Outraged MSNBC Viewers Rebel and Stop Watching The Lean Forward Network


Ratings are down. Revenue is down, a YouGov brand index study has found that viewers hold more negative feelings than positive about MSNBC, and viewers are leaving MSNBC.

The YouGov Brand Index for cable news revealed that viewers are not happy with MSNBC:

Both CNN networks had been at, or close to, one year highs on consumer perception at the end of 2013, but both have been declining since the start of 2014, unstopped by the recent aggressive coverage of the lost air flight. Meanwhile, Fox News has remained steady and in positive territory. MSNBC ranks fourth out of the group.

CNN, CNN Headline News and MSNBC all track at negative consumer perception levels, which means there is more negative feedback about the brand than positive. Only Fox News Channel tracks with more positive than negative feedback.


MSNBC’s Buzz score has been at a steady -10 since the beginning of 2014. Fox News Channel’s Buzz score has been hovering between 5 and 6 throughout March until now.

What appears to be happening is a full on viewer rebellion. The latest bad news comes just after a report found that MSNBC’s primetime viewership was down 24% in 2013, and the network was projected to be the only one on cable news that lost revenue.


The executives at MSNBC have made several decisions that have angered and alienated viewers. It all began with the debacle that saw Keith Olbermann abruptly depart from his 8 PM program in 2011. The viewer outrage was immediate. After failing with Lawrence O’Donnell at 8 PM, MSNBC had success with Ed Schultz in that slot, but the network enraged their remaining viewers again by shoving The Ed Show to the weekends and promoting Chris Hayes to primetime.

Hayes has been nothing short of a ratings disaster. His show draws 25%-50% fewer viewers than Olbermann did. His viewership of 600,000-800,000 means that his program routinely draws fewer eyeballs than its Chris Matthews 7 PM lead in. Having a show at 8 PM that is dragging down Rachel Maddow’s show is only half of the problem.

MSNBC chief Phil Griffin angered the network’s viewers for the third time when he caved to Sarah Palin during the Martin Basir situation. The end result of these repeated thumbs in the eyes of loyal viewers is that people who formerly supported MSNBC have abandoned the network.

Many viewers don’t trust the peoplewho are making the decisions there. They have seen their favorite hosts treated badly, and /responded by walking away from MSNBC. The negative perception of the network was created by the people at the top. Viewers don’t want Phil Griffin’s vision of a wonk network. His Rachel Maddow clone army of hosts has turned into a circular firing squad that is destroying MSNBC.

Say what you want about the through the looking glass world of Fox News, but Roger Ailes knows what his viewers want, and he gives it to them.

MSNBC has ignored their viewers and is paying a heavy price.

Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews are the only two hosts who draw respectable ratings at MSNBC. Everything else is struggling to survive. There are a lot of good people at MSNBC who deserve better, but most of all, loyal viewers deserve better, and they are expressing their exasperation with what the lean forward network has become by walking away.


129 Replies to “Outraged MSNBC Viewers Rebel and Stop Watching The Lean Forward Network”

  1. Chris Hayes is the most ANNOYING person I have ever seen on TV!!
    As soon as I hear his voice, I change channels!!!!

  2. I’ve cut way down on my watching MSNBC because I basically feel that I am watching commercials. It seems far, far, more than other shows that I watch. It feels abusive.

  3. I like Chris Hayes and I think he is getting better but I can understand why some might not like him. I don’t like Chris Matthews.

    I know Obermann is a real a**hole but damn I loved his show. I made an effort to catch everyone of them. Rachel is my second choice.

    I agree that MSNBC has some really bad management.

  4. MSNBC had the franchise, and they pissed it away. Milquetoast doesn’t attract or keep viewers. Clean out the management, make it a real progressive outlet, and watch the numbers rise.

  5. The audience now has AJAM as a choice on many systems. Lot’s of old favorites delivering the stories and coverage of real news not just the meme of the day.

    MSNBC is one long editorial with very little news.

  6. Love Chris Hayes, Rachel and Lawrence. Ed is ridiculously over the top and out-of-line most days… and the weekends are great. I don’t know what the hell this article is talking about. I loved Keith but had enough of him and Bashir was like Ed…. way too extreme. Change is a fact in life…. get over it… what’s the alternative? We don’t control these things.

  7. Uh yeah..I would have to honestlty say that the only “enraged” MSNBC viewers are the people who do not watch MSNBC as they are enraged by factual journalism. I will continue to watch this channel as the alternatives are far below in their attempt at anything even resembling reality. They may have lost some viewers but that will change, life and times are fluid as the fortunes of MSNBC. On the other hand Fox nonews is and will always be the idiot’s choice for drek, CNN is a disaster news channel so that leaves MSNBC as the best of what is perceived as news these days.

  8. i record Ed and rachel but i refuse to watch miserable joe who has talked far worse on air about president Obama than Bashir did about palin.If a station can’t be fair to both sides of the aisle
    then they lose me as a viewer.

  9. Sure. Never mind the fact that what Fox News viewers seem to want has very little to do with truth or fact. Their brand of “whoever yells lies and rumors the loudest and interrupts guests most often must be right and treated as a guru” has no place in respectable journalism – but their audiences are eating it up and repeating the lies and gossip as though they were gospel. What kind of kool-aid are their audiences on?

    It’s horrifying to think that Walter Cronkite wouldn’t make it in today’s media because he’d be considered too boring.

    Yes, MSNBC is making mistakes, but they aren’t deluding millions of Americans.

  10. I must first confess that I rather like Chris Hayes. I challenge anyone to listen to Chris–or his colleague, Rachael Maddow–for five minutes without learning a whole slew of things they never knew before.

    For me, the problem with MSNBC is that they aren’t allowed to criticize Obama. They therefore spend all their time talking about Republicans. And who wants to hear a bunch of corporate Democrats talking about Republicans?

  11. Yes they screwed the pooch when KO left and they should have told Scarah Palin to take airborne fornication in a rotating cop biscuit! when that vile Harpy pissed and moaned about Martin Bashir!! But Martin threw himself on his sword to save MSNBC which is far more honorable than anything that toxic Harpy ever even gave a thought to.

  12. They can immediately start by bringing back Martin Basir and letting him continue to “have at it” with these wingnuts!

  13. i hope they bring back the giants that left the network , i made up my mind after the Martin departure

  14. If they’re losing money and viewers anyway, why don’t they simply become the Liberal station that most people want them to be. Move Chris Hayes out of prime time, move Ed Schultz into prime time, get people like Thom Hartmann or Mike Papantonio to do an hour, find someone who isn’t a conservative shill to do the morning block, and for God’s sake stop showing prison videos and other crap on the weekends!

  15. And worse, there is no place for Mathews and Maddow to go to if MSNBC dies. They have both made their beds on a liberal network. CNN would not take them, Fox certainly wont take them and Al Jazeera America does not do opinion, just news.

    Mathews is the reason I quit MSNBC. He drove me crazy. Rev Al, and the non trustworthy Ed S left me out in the cold as well. To be honest, the only show I liked was Morning Joe and that was for the laughs.

    If there is breaking news I go to CNN, if I just want to watch the news, its Al Jazeera America.

  16. I agree micki voss, Joe Scab-orrow is Pat Buchanan on valium. He belongs on Faux News because he is nothing more than a clueless, shameless apologists and excuse maker for the Reich Wing idiots. But he is the prime example that MSNBC always has to compare the Reich Wing Insanity to the left wing intelligence and real world pragmatism. Our president is ten times the human that Jo(k)e Scab-Borrow could ever aspire to be, he’s just envious and it makes him sick.

  17. I resent what Phil Griffin has done to MSNBC, and I rarely sit down and actually watch any of the shows anymore. The most I’ll do is flip it (MSNBC) on for some background noise while I make supper or do the dishes.


  19. Some have suggested that Rachel should take over for David (“never met a conservative whose a** I won’t kiss”) Gregory on MTP. Not a bad move imho, as long as they don’t make that the only airtime she gets.

  20. Part of the problem is they have become the liberal version of Fox News. I want news on a news network, not a continually revolving series of talking heads only complaining. I’m not saying they aren’t right about the complaints, but I want news, not the same topic regurgitated over and over again. I’m tired of the anger.

  21. I like Al Sharpton & Rachel Maddow. Chris Mathews can be good but a tad annoying. I wish I got to see more of Ed.

    I have to see them all in snippets posted on YouTube because our stupid cable package doesn’t carry MSNBC unless we want to pay even more through the nose.

    I think the decline of ratings is blowback for them firing Martin Bashir. That was a cowardly move.

    Fox spreads all sorts of lies, makes inflammatory statements, so when Bashir tells us what we all know already, he gets canned.
    HORSE flops!

  22. Was crazy for Olbermann, love Maddow, adored Bashir and still really enjoy O’Donnell. But Matthews, Reverend Al and Hayes leave me wishing I could consume them in much smaller doses – as show contributors versus helming their own shows.

    I have to say that when Martin Bashir left, so did I.

    Its also no secret that Phil Griffen is a Republican running a left-leaning network. It shows in the programming content: for example, its a Cardinal Sin for a conservative to bash one of their own – but Libs do bash their own, and often – that includes their sitting president. That’s what’s missing from MSNBC: whole programming.

  23. Watching Chris Hayes come into his own on Saturday mornings, and then move to prime time, has been spectacular. I’m not sure what people’s problem is with him, but frankly I would adopt him if he didn’t already have perfectly serviceable parents.

    msnbc’s practice of dumping anchors on a first offense, with minimal and uncertain cause, is DEFINITELY discouraging to viewers. After Martin Bashir, who followed other unjustified changes, I was sickened. However, folks, if you want the other side of the story, the one not bathed in politically correct lies, you still have to go to msnbc!

  24. I’ve rebelled against all the major networks not because of their on-air talent and how they are treated, but because I’m tired of not getting news. Once a show is aired, then the rest of the evening we get repeats of it. Then on the weekends, we are “treated” to non-stop junk like Lockup. I KNOW there is news worth reporting that is happening all over the world that they could be airing. It doesn’t even have to be “bad” news. There are many good news items they could also report. If they are going to run junk like Lockup in the overnight hours, they may as well just sign off for the night. I keep late hours and would welcome a return to straight news programming 24/7 without the fluff that they put on to cut costs.

  25. We both love Chris Hayes. It’s a very smart show. Obviously too smart for the average viewer. Maddow close second. Schultz is stuck in the middle of the afternoon (for everyone not east coast). Matthews interrupts his excellent guests constantly, most unfortunate. I like O’Donnell but I can see he might not be for everybody.
    Sharpton’s time has come and gone. He is not required and his command (lack of) of the English language is a little embarrassing.
    I NEVER watch Scarborough.
    Bashir was a big loss, even if it was a daytime slot.

  26. Would love to see Keith and Martin back…they made it fun and interesting. Still love Rachel and Lawrence. Shake-up needed. How about john Fuglesang, it would bring some new energy to the station.

  27. You are correct. Once they ditched Olbermann then Bashir I watched only Matthews. Every program has the exact same information. They need to get a new CEO and create a REAL cable NEWS channel.

  28. Get rid of Joe & Mika, bring back Keith and Martin! I absolutely refuse to watch Joe bash everything Democratic or left, and then watch Mika kiss his ass.

  29. It’s the after-hours programming… ugh! There is so much more intellectual stuff they could buy – like from the OLD A&E and History Channels for example.
    That Lock-Up is probably the most bizarre thing about MSNBC! lol

  30. Hayes and Maddow are the top 1-2 punch in our view.
    Maybe it’s programming that’s “too” smart for the average viewers?
    It’s not intended to rile people up (like Scarborough or Sharpton or Matthews), it’s just plain good, thorough and knowledgable.

  31. Hear! Hear! It’s still #1 in our home – even if it’s not in HD (sigh!).
    If nothing else, we always tune in to Hayes and Maddow.

  32. Keith Olbermann carried MSNBC. I haven’t watched since they fired him. I now watch Fox Noise, only out of morbid curiosity of course.

  33. search ‘Lori Klausutis’ and
    ‘Pajama Joe’ / alot of people
    question what happened to that poor girl… he gets my vote
    for ‘President of the Dead
    Secretary Society’, and that’s
    no joke!

  34. I will turn to MSNBC anytime as opposed to any other, even for disaster coverage. Wanted you to know, though, that I do get it in HD.

  35. Do you realise you can simply go to the msnbc.com site and watch the shows on their player? I run firefox with adblock so I see no commercials (someone upthread complained about commercials). If there’s a subject you’re not interested in (sorry Rach, not interested in cocktails), it’s easy to skip because the segments are lined up on the bottom. You may still be able to subscribe to TRMS free on itunes. That’s how I watched it a couple of years ago. I love Chris Hayes, too. He was brilliant on the two hour Saturday morning show and I never missed it; however, I only occasionally watch the primetime show. The opposite with Ed, I’ve never seen him on the weekend. I’ll bet he feels one comment away from being Bashir’d. The lineup of Chris M, Ed, Keith, Rachel and Lawrence was golden. I would often watch them all back in the day. Phil Griffin should be fired. Scarborough is just as responsible. 2 hrs of that then there’s another republican, Chuck Toad. And no more prison!

  36. I like Chris Hayes a lot – but I also liked Keith Olbermann A LOT – it was really stupid that they got rid of him. Rachel Maddow is a Rock Star, O’Donnell and Matthews are great too. Reading the comments, I didn’t even realize Scarborough was on MSNBC – what are they thinking? He’s an insult to all intelligence. Bring back KO – give Rachel a raise.

  37. I still watch Ed, Reverend Al, and occasionally Rachel, the rest I skip. If they want to improve rating fire Morning Blow. I absolutely cannot stand that rude, insolent pig. He is has no manners at all. I haven’t really recovered over their firing Martin Bashir. They should have told Palin to go suck an egg. Wish they would rehire him and put him on in the morning.

  38. She’s too smart. I think it would be a great show and would love to see it if she hosted, but I think most would be too scared to appear if she were host. Can you imagine McCain or Cruz on her show? Or Cheney, now I’d pay to see that!

  39. Here’s the problem with MSNBC. They have fired their actual “broadcasters.” Keith was a talented, experienced broadcaster; so was Bashir. Say what you want about Hayes, but he’s no broadcaster. They got lucky with Rachel on air that way, but she had proved herself on radio! Hayes not so much until his Sat. show and to me, he is a Sat. talent. Ed, too, is a talented, experienced broadcaster; say what you want but he is a true pro. It’s not rocket science. Hire people who know what they’re doing on the air!

  40. I don´t believe it for one minute and most of the negative comments on here are from right wing TROLLS !
    FOX news is actually declining and that´s the truth !

  41. MSNBC has changed for the worse. In order to improve, it should:

    1) get rid of Al Sharpton; he’s been discredited and has no intellect whatsoever,

    2) figure out a way to get Keith Olbermann back at his previous job, and

    3) give Chris Matthews a better time slot.

    I’m a long-time MSNBC viewer and have cut way back on it since the somewhat recent programming changes.

  42. I stopped watching MSNBC for awhile after KO left but ultimately went back to watching Maddow. However, I haven’t watched much the past couple of months due to her Christie obsession. Sure, this is an important story but not night after night often for the full hour. A friend who is more liberal than myself (if I go any farther to the left I will fall off the edge) said to me “I feel like she’s dancing in persecution territory.” I’m not sure I would go that far but I do feel that Rachel is ignoring important stories, i.e., SNAP benefits being cut, the failure to extend EUC, even the botched execution of Dennis McGuire. With the loss of Cenk Uygur, Martin Bashir and the unnecessary apologies by Griffin it’s no surprise viewership and revenue are down. My hiatus from MSNBC has opened up a host of other liberal/progressive outlets for me.

  43. You want to win your viewers back then bring them back with raises and stand by them like Fox stands by their people.

  44. The BEST progressive programming use to be on Current TV, but rich boy Al Gore sold out, while the money was good.

  45. Here is my get rid of list for starts

    Morning Joe
    Mike Barnacle
    Harold ( pass the keystone pipeline )Ford Jr.
    Mrs Greenspan
    Alex Gagner
    Ed Schultz
    Ronan Farrow
    Melissa Harris Perry
    The entire Cycle cast except Ari Melber

    Give a show to Ari Melber….he is great

    I also like Steve Kornacki but he needs to sit on his hands.

  46. You’ve got that right! I HATE to start my day with Blowhart Joe and Mealymouth Mika and the rest of the ass kissers. JUST ONCE I would love to see someone on that show, ANYONE rip Scarborough a new one to replace the current ignorant arrogant ass he is. This show PROVES to me that MSNBC doesn’t care about their viewership.

  47. I wonder if the people saying “Bring back Olbermann” understand that he recently started a multi-year contract at ESPN. He won’t be back at MSNBC anytime soon.

  48. I no longer watch in the morning. Smerconish would be great in the am too late I guess. Love Maddow. Schultz, Hayes, Haley. Also listen to O’Donnell & Sharpton; my husband (a white, senior redneck) never misses the Rev.

  49. I quit watching for awhile when Bashir was fired and did not intend to come back. I am still mad and do not watch as much as before.

  50. I do not know where these outrageous headlines” Outraged MSNBC Viewers Rebel and Stop Watching The Lean Forward Network ” come from. MSNBC is the ONLY progressive station and its viewers are NOT giving up on it at all. I watch it religiously and yes Chris M. is annoying. He is constantly interrupting and rude to his guests….But that doesn’t mean I would even think of defecting. Morning Joke has to go! Yes I believe they should bring back KO and Martin….management showed they have not the integrity or the B..lls of the hosts they fired! But I/We are not going anywhere…With the end of Current, there is no place else to go!

  51. Olbermann was gone the moment he had the On-air tussle with “Pajama Joe”. It was after the Sister Sarah speech at the Teapublican Convention during the 2008 election. Joe was drooling all over himself and Keith had enough. His “Joe , get a shovel” comment did not go over well. It is well known, if you have a public confrontation with Joe, you will not be on MSNBC for long. Just ask Markos Molitzous.

  52. Oh great now fox will be saying people aren’t accepting progressive views anymore and are leaning right. Msnbc is all we got and typical of us liberals we attack the only cable network even reporting some of the truth. I miss Keith so much but he moved on. How are we oing to feel if griffin takes this as people are rejecting liberal views and turns the network right. Then we will have hard right middle right and squishy right. I still watch msnbc everyday and will then then off.

    They should back the young turks guys and let him stir up msnbc.

  53. MSNBC completely dropped the ball! Keith didn’t get fired, he left! phil griffin is a complete IDIOT!! he should have kept the format LIBERAL! but like most people in charge their usually the least informed person in the company! he tried to be a little liberal with a big does of RW stink! first off, FUX NEWS inclined viewers aren’t gonna watch MSNBC for ANY reason, and liberals like myself refuse to watch MSNBC turn into FUX NEWS LITE! so griffin loses BOTH viewers! what a CLOWN! bring back Keith and you’ll kick FUX right back to the curb!

  54. Get rid of the 12-year-old at 1 pm (Eastern). Move Andrea Mitchell to sometime in the middle of the night. Make MSNBC a channel for real progressives. No halfway crap like CNN. Oh, and get Keith back at 8 pm. Offer him the world and he’ll take it over that gig at ESPN. Stop being progressive wannabe wimps.

  55. If you want to stay in the ratings, you give the viewers what they want. Listen to the viewers, not the flavor of the day political party! Give us back impartial hosts with some brains. They ruined their own ratings by losing Olbermann and Bashir. They only have themselves and their cash cows to blame. Viewers are not stupid! There is no such thing as the best news that money can buy! The truth is much more important!

  56. Chris Matthews yells and interrupts so much that I pity his guests, even the Republicans! And I so want to like Rachel, but she must think we’re stupid because she repeats herself using different words in what I think is her way of ensuring that even her dummy audience will grasp her ‘brilliant’ point. WE GET IT RACHEL!! It’s tedious. The rest of them are ok, but I MISS KEITH! He was angry, yes, but he was smart and he made me more informed.

  57. The powers that be want MSNBC to fail – thus the present management. When it fails that media will be almost entirely right wing. If your local cableco carries Al Jazeera fine – otherwise what’s left.

    Maybe NBC itself will come round seeing as how they have done a good job (comparatively speaking) on global climate change recently.

  58. I agree….I watched MSNBC from 6 am with Morning Joe, turned it on in my car at 12 for Alex Wagner, 2 pm for Tamaron Hall, 4 pm for Martin, would catch Chris Mathews at either 5 or 7 pm and on occasion would watch Al Sharpton ending my day with Rachel Maddow…..Loved the weekends too, with Chris Hayes and Melissa Perry….

    This new format/schedule has me turning at 630am and never turning back until maybe Chris Matthews at 7pm…..FIRE MANAGEMENT!!!! #epicfail

    And it makes me ANGRY because I hate to see FOX news on top!!!

  59. Keith Olbermann was/is way overrated, imo. He is just as much of a star seeker as Joe Scarborough, only on the other end of the spectrum. He started out well, but he overplayed it.

    I don’t watch Ed anymore – too over the top, too simplistic, way too loud.

    I watch something else or nothing during All In. Don’t like Chris Hayes. He talks over his guests – always has to be right and his voice and mannerisms are just annoying as hell. I don’t really learn anything new from Chris – mostly a rehash of what I’ve already read or heard.

    I love Rachel, but sometimes she gets annoying, too. I love the way she weaves together her story using really good anecdotes, comparisons. I get totally new perspectives on issues through Rachel!

    Still watch Chris Matthews.

  60. We gave up watching Morning Joe after watching him and his guests clowning around and guffawing about climate change like the bunch of clueless, under-informed types you expect to only see on Fox News. He still doesn’t understand the difference between climate and weather. If MSNBC ditches him and puts Chris Matthew’s into that slot, despite his continually talking over his guests, we might go back.

  61. I watch MSNBC every day and enjoy the shows. I get upset with Joe Scarborough, because I feel he is rude, and talks over everyone, and doesn’t let them finish what they are saying. He also seems to think he is an expert on everything. I will still watch MSNBC, it is much better than Fox.

  62. They lost us when they fired Bashir and made it the Chris Hayes Network.

    More problems:

    1. The same guests saying the same thing on every show, show after show, night after night.
    2. All Chris Christie, All Night, Every Night, For Weeks and Weeks and Weeks.
    3. Chris Hayes never lets his guests talk. He’s like Guestus Interruptus. STFU for a second, will you, dork-wad?
    4. Chris Matthews is like a breath of fresh air – from 1974. Go Away.
    5. Not enough Joy Reid.
    6. Not enough Alex Wagner.

    We want a REAL progressive network with Real content from Real Progressive hosts born after the Truman Administration who don’t a) say everything in as many words as possible (Hayes) or b) think it’s 1974 (Matthews.)

    And don’t fire your best hosts because Sarah Palin does’t like them.

  63. I miss Olbermann as well as Bashir. I used to like Matthews, but when he began to fawn all over Reagan, yuck. Also, if I have to hear him repeat that Cheney is pronounced Cheeeney, one more time, I’m going to hurl. I DON’T CARE!!!
    As for the Yougov poll, I used to take those polls and the way they are worded they are very skewed to the right wing. Almost all their polls end up favoring the Baggers. So, that Yougov poll doesn’t impress me.

  64. Please dont take away Chris Hayes, Queen Rachel Maddow and brilliant Lawrence O’donnell. These 3 are the real grownups in the MSNBC room.

  65. Morning Joe is a definitely a joke. He is conservative but Mika is liberal however she just sits there and inhales Joe & does not defend the liberal view, in my opinion she is like a little Barbie doll only interested in talking about nutrition. The show would be more interesting if they would make it like Crossfire on CNN. I lost a lot of my respect for the network executives when they let Martin Bashir go.I loved him on Nightline and I loved him on MSNBC. Ed is okay, sometimes a bit over, Chris Matthew can be much better if he would only let others talk, I mean why have guests if they can not get a word in without interruption. Chris Hayes problem is the tone of his voice, it’s annoying, and he is a bit deep so if you do not like deep you forget him , for me it’s a 50/50 shot. Hard to ignore the voice…sometimes sounds like he is going through puberty. My favorites:Rachel Maddow & O’Donnell-I learn A LOT about the details of events in plain English with them. BUT I MISS MARTIN…

  66. I enjoy MSNBC. Morning Joe I watch every once in a while but it is too long. Too many people on the panel but I like when they invite the politicians to their table. Chris Hayes is smart and does a thorough reporting on facts. The same with Steve Kornacki, but wish he was more than weekends. I do miss Bashir, he should come back and take over Meet the Press. Ari does need his own show. Way too Early is great but it is only 30 mins. can be an hour. MSNBC is honest and reports the truth, logic and it is interesting when they bring up Fox is it’s blunders. I would suggest a more on the weekend. Karen Finney needs two hours. Patrick Murphy needs to be every weekend. I enjoy the segments on our military. One Saturday is not enough.

  67. BTW, for the typical brainless republican that will interpret MSNBC ratings crashes as a sign of liberal ideas being rejected! I suggest those same republican brain surgeons take a look at John Stewart’s ratings or Colbert’s ratings! republicans typically aren’t very bright people!

  68. Morning Joe needs to go. Mika adds nothing and wtf does MSNBC need a conservative show for? It’s irritating and if i wanted to watch that kind of drivel I’d watch fox.

    Then there is Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell, really this is the best you have to offer?

  69. Bill, I absolutely agree. I wrote a comment to MSNBC a few months back. Joe Scarborough is a hateful bully. I quit watching his show with his bobble head doll guest commentators.

  70. Yes, why do we never hear abut the dead intern in Joe Scarborough’s office? What would happen if that were a Democrat’s office? You can bet we would hear about it over and over and over–just like every other R attack of Dems.

  71. I love MSNBC, I keep it on all day and night! I love every person on there- Was sorry to see Martin Bashir go. I really liked him and miss him. I like Chris Matthews on at 7 pm better as well.
    I am sorry to hear about the ratings. Hope this shakes them up but it makes me fear who may go!
    Happy for Joy Reid but have to tape her since I am not home at 2pm and days I am home I catch up on the only soap left for me- General Hospital.
    I never watched a news program until the 2nd re-election of the President! Then I found my way to MSNBC and stayed.I watch other shows knowing I can catch up with the recorder or later on in the night with repeats! Love this group!

  72. MSNBC’s the one I watch and I agree its the best of the bunch.

    FOX is not worth turning the TV on for since they stretch the truth until it’s ridiculous. So many disgusting people in a 24 hour period – oh my.

  73. I love MSNBC but can’t afford it! FOX News comes on any cable/satellite programming, whereby MSNBC takes a premium package which costs double what I pay now, which is already too much. I generally don’t watch much TV, but I refuse to pay an extra $50 to get MSNBC. I get HLN only with CNN and that pathetic Nancy Grace Show which I would throw things at if it were on for more than 3 minutes! Ugh. I am disappointed that Bashir and Oberman were kicked to the curb and Ed Schultz appeals to the middle aged, middle class white male, which the libs need to appeal to. I like Chris Hayes, but he is kinda boring. He is too dweeby and intellectual…no quirky personality traits like Rachel or Keith had. Morning Joe is a creep and has no clue what he is talking about. Chris Matthews is a goof at times too, but seems to hold some viewers. I just wish we had a progressive show on that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. FOX must subsidize and own stock in Dish and Direct TV.

  74. Say what you want about Olbermann, but he was the only one with the balls to tell the truth on national television or news media during the GW Bush administration. He backed up his statements (much like Rachel does) with videos and printed material and interviews. If more people had watched him leading up to the Iraq war, we would never have gone to war with Iraq because people with those facts would not have stood for it. If we had all watched him during the banking mess, more of the bankers involved would have ended up in jail. Because he gave us the facts not ideology.

  75. Willie and Katty Kay would make a great team for MoJo, but I can’t stand the “real” Republican version of Joe… Mika is a news reader with a famous father…

    Andrea Mitchell should be on at 8pm!

  76. We, as the viewers, DO control these things.

    MSNBC is and always has been ratings driven and losing viewers will cause changes at all levels.

    Although, whether these changes are for the good or bad is anyone’s guess.

  77. Bring back Keith and Martin!! We love Ed and Rachel, too! At least MSNBC tells the truth, while Fox spreads hate and lies. MSNBC fires anyone that says one little thing about someone and that is why they are losing viewers. Fox just looks the other way. We miss Keith and Martin. No one can take their place!!

  78. Get rid of O’Donnell, he’s boring. Chris Hayes is horrid. We need Ed Schultz and Keith Olberman back. I haven’t been watching too much MSNBC lately because I’m pissed-off at their choices.

  79. Why does everyone hate Rev Al? Just as a I watch Al I watch Ed, who to me is too over the top. I love Rachel and Lawrence and Chris…I have always loved Chris. I think they all serve a purpose for MSNBC viewers. Rev Al addresses a void in African American news that the other shows do not address, and I wonder if that is why some of you folks do not like him. It is something to think about, maybe they should replace him with another African American commentator, instead of getting rid of this segment all together.

  80. I used to watch MSNBC faithfully. Enjoyed and learned from Keith Olbermann and Martin Bashir.

    I’m no longer a viewer.

  81. While I understand your vitriol toward Matthews, the guy is a true progressive. He sticks up for the Obama administration and all democrats, but he will also call them out, vigorously, if he thinks they’re wrong about specific issues. He is a true democrat …all of theses pundits have egos the size of the Grand Canyon, but he is” good people”.

  82. I have pulled away from MSNBC after the hosts were treated badly. I’m down to watching Sharpton, Maddow and O’Donnell only. I have never forgiven that spitting Matthews for facilitating the removal of Phil Donahue back in the day. I now rely on FreeSpeechTV and alternative internet media for news. I miss Olbermann so much.

  83. As an African American, I relate quite well to Sharpton and appreciate he calls out racism and fights for the poor and middle class. His voice is sorely needed.

  84. I ask the same question, Danise. Makes you wonder where these Sharpton haters are coming from. He calls out the murders of and injustices against blacks. I guess some people don’t care what happens to blacks. Hmmm…

  85. I think they don’t like his speaking style. He has great guest on and ask great questions IMO. Then maybe they still hold Tawana Brawley against him.

  86. He continues to be too in love with JFK and the 60’s. That was a LONG time ago. Relevance for today’s politics? He obviously doesn’t have much feel for the browning of America, attempting to double down with Ed Rendell for whites in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Yes, they’re needed and shouldn’t be ignored, but what about the rest of America?

    Why does he keep talking about Hillary and 2016? I don’t need or want Qunnipiac polls about 2016 when the Democrats had better recognize 2014 and how the Republicans will consolidate 2010 in Congress and the state level. What good would Hillary and 2016 mean then, Chris Matthews?

  87. I like Melissa Harris Perry. I would have savored taking a course from her in graduate school. I also like how she has different guests, not the same old beltway talking heads.

    Big Ed Schultz fan, but he might be spending too much time on the Pipeline. Same for Rachel Maddow and abortion. I know Kornacki has followed Chris Christie for years, but there’s WAY too much Christie all day and night as another respondent said.

  88. The BIG problem with MSNBC is that they begin their shows by repeating what is being said on FOX NEWS!!
    If they claimed their own platform the viewership would return.

    If I wanted to hear the lies on Fox, I would be watching Fox!!

    Also, Morning Joe is a bad joke. Get rid of the little dictator!

  89. Joseph P.Uhl….I AGREE with you 100% and MSNBC is the best,maybe they need to make a few changes but MSNBC gives the true 411. MSNBC just needs to get rid of
    MoUrning Joke, Gregory’s Meet the RethugliKKKans & Chuckie Tottle.

  90. Absolutely correct…

    I was so pissed that they fired Olbermann that I quit watching as much… and Ed Schultz was the man and they moved him? Bad move… now I hardly watch at all. Joe is irritating as can be but that’s because I can’t stand most conservative view points.

    Yeah, good luck with all that MSNBC.

  91. MSNBC is still the News Channel to watch, for real, honest, news with no lies and no hate. Now, there are shows that are not worth watching. Morning cup of whine and tears with Joe GOP bitch is a definite miss. Andrea Mitchell’s show is unending pain at watching and listening to her stumble and bumble each and every sentence, and the bow and curtsy thing to every republican that comes on is disgustingly despicable. There is no other channel that gives you news without hate and lies, take MSNBC’s short comings in stride, I despise liars and haters and every other channel but MSNBC is full of hate and lies, and that’s no lie.

  92. Nancy, If you have the internet, you can see every show on MSNBC. Just go to its website and click on SHOWS and pick which one you want to see. The way it used to work is that immediately after the show airs on the network, it is then able to be seen via the web. Go to he MSNBC site and mess around there and you will find the right way to do it, and enjoy news on a real News Channel without the disgusting hate and despicable lies of the other TV Stations.

  93. Okay, okay. You made your point. So, from now on let’s call the Network THE LEAN BACKWARD NETWORK. How you know? I watch only O’Donnell and, of course, Maddow.

  94. However bad MSNBC might seem to some, there is NO reason to counter it with the right wing propaganda that is Fox. Thats why we are in so much trouble as a country. Look at the previous record; who`s done more for the country as a whole, the left or the right ?

  95. I like Al Sharpton, too and I’m white. He is smart. Ever watch him during those debates or other specials during elections? He nails it a lot of the time. He may not talk like the rest of the crew…which now that I am commenting…..don’t care to watch Chris Hayes…his hyperness gets me jumpy. Can’t he just sit still? He mirror’s Rachel who uses too many hand gestures too. They are both extremely intelligent and knowledgeable but wish someone would give them this little critique. Don’t jump around so much, please. I watch Chris Matthews but he makes me angry a lot with his bluster and ego. Ed Schultz is a favorite too but I am beginning to cut down on all the programs. I loved Martin Bashir and K.O. and was totally distraught when Martin left. There. I said my piece.

  96. I love Rachel and never miss her, probably never will. I also like Alex Wagner, she is very good at her job, an I appreciate the way she does her show. However, RF Daily, Tamron Hall, Joe Scarborough and all but Mica, plus the Cycle and especially Abby, Rev Al, and Chuck Todd, can all take a hike as far as I’m concerned. I like Toure, and Krystal, but can’t stand their co-host. When Martin left, a part of me left with him, I truly loved Martin’s show and to know that hag Sarah Palin caused him to lose it really ticks me off. Martin always told it like it was, didn’t take any flack from anyone, and did one great job for the network. To take Thomas Roberts and put him on a show that nobody hardly is up to watch is disgraceful! He needs his prime day time spot back. I do like Joy Reid, so that is about the time I start watching any news now. I liked it when Alex Wagner had her noon time spot. So instead of having it on all day now, I watch at 2, 4, and 9.

  97. I agree. I so miss Bashir. Love Rachel Maddow and Alex Wagner and think Wagner should have had the leadin slot to Rachel but oooohhhh, can’t have women back to back in prime time now can we?

    Chris Matthews annoys me more than anyone. It is better since they cancelled his first hour but he still is insulting and irritating, and I wish he would stop pronouncing “e” as “u” (eg “Amurca”).

  98. I have no problem with the lineup of guests that they currently have, but I would love if they got rid of the Lockup series on Fridays. It would be nice if they had a few new shows as they easily would have no problem finding personalities to anchor these shows. Jimmy Williams would be great as a late Friday anchor.

  99. MSNBC has too much redundancy. I do like Matthews and Schultz. I miss Ratigan, Olbermann and Bashir. Steve Kornacki stammers to the point of making me crazy. Chris Hayes is a bit too chirpy, but savvy. Rachel for me is okay one day; not so okay the next. She flies through her script. In some respects MSNBC has become tepid; no spine for real aggressiveness that Olbermann and Bashir possess. So, for a while yet I will remain “hooked” but agree with many of the comments here that MSNBC has lost its MoJo.

  100. I choose MSNBC over other news channels always. Fox is just full of crazy comments on an hourly basis. I used to love Rachel….well I still do, but man a repeat on the same story for over a month…move on. Keep Rachel and let the rest of them go. Re-focus.

  101. I love MSNBC, I watch all their talk shows, but Morning Joe is to Foxy. I missed Olberman and Martin Bashir. Fox news have no respect for our president, and no one is fired, it beats me that Martin is gone because of the joker Palin.
    Please bring back the Bashir and Olberman programme.

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