Editorial Cartoon: Happy Easter, Everyone

There are many progressives who are anti-religion. Given all the horror done in the name of God and Christ, it is perfectly reasonable. Disillusioned, I fell away for a long time. Then I met Bishop Tom Gumbleton of Detroit. Tom showed me what good can be done by performing gay marriage ceremonies, opening soup kitchens for the poor and homeless, traveling to undeveloped countries to help the poor, and being a constant thorn in the side of The Vatican. He taught me that Jesus was the first ‘liberation theologist’ in fighting the Romans. Tom shows, by example, what Jesus was about. He sleeps on the floor because he is humble. He fights injustice, as did Jesus. He administers to the sick and poor, as did Jesus. He taught me that everything is political, and it is important to be on the side with the angels. He reminded me, again, that God and Jesus are love. Follow your path, whatever it may be. I’m still not much for organized religion, but I learned much from this man. Thank you, Tom.  Happy Easter, everyone.


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