Bernie Sanders Goes On MSNBC and Becomes The Koch Brothers Worst Nightmare


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) went on MSNBC and became the Koch brothers worst nightmare by calling them out, and explaining how they are personally trying to destroy America’s Democratic institutions.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked Sanders why he was highlighting the Koch brothers personally.

Sen. Sanders said:

I fear very much, and I think people may think I am overstating this, I fear very much that this country is losing its democratic foundations and moving towards an oligarchic form of society where a handful of billionaires will control not only the economy, but the political life of this nation.

What you are looking at right now is an extreme right family who believe all the things that you just indicated. They don’t believe that we should simply not raise the minimum wage. These guys believe that we should do away with the minimum wage, and if you have to work for three bucks an hour or two bucks an hour, that’s freedom. That’s your freedom, and these guys believe that we should privatize Social Security, massive cuts in Medicaid, no support for women’s right, etc.

They believe the federal government is terrible, and they want to move toward a society where the big money interests control the economy and the political life. I highlighted the 1980 Libertarian platform for a simple reason. In 1980, that party got one percent of the vote and most people thought that these guys were pretty crazy, pretty extreme, pretty out there. If you looked at the issues they talked about then, their point of view, many of those same ideas are now mainstream Republican Party.

You talk about minimum wage. You have most Republicans now in Congress not only opposed to raising it, they believe we should abolish the concept of the minimum wage. That’s what the Koch brothers talked about 34 years ago. Social Security, Medicare, look at the Ryan budget. What you are seeing is as a result of the Koch brothers and others, a Republican Party moving from what used to be a right-center party, a moderate conservative party, to a right wing extremist party. That is probably the most important development in recent politics. The degree to which the Republican Party has moved to the right and has no stomach for moderates anymore.

What Bernie Sanders did on MSNBC is the Koch brothers worst nightmare. Charles and David Koch want to hide behind Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United and faux populist movements like the tea party. They know that the majority of the country doesn’t agree with their agenda, so they try their best not to be personally identified with exactly what they are trying to do.

The Kochs like to wrap their oligarchic vision in the flowery language of freedom, but their definition of freedom is not the same as yours and mine. In the Koch view, freedom means that the government works for the super rich, and the wealthy get to call all of the shots.

The great irony is that poor and working class Republicans who stand up for the Koch brothers will also be their victims. The dividing line for the Koch brothers isn’t partisanship. It’s money. Poor Republicans are going to be just as ravaged by the Koch agenda as poor Democrats.

Conservative billionaires aren’t trying to buy the government out of a sense of Democratic versus Republican. They want to own the government so that it benefits them at the expense of everyone else. The last thing that the Koch brothers want is to be personally linked to their agenda.

Sen. Sanders is putting their faces on something that America doesn’t want, and he is taking a giant step towards preserving our democratic foundation.

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  1. No, surprise there. Though I am no more fond of the Democratic party and their big money interest’s either.

  2. Bernie Sanders is one of my heroes because he’s not afraid to tell it like it is about the infamous Koch brothers who are now the most well-known faces of fascism. For so long, they worked in the shadows, pulling the strings of their puppets in politics who were only too glad to do their bidding. As much as I admire Bernie Sanders, more public figures need to follow his example by hammering at these heartless miscreants relentlessly and repeatedly. One thing they do NOT like is to be exposed for the hateful cretins they are.

  3. Thank you Bernie Sanders for shedding some real light on the Koch Brothers. The article gave me chills as to what the future of the United States could look like. So Koch Brother plans are no minimum wage, no medicare, no medicaid, no SS, no health insurance, no education.

    The Koch Brothers have put so much money focusing on these issues that they could have solved all of America’s problems. I have a problem with someone spending BILLIONS to win elections so they can take money away from the majority of Americans.

    We pay our full taxes; Koch Brothers don’t.

    Alot of other corporations who made MILLIONS are not paying taxes this year … as a matter of fact they get refunds. They should be paying taxes period.

    There definitely needs to be some reform in the IRS – but focusing on who the IRS targeted (organizations that deserved that scrutiny) is not the answer.

  4. Senator Sanders has to expose the Koch Brothers for the oligarchic creeps that they are! Sic ’em, Bernie!!

  5. The key here is that republicans think what they support only applies to the democrats. Sorry, but 1% wealth knows no political party. The congressmen and Senators will find that out as well.

    None of them will set at the right hand of the koch. None of us, no governors, no presidents or anyone else. Once they have power everyone is out

  6. Bernie Saunders is so right , they are about money and control and the naive angry government hating right wing conservatives will suffer , right along with the rest of us . It’s frightening to see where this country is heading . If you were to compare democrats vs. republicans , you would see so very clearly , the democrats and their agenda , is seemingly benign when you consider the absolute control the Koch Brothers and the Adelsons are trying to achieve . I fear for the lives of my grandchildren , if they are allowed to succeed .

  7. The Kochs are very dangerous people. They are John Birchers to the extreme. The John Birch society believes that welfare is socialism. They believe in limited government. They are against the Civil Rights Act. They want to abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS. They believe only white people should run anything. To them women should shut up, sit down, and do what you’re told.

    Now listen to Cruz, Paul, Huckabee, and the rest. Cruz says “abolish the IRS”, blah, blah. If you read what JBS stands for and then listen to the speeches they are in lockstep.

    The Kochs are power drunk and want to BE the government. They believe it is their destiny to right america. Thiis is why they despise Obama, ACA, Sanders, and anyone who will call them out.

    The crazy part is that when they are done with these politicians they will throw them away like a chewing gum wrapper and they’re to stupid to know it.

    All we have left is our vote, let’s make it count.

  8. Sorry Anne, but if you don’t realize that the Democrats are bought and paid for by special interests as well, then you’re not looking.

  9. Pattiepea, it’s funny that GE, Facebook, Bloomberg, Apple, they have all avoided paying tens, even hundreds of billions in taxes, but I hear no outrage from you about them. You save your selective criticism solely for the conservatives.

    It is exactly because of hyper, irresponsible partisans like yourself, that our political system has become the filth and slime that it is.

  10. There are several articles written here on those very corporations and their taxes.

    You seem to think that people must mention what you want them to mention or they are the problem. When in fact its you thats the problem with your demands.

  11. It would disturb normal,sane people if they knew that millions despised them to the point of wishing them to die horrible deaths.

  12. You may not be fond of the Democrats, but if you don’t vote for them you will give the Kochs exactly what they want. At least Democrats want to raise the minimum wage, want to assure equal pay for equal work for women, want to try and fix our broken health care system, and want to help the poor.

  13. You are an idiot. Much has been written about these corporate moochers by liberal sites. In addition Obama and Democrats have proposed changing the tax code in order to eliminate many of the deductions that allow these corporations pay zero federal income taxes. But the GOP refuses to do so and since they control the House it isn’t happening.

  14. Oh, I think it’s even worse than that. They want to cull the herd. Survival of the fittest! They’re the modern version of the black plague.

  15. Bernie is fighting for US!
    ALL Democrats should be.
    They all need to do what the GOP does.
    The GOP all have the same message, they
    all repeat it so that people think
    ‘Hey, they’re all saying the same thing
    so it MUST be true’
    Dems need to take their message to the People.
    Tell them what Republicans are doing
    and tell them what WE can do to stop them
    in their tracks! WE cannot allow OUR Country to
    be bought.
    If WE all VOTE, we WIN…..

  16. Michael…sorry, but it is not even close to the same. Yes there are some democrats who take special interest money and I am just as angry and willing to kick them to the curb with a new primary opponent, but the differences between are broad and one has much more interest in middle class and poor, while the other is in the pocket of the wealthy and powerful. Just look at the facts! There is $1 spent by dems on television ads to the GOP’s $11.50!

  17. And the reason the Kock brothers are getting away with what they are doing is because the majority of our ignorant, uninformed population has never heard of them. I know, USA, USA, USA.

  18. Michael

    GE contributes more to Republicans than Democrats

    Shop your politics dot com has the figures for most companies and list their political leanings.

    For example Citigroup who hides over 30 Billion in off shore Tax Havens also leans heavily Republican

    I am outraged.

  19. Exactly right, Shamus! Koch brothers are the biggest government manipulators that no one has ever heard of.

  20. Fair enough, but the Democratic Party has not totally and completely lost it’s freaking mind…there are still Democratic representatives and Senators that believe in and defend the values of the Democratic Party of the last 60 years or so. And with a populist uprising I believe we could get the Democratic Party back in line. They probably need to believe that they could get reelected no matter HOW MUCH money the other side has. And if you think there is no difference between the two you may need to look closer and reevaluate that. The Republican Party is a lost cause to working Americans – they have made it very clear they are for busting unions, a low minimum wage if we have one at all, abolishing Social Security despite it being most Americans primary income when they get old, paying public school teachers a low salary….I’m sure I could go on.

  21. I find it hard to believe that you would suggest there is no difference between the two parties. Unfortunately with the system as is the Democrats have to take special interest money to compete…and then skirt a fine line between pleasing their constituents and their donors…the Republicans have made it VERY CLEAR that they are willing to do bowel movements on average Americans if that is what the wealthy or corporations want. Democrats have shame, Republicans do not.

  22. Actually it’s because of people like you Michael, that continue to vote for people that basically say, “I am a fascist, I will make life hell for average Americans, vote for me”…and then there are enough Republicans in the House and Senate to prevent anything good from getting done. So it’s YOUR fault.

  23. @michael, spoken like the typical LOW INFORMATION independent, this ”both sides are the same” companions is a byproduct of someone with limited political knowledge. PROOF? the democratic party got YOU health care while the GOP wasted MILLIONS of our tax dollars foolishly trying to repeal it. The democratic party wants equal pay for women while the GOP fights like hell to keep women under paid so hopefully they’ll find a MAN to financially make ends meet! are the dems perfect? NOT EVEN CLOSE! but their nothing compared to the GOP!

  24. Sanders is an avoided socialist and statist. His passion is to concentrate as much power as he can into the hive, as opposed to the individual. Are you an ant or a man? Forcing someone else to support you is not a position you can justify.

  25. I don’t know how one can be a avoided socialist but I bet you as a Professor of teabaggery will explain it to us. Idiot

  26. Total freedom for billionaires means utter loss of freedom for the rest of us.
    The Kochs could be raging left of center in their politics and I would still oppose their conduct.
    Government must be, and is the ultimate player in the organization of a nation,and if it is of, by, and for and handful of oligarchs, then it is not of, by, and for the people. Democracy, freedom and justice for all would be dead.
    An FDR era court justice (paraphrasing) said, we as a nation have a choice. We can have extremely wealthy individuals, or we can have Democracy. We cannot have both.

  27. I seriously doubt Sanders is their worst nightmare. Now Harry Reid is a different story. He’s got them spooked.

  28. Will, We must bravely go to Conservative Comment sites and wake-up our fellow brainwashed Americans.

    I’ve been posting something like this:

    “Who are these Koch Brothers spending big money to control America?”


    The Political Economy Research Institute ranks Koch Industries as the tenth worst air polluter in the U.S. in their Toxic Release Inventory. CARMA reports that Koch releases about 200,000 tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide annually.

    Financing of Climate Science Denial Front Groups:

    Through Koch Industries and their family foundations, the Koch brothers are premier financiers to organizations that deny, skepticize or belittle the significance of global warming.

    Too many fellow voters have been terribly influenced by FOX and RightWing Radio. (They’ve also destroyed all Liberal Radio)

    “The Brainwashing of My Dad”

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