Red State Democratic Senator Holds Lead Against Koch Financed Tea Party Opponent

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In a poll released by Talk Business and Hendrix College, Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) holds a three-point lead over GOP challenger and current Congressman Tom Cotton. Sen. Pryor leads 45.5% to 42.5% with 8% undecided. Pryor is one of several Democratic incumbents seeking reelection this year in Republican leaning states. Republicans and their extremely wealthy donors are targeting Pryor with a full-on assault as they push to flip the Senate over to the GOP. Currently, Democrats hold a five-seat advantage.

Per the poll, Cotton, who has already received an endorsement from the Tea Party, holds a seven-point lead among men. However, he trails Pryor with women by 10 points. Pryor has extremely large leads with black and Latino voters, while Cotton holds a five-point lead with white voters. The Koch-backed Republican also has a large lead with independent voters, 50-34. This, however, is offset by the fact that there are slightly more Democratic voters in the state. Both Pryor and Cotton hold large leads with their parties.

While there are more registered Democrats in Arkansas than Republicans, Arkansas went overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney in 2012, as he carried the state by 24 points. However, Pryor is considered one of the most conservative Democrats in the Senate. He will obviously distance himself from President Obama throughout his campaign.

This will be an extremely close race and will likely come down to the wire on Election Day. If Pryor can get a good turnout, and it is quite possible he will since Arkansas also has a governor’s race at the same time, he has a very good chance at pulling this out. Pryor’s double-digit lead with women and huge leads with minorities makes it tough for Cotton to overtake him. Cotton will need a low turnout with the majority of voters being white men to be victorious this November.


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  1. Again, a poll conducted by right-leaning pollsters showing a Dem ahead of a Rep – another hose job to lull us into complacency – GOTV

  2. Congressman Tom Cotton holds a five-point lead over incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor in Rasmussen Reports’ first look at the 2014 U.S. Senate race in Arkansas. A new statewide survey of Likely Arkansas Voters finds Cotton with 45% support to Pryor’s 40%. Five percent (5%) like some other candidate in the race, and 10% are undecided. No every impartial poll shows what? Please…….Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan trails her two leading Republican challengers in Rasmussen Reports’ first look at the 2014 U.S. Senate race in North Carolina.

  3. Polls are only as good as the people you are polling. I am sure the repugnants lead in the polling of redneck white men. Did they take the poll at Clem’s Bar, Tire and Hair Care Center? They are not going to get women voters, minority voters, and they won’t even get moderate repugnants to vote for them. It finally dawned on them the other day that their wives don’t necessarily vote the same as them. Duh!

    The teabaggers have been in a decline and will continue to do the death spiral, a phrase of theirs. If the media would just ignore them they would diminish alot faster. If you believed the polls then Romney and Twit would have been elected. Shutting down the government and running around spewing hate was good for a side show but the overwhelming majority of people in this country don’t hold those redneck, racist, mysoginist views.

  4. If you want to get rid of this do nothing congress, let’ not allow any tea bagers, right wing republicans the opportunity to work on the hill. The Congress has been getting paid for doing nothing too long. Let’s put people in Washington that’s going to work for the people and who gives a shi* about the people.

  5. Sorry if it’s not about Arkansas Democrat senator. I’m giving him a big kudos to hold his stand against Koch-backed candidate. But…..

    This got me wondering, what is Republican’s purpose with Koch brothers playing both sides in GOP’s civil war as McConnell and his axis against Cruz’s fringe-wing teabaggers yet both are being heavily financed by Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity. What is Koch brothers’ intention? This is too much for me to comprehend because it’s clearly Koch brothers want to practice the inner civil war before spread it all over America. Words has gotten around that Americans for Prosperity are hiring four private military contractors with their big arsenals, donate to small towns police force and turn it into taxpayer-paid paramilitary force with unnecessary SWATs and six-wheeled urban tanks. I have seen it in Keene, New Hampshire and that town can’t even afford one. Koch brothers are poisoning this country we all loved and cared for. They’re not…

  6. It is called the CYA (cover your a**) plan. The Kochs throw money at both candidates until one comes out ahead. That way no matter who wins you own them. Their true wish is to get as many teabaggers in politics as possible. They also realize they need to have a few mainstream idiots to push their agenda to those who aren’t totally crazy.

  7. You’re so right but Kochs and the like will continue their effort to diminish middle and working class standard of living. With the Supreme(lame) Court backing them up (Citizens United round 1 and 2) they are sure to win this time. I hope I am wrong on this one.

  8. It will take far more to get the population awaken. They are asleep and propagandized. It is an uphill battle. The rich are still in disillusion that by putting the tax burden on the middle and working class somehow the economy will improve.

  9. Hard to get excited over this news as a progressive. It will be a far right nut job or a conservative leaning blue dog democrat. Just another conservative DINO to force good progressive legislation to the right to get it passed at the last second. It was the blue dogs who kept the much needed public option from becoming law. I would prefer no healthcare bill at all over the crap the nation ended up with. Obama won with a mandate and we get a conservative backed healthcare law which is going to screw the Democratic party this November because no one wanted this law.

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