I saw once about a football player dying. Love means never having to say you are sorry. I mean the never having to say you are sorry bit, that being the GOP’s 1st tenet.

  3. Who really cares about a college degree? I think anyone running for office should have to undergo a psychological examination. This isn’t rocket science. If your elected to office you do the right thing for the people who voted for you. All it really requires is common sense. Unfortunately common sense isn’t that common anymore.

  4. If the last time he took any classes was in 1990 his credits probably aren’t valid for applying to a degree. I returned to college after a few years absence and did so at that time to prevent my credits from losing their validity. HMM. Has he really looked into it, or will he be treated differently than the average person?

  5. It explains a lot if his base doesn’t understand the Constitution. And the requirements for the Presidency.

  6. Brian’s Song about the sticken footballer and Love Story are two different movies. I agree with the sentiment though: Stupid means never having to say you’re sorry.

  7. His eyes aren’t level. Looks like he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He just looks like someone who isn’t running on all 8 cylinders. Would you buy a used car from someone who looked like that? Not the brightest bulb in the Marque. President? I don’t think so!

  8. He is my stupid governor. He is trawling for an honorary degree. So he gets the credibility without the work or education. Walker disrespects the UW system and, in this instance, the courses they offer as well. He tried hard very early to separate our flagship, UW Madison from the UW system because it was the assistant professors’ union he busted. They were among the first to show up at the months long protests. He takes things very personally.

  9. Um, you might wanna get your biggest tearjerkers in history straight. Your football player dying is most likely ‘Brian’s Song’ and I don’t believe he ever had anything to say about sorryness. It was the girlfriend of a football player that died in Love Story, and, yes, she did seem to think love had nothing to do with saying you’re sorry. Notably, she died before marriage. Prolly for the best.

  10. Scott Walker should be judged on his political performance which is terrible as a union buster and a shill for the Koch Brothers.

  11. He should have the kochroaches build a building at a private university in return for giving Walker a honorary degree. Viola problem solved. In kochroach world you can buy anything. The kochroaches could probably pay liberty loony university.

  12. Seriously, Wisconsin? You elected a college drop-out as your governor TWICE? AND you gave him a pass on the recall AFTER he gutted your state’s jobs and coffers?

    You disgust me.

  13. He and Sarah would make a pair huh? She went to like 5 colleges before she finally got her degree…hejust plain dropped out. Always nice to know that folks who want to lead the country didn’t even have the ability to get an education more than half the country has. She drops out as governor after costing the state millions for her election and then some more to have a special election to replace her after 1 1/2 years. They bust everyone else’s unions and pay, but they are the ones who are overpaid based on education and their knowledge about

  14. The only thing that qualifies Walker to be president is that he had a boy crush on Ronald Reagan.

    Oh, and he isn’t too smart and easily manipulated by the powers that be.

  15. Oh, please. By 2016 some university will have given him an honorary degree. Or maybe he can buy a degree. His actions prior to his unfortunate student election debacle, indicate that at one time education was important to him. Unfortunately, when it comes to higher education, his wife is an inverse snob. Check out the interview with Tonette on–she bristles when she’s asked about post-high school education. If she weren’t the wife of a governor and a man who desperately wants to be president, her reaction would be laughable.

  16. Why, would you drop out of a school, if you are in the last years standing. Or perhaps, Walker has a bunch of no name credits, that a trained chimp could pass, with enough credits, he could be put in a senior standing, with no specific area of learning though…..

    One that that creep Walker, will get his just dues….one day.

  17. A Minor problem for Scott Walker:

    The “John Doe II” investigation is still going on.

    He might want to wait on that college application
    until after the investigation is completed.

  18. To quote an above comment. “his lack of a bachelors degree is a selling point among Republican voters”
    With so many others things needed by Walker, his focus is on a degree? To become one of the hated, elite?? Bad move Walker you’d lose your base. On the other hand, I’ll bet. The Koch’s already have a degree ready and waiting if this is hearts desire. After all, the Koch’s NEED HIM TOO.
    Nancy. Palin tells all she has a degree from her five colleges, BUT no one has ever seen it and no college has ever come forward with evidence. Until I see it, I’ll not believe it.

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