Cowardly Rand Paul Caves, Bows Down, and Kisses The Ring of Dick Cheney


On ABC’s This Week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) completely reversed course by claiming that Dick Cheney loves America, and that he never criticized the former vice president’s motives for invading Iraq.



KARL: So I want to turn to foreign policy, some tapes of you over the last few years have emerged recently. You were very critical of Dick Cheney. You suggested that he was opposed to going into Baghdad in 1991…


PAUL: Dick Cheney then goes to work for Halliburton, makes hundreds of millions of dollars as CEO. Next thing you know, he’s back in government it’s a good idea to go to Iraq.


KARL: Do you really think that Cheney was motivated by his financial ties to Halliburton.

PAUL: I’m not questioning his motives.

KARL: Sure looked like you were questioning his motives.

PAUL: Well, here’s what I’m questioning, I don’t think Dick Cheney did it out of malevolence, I think he loves his country as much as I love the country…

KARL: But you said we don’t want our defense to be defined by people who make money off the weapons. Are you suggesting that’s why we went to war in Iraq?

PAUL: No. No.

KARL: That our defense was being defined by people who make money off weapons?

PAUL: No. And that’s why I’m also saying that I’m not questioning Dick Cheney’s motives.

There’s a chance for a conflict of interest. At one point in time, he was opposed going into Baghdad. Then he was out of office and involved in the defense industry and then he became for going into Baghdad.

Sen. Paul isn’t a leader. He is a coward, who is saying whatever he has to say in order to win the Republican nomination in 2016. It is not surprising that Paul would completely take back his criticism of Cheney. Sen. Paul has to shake the perception within the Republican Party that the apple didn’t fall too far from the fringe extremist tree.

Rand Paul is behaving just like Mitt Romney did in 2012. Both men were/are consumed with their desire to be president. The Paul folks seem to believe that they can say whatever they have to in order to win the nomination, then do whatever they want.

The problem is that Paul’s explanations are so convoluted that he is making it nearly impossible for anyone outside of his current base of support to take him seriously as a presidential candidate. It makes perfect sense for Rand Paul to bow down and kiss Dick Cheney’s ring. It may be hard to believe for anyone outside of the Republican Party, but the Bush/Cheney foreign policy remains popular within the GOP.

Anyone who goes against the Bush Doctrine gets labeled a radical outsider. Rand Paul’s best chance of winning the 2016 Republican nomination is to convince the party establishment that he’s, not like his daddy, and hopefully catch fire in the early primary and caucus states.

Rand Paul is revealing himself to be a less intelligent version of Mitt Romney. Nothing Paul says can be trusted to stand the test of time. Sen. Paul’s inability to keep his stories straight will be the downfall of his presidential ambitions in 2016.


21 Replies to “Cowardly Rand Paul Caves, Bows Down, and Kisses The Ring of Dick Cheney”

  1. Anyone remember the First Obama/Romney debate where Romney took back everything he had said during the campaign and turned liberal??

    I give you rand paul. Turning on the tea bags, only to next week to turn back, and in the process wearing out 3 sets of flipper flapper shoes. The ones that make the flip flop john Mccain sound when he walks

  2. this is from the guy that wrote a few days ago on twitter that “Reagan never wanted to be a War President and there were no Wars on his watch”

  3. “Sen. Paul has to shake the perception within the Republican Party that the apple didn’t fall too far from the fringe extremist tree.”

    More like: the fecal matter didn’t fall far from the anus.

  4. I am thinking that the “Dick” must have invited Rand Paul to go hunting with him….LOL…nothing like the threat of buckshot in the face to change a persons views on another, LOL.

  5. NSA-intercepted message fragment, Cheney > Paul:

    “..//garbled//… shoot you in the face!” //static/…”

  6. Cheney did it out of malevolence, I think he loves his country as much as I love the country…

    Probably the one truth spoken in the entire interview.

  7. The only thing, that I can actually say that I like about cheney, is that there isn’t much of him in the news lately. That man would send shivers up the devils spine, him and his parrot, gw.

  8. ummm…he does realize there is hard core video of him saying exactly what he claims he wasnt saying. video. Him, on camera, very clearly saying the opposite of what he says now. Does he hope against all hope that people will just take his word for it instead of the actual video of him in his own words? It benefitted him politically to tell the truth back then. It now will benefit him politically to pretend he didnt say those things. There is no spinning what he said. You are a corporate shill, and on your knees before the republican party, begging them for the nomination if you will pretend you didnt say what you said. You said it. now own it. You side with republicans solely becaus of the monies corporations feed into that party. You know what your party is all about, but your greed make you sell out every time. Keep it up Rand, no one will want you soon.

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