MSNBC Forbids Ed Schultz From Dem Fundraiser But Allows Joe Scarborough to Raise GOP Cash


The MSNBC double standard is on full display as the network made Ed Schultz cancel an appearance at a Democratic fundraiser, but is allowing Joe Scarborough to speak at a Republican cash grab.

In December of 2013, Ed Schultz was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the Broward Democratic Party’s big Unity Dinner in Florida, but he was forced by his bosses at MSNBC to cancel the appearance and claim that he didn’t know it was a fundraiser.

However, Republican Joe Scarborough is being allowed to deliver a keynote address for Cheshire County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in New Hampshire in May. The fundraiser that Scarborough is appearing at costs $50 per person, and all of the money goes to the Republican Party.

MSNBC has turned down repeated requests for comment from media reporters who want to know why Scarborough is allowed to appear at a fundraiser, but Schultz was not.

It is this kind of a double standard and poor leadership that has led to many viewers distrusting MSNBC. There is a reason why MSNBC is losing viewers and has such a negative perception among cable news viewers.

The problems at MSNBC begin at the top. Viewers don’t trust the people who are running the network, and the people who are running the network tend to ignore what the viewers want. There are many talented people working at MSNBC. The network could be so much more than what it is, but it difficult to believe that they are leaning forward when management has different rules for their liberal and conservative employees.

Keith Olbermann was suspended for donating to Democrats in 2010, and that clash with management was part of the feud that led to his departure from the network. It is difficult to escape the suspicion that the execs at MSNBC are trying to push Ed Schultz out too. They have already tried to shuffle Schultz off to the weekends, but viewer outrage combined with the crashing and burning of Chris Hayes forced the network to bring him back to weekdays.

MSNBC’s behavior is not matching their public image, and it leaves viewers to wonder if the network’s liberal tilt is all a marketing scam.


62 Replies to “MSNBC Forbids Ed Schultz From Dem Fundraiser But Allows Joe Scarborough to Raise GOP Cash”

  1. This is exactly why MSNBC is bottoming out in the ratings. If they continue, they might as well shut down because no one will watch their biased reports.

  2. MSNBC seems to be pushing viewers further and further away with their antics. Is it on purpose? Are they trying to rid themselves of their liberal viewers? That’s fine – I will follow Rachel, Ed, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Lawrence anywhere. I can certainly do without Chuck Todd and Joe & Mika.

  3. I’m watching more and more CNN. I’ve weaned myself off of Morning Joe completely and watch New Day now.

    Never watched much of Chris Hayes to begin with, then his love of all things Greenwald and Snowden sealed that fate, so I’m back watching The Silver Fox Anderson Cooper.

    I like Lawrence and Maddow and try to catch them regularly. If I was home during the times Rev Al and Joy Reid aired, I would watch.

    I’m deeply disappointed in the direction MSNBC is going. They are ruining a good thing..

  4. I wonder what they’re going to come up with to force Rachel Maddow out once they’ve driven Ed Schultz away.

  5. I’m so pleased with MSNBC from 10:00 am forward. Joe Scarborough and his sidekick Mika are an insult to our intelligence. The two of them are awful to watch them double entendre and surrounded by Joe’s buds and Mika’s family and 1% friends. Does anyone check the reviews. We the public plea with you everyday to drop them.

  6. Jan, before you throw in the towel consider this. This is not a problem and in fact it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that we Democrats are held to a much higher standard and we do just that! While the Republicans are held to much lower standards because the lowest standards are all they are capable of achieving. The MSNBC management are simply giving Pajama Joe the requisite length of rope with which to hang himself not only with comfort but with plausible deniability on their part. Sometimes you must sacrifice a little to gain much more. Ed is a big enough man to handle this, he is mature to understand why. But Mourning Joey is a petulant whining child who will fret and bitch and show the world how little he deserves all by himself. He will joist himself by his own crybaby petard. I say give Thomas Roberts that show.

  7. Yes, I loved Kieth Olbermann. I wondered back then if the owners of MSNBC weren’t really Republicans just trying to make a profit. While Fox News employees are some times also Presidential candidates and raise money for the Republican party all the time MSNBC employees are restricted from doing anything that will actually promote the ideology they believe in. Shame, shame, shame on MSNBC.

  8. Rachel and Chris are the shows I like… and I’m an old fart. I’d like Joe in the morning if it didn’t have Joe. He’s a typical ignorant conservative. I have no patience for it.

  9. I would love to go on that show! I could easily put Joey in his place and show him what a “real Joe” is! And I would love to set there and stroke my moustache in Mika’s direction and scare the panties right off of her! Her facial follicle phobia is just plain childish,a real man scares her!

  10. MSNBC will never get rid of Joe Scarborough. Morning Joe has been one of their better rated shows. It is consistently second behind Fox and Friends, and the network seems to be modeling more programming (Chuck Todd’s show at 9 for example) on Joe.

  11. What I’ve said and written for quite a while is that most “Liberal” media are actually owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their employees to employ the ridiculous “False Equivalency” or “both parties are the same” argument.
    This situation, however, goes even further than that, allowing that idiot Scarborough to shill gullible GOPers for money for the GOP while denying Schultz the chance to speak at a Democratic function…

  12. Stoped watching Morning Joe, months ago. Never miss, Ed, Lawrence and Maddow love Rev. Al. I have to tape Ed and Joy but never miss them. Ed is the reason I started watching the channel in the first place.

  13. They need a change in leadership there…ED needs to be back at 8pm…and move Hayes to 5pm. Damn fools had a winning line up then moved ED to weekends…that was the start of the downward for Olberman…never cared for him.

  14. MSNBC has attempted to balance out the media by leaning as far as they could away from Fox in reality they both are out of balance!

  15. “Morning Jackass”. Joe’s arrogant, assinine overtalking of Mika was just too much to observe. No more “Morning Jackass” for months now. Chris Mathews would still be great entertainment if he hadn’t started talking over his guests like “Jackass” does. I would sure hate to see Rachel or Ed go, the powers that be at MSNBC have become jackasses themselves. Wish Martin & Keith had a web broadcast, by the way. What a waste of airtime & talent.

  16. I hope plenty of people here have been listening to Randi Rhodes/ 3 hr/daily radio show./Internet.

    She is my #1 fav; Ed Schultz @2 fav.

    Am listening to Randi right ow. OMG, does this woman ever have a gift of gab.

    Go Randi!

  17. Added note to post above..

    Randi Rhodes follows Ed Schultz’s morning show which is also 3 hours.
    Ed’s radio show is far better than his TV MSNBC cable show in my estimation.

  18. Hi Diane.

    It’s been a long, long time since I watched MJ due the fact of Scarborough. Ugh. I love Mika, remember her when she was the scoreboard keeper during the W. Bush election cycle. Oh, so long ago.

    If I could, I would watch “Morning Joe,” but 3 a.m. in the morning time slot is a bit too early for me…and …w/o a DVR .

    I suppose Joe S. has more clout over Big Eddie on MSNBC. Sad, and unfair what they did.

  19. MSNBC has a lot of really good news shows on Morning Joe is not one of them. I started watching because of Ed Schultz, he’s a real person, I have to tape his show as I don’t get off till 5:00, same with Joy Reid, by the way she’s rocking the new show. Love when Alex Wagner lowers the boom on some of these fools. They never see it coming from someone so cute. Rev. Al is my guy he tells it like it is. Rachel Maddow is my girl, straight to the point no bull. Lawrence is always a winner.

  20. MSNBC is a fraud! and if you people need anymore proof than what’s been happening with them since Keith left, then you need to wake up. Ed isn’t going for that BS much longer he’ll be the next to leave!! The problem could be solved by the few wealthy democrats getting together with OUR support get a REAL liberal station, not this FLAMING, F.U. stuff MSNBC is sticking us with! Don’t you people get it???? MSNBC is openly telling EVERY liberal to get LOST!! I’m sorry folks! watching MSNBC is like dumpster driving for lobster dinner!! either be REAL or be GONE!

  21. I think the only ones still watching Morning Joe are from Politico or are republicans, which now that I think about it, are the same thing.

  22. My first vote goes to the best liberal voice in america Thom Hartmann, HANDS DOWN!! I LOVE Randi Rhodes professional and PERSONALLY! and Keith is my BOY! but MSNBC would NEVER have a show for any of them! MSNBC is NOT a liberal station, PERIOD

  23. Unlike Faux News and CBS who’s reporting is completely objective and based solely on facts. Right?

  24. Jason, do you know what the demographics are for the Morning Joe show? Is it the same Viagra crowd that watches Fox & friends?

  25. I use to love MSNBC but stopped watching in 2011. Use to have the best political pundits on, both dem and repub but that is no longer true. Now they have all but joined the ranks of Fox. Sad for sure.

  26. Bashir got together with Dylan Ratigan recently – according to a facebook entry from Ratigan.

  27. I agree with Gail! I’ll follow Rachel, Ed, Lawrence, Joy, Alex, and the two Chris’s anywhere but I can do without Morning Joe and Chuck Todd. MSNBC is definitely driving viewers away. I always liked Martin Bashir and they never should have let him go. The same for Keith.

  28. I have a feeling that they are trying to push liberals out and then bring a right wing tilt. Well I can always go over to Democracy Now and AlJazeera USA. They keep it up and I will stop watching all together. No matter how much I like Maddow.

  29. Scarborough is a money driven windbag immersed in his own preceived self importance. Phil Griffin is a corporate tool who is the two face shit who allow this double standard. Morning joe should explain the Ft Walton Beach incident.

  30. MSNBC is run by cowards. I watched Meet the Press a few times since Tim Russert died, David Gregory is horrible and his sometime replacement Chuck Todd is even worse. It seems like both of them especially David are auditioning for a spot on Fox News. MSNBC sucks ass

  31. Gail, I agree with you. None but the ones you called on MSNBC is nothing but another Fox News. I don’t watch any but those that you named. Chuck Todd and David Gregory on Meet the press, is a joke too. I really can’t give them my support, I did not like it when they let Keith go, then Bashir next, now they are working on ED. I like Rachel, Chris and Lawrence, or amd Al Sharpton. We all need to boycott them. I love Opra.

  32. I am so sick of the MSNBC management – they have no idea who their audience is. I want to support the very few shows that I still watch since they got rid of some of their real talent, but I’m about to turn them off for good.

  33. AllAboutEve said, “MSNBC had one of their best first quarters, this year, 2014.”


    I would bet it’s SOLELY on the reporting of Steve Karnacki, Rachel Maddow, and less so, Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Hayes on the Chris Christie Bridgegate/Sandy Funds scandals.

  34. I don’t think anyone ever really believed the “liberal slant” of MSNBC was anything more than a marketing scheme. Management saw a demand for a liberal alternative to Fox “News” and tried to fill it, even though the upper echelons of management are puppets of the parent corporation (making money is, after all, their primary objective). However, this blatant double standard of allowing Scarborough to appear at a fundraiser when Schulz could not is unacceptable. I’ve already been drifting more in the direction of FSTV from MSNBC, and this story may well accelerate that move.

  35. I used to listen to both whenever I was out and about in my car, but Portland and Seattle both got rid of their progressive radio stations, switching over to conservative and country music. Ugh!

    There are pockets of rednecks in both listening areas, but they are distinctly in the minority.

    I really resent the changeover in programming, and don’t listen to any radio while I’m driving anymore.

    I was pretty faithful in watching MSNBC for a long time, since the 2008 election, in fact — until recently. I was slightly burned when Phil Griffin jerked KO around, and he welcomed Morning Joe back after both KO and Joe were suspended. Lately I’ve been pretty disturbed at how MSNBC hung Bashir out to twist in the wind, and their pandering to the Farrow family, putting that pathetic greenhorn Ronan Farrow in Bashir’s slot. That’s like turning an incontinent puppy loose in a service dog’s former home.

  36. Okay from here on I will never read or watch MSNBC ever again. Wow, CNN and MSNBC really wants to be Fox News 2.0 and 3.0 respectively. It’s sickening. I’ll only listen to Rachel Maddow. Mark my words, we will watch them dissolve into nothing in our lifetime.

  37. Same thing happened to all Liberal RADIO. Are we gonna sit by while they destroy Liberal TV?

    AFM wrote: ‘They are trying to push liberals out and then bring a right wing tilt”.

  38. That’s a double standard by MSNBC What they going Republican Fascism? ED is the best he speaks for a lot of middle class working people. He a good counterweight to Fox lies.

  39. Oh, please, they are doing just fine. You would let one article change your mind. I think a lot of propaganda is going on here after reading some comments.

  40. Double standards and Hypocrites R Us! That is the GOP and the Media is pretty much owned by their minions and sponsors!

  41. I miss Martin too – at least he had the balls to call a spade a spade & they had the nerve to fire him for it. The need to fire this guy named Joe in the early morning because he ain’t worth nothing either.

  42. No mystery there. Just remember what and who MS and NBC represents. The liberal side is on a very short leash. The same tribe tells them what can be said and done like is more open on NBC and the other networks. As long as the money is coming in they will allow Rachel to show little pieces of the real world.. BUT she has to back what she says with proof. And only then when it can’t be hid any longer. Then another member of the tribes. Chuck Todd comes on to explain away what can’t be ignored. The same very few people control almost every thing we are allowed to know. And they have so much contempt for us. We arent supposed to understand that. And certainly NEVER say it. Back years ago before it was so blatant I would have never thought I would see people like the Koch’s, Rove, ALEC. and others to openly be buying and selling our politicians, courts, even the supreme court, controlling the whole country. I am so sad to see this happening.

  43. F Pinol asked a question that I have been asking myself – where is the petition about double standards re Scarboro & Schultz?

    Have you all complained to MSNBC, I frequently do but it takes more!

  44. What is the management of MSNBC up to? Why would they prevent a strong Democrat like prevent Ed Shultz from reporting on a Democratic fundraiser? This double standard must stop. Keith Oberman donated a relatively small amount of money to candidates he personally believed in & got canned while people at FOX can openly give as much money as they want to Republican candidates, & they do and NOT lose their jobs. Martian Basher was excellent, but human. He critized Palin on camera, got caught, sincerely apologized & lost his job. At Fox, they lie, change the story, don’t tell all the the story & twist at will, & they never lose their jobs. They get away with it everyday. I NEVER watch FOX. It turns my stomach. Rachel Maddow rocks, I like Lawarence O’Donnell. I watch a number of the shows on MSNBC. Between them and NPR, and the BBC, I feel that I get a good understanding of what is going on in the world. We need to send a petition to heads at MSNBC and/or call to complain.

  45. May,I agree 100%.MSNBC needs to invite,MoUrning JoKe,Mika Mouse,Chuckie Toddle & especially David Gregory’s, Meet the ReThugliKKKans out of the door.

  46. msnbc is run by republicans and that’s why they terminated Olbermann & Bashir. Executives couldn’t care less if they tank the network, they’ve got their golden parachute and would easily leap to cnn or fox.

  47. More specifically, they are extremely protective of the Financial System, which means Wall Street. They do not discuss anything that might cast Wall St. in a poor light.

  48. In days gone by… would find out the addresses of those at the very top of the MSNBC echelon…..and mail them bags full of the countries city parks, dog doo-doo. If you get my drift? I for one am tired of the corporate hacks, deciding our lives. Ed Schultz aside, it is time for people action.

    Just look around the world today, people are migrating from countries and literally putting their lives in danger, just to try and get a paycheck, they can, sort of, kind of, subsist on. You can blame the worlds corporations on that little fiasco….enough is enough already.

  49. Martin Bashir should be rehired and Joe fired. What the hell is going on with MEET the Press….???

  50. I have alrdy been leang to AJAM but now it’s really set they are objective and newsworthy you R not correct the sit w/EdShultz/JoePhony or I’m gone and I know I’m not alone. See ya.

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