An Insanely Jealous Bill O’Reilly Claims Conservatives Won’t Watch Stephen Colbert


Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly can’t hide his jealousy over Stephen Colbert taking over CBS’ The Late Show. O’Reilly’s latest shot is that conservatives won’t watch Colbert.


O’Reilly said, “Traditionally, late night has been light and breezy with a minimum of political posturing. Carson and Leno set the tone for that, but Colbert has built an entire career on pleasing the left, and if you don’t believe me, check out the reportage on his ascension. The far left websites and writers are thrilled, so he has to compete with Fallon and Kimmel, who are basically high energy guys who want to have good times on their shows. Be hard to fathom that 40% of Americans who describe themselves as conservatives will watch Colbert.”

Bill-O is, of course, wrong. Colbert’s audience isn’t just the left. According to a 2012 Pew Research study, Colbert’s audience is 12% Republican, 38% Independent, and 45% Democrat. Bill O’Reilly’s show is an example of a host that is playing to one side of the aisle. Bill-O’s audience is 52% Republican, 30% Independent, and 15% Democrat. O’Reilly has third highest percentage of Republicans watching his show. He trails on Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in terms of Republican partisanship.

Republican and conservative aren’t the same thing. Some Independents are disgruntled Republicans, and a portion of them are probably already watching Colbert.

O’Reilly is exhibiting all the signs of jealousy. The truth is that he may be the top dog on cable news, but Bill O’Reilly is a minuscule fish compared to network television. Steven Colbert is going to walk in the door, and draw more viewers than The O’Reilly Factor from day one. Colbert’s baseline is the three million plus viewers that Letterman currently draws. If his show is successful, Stephen Colbert will leave Bill O’Reilly in the dust. Colbert will be the one that people are talking about the next morning at work and school. O’Reilly will have to face that he is not the national superstar that he thinks he is.

Colbert better hope that Fox News viewers don’t watch him. Colbert won’t be hosting the Late Show for very long if his average audience is 65 years old, like it is at Fox News. Stephen Colbert is the future. Bill O’Reilly is the past. Since Colbert won’t be doing his Colbert Report character when he goes to CBS, it is clear that Bill O’Reilly is upset because Colbert is poised to become the star that he never was.


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  1. So Colbert is so far left no Republicans will watch interesting since this comment is coming from far right pompous billo like his opinion is worth listening to, yes Colbert will do very well I predict as he is not only intelligent he is so likeable and there is no HATE spewing like billo he doesn’t have to do that to get an audience like billo has to. Love that Colbert he is so far above anybody on Faux tabloid.

  2. When Colbert first had his show, conservatives loved it, loved him until someone pointed out to them that he really wasn’t a brain dead conservative he was mocking them. Had to be a “librul” that told them, conservatives don’t have a brain to figure it out for themselves.

    He’ll do fantastic. Billy Boy can suck dirt.

  3. I am a gun loving, former Democrat from Texas who does not approve of much about this president except that he is black. (loathed Bush, too) What I do like is Steven Colbert. He, or the character that he plays, is extremely funny, insightful and provides an opportunity to look at issues from a different perspective. I never watched the other late night talking heads, nor Letterman, but I will tune in for Mr. Colbert. When I need someone who agrees with everything that I think, I just look in the mirror. I’d never bother with Rush, et al. We don’t have much in common, anyway.

  4. O’Reilly appears to believe in his “own-shit”. This dude could really get a whole lot uglier than he is right now if he were to be placed in charge of a concentration (DEATH) camp located somewhere in the U.S.A. filled to the brim with his opposition. In my opinion.

  5. the really funny part of all this, is the fact that they are assuming he will be doing political comedy. Even funnier is they have no idea what type of program this is. It’s about movie stars. It’s all about Hollywood. There isn’t a conservative that I have seen so far that has the brain to figure that out. If there was going to be a format change, the network would’ve come out and said we are creating a new show for Stephen Colbert. It’s going to be a political comedy show. we are going to call it the tonight show.

    conservatives like Bill O’Leilly are complete idiots. They are so wrapped in their own little bubble that they assume everything is against them.

  6. One time Colbert had O’reilly on his show to promote his new book.Colbert held up the book and it already had a 20% off sticker on it. O’Reilly was Pissed.I rarely watch O”reilly (and never his show) when he is on other programs, but one thing is clear:He thinks he’s far more important than he is. A legend in his own mind.

  7. “Since Colbert won’t be doing his Colbert Report character when he goes to CBS, it is clear that Bill O’Reilly is upset because Colbert is poised to become the star that he never was”…… Or ever will be.

    Fixed it for you. :-)

  8. @shiva – Exactly, the show will be different, Colbert will not be in character, Bill is a delusional kook.

  9. I find it amusing that all those right wingers like O Reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, and the rest are always angry and pissed off at the world. While lefties like Colbert, Stewart and Maher are laughing it up. Lifes to short to go around being mad all the time.

  10. Bill-O’s audience is 100% right wing fanatic. He can’t imagine having a blended audience any more than he can imagine having a blended family or a blended government.

  11. He’ll get a monologue, which the host always gets to put the “lean” on. He can also do sketches if he wants. I doubt he’ll do Dave’s stuff. It’s not Dave’s shows anymore. He can pick and choose his guests to some extent. Sure, he’ll have to do promo type guests from TV and movies, but he can choose other guests as well. And he gets to write/approve his interview questions. I doubt we’ll see the quick as a wink mockery (love them!) interviews he does now, but you can’t change “smart as a whip”.

    In Bill-O and his audience’ case, you can’t fix mean and stupid.

  12. Rip,

    You are going to be mighty surprised when you see Stephen Colbert as a REAL PERSON not the “conservative Stephen Colbert” he plays on Comedy Central. You will enjoy him just as much as his real self.

  13. Did you see the way he bobbed his head when he talked and that sneering expression on his face.

    Oh how the green eyed monster bit him on the ass.

  14. O’Reilly is still around? I thought he had imploded a couple of years ago. Oh, that’s right, only Rethugnicans watch him.

    How ironic it will be when polling shows that he Colbert has far more Republicans watching him that Bill ever did Democrats or independents.

    Humor triumphs over hate.

  15. Bill’s viewers will not watch Colbert because he will be on after their bedtime. Nursing homes will not let residents keep the TV on that late.

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