Republicans Are Following The Nazi Model of Forced Marriage for Women To the Letter


forced marriage

Despite Thomas Jefferson’s “immortal statement” in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal,” America has never applied that sentiment to all its citizens equally from the nation’s founding up to the present. Obviously people of color have never been treated as “real Americans” because of rampant racism and white supremacy, but in 2014 despite a long-past feminist movement that secured a semblance of equality for over half the population; women are still treated as second-class citizens. In part, it is the patriarchal nature of American society, and also because the preponderance of Christians cling to the biblical proclamations that women are subservient to men and are best served knowing “their place” in subjection to a man; any man.

The mindset among a large number of Americans is that the only role for women was domestic where they must tend the home, care for their husbands, bear, and raise children. In the late 1930s, one man elucidated perfectly the mindset held by the religious right and Republican patriarchs that proffers “The granting of equal rights to women in reality does not grant equal rights … it instead constitutes a deprivation of rights, since it draws women into realms of society where they are inferior. Women are not equipped to survive the turmoil and pressure of workplaces, business or politics; women are the eternal companion of men and the triumphant task of women is to bear and tend babies.” The man articulating the only role that Republicans and the religious right contend is as applicable to American women in 2014 as it was in biblical times was Adolf Hitler, and although it is virtually verboten to compare Republicans, the religious right, and all manner of conservatives to Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the resemblances are just too blatant to ignore.


When Senate Republicans blocked the Paycheck Fairness Act this past week to keep women earning 77-cents on the dollar a man earns, the right was apoplectic that women, and men who advocate for their equal rights, were outraged Republicans were carrying on their decades-long practice of opposing any measure to treat women as equal to men. It led a plethora of conservatives, like the Heritage Foundation, to attack the idea of equal rights for women and openly publicize their push to drive women out of the workplace and where the religious right, Adolf Hitler, and many conservatives believe they belong; into marriage, tending the home, caring for their husbands, and bearing and raising children.

One such conservative, Phyllis Schlafly, who has built a name for herself telling other women they should not have successful careers, wrote an op-ed in Christian Post warning that if women enjoyed pay equity with men, marriage would vanish and it would signal the end for America. Schlafly feels so strongly that the country needs to take steps to save and force women into heterosexual marriages, she advocates imposing financial incentives in the form of penalties levied on women who choose not to marry. Adolf Hitler shared Schlafly’s religious belief.

In July 1933 the Nazi regime passed the Law for the Encouragement of Marriage that provided bonuses for married couples that produced offspring. Hitler’s Nazis also pioneered one of the current Republican and religious right’s ardent crusades and policy goals of banning abortion and contraception to keep women out of the workplace and into marriage producing children. The Nazis initially only restricted abortion and contraception, but by the late 1930s the Nazis outlawed contraception to force women into becoming birth machines. In fact, even discussing birth control was banned in Nazi Germany and although that is not yet the case in America, it is certainly an agenda Republicans and the religious right lust to implement. The Nazis provided a model for Republican Christians to restrict abortions by imposing harsh requirements for terminations that several Republican state legislatures have followed to the letter. Nazis also established the current Christian practice of using propaganda to describe abortion as a “crime against the body,” and unlike the religious right and Republicans in America, Nazi Germany never claimed it was founded as a Christian nation. The Nazi goal, like the religious right and patriarchs in conservative ranks, was to send women into domestic servitude married, serving their husbands every whim, and giving birth; Hitler used every means possible to “incentivize” single women into marriage.

Phyllis Schlafly claims maintaining the pay gap between men and women is an ideal American policy because it promotes and sustains marriages, and she asserts that if Democrats really want to improve economic prospects for women they will advance job prospects for the men in their lives by increasing the gender pay gap. Schlafly holds a common belief among conservatives and evangelicals that if women earned the same pay for the same job as a man, “half of women would be unable to find a suitable mate.” She said “that if a higher-earning man is not available, women are more likely not to marry at all because men prefer to BE the higher-earning partner in a relationship. This simple but profound difference between the sexes has powerful consequences for the so-called pay gap.” She ended her anti-women, pro-forced marriage screed warning women that “anyone unmarried by age 32 will never get married or have families,” and that marriage should be a contract between a man who makes a lot of money and a woman too financially strapped to turn them down or end a marriage.
It is unclear if Republicans and the religious right studied Hitler’s Nazi Germany and its push to force women into marriage as perpetual birth machines, but the parallels are indisputable whether it is forcing women to earn less or restricting their access to abortion services and contraception. Indeed, leading Republicans have argued vehemently that the solution to America’s poverty problem is more marriages, and they have went to great lengths, many of them unconstitutional, to restrict women’s access to family planning services, divorce, abortion, and contraception. Obviously marriage is not a bad institution any more than raising families and not working outside the home, but Republicans and the religious right are going too far in their crusade to force women into marriage by forcing them to earn less or restricting their access to family planning services. It may have worked in Adolf Hitler’s fascist Nazi Germany, but it is an abomination in America that is rapidly becoming a fascist state where Republicans and the religious right are following the Nazi model for women to the letter.



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  1. History is repeating itself in that the Republican/ Conservative parties have become the National Socialist Workers Party of the days of old. The same agenda that my father and tens of thousands of Americans and their allies fought and bled to defeat. Nixon brought back from Europe ex-Nazi’s to help run the Conservative wing and plan an agenda. Reagan ushered in the Christian Right and the formula was complete for a new 4th Reich to flourish and feed on paranoia dished out by a so called “news Channel” Hitler would be proud of todays Republican Party.

  2. Rmuse,

    Thank you for a very well-written article of truth.

    Unfortuately, these Evangliban fools do not understand they are becoming fascists and giving away their freedoms – the right-wing (ALEC) is taking them, not the left.

  3. I’m not sure that they are “forcing” women, but they are certainly intimidating, and probably for a portion, brainwashing, women into a set of beliefs that are not in sync with a modern, civil, just society. Those who do not think for themselves will be led down a path of exploitation, willingly and blindly.

  4. More of the John Birch Society playbook in use. They are becoming more active as time goes by. JBS hates social programs like ACA, food stamps, welfare because it allows women more independence. You see these red states trying to legislate abortion out of existence. They are trying to make getting a divorce more difficult with longer waiting periods. Some have even said if abortion is legal rape should be to. In several red states they are attempting to make filing a rape claim more difficult.

    Everyone needs to be aware and start standing up before it’s to late. Make our votes count and recruit others to vote. Not enough people go to the polls.

  5. As a woman who once earned more than her husband, I have to say that it’s some men’s egos that want to have their women earn no more than they do. This is not only for the Christian right, but I believe crosses all religions. Also, I believe that women are paid less because employers can do it. It’s not so much religion as it is the bottom line. Most households in the United States are two earner households. There is no choice about it. Unless a man is independently wealthy, earning or inheriting wealth, most would want their female partners to earn up to the same amount as they do, I believe. I do believe that the majority of Christians are not for keeping women in the home pregnant and barefoot. We just have to make sure all women, men, single or married, children or not, vote for equality. And don’t forget to vote for marriage rights for all.

  6. I think you’re spot on in your comparison between Adolf Hitler’s Fascist Nazi Germany with the Republicans as well as the irreligious right!

  7. It never ends with these thugs. In their delusional worlds women can be forced back to the 1950. The pigs are in for a BIG SHOCK come November. They really are underestimating how angry and fed up with their obsession to regain control.

  8. If you do not vote, or are denied your right to vote, you are allowing another to make decisions you may not like! Elections do have consequences, locally, at the state level and nationally! It is at the local and state level where the greatest influence is held. TEA-Republican obstructionist must be removed! Get the vote out! Vote Out The Encumberance!(V.O.T.E.) The 2014 Mid-term election is a-coming! “Sweep the Senate CLEAN….in 2014″ “Sweep the HOUSE CLEAN….in 2014″ “Sweep your state CLEAN….in 2014″

  9. I always knew RATpubliKKKans are Nazi´s This is nothing new . What is suprising to me is that there are Women
    who still vote RATpubliKKKan .

  10. My ex worked with a person who personally knew Phyllis Schlafly. She was a good friend of Cory Servaas one of the co owners of Curtis Publishing in Indianapolis. The two have something in common: they are both dragon lady nutjobs who have henpecked their husbands to the point that neither one of them can stand them.

    This friend said that Phyllis Schlafly is a monster to work for.

    Both of them have children who can’t stand them. I actually tried to get a job being a PA to Cory Servaas and her own son intercepted me and told me I didn’t want to work for her as her typical staff lasted an average of a month working for her.

    I cannot emphasize enough that both of them are bitter, bitter, bitter, BITTER self loathing women who have bugs up their ass that no amount of success will ever extract. Phyllis knows the sun is setting on her (she’s 89. Corey is about 92). She’s repeated the same message for 40 years.

  11. I think the religious hop heads are trying to tell us that marriage is not for love, but for sex. But only sex the way they want you to have it.

    Will love be outlawed next to force gay people not to be able to get married?

  12. With the connection of the Koch Brothers to Nazi Germany hierarchy it doesn’t take much to see the influence of Hitler’s fascism on the GOP.

  13. YEP – it’s simple; if my wife out-earned me (it HAS happened before), it’s just a matter of WE ARE STRIVING FOR THE SAME GOAL! There’s no “my money, your money” in a MARRIAGE — it’s OUR MONEY, and WE PAY for our lives/lifestyles. The first spouse who wants to play “MY money” has signaled he/she is ready for divorce.

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