Rep. Marsha Blackburn Cracks Up and Claims Sebelius’ Replacement Will Cook The ACA Books


House Republican Marsh Blackburn is trying to convince the world that the ACA is a big conspiracy and that Obama has nominated Sylvia Burwell to head up HHS so that she can spin the numbers.



BOB SCHIEFFER: And back at our capitol, a lot of the same old same old. Republicans and Democrats fighting over equal pay for women and there was talk about the resignation of health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. We’re going to talk about that now first with Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn. She’s in Nashville this morning. Congresswoman, thank you for joining us this morning. While you were in New Hampshire yesterday with a lot of the Republicans who are thinking about running for president, was there any consensus among them about what the resignation of Katherine Sebelius means? And is it going to quiet the controversy over Obamacare?

REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN: No, it’s not going to quiet the controversy, Bob. I think it’s quite the opposite. What it has done is to elevate some of the concerns. Burwell is an interesting choice. And I think there are many of us and probably a bit of a growing consensus that they know they’ve got a math problem with Obamacare. And the numbers are not going to work out so that the program is actuarially sound. And they’re going to have to have somebody to kind of spin the numbers. And this is something with Burwell coming from O.M.B., I think they’re expecting her to be able to do for them. How many of these seven million people have paid? How many actually signed up and paid and completed the process? How many got subsidies? How many are on Medicaid? How many are young? You know, if those numbers don’t work out exactly right, they’ve got a big funding issue on their hands.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, will Republicans still run on repeal and replace? Or will they offer something different? Or will they try to fix this system that we now have?

REP. MARSHA BLACKBURN: I think what you’re going to see is a continue to repeal it and replace it. Now we know we’re not going to get it off the books until this president is out of office…

Obamacare doesn’t have a math problem, but Rep. Blackburn may have a meth problem if she really believes that Burwell is being brought in from OMB as a numbers expert who can cook the books on the ACA. Blackburn was trying to poison the well, because Republicans are going to need some excuse to be able invalidate the numbers as the ACA enrollment numbers continue to grow.

Rep. Blackburn’s theory is insane. It is also more evidence of the lengths that Republicans are willing to go to in order to deny reality. Republicans will never accept that the ACA is working. It is impossible for them to comprehend that people want access to affordable healthcare. Blackburn is never going to accept that enough young people signed up, or that people are paying their premiums.

This is where we are now. Republicans who are incapable of handling the fact of their defeat, and going to slip back into their bubble. They are going to try to explain to everyone that the success of the ACA is figment of our imaginations. Republicans know, they just know, that Obamacare is really failing.

However, the ACA isn’t failing, and the Republican Party’s refusal to accept reality is pushing it closer to the brink of oblivion.


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  1. I have come to accept that the GOP are reality challenged – climate denial (they believe the 3% of scientists or the Bible), age of the earth (Bible again), women aren’t paid less (someone, who knows who?)

    But they now are apparently incapable of understanding basic numbers. The reports of enrollment come largely from INSURANCE companies totting up their new enrollees.

    So I pay little heed to poor Marsha because she just has to say something, right? So she has become a numbers denier. Fits right in with everything else she chooses to believe…or not.

  2. Wow the GOP now supports, as they always have spreading false accusations and Lies. Reality must really bite for these dangerous people.

  3. I truly don’t know who’s the biggest nutbag, Blackburn or Bachmann. The worst part is I think Blackburn may actually believe the crap she spews.

  4. Apparently, rethugs Women are just as bad as the worst of rethug Men. They vote against Women, speak against other Women WORK against Women. Or are they just Women pretending to be Women? dislike them as much as any rethug Man.

  5. These types like Blackburn and Bachmann etc.are Stepford politicians. They wind them up and give them a few lines to spew out for the party line. Guess that’s why they had their little family reunion in NH. They had to get their stories straight and do a little MK Ultra on the ones like Blackburn. I wonder if they do a little water boarding on them since they’re so fond of it, and it’s not torture?

  6. Good gawd. These people are utterly clueless as to how absurd and far-fetched their lies sound to the rest of us. I really don’t know how someone with a sound mind can get up there and say that crap.

  7. Just another box of rocks in the female GOP! What woman besides someone very stupid or misinformed would run for a leadership position in the party that fails women all the way down the line on every issue? They do not represent women at all, rather they represent the ridiculous thought that the party runs on fiscal responsibility and religious values, both a farse if you really look at their positions. Most of our debt has been created by the last 3 Republican admins and all of the deficit reduction has been done by the last 3 democrats! Spending under Reagan and Bush Jr. were 6 times that of Obama and over double that of Carter and Clinton. Women have recently went back to the 60s in terms of rights and equality under this congress. It is shameful that these women represent their country while hurting over 50% of it that happens to be their own gender! Stupid is too nice a word for them!

  8. Marsha Marsha Marsha. Putting you front and center and feeding your Presidential ambitions, are we? Please proceed, Reince. You have your ‘smart guy’ Rand Paul, who never met a social program he wouldn’t cut (after he’s spent his life on SS for education, and the taxpayers for his salary) and now I guess Marcia is the proof that the GOP LOVES women! First they shoved Palin down our throats, and now Marsha is everywhere. The ACA is never going to be repealed, dear. Not in this lifetime. Why can’t you and your bad of fear-mongers do something productive? It is an election year, and the GOP is looking more and more stupid every day. Please proceed. I would love to see you in debates.

  9. I guess she IS a prime candidate to be recruited by the RNC as a potential GOP nominee for POTUS, as she has apparently embraced a key tenet of Republican ethics:
    When in doubt, make crap up!

  10. This is going to be the new line of ‘Paranoid schizophrenia’ attack. And the Amer. media have their new talking points. We’ll be treat to fact free allegations and analysis.

    Bob Schieffer, didn’t bother to challenge rep. Blackburn on her allegations.
    Better known as, ‘BS Mountain’.

  11. “Now we know we’re not going to get it off the books until this president is out of office…”

    Oh good…because by then, millions more will have insurance and the GOP will be the Party that tells all of those people that they can kiss their insurance goodbye. Then there are all the young adults under age 26 who won’t be covered on the insurance plans their parents have. Not to mention all those that have Medicaid now because of ObamaCare(s).

    Sounds like a winning electoral strategy…for Democrats.

  12. She wants to know how many has paid. At last count better than 85%, and that is because of the insurance companies bein overwhelmed. She wants to know how many of that 7.1 million is on Medicaid. If the stupid witch could read, she would know that the number is ZERO. In addition to the 7.1 million, there was also over 3 million Medicaid signees, and over 3 million under 26, still on their parents plans. She just showed America that she isn’t very bright.

  13. Marsha & her Tea Party pals know an awful lot about cooking books. Someone should check her campaign finances. Seems like she’s projecting. Wouldn’t Obama & Sebelius have to be in cahoots with the states to fudge the stats? Why doesn’t anyone ask this dumb bitch for proof during one of her vapid interviews?

  14. Here we go again!!! So what else is new with the TGOPs?

    As always the TGOP comments are, in truth, self-accusations about their own actions, each one being subjective to themselves.

  15. Hey Marsha, you TGOPs ALWAYS give away your secrets in every comment you make! Keep it up … we love it!

  16. Marsha Blackheart is one of the most ignorant foul mouthed people ever to draw breath. She and Mich-HELL Bachman and Scarah Palin are an axis of evil unto themselves.

  17. Why do they keep putting these people on the air and never question them. Just how does this help Americans? Liberal media my a$$.

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