Dems Better Say It Loud; We Support Obamacare And We’re Proud




Now that President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act has begun to surpass even his own administration’s expectations for success, perhaps, as the New York Times editorial board suggests, it’s time for the Democrats to come out of hiding and actually fight for themselves and what they believe in rather than trying to perpetually run scared at the slightest hint of distress. And considering the fact that the NYT hasn’t exactly been known for it’s unabashed support of the President in recent years, the pro-Obama stance of this editorial is worth noting. The Times, like so many other mainstream news organizations, went overboard during their coverage of the Obamacare rollout in detailing all the flaws, banging the doom and gloom drum loudly for all to hear, making sure we knew just how poorly everything was going with the website. But now that the clouds have passed and Obamacare is not only still here but growing stronger by the day, it’s encouraging to see an open acknowledgment of just how well Obamacare is actually working despite the monumental – and well-documented – right-wing campaign to strangle this baby in the crib.

But here’s the thing; because even if Democrats begin to come off the fence and stand with the President in support of his historic achievement, using it to (hopefully) propel more Democrats to victory in 2014, Democrats still must confront this recurring tendency we have of being our own worst enemy. Because say what you want about right-wing Republicans, they may have their internal struggles as all organizations do, but they still do a hell of a job rallying around whatever perverse little talking point they choose to promote for the upcoming news cycles. Whether it be the need to destroy Obamacare, or the need to provide automatic weapons to defenseless babies in their cribs to fend off evil, you can pretty much count on them all towing the line while the moderate Republicans dutifully keep their mouths shut as the inmates run rampant in the asylum. Democrats, on the other hand, too often try their hand at morphing into some sort of unidentifiable, useless Demopublican hybrid which does little to promote the issues of the Democratic party and has absolutely no success achieving inter-party cooperation. If the results of the President’s first-term attempts to reach out and cooperate with Republicans aren’t instructive enough to those still wanting to hold hands, it’s hard to imagine what it will take.

Obamacare is a winner for Democrats. Plain and simple. It’s the biggest winner any true Democrat campaigning for office in 2014 could possibly hope for. The Republicans do not have any winners. They were counting on the failure of Obamacare, but when that didn’t happen then they adjusted their strategy appropriately and began to lie about it. It’s a shame when your best shot is to lie about the other guy, but they’re counting on Koch Brother ammunition to make that shot count. Our vote, and promoting the hell out of the success of Obamacare, is what will bring it home for Democrats in 2014.





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  1. Sync the message. Stay focused. Lock arms and say it strong.

    We are for the ACA.
    We are for Women’s rights.
    We are for Latino & Black people’s rights.
    We are for strengthening voters rights, not taking them away.
    We are for the increase in the minimum wage
    We are for making corporations pay their fare share of taxes
    We are for repealing Citizen’s United
    We are against the gaming of the system by corporate interests.
    We are for uncovering the off shore accounts and making those people pay taxes
    We are against asset forfeiture.
    We are for legalization because we are tired of feeding the endless beast of for profit prison systems.
    We are for keeping religion out of government.
    We want to keep creationism out of schools.

    We are democrats we won’t apologize for it and are in fact proud of it.

  2. Thank you President Obama for Obamacare! Now it’s illegal for insurance companies to BLACKLIST me for being born with hydrocephalus and a woman, both of which is NOT my fault! Im 41 and was shunted when I was 6mos. I’m apart of the 1st generation of babies that were successfully shunted!

  3. The Dems need to put out ads of ACA success stories. Kind of the opposites of what the Kochs been putting out. Not only that they needs to shove the Ryan budget down their throats. Also bring up the jobs bills that the House has let languish so that they can claim there are no jobs. Of course they are going to bring up XL which will create maybe 40,000 temporary jobs, but the bill in congress for infrastructure etc. would create approximately 7 million jobs. They need to push the DO NOTHING congress till they break.

  4. I am a nurse and I have witnessed the fraud, waste and abuse in our medical system which ultimately is paid for by raising the cost of healthcare. The old system definitely did not work and was breaking. I would much rather my taxes go towards ACA. Obamacare is working but it needs to go further. We still have a ways to go but this is a good first step. @Anna your story is one of the reasons this is so important. Please tell everybody you know that you can now receive Affordable Healthcare.

  5. I live in the red, ignorant, racist state of Texas. I tell anyone and everyone I see that The Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) is working for my family and I. It is saving us hundreds of dollars a month in premiums compared to the old policy. My wife’s back is now insured. (It was not under old policy). After telling people that and they still want to blast Obamacare I tell them to kiss my ass and go educate yourself.

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