Even Joe Scarborough Believes That Nevada Rancher Cliven Bundy Is An Anarchist

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During Tuesday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, MSNBC correspondent Katty Kay led a discussion on the recent developments surrounding the standoff between the federal government and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. The Bureau of Land Management states that Bundy owes grazing fees over the past 20 years. Bundy has allowed his cattle to  graze public land and has stated that he does not recognize federal law prohibiting him from doing so. This eventually led to a standoff between federal law enforcement and Bundy’s supporters.

Kay played a clip of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) stating that this issue is not over. Basically, he said that we cannot have citizens deciding which laws they want to follow and ignoring the ones they dislike. This was followed by a clip of Mike Huckabee standing up for Bundy, saying that this is all just about blades of grass and that the federal government is grossly overreacting by sticking guns in private citizens’ faces.



Kay followed up the playing of Huckabee’s clip by stating that Huckabee had ‘lost the plot a bit.’ Essentially, she was saying that Huckabee was completely letting Bundy off the hook, as she said Bundy’s actions aren’t libertarianism, they’re anarchy.

Somewhat shockingly, Joe Scarborough completely agreed with Kay. While Scarborough did try to place some blame on the BLM for acting aggressively with Bundy and his supporters, he pointed out that Bundy has been breaking the law for 20 years and needs to be acted against. He stated that every other rancher has to follow the same laws and that Bundy has to follow the rule of law.

Thomas Roberts ended the segment by highlighting that Bundy simply doesn’t believe in federal law; that he feels it doesn’t apply to him. Therefore, it is likely that additional action needs to be taken against him, above and beyond what would normally occur with a rancher who did not pay certain fees or taxes. This appeared to be a way from Roberts to refute some of Scarborough’s criticism of the BLM.


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  1. Morning Joe lives in Connecticut and makes millions working in New York. He cannot play the part of a complete rwnj. He must keep some semblance of sanity.

  2. Basically it comes down to one point … Are you for the conservative Republican RED army Tea Party extremist or the Republic and the Constitution?

  3. Irregardless of what morning blow said I am betting inside he was screaming to back up Bundy and the rest of those morons. He always plays that passive/aggressive crap like no one can figure him out. Once a politician always a politician.

  4. Joe repeatedly claimed that Bundy was not a conservative even though Clive himself said so many times. Joe simply cannot admit that Conservative for a long time has been the code for NutJob, or Wingnut. Conservative also means my way or the highway, bigotry, and just plain loss of reality. They will keep trying to pin this on the left with no avail. You simply DO NOT see anyone from the left acting in such a treasonous ignorant manner. And the few times that have occurred, we put them in the proper place and assign blame where it truly is and accept the consequences. The right simply refuses any responsibility for any thing they do that is harmful to this nation.

  5. Do we really want to go there? I like my property rights to be respected, and that there is law in place to see that they are, but when we start to believe that we no longer must obey the property rights of our State’s land, then maybe they will no longer obey those laws protecting ours. Some may be cutting their own throats! I pay my camping fees to set up a tent and sleep on the ground, I pay them proudly, this man or thing whatever he is needs to understand he is just like everyone else.

  6. Since the anti government movement is only growing along with highly armed militia groups, wouldn’t it behoove the FBI to make it easy for communities to get involved in reporting suspicious individuals or activities? Many times local law enforcement are anti federal government so you can’t go to them. All communities should have the right to feel safe from these extremists. Every state should have a FBI ombudsman to report terrorism, domestic or abroad. It needs rolled out and communicated ASAP.

  7. This is nothing but repub. talking & living out both side of their face..
    On 1 hand they complaint about people mooching of the gov., now they got one of their own doing exactly what they been complaining about. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you ‘Bundy the Moocher & the Gun Touting Schizo’.. Cheer on, by the ‘Paranoid Rev. Huckabee.’

  8. Who gives a Hoot in Hell if Joe Scarborough calls Bundy an anarchist. Big Government is intrusive and evil. Tazing and threatening innocent people for protesting isn’t what they should be about.

  9. Bundy and his band of terrorists had a plan to use Women and Children in the front of these sick individuals. The plan was sacked, but just the thought of using WOMEN AND CHILDREN is quite sick.,,, where were the brave fighters they say they are. The brave fighters who stand against any and all Gov. Brave they are NOT, fighters they are NOT! Cowards tho fits perfectly. Cowards hiding behind Women and Children.

  10. usa.. the Gov wasn’t tazig threatening and innocent people. they were and are using land that belongs to all people of this nation not paying as others have, taking unfair advantage for over 20 years. explain to me and others, what’s not to get angry about here. Other Ranchers have paid why not this overly pompous character.

  11. You have not heard the whole story from any mainstream media. There is a LOT more to this than you seem to be aware of.

    This left/right, conservative/progressive nonsense must be put aside. Our country is under attack by corrupt politicians from both sides. The “two” indistinguishable parties are meant to distract us by keeping us rooting for “our team” and fighting with “them” rather than looking at the corruption that is destroying the Constitution and everything we as Americans should be united in standing for.

  12. While I somewhat agree with you, the two partys are not “indistinguishable”

    Lets just remember we elect those who are making laws against the constitution

  13. Bundy was one of 53 ranchers on this land. The other 52 have been bought and/or driven off and out of business. His family grazed herds there since the 1870s, long before BLM existed. In the 1880s they purchased grazing and surface water rights in perpetuity. All the ranchers worked together to install wells, fencing, cattle guards, etc. and maintained and worked the land.

    Harry Reid has cut a deal with ENN (a Chinese company) to purchase the land for far less than its assessed value from Clark County which owns it. BLM only manages it. ENN will install a solar energy project. Reid’s son is ENN’s attorney. Reid installed his former top staff aide as head of BLM to approve this project. Since the showdown the documents proving this have been pulled from BLM’s site and google archives, but copies exist. The tortoise allegedly being protected is being killed by BLM in large numbers. This is not about a tortoise.

  14. Yes, they’ll bicker loud and long about abortion and gay rights, but on taking us to wars we have no business in, taxing us, spending more than we have and shredding our rights, they march in lockstep. They work to increase their power and limit ours. They can “legally” insider trade, they don’t participate in Obamacare, they made it lawful last year to use propaganda on the American people. They answer to a different set of rules than you and I do.

  15. djchefron

    BREAKING: Congressman Issa Launches Full Federal Investigation of Reid/Obama’s BLM Land Grab at Bundy Ranch, Source Claims They Have “Smoking Gun” find it at Ben Swann’s site.

    As for the rest, you’ll never hear it from “mainstream” news (sic). You’ll have to get off your duff and find the truth for yourself. It is all out there. Anything I provide, you will instantly dismiss. You’ll get a lot more out of doing your own research, only – of course – if you are really interested in the truth.

  16. Wrong question.

    Right question:

    Are you for America and the Constitution, or a government that shreds the Constitution and tramples rights under both parties?

  17. You are stupid. The solar plant is over 200 miles from this welfare cheat site. The Chinese canceled the project 2 year ago because there was not enough customers. And if you are going by what Issa says shows how idiotic you are. Damn I should ban your ass for the stupid but your ignorance has me cracking up

  18. The plan was considered because the group planned all along to conduct this peacefully. The government showed up 200 strong with snipers, mercenaries, choppers, drones, armored vehicles, attack dogs, etc. The point was that, if any shooting were to be done, it would have to be the government to do it, and the hope was that women in front would make the agents think twice about doing it.

    Disputes over fees normally result in a lien placed on your property, which gets satisfied when the property is sold or inherited. This military response is quite unusual.

  19. I know the mainstream “news” you rely on won’t tell you so, but his family (and 52 other ranchers since driven off the land and out of business -he is the last one) grazed this land since the 1870s and purchased grazing and surface water rights to the land in perpetuity in the 1880s, long before BLM existed. 20 years ago BLM “reclassified” the land to protect a tortoise BLM has been exterminating in large numbers due to “lack of funds” to protect it. Additionally, cattle grazing is NOT inconsistent with protecting the tortoise. This is not what the media would have you believe.

  20. Although I generally agree with you, I think the left needs to stop using the word “treason”, when I think they mean to say “sedition”.
    treason implies you consort with other countries to bring down the USA government.
    sedition means, those who are citizens consort to bring down the government.

  21. Sorry. While I rarely watch mainstream news, I would never take anything as being true from free republic, breitbart, infowars and WND. They have already fooled you into thinking his family has been on the range there that long.

    Now drop it, this has been debunked and you are way too late to the party. It doesnt matter if his family has been there 3000 years or 15 minutes. He is in the wrong, the fed owns the land and he owes 1 million greenbacks

  22. Hey dummy according to the Nevada Constitution you cannot buy that land that was ceded to the US Government according to the terms of the treaty in 1848 between Mexico and the US. STOP IT WITH YOUR IGNORANCE

  23. Such disputes over fees are normally handled by placing a lien on the defendant’s property, which then gets collected when the property is sold or inherited. Not by sending in a military force 200 strong with snipers aiming at the defendant, mercenaries, armored vehicles, attack dogs, etc. right off the bat. It was the way they came in that provoked the response.

  24. I guess 20 years, 3 court judgment against is jumping off the bat? I take it back you weren’t homeschooled you flunked out of kindergarten

  25. Sorry. While I rarely watch mainstream news, I would never take anything as being true from free republic, breitbart, infowars and WND. They have already fooled you into thinking his family has been on the rasnge there that long.

    Now drop it, this has been debunked and you are way too late to the party. It doesnt matter if his family has been there 3000 years or 15 minutes. He is in the wrong, the fed owns the land and he owes 1 milion greenbacks

    Sorry. Not my news sources. What has made you think his family has been there shorter? The 20 year nonsense? That is only when the BLM reclassified the land to protect the tortoise that the BLM is killing in large numbers due to lack of funding.

    This is all about Harry Reid’s son’s client, ENN – a Chinese company – getting the land. The land is being purchased from Clark County for far less than its appraised value. They need Bundy off it to put up the solar farm. They drove off the other 52 ranchers already. Issa invest…

  26. Wrong. The penis extenders were already there. The force merely was in response to the number of fake patriots that were armed. If they were not there, there would have been no force there.

    Is there some reason that the government should wait till he croaks to get the 1 million? Thats a little ridiculous

  27. The land is Federal, like 85% of the land in Nevada dummy. Again use a map dummy.The solar plant is over 200 miles from this cheat. You bring that shit up again then I will ban your stupid ass

  28. Only snipers I saw were in the ten thousand anarchists that gathered to defend a criminal against just 200 feds.

  29. ir·re·gard·less
    adverb \ˌir-i-ˈgärd-ləs\
    Definition of IRREGARDLESS
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    Usage Discussion of IRREGARDLESS
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    Origin of IRREGARDLESS
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  30. Look farther into it and you’ll find that you are correct. The solar project is NOT on the site of the ranch.

    The damage mitigation zone for that project however IS.

    They need a damage mitigation zone for the project because big solar farms create a huge sun ray that basically fries passing birds.(birds lighting on fire midair)

    The bugs gather on the corpses and then more birds come.

  31. One of the main questions with this issue is…If your rights are being put in jeopardy for example : BLM putting a limit to how many cattle head you can have.

    Or the idea that everyone is saying how “THIS IS PUBLIC LAND” why did they fence it off then if it’s meant to be used by people like you and I?

    Or the idea of 1st amendment zones..I mean..that’s not alarming to anybody?

    OR that you could be arrested over there for STEPPING OFF THE PAVEMENT OF THE STREET? (that’s what happened to the Bundy Son)

    Yes, while the BLM is doing everything through legal means, should we not question the laws that make these actions LEGAL?

  32. Thank you so much for your well-reasoned, well-sourced, and reality-based comments, djchefron. It’s refreshing for me, being the retired high school social studies teacher that I am, to see someone who values facts and has a good understanding of history. I wish there were more of you around. Many on the right who post here offend me with their demonstrated failure to under the U.S. Constitution or laws, and their rejection of facts and reality. I’ve begun to wonder if they have problems with reading comprehension, or if they’re just willfully ignorant and prone to reject all information they don’t like or that doesn’t support their POV. I’ve been reading background info about Bundy and the BLM. There’s no way any honest person capable of dealing with the truth would think that Bundy is in the right in this issue. The best word to use to describe him is deadbeat. He’s using his alleged hatred of the federal government to avoid paying the grazing fees he knows he owes.

  33. First of all thank you Shiva for coming to my defense. I didn’t realize we had language nazis here. Anyway Jo, Irregardless is a word as Shiva cited. See I have a penchant for certain words like that, rarely used words and occasionally improper words like ain’t. I also have a fondness for nonsensical and tomfoolery. Have a nice day.

  34. Diogenes, the feds have owned the land in question since 1848 when Mexico ceded the land to the feds after the Mexico/American war. The Nevada constitution included a provision of all public lands remain the property of the U.S when Nevada became a state in 1864. The feds always had control of that property and set forth rules and regulations for ranchers to use that property which included grazing permits and fees. Bundy refused to comply with those laws for 20 years because he felt it was Nevada land. Read the Nevada constitution, it belongs to the feds, always has and always will. Bundy is moocher.

  35. Sounds to me like you support the idea! What kind of punk a$$ move is that? I can’t wait to see this fool go broke and get ignored by his ‘friends’!

  36. No way! Issa has started a new investigation? Damn! Just when I thought he was about to blow open the Benghazi case with some old information! I hope this doesn’t side track his ability to get the job done!!

  37. innocent? Do you think the federal government should not go after him…? What if he was a man of color? We all know the end result of that. How insulting

  38. Actually the Bundy family didn’t even buy that ranch until 1948.

    Love Wonkette’s take on this: http://wonkette.com/547315/hero-ranchers-family-has-been-on-nevada-land-since-forever-or-at-least-1948

    Cliven Bundy claims he doesn’t recognize the federal government of the United States, but you have to ask yourself, why is he seen with a copy of the USA Constitution in his pocket, riding his horse around with a 50-star American flag pretending to be a heroic John Wayne?

    A patriot is more than a 10-gallon hat, a horse, and a flag, or a camouflage outfit bought at Cabela’s. I wonder if Bundy or any of his huge clan have ever served in the armed forces of the federal government they don’t acknowledge?

  39. Bundy isn’t either an anarchist or a libertarian. He’s a brown shirt fascist whose militia is funded by the Koch Bros. I’m sure if they ever got the whites only utopia that they would have the same fate as the SA did on The Night of The Long Knives. It’s insulting that anyone would call the guy an anarchist/libertarian as a person who calls him a libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist.

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