Oklahoma Governor Sucker Punches Workers, Bans Cities from Raising Minimum Wage

mary fallin


Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin (R) delivered a sucker punch to low-wage workers today by signing into law a bill that would ban Oklahoma cities from raising their municipal minimum wages above the state minimum wage. The bill also prohibits cities from mandating paid vacation days or sick days. Oklahoma’s minimum wage is identical to the federal minimum wage of 7.25 an hour. An initiative is underway in Oklahoma City to raise the city’s minimum wage to a more reasonable 10.10 an hour, but Fallin’s signature could effectively kill that initiative.

The Republican Governor’s decision to sign the bill into law once again demonstrates the GOP’s contempt towards American workers. Fallin and Oklahoma GOP lawmakers have no interest in seeing wages improve nor are they concerned if workers have to take time off without compensation due to illness. Proponents of the measure argue that raising the minimum wage will hurt business in the state of Oklahoma, but the reality is that some of America’s most successful businesses are based in city’s with higher wages and more productive work forces like Seattle, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Mary Fallin had a consistently anti-union record as a member of Congress, including opposition to allowing collective bargaining rights even for police officers, fire fighters and emergency medical services personnel. Now as the chief executive of the state of Oklahoma she continues to demonstrate her hostility towards improving pay or working conditions for ordinary workers. Fallin joins other GOP Governor’s like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Michigan’s Rick Snyder, in fighting to keep workers from getting paid what their labor is worth.

Mary Fallin, like so many other GOP Governors, is up for re-election in November 2014. Low wage workers and Oklahoma residents who believe city’s should have the right to give the workers in their town a pay raise, should make sure to vote Fallin out on Election day.


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  1. “The modern conservatives is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness”… John K Galbraith

    These ignorant, uninformed puppets of the wealthy are soul less and greedy and they are killing our America.

  2. Amazing … trying to save money and she focuses on people who make the least amount of money … if Oklahoma doesn’t vote her out, they deserve the misery their lack of money will cause. Notice that she doesn’t say that there is a wage freeze on all employees or a price freeze (where for example food prices can’t go up) … just a wage free only on people who make minimum wage. And also notice that she says it is because most minimum wage workers are under 20 … she lives in today’s world, she can’t be that stupid or blind that many mothers, fathers, college graduates are making minimum wage … so she must be working for Koch Brothers … and they are hoping every state starts banning minimum wage increases … so they can make billions instead of millions for their CEO paychecks and golden parachutes.

    She is a disgusting little person who doesn’t deserve being governor.

  3. How much do you want to bet that the people in her state just love her and think the president is their enemy and trying to keep them down? They will vote against their ownselves and not realize that is just how much they are brainwashed and it is so sad. They would rather do with less and complain and put it on the president instead of putting on the very people who are working against them, the republicans. The republicans are laughing behind their backs but now they are getting so bold they are doing it straight in their faces and they have no sense to see it. Even those who is getting the healthcare have no sense to realize that it is obamacare and if it is listed as such they would vote against and vote against themselves and look like fools. So sad they are really the ones who are drinking real bad kool aid like in the days of JIM JONES and that was a awful time period in our lives.

  4. This garden tool is currently being investigated for CCA collusion at the state prisons run by CCA. This cootie supporter is a very, very long ways from being cute (can’t tell if she’s walking on her hands or walking on her feet, both ends are identical). I’m very suspicious as to what she was up to when she and Prez Obama walked behind the ruble pile after the tornado disaster in Moore a while back. I can only imagine. She reminds me of FOX, she lied to the public when she told us that it would cost too much money to expand Medicaid here in OK. Trashy-minded lying assed **e. And no, I won’t comment on James Lankyford, they are twins. The bottom line is, she’s as low or lower than the rest of the GOP. Pure strolling garbage that pretends to be human.

  5. Good old Mattress Mary as she is called. She had to resign as Lt. Gov. because she was having an affair with her body guard, a State Trooper. Her husband had a PI follow her and found her going to a psychic for advice. When she filed for divorce she accused him of using drugs, abusing her, and molesting their 11 year old daughter. None of which was substantiated. He accused her of adultery.

    She then becomes the RWNJ, christian, gay hating corporate lush that she is now. She has big stakes in the states private prison system.

    She is taking a beating on her FB page, and the comments are not civil at all. After all her actions and history she has a huge lead over Dem. Dorman running against her. Go figure.

  6. i popped in to check her FB Page and you’re right it was brutal but honest comments but Oklahoma will still vote for her.

  7. OK will vote for her again, and the GOP will hold her up as a marvelous example of their ‘smart women’ as well. Meanwhile, she screws workers at every opportunity, supports the Keystone takeover of private property, and does what the Kochs tell her to do. Unbelievable. I thought the GOP stood for small government, not government dictating every little thing, as well as the big things like contraception and now, your very wages and benefits. Yet another state to avoid like the plague..the list grows…

  8. Small gov. & free speech says the Republicans. Until it favors the working class. How much “free speech” did Walmart & restaurant chain lobbyists whisper in fallin’s ears. Small businesses my ass. If a small business cannot afford to pay their workers 10.10, they deserve to shutter. Minimum wage has been stagnant for decades. It’s not fair for anyone to make 1970 salaries. She damn well knows it’s knot just HS kids anymore working low pay jobs.

    They knew OK City made headway putting minimum wage on the ballot. So Fallin, the “government” stuck her nose in & stopped it. If that’s not an assault against the people, what is? Would Fallin ban corporate CEO raises or freeze exorbitant “holiday bonuses”? Fallin’s actions are hideous enough, but lying about the reasons are intolerable. Admit you’re a corporate Koch sucking shill. It’s rotten trash like Fallin that makes me wish all Republican pols would drop dead.

  9. Fallin is all in on being the first state to open a horse slaughter factory after they’ve been mercifully banned in the USA for decades. Greedy opportunists got to her. Was it breeders who want easy disposal of thoroughbreds that lose? Not every horse is Secretariat. Horse racing is a very cruel industry behind the scenes. I once went undercover & saved 2 horses from auction. It was a depressing experience. The auctioneers had a hardcore indifference to the animal’s well-being. I decided to rescue animals in other ways.

    Did animal exploiters that want to own slaughter factories bribe Mary? Slaughter factories rip the throats of young healthy racehorses & retired old ones. Or throw away farm work horses who slowed down like they’re garbage. Fallin signed the bill. Animal rights advocates are trying to beat it back, but Fallin won’t give up. They never do on their disgusting ideas. Just a matter of time.

  10. Admit you’re a Koch sucking corporate shill. It’s rotten trash like Fallin that makes me wish all Republican pols would drop dead.

  11. I’m not one generally to criticize someone’s looks, but …. good looks? Uh….she’s got so much makeup on, you’d need a large putty knife to scrape it off with. It looks caked on. It makes her look cheap.

    And don’t even get me started on her pathetic politics.

  12. She is human detritus. Oklahoma is fast joining the states I will never go near. I hope Karma get her for her inhumanity.

  13. Must be legislation regurgitated by ALEC. Gov.Walker and the all Republican legislature of Wisconsin is/has done the same and is banning paid sick leave. Stay out of the restaurants!!!

  14. The churches are supporting her. Idiots are voting with what their churches tell them. According to the church, Democrats are Godless people.

  15. It has went from bad to worse in my adopted state
    Gun range aims to be the first with a liquor license in Oklahoma

    And for the cherry on top
    Hobby Lobby President’s Bible Curriculum to be Taught in OK Public Schools Next Year

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