Republican ACA Lies Get Thrashed and Trashed as CBO Report Is An Epic Obama Win

Obama-Smile-full-sidePresident Obama got the ultimate political win today, as the CBO’s updated ACA projections delivered a drubbing to years worth of Republican Obamacare lies.

Here are the new estimates via the CBO:

CBO CBO and JCT estimate that the insurance coverage provisions of the ACA will increase the proportion of the nonelderly population with insurance from roughly 80 percent in the absence of the ACA to about 84 percent in 2014 and to about 89 percent in 2016 and beyond (see Table 2). CBO and JCT project that 12 million more nonelderly people will have health insurance in 2014 than would have had it in the absence of the ACA. They also project that 19 million more people will be insured in 2015, 25 million more will be insured in 2016, and 26 million more will be insured each year from 2017 through 2024 than would have been the case without the ACA.

Those gains in coverage will be the net result of many changes in insurance coverage relative to what would have occurred in the absence of the ACA. In 2018 and later years, 25 million people are projected to have cover- age through the exchanges, and 13 million more, on net, are projected to have coverage through Medicaid and CHIP than would have had it in the absence of the ACA. Partly offsetting those increases, however, are projected net decreases in employment-based coverage and in coverage in the non group market outside the exchanges.

Relative to their previous projections made in February 2014, CBO and JCT now estimate that the ACA’s coverage provisions will result in lower net costs to the federal government: The agencies currently project a net cost of $36 billion for 2014, $5 billion less than the previous projection for the year; and $1,383 billion for the 2015-2024 period, $104 billion less than the previous projections.

In plain English, 12 million more people will have health insurance that didn’t have it before, and the ACA is going to cost $104 billion less than previously projected. This is a huge win for President Obama and the ACA. The numbers are demonstrating that Republicans were completely and absurdly wrong about the impact of healthcare reform.

The CBO also released a table which shows a world with Obamacare, and a world without it, or the top part of the table is what Democrats have given the country, and the bottom is what things would look like if Republicans had their way:


The big takeaway is that Republicans want more people to go without healthcare. By 2024, the CBO estimates that 89% of Americans will have health insurance. This won’t be universal coverage, but it will be the closest we have ever been to everyone having access to healthcare.

Republicans have claimed for years that Obamacare will add to the deficit. The CBO said no. Republicans claim more people are losing health insurance than are getting it. The CBO slapped them upside the head with some cold hard facts. Republicans believe that Obamacare will collapse in on itself due to not enough people signing up, the CBO found that 12 million uninsured Americans will have access to healthcare in 2014 thanks to the ACA.

This report delivered an absolute drubbing to every Republican claim about the ACA. Republicans are about to make the case to 12 million uninsured Americans that they don’t need healthcare.

Republicans put all of their eggs into the repeal Obamacare basket, but now the basket has a big hole in the bottom, and the eggs are all over the GOP’s faces.


28 Replies to “Republican ACA Lies Get Thrashed and Trashed as CBO Report Is An Epic Obama Win”

  1. I think that by 2024 the ACA will be universal. The people will see how it works, and we will no longer have little tea bag wannabes running around telling lies about it.

    Today simply shows again how the gop lies and doesnt care about Americans

  2. Just wait for the 17th when the final numbers of the initial sign up is release. Not making a wild claims but the numbers could be north of 9 million

  3. I think someone should explain the difference between lies and projections. I highly doubt he would slam the Obama administration for ‘lying’because it didn’t meet it’s original coverage projections on time…

    Also the chart is set up “without ACA” on the left and “with ACA” on the right. Not top/bottom as described int he article. I know it’s not as impactful, but it the truth is the truth.

  4. Good news for the ACA and the President, but unfortunately Republicans will not believe a word the CBO reports. They are only rooting for failure for this President. We must vote Republicans out of office, only then can the country move forward. Yes we can!

  5. By 2024 if you want to find a republican you will have to go to the Smithsonian and look at the display. It will be right next to the 20th century display of dial up phones, black and white televisions, and phonograph players.

  6. Progressives have won the cultural wars now all we have to do is vote and take back our country from the baggers.

  7. The GOP quotes the CBO data as gospel when it supports their posotion, and they say the data is all made up and bogus when it supports Obama’s case. They are so hypocritical, it should be a crime. When the facts refute their lies they just go into denial. They are hopeless!

  8. @djchefron I go to the senior center a few times a week and play chess and socialize. We have some real political discussions there. They are scared as am I about the future. I would say that it used to be about 50/50 in Dems and Repubs. I started telling them about Ryans budget and the repubs design to voucherize medicare and cut social programs. They have a bank of computers there and I started showing them what I said was true. I would say now its 90% for them Dems. They plan on showing up and doing their duty. All we have to do is show people the facts.

  9. Bless your heart Phil. This is great. I do eldercare and you’d be surprised how many seniors are seeing the facts clearly and supporting the Dems.!

  10. That is the only way the truth can get out because the republicans will not tell it. They know the ACA is working and they know the other states will be coming on board because they will have no choice but do the right the thing for their people in their states. People are going to be the ones who make this work an get behind the republicans governors to do the right thing, it is up to them to put the pressure on them. The republicans governors would bend but the republicans house or senate in those states is the key and they have to be the ones to have the pressure put on to like is being done in VA. They are so full of hate for the president that they don’t care about the people but the screws is tightening up around them and hopefully it will tighten so badly that they have to give in because a lot of people need the help. It is sad that thousands of people who need medical care and can’t afford it have to suffer because men hate for no reason.

  11. Don’t bet for a moment that this news won’t stop the Republicans from holding vote # 2376 to repeal ACA.

  12. You wouldn’t be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other if you would take off that sheep head you’re wearing.

  13. Ibet you won’t have to go to the Smithsonian to see those things—-dial up phones, Republicans, etc….you will just have to go to a Republicanhome and they will have all the old time stuff there…tape players, record players, 8 tracks, b and w TVs, all that good old time tuff.

  14. It will be entertaining (as always) to see how Fox “News” spins this – and have no doubt. They will spin it and it’s unfortunate that their viewers will never know about this because all the Fox sheeple watch Fox “News” to the exclusion of all other media outlets. They’re desperation is PATHETIC.

  15. ACA Signups: 26 million on the Graph
    Or maybe millions more. Due to imprecise but independent confirmations, brainwrap has added his estimate of off-exchange enrollments to the graph, giving a grand total of 26 million up to today in all of the different ACA programs together. There is still another unconfirmed category with perhaps 8.2 million signups through employers, which would, if confirmed, make the grand total 34 million.

  16. Here’s just one example of how Dems do that too. I also seem to remember a lot of negative projections coming from the CBO about the ACA in 2009, which coincidentally, were all dismissed and instigated claims of right-wing partisanship.

    Even the morning jokers on MSNBCB recognize this.

    As I’m short on examples, I’m sure you’d be able to provide me specifics on Republicans doing this? Or is it only hypocritical when Republicans do it?

  17. I’ve got an excellent opportunity for you, Phil. Educate me. If you can convince me, your argument is sound, but I am no slouch and smarter than anyone else you’ve tried to sway.

    I am very open, but have yet to see how the benefits outweigh the sacrifices. Our government now thinks they have the authority to compel commerce by calling it a tax.

    One question before you begin as it will be very hard without dispelling that notion. How, when the government mandates me to make a purchase is that not compelled commerce? I don’t want the BS legal argument provided, I’ve busted that on numerous accounts

  18. You are not short on examples but you are short on brains. You are what I call a idiot. Ask Joe about that dead intern.

  19. So, what you’re saying is that Republicans have been against federal takeover of healthcare for the last 3 decades because they hate President Obama?

    Hmph. I guess Morgan Freeman was right on “Through the Wormhole”, the future does effect the past….

  20. Auto insurance for one you idiot. The benefits seeing that you were homeschooled when the uninsured gets healthcare someone has to pay for it in higher premiums and taxes but you cant see the forest for trees.

  21. Funny how the GOP believed the ACA numbers when they were down but refuse to believe them now that they are up. Hypocrisy anyone?

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