Supreme Court Justice Commits Sedition By Telling People to Revolt Over Income Taxes

Justices Breyer And Scalia Testify At House Hearing
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is now actively calling for disobeying the government, as during a recent speech he told students that if taxes get too high, they should revolt.

According to CBSDC:

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told a crowd of law school students that if taxes in the U.S. become too high then people “should revolt.”

Speaking at the University of Tennessee College of Law on Tuesday, the longest-serving justice currently on the bench was asked by a student about the constitutionality of the income tax, the Knoxville News Sentinel reports.

Scalia responded that the government has the right to implement the tax, “but if it reaches a certain point, perhaps you should revolt.”

When a sitting Supreme Court justice tells anyone to revolt against their government, that’s a problem. It is difficult to tell if Scalia was snarky or serious, but with his record, and loyal service to the Koch brothers it’s likely that he was serious.

Last year, Democrats introduced a bill that would have opened the door to impeachment for Justices Scalia and Thomas. Democrats are seeking mandatory ethics rules for all Supreme Court justices. Scalia and Thomas have been frequently featured guests at Koch conferences. Their conflict of interest involving campaign finance laws has been obvious, but neither justice has felt the need to recuse themselves from these cases.

Justice Scalia puts his partisan views ahead of the Constitution. He has written opinions that favor criminalizing gay sex, “Many Americans do not want persons who openly engage in homosexual conduct as partners in their business, as scoutmasters for their children, as teachers in their children’s schools, or as boarders in their home. They view this as protecting themselves and their families from a lifestyle that they believe to be immoral and destructive.”

Scalia has defended torture, “I am astounded at the world reaction to Guantanamo,” he declared in response to a question. “We are in a war. We are capturing these people on the battlefield. We never gave a trial in civil courts to people captured in a war. War is war and it has never been the case that when you capture a combatant, you have to give them a jury trial in your civil courts. It’s a crazy idea to me.”

Scalia is a partisan hack who is serving a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land. He may be the worst Supreme Court justice in the history of the nation, and now he is calling for people to disobey their government.

Antonin Scalia has got to go.

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