Debbie Wasserman Schultz Guts David Gregory’s GOP Cheerleading On Meet The Press


David Gregory’s endless cheerleading for Republicans was gutted with a dose of reality from DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) on Meet The Press today.



DAVID GREGORY: We’ve been talking about health care, and here’s the challenge. The president’s out there making the case that, “Run on this. Make the argument. Accuse the Republicans of trying to take this away.” But you have vulnerable Democrats who are saying something else. They’re basically saying, “The law is flawed and we should fix it.”

This is Jeanne Shaheen in a radio news interview in New Hampshire. She said, in part, the following: “I think there are important things about the Affordable Care Act that are working, and working very well. I think we need to fix the things that are not working, and that’s what I’m committed to. I would have designed it differently if I had been designing it; unfortunately I wasn’t the person who was writing the law. I think hindsight is always 20/20. You always know that you could have done better.” To me, that’s not a ringing endorsement to get people out there to vote.

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, that’s Legislation 101. I mean, that is how we have handled laws and their evolution throughout American history. The president is right, and Jeanne Shaheen is right. We have a law that is working: 8 million people have gained health care coverage as a result of signing up for the Affordable Care Act plans. 129 people with pre-existing conditions no longer have to be worried about being dropped or denied coverage; I’m one of them, as a breast cancer survivor. You have millions of seniors who are paying lower costs on their prescription drugs.

And these are the things that Republicans are obsessed with taking away, and focused on doing everything they can to block President Obama at every turn, even if it means hurting the middle class. While, at the same time, you have our candidates, our incumbents, like Jeanne Shaheen, like Mary Landrieu, who understand that this is a law that’s working for millions of people. And as we discover there are problems, we should work together–

DAVID GREGORY: But you’re making an argument–

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: –to solve those problems.

DAVID GREGORY: –on the merits, as the president is doing. But what you’ve got is something that’s opaque, as David Shribman was saying, the publisher in Pittsburgh. A lot of people simply don’t understand it, and they don’t understand fully what the impact is going to be. Jonathan Martin, writing in The New York Times this morning, writes this: “Democrats could ultimately see some political benefit from the law. But in this midterm election, they’re confronting a vexing reality: Many of those helped by the health care law, notably young people and minorities, are the least likely to cast votes that could preserve it.

“Even though millions have gained health insurance and millions more will benefit from some of its people, provisions, quote, ‘The angry opponents are more mobilized than the beneficiaries,’ said David Axelrod, long-time advisor to Mr. Obama.” Midterm fall off, sixth year of his presidency: This has got to be an urgent issue for you, as the chair of the party, making sure Democrats get out and vote, who are excited about this law.

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, there are millions of people who understand the benefits of the health care law, particularly women who I’ve spoken to who are breast cancer patients, who no longer have to choose between the chemotherapy or the radiation.

DAVID GREGORY: You’re arguing the merits, Chairman–


DAVID GREGORY: –which I understand. But do you not have a turnout problem that you’re worried about?

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Every election it is critical that we turn out vote out. And I would, and will, match up ground game and our turnout operation, which ran circles around the Republicans in 2012 and in 2008, any day of the week. We have senators across this country, House members– there’s 14 open seats in the House, 11 of which Democrats have an advantage; only three of which you would lean more to the G.O.P. in terms of advantage.

You have the Republican Party who is strangled by the Tea Party. They are weighed down by Republican primaries in which the Tea Party candidates are the likely winners. And we have countless elections now that Democrats have won because the Republicans have nominated extremists that their voters reject.


REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: And that’s the advantage we will have going into this election.

DAVID GREGORY: Right. But do you have an historic disadvantage? Because a president in his second term, in midterms, historically has a difficult time. You have a president with a low approval rating. And, let’s be honest, you have vulnerable Democrats who are, in effect, running against this White House.


David Gregory repeatedly told Rep. Wasserman Schultz that he wasn’t interested in facts, or the merits as he called them. Gregory made it clear that he was only interested in pushing the Republican fantasy that Democrats are doomed because of Obamacare.

Wasserman-Schultz put him in his place by explaining reality. Millions of people do understand the ACA, because they now have health insurance, or they aren’t getting dropped because they have a preexisting condition. As far as the 2014 electoral map is concerned, Democratic Senate incumbents are leading in places like Arkansas and Louisiana, and they could easily pick up two more seats in Kentucky and Georgia.

The sleaziest part of the whole segment was Gregory’s quoting of a radio interview with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) from nearly 4 MONTHS AGO. To David Gregory, the 8 million signups never happened. The increasing public approval of the ACA isn’t real. Nobody cares about how the ACA is helping people.

This kind of lazy one sided interviewing is what has made Meet The Press unwatchable. There is a reason why Meet The Press has sunk to third place in the Sunday show ratings, and that reason’s name is David Gregory.

40 Replies to “Debbie Wasserman Schultz Guts David Gregory’s GOP Cheerleading On Meet The Press”

  1. This is why David Gregory needs to be replaced as host of “Meet the Press”. Rachel Maddow would do a much better job.

  2. Apparently I can’t say this often enough: Gregory belongs on a show featuring videos of kittens and puppies. Maybe he should just join the Faux News echo chamber, but get him OFF “Meet the Press’!

  3. Well, let him push the mien that Dems will not vote. Let the GOP get complacent with their Kick dollars and attack ads, while fewer and fewer people are even watching TV. I recall in 2008 when Clinton was attacking Obama, going to the web and trying to vet everything I heard. When the GOP was fawning over Sarah Palin, their new Princess in Heels, I read everything I could find about her, and made up my own mind that yes, she is the epitome of stupid. I am 60. My son and daughter are online ben more than I am, and are discriminating voters. None of us are impacted at ALL by the ACA. And we want to keep it. So rant on David, and when you get fired for non-reporting, please go running to Ailes for a job. He loves people who do nothing more than attack the government and read what is out before them. No critical thinking required.

  4. On the same MTP show David Brooks said President Obama has a ‘manhood problem’ with no push back from anyone. Could MTB be anymore right wing?

  5. Here here Sally in MI, fired up today are we? Love it! You are completely right about very few people really pay attention to the talk shows anymore. I’m 56 and I get most news on line. The ones watching already have their minds made up anyway. I think the same the repugnants are going to rest on their laurels figuring it is in the bag. I think Gregory is doing an interview for Faux news every time I hear him.

  6. Chuck Todd dropped out of George Washington University studying the French horn and is now on national teevee discussing international politics. What has our media come to?

  7. Personally I think David Brooks has a so called ‘manhood’ problem. He can’t and won’t stand up to the tea-baggers and racists and sexists and homophobes in his party. He and Kathleen Parker have a lot in common. And it’s not pretty. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is always great.

  8. They seem to owe allegiance to the Republicans or worse they just are lazy reporters who are going for the jugular and have been for Obama’s entire term.

  9. Send David Gregory to Faux “news” along with Joe Scarborough and Chuck Todd. They would fit right in with that bunch of liars! I quit watching all of them. I used to watch Morning Joe, but he is an obnoxious Repug! Mika doesn’t do enough to stop his egotistical blathering!


  11. Perfect answer Sally. TV is so yesterday and voters are not paying attention to the attack ads, that shout out the stupidity of the GOP voters. They only effect the uneducated, idiots of the GOP and do nothing for the people who actually investigate on their own. Most young kids don’t even watch TV anymore and prefer to watch via internet channels, bypassing any advertising and especially political ads. Those who do watch TV, often have DVR’d their programs and fast forward past commercials. Most American voters have learned through necessity to zone them out, unless they are looking for reasons to hate the other party.

    Personally, I’m not looking for reasons to hate the other party, I’m looking for solutions and those stupid ads the GOP is so focused on, never offer solutions. I’m in your age group and realize that the younger crowd has found a far better way to learn about political candidates. Those ads are even going to turn off young GOP voters.

  12. Meet the Press has an insurmountable problem that eclipses the incompetence of David Gregory.

    There is no “Press,” in the United States.

  13. I didn’t watch the show. I watched Alex Witt, and when Meet the Republicans came on, I came upstairs and got on the web. I prefer reading about the show, as I can hardly stomach David Gregory.

  14. I’ve said/written this more times than I can count or remember: many of the so-called “Liberal media” organizations are owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their charges to employ the ridiculous “false equivalency” or “both parties are the same” or “tell both sides” argument/meme. It’s pathetic…I remember the days when the media’s job, as Guardians of the Fourth Estate, was to get at and expose the TRUTH, facts, etc. All reporters are supposed to be “fact-checkers”. All reporters are supposed to be “investigative reporters”. Instead, outside of the FRWNJ media, we get false equivalency. With the FRWNJ media, we get Fascist GOP propaganda, deflections, distortions, false equivalence and a psychiatric ploy known as “projection”. So, I expect all of that from them, including from the Fascist GOP’s cable TV propaganda arm, Fox “News”…from everybody else, I expect much better.

  15. America is the world’s biggest joke with its juvenile argument over healthcare and the Republican games. The world is having such a big belly laugh. David Gregory has become a joke! How can he defend the Deal with the Devil that Republicans have with Insurance companies who want to compromise everything that Americans have? The Republicans have no viable alternatives, they are corrupt both ethically and morally and guess what, the ideal healthcare wouldn’t be Obamacare, it would be Universal Healthcare but the president has done a wonderful thing in this lst step. He has provided 8 million people with the healthcare they didn’t have before, ensured that they will never lose their homes because of owing on healthcare. There are still too many Americans without it, but it’s a start.

  16. The integrity of News was compromised the moment “balance” replaced fact-checked reporting. We have been betrayed. We are doomed.

  17. The independent American press is dead. It died the death of a thousand cuts in penthouse offices of the network management which is only interested in revenue. David Gregory wasn’t chosen to be a host as much as he was to deliver the eulogy.

    Day to day politics is boring. In order to attract an audience for advertisers the shows must gin up excitement, and that lends itself best to the bumper sticker approach taken by the right wing. Everything must be a threat to our very survival as a nation while a Dem occupies the White House, or the Bubba Cousin Humpers will go back to their fishing shows and NASCAR. Consequently, we have watched the least capable to make informed decisions become activists that drive the political narrative. Gregory is just the right mix of good hair, beady eyed gloating, and total lack of ethics to accomplish the corporate agenda of the GOP.

  18. what does david gregory mean when he states debbie is arguing “the merits,” aka facts. the opposite of that is falsehoods, aka lies, which is what he and tbe gop are doing. as she stated, 8 million people have signed up, so there are 8 million people who are not misinformed or confused.

  19. I DONT LIKE THIS MAN…!!! He is so full of it…looks like a pretender…he sounds to me like a secret President Obama Hater!

  20. Just like your dumbass believe in the polls that said rmoney would win. Just like your dumbass believe that Obamacare would fail, well lets just you are a dumbass

  21. I just have to ask, are you proud of wanting more guys in office that will vote to take your work rights away? Like mandatory raises, overtime laws etc?

    I bet you are

  22. Me either. What a “I think I know it all” total jerk. I love when he gets his a** served up on a plate.

  23. We could do that… but it would take a few monkeys, some chickens and maybe a couple of small rodents….

  24. David Gregory is as lame as “W’. Both had people who were willing to give them a chance and then blew it big time. Thank goodness we have Debbie and Elizabeth Warren as old time Democrats to fight this huge slide to the right, which is wrong for everyone but some loons.

  25. David Gregory reminds me of Barney Rubble from the old Fred Flintstone TV show. He belongs on a cartoon show.

  26. Hey Red don’t you know they are fully owned subsidiaries of Koch inc. they want them some of that big money; not the truth

  27. GOP has a manhood problem. The Tea Party is totally brainwashed to the point that they vote against their own best interest. They’ve done everything to dishonor and discredit our POTUS. But because he is a man of character, wisdom, strength and integrity, he continues to fight to move this country forward against all odds, even his own party. He is for the people and if the US could get past the color of his skin, he would have the support to truly make us the best country in the world! The Tea Party and the rest of the GOP want this country without a democracy for the people and by the people. They want to suck up to the billionaires and turn this country over to them as they rape and destroy it. They are destroying all the rights that have been fought for hundreds of years. President Obama is more man than they will ever be. He can think for himself and he will continue to fight for the people. Let’s keep the Senate, get the Congress and get rid of GOP governors. VOTE for DEMS 2014

  28. Jenny, to many EvangelicalTeaBraggers/Republican/Conservatives the Flintstones are a documentary. I have re wrote the Flintstones theme. Christians meet the Christians! Their a modern stone aged family,minds made out of bedrock they hate facts and deplore history……

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