Bill Maher Rips Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Crazed Republican Moon Howlers


Bill Maher ripped Republicans like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz who are more interested in howling at the moon, and making money than they are in governing.


Maher said:

Truth is there has never been a better time to quit government, and go into the lucrative business of b*tching about government. It worked for Joe Scarborough, Mike Huckabee, and most famously, of course, Sarah Palin. The one night stand of Alaska governors. When Sarah announced she was resigning as governor, she said, “It may be tempting to keep your head down and just plod along, but that’s a quitter’s way out.” Yes, only by quitting was she not quitting. You see, Sarah realized she could have a greater affect on influencing stupidity from outside of government, and pledged to work to elect people just like her, just not her.

The fact is today’s Republicans aren’t built to govern. They don’t want to go to the moon. They want to howl at it. That’s why just the fact of getting elected means you’re already damaged goods. Unless you go to Washington and act like the single biggest prick in the room every time, you’re suspect, which is why there’s really only one man current in government who the base completely trusts. I’m talking, of course, about Ted Cruz.

He’s the guy who best understands that high office is just a higher form of talk radio. Rick Perry told them that they should have a heart. Mitch McConnell holds a gun like a girl, and Marco Rubio is pretty soft on Mexicans for an Italian. John McCain is against torture, and he was tortured. Flip-flopper. Chris Christie actually touched Obama during Hurricane Sandy when he should have lured him to the Pine Barrens and hit him with a shovel, and Michele Bachmann compromised on gays by marrying her husband.

It used to be that the golden parachute for Republicans who left government was going directly into lobbying for some big bank or defense contractor, but now elected Republicans are leaving office in midterm to try to cash their golden ticket on Fox News and/or talk radio.

Congress has become the new Saturday Night Live for stardom seeking Republicans. Some of them are trying to use it as a platform to the White House (Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio). Others are using it to build national fame and fortune (Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann), but they all have one thing in common. They aren’t in Congress to pass legislation, and do the country’s business.

Sarah Palin was a trailblazer for Republicans in this respect. Palin shows them that they can abandon the responsibility to the people who elect them, be famous for nothing, and make a ton of money in the process. If the government doesn’t work, it’s because Republicans have zero interest in governing.

They have their eyes on bigger prizes. There are only so many of those Fox News and talk radio jobs out there. The media environment doesn’t reward hard work and legislation. The real money is in being extreme, outrageous, and crazy.

Republicans don’t take governing seriously, which is why they shouldn’t be taken seriously by the American people.


13 Replies to “Bill Maher Rips Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and the Crazed Republican Moon Howlers”

  1. “…never been a better time to quit government, and go into the lucrative business of b*tching about government…”

    It’s not only lucrative – it’s easy. When you have no interest in actually governing for the public good, when you cannot summon the higher thinking required to arrive at real solutions to real problems, then bitching about it is all one can do.

    They’re taking the easy way out and as long as they keep getting rewarded for it, there will be more to follow.

    It’s tyranny, not of the majority or the minority, but of those with the biggest mouths.

  2. Yeah @Kim Serrahn, I love the OJays. Those were the good old days. On that video of Maher when he put all the faces of those RWNJs on the screen that was a scary sight when all next to one another.

  3. FOX Noise does tend to attract people like this, although Joe Scarborough is one of the exceptions since he’s on MSNBC. These folks offer nothing remotely resembling constructive critique. Instead, they appeal to the dullards among us who’ve bought into the idea that government is the problem, as the late Ronald Reagan once said. What’s worse is that they make millions out of badmouthing the very government that makes it possible for them to do what they are currently doing. But whoever said logic was their strong point?

  4. I have always thought that whenever Ted Cruz opens up his mouth he’s merely auditioning for Faux Noise.

  5. Anne, I wonder what the rwnj’s would do for material if a Republican wins the Presidency. They will be out of business.

  6. Don’t fool your self. These rethugs know well what they are doing. the aim is to destroy all faith in our country, then….they will be the SAVIORS and take it over. To be built in the image they.. want. THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT THEM IS… A GOOD SWIFT KICK in the behind and out they go. Our problem then Is the Supreme Court that will work against the country, until all the sitting rethugs have passed away. UNLESS WE CAN IMPEACH THEM. We need a Dem President that will get the chance to appoint more liberal Judges. The rethugs of today will see to it Obama does not have that chance. I hope the Thomas Court will be remembered as the worst court in history. Of course, the rethugs have an uncanny way of rewriting history.

  7. “Rethugs rewriting history.”

    W. Bush has already rewritten history. When people visit his “library” they will find the war films at Bush’s library re: Iraq have already been changed as we know it, but changed as the Bush Adm. want US/the world to know it.
    Imagine how the next generations will not ever realize how the real Iraq war went down. It’s all to make the Bushie’s look good for history’s sake.

  8. The Republicans believe the government only has two duties: 1) protect the country from foreigners, 2) protect the wealthy from everyone else.

  9. When SCOTUS allowed Citizens United, I knew we were done as a democracy. It’s been a downhill speed race ever since.

  10. Check out

    This is Ben Cohen’s website in which he tells us how we could play a part to have Citizens United & McCutcheon overturned.

    We can’t give up home on our democracy. We need to get rid of those who are buying (or trying to buy) our democracy before it’s too late.

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