Fox News Sunday Dabbles In Obamacare Enrollment Trutherism and Repeal Fantasies

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During the Easter Sunday broadcast of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace used some of the show’s time to further the Republican belief that the GOP should still run against the ACA. Basically, the position taken by Wallace and the conservative members of the panel is that Democrats cannot possibly win by touting the law and its positive impact. Therefore, despite the fact that millions of people have signed up for private insurance plans due to the law, and rising costs of health care have slowed down, Wallace and Co. feel that the GOP should still use the health care law as a way to defeat Democrats in the November midterms.

To begin this segment, Wallace played a clip of the President saying the repeal debate is over. Wallace then segued to asking conservative columnist George Will if the repeal debate was really over.

WALLACE: President Obama is announcing 8 million people have now signed up for ObamaCare and hammering Republicans for continuing to try to repeal the law.

And it’s time now for our Sunday group.

Syndicated columnist George Will, author of the new book “A Nice Little Place on the North Side”, about Wrigley Field at 100; Time Magazine’s Rana Foroohar; Robert Costa of The Washington Post; and former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh.

Did you just raise your hand? I thought you wanted my attention right away.

I’m going to ask you the first question. The president says ObamaCare is working. The debate is over. Is he right?

GEORGE WILL, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Well, “the debate is over” is something of a mantra. The debate is over about climate change — everyone, be quiet. The debate is over about early childhood education — everyone, be quiet.

Lots of things are supposedly over. You hear that from people who are finding the evidence inconvenient.  Now, is it working? That’s a fairly minimal claim. I mean, the farm subsidies in this country are working. Whether or not they are doing good work is another matter.

So, and this is — the argument about ObamaCare is not just about ObamaCare. It’s about the nature of the American regime. What kind of country do we want to live in? And therefore, it’s going to take on for some while.

Furthermore, we haven’t seen how the distribution of enrollees, how many are young and how many are female are going to have the work of adverse selection. So, I’d say it’s a minimal claim.

And he is contradicting himself. He says, we should all stop talking about this except Democrats this fall should campaign on the basis of the multiform excellence of the Affordable Care Act.


Notice how at the end of Will’s little diatribe he tossed in some Obamacare trutherism. This is one of the newer conservative memes. Republicans are now taking to print, television and radio making claims that the Obama administration is exaggerating or even just plain making up the enrollment numbers. This falls into the mentality that led many Republicans to question polls prior to the 2012 election or claim that job numbers were being inflated to make the President look better on the economy.

Even better is how Will thought he was showing his utter brilliance by claiming that the President is saying we shouldn’t talk about the ACA, except to talk about how well it is working. That isn’t what the President said. He stated that Republicans need to stop talking about repealing the law. There is no way this law will or can be repealed at this point. Millions of people have signed up through the exchanges and now have private insurance plans. Millions more have coverage through other provisions of the ACA, whether it’s via Medicaid expansion or the ability to remain on their parents’ insurance plans. It just isn’t viable to talk about repeal anymore.

Later on in the discussion, Will showed that he still thinks it is possible that Obamacare can be repealed, due to a couple of lawsuits sitting in the courts right now. After former Democratic Senator Evan Bayh answered a question from Wallace, where he brought up how Democrats might run on certain aspects of the ACA rather than the entire law itself, Will was asked a follow-up question. That is where he went into fantasyland, offering hope to conservatives that the law might still get overturned.

WALLACE: George, do you think it’s substantively a draw?

WILL: No. And I think the reason Evan gives is these are mobilizational actions, and the Republicans are mobilized by ObamaCare. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving for them.

But also, there are two court decisions that may come down between now and November. They’re going to change everything. Four different courts are hearing an argument that in the 34 states that have not established state exchanges, language of the law makes clear they cannot distribute ObamaCare subsidies.

But more than that, on May 8th here in the second most important court in the land, the D.C. circuit court of appeals, there will be an argument that this is objectively a revenue measure. The Supreme Court said as much. It’s a tax measure.

It did not originate in the House. The Constitution says all revenue measures must originate in the House. And under the standards of origination, the whole thing is unconstitutional. So, this argument again is far from over.


Will is one of those conservatives that still holds onto the belief that the ACA is ‘unconstitutional.’ He is placing all of his eggs in the basket that somehow one of these courts is going to hand the GOP a gift decision, while at the same time decimating the entire health care industry. It is very, very likely that he is going to be disappointed in the end. However, that doesn’t stop him from going on talk shows, or using his column, to dish out some conservative comfort food to the bubble-dwellers.

Right now, many Republicans just don’t know how to handle the fact that this law is working, just like it was always supposed to. They did everything they could to make it fail, yet it still persevered. For the past four-plus years, they’ve just chanted the ‘Obamacare=bad’ mantra, with no backup plan. They are now confronted with a successful law. Worse, Republicans had had no hand in its success so they are stuck chanting that same old mantra. All they can do is convince themselves it is a winning strategy. To believe otherwise is not an option at this point.

18 Replies to “Fox News Sunday Dabbles In Obamacare Enrollment Trutherism and Repeal Fantasies”

  1. George Will is one of those pseudo intellectuals that pretend they have something important to say. Over the years he has cultivated his image to appear as though he is the wise sage of politics. I’m quite sure he gets his scripted questions days in advance so that he can give us the benefit of his tremendous insight. (sarcasm)

    His assertion of the court case in appeals on whether it is revenue or tax has already been decided by SCOTUS so in practicality it doesn’t matter what an appeals court rules. As far as Obama contradicting himself, that was just a blatant lie.

    As he and the rest of those repugnants rail on ACA I wonder how many in their own party have signed up. It can’t be only Dems who signed up. So those in their party who signed up, their own party is basically alienating them too.

    I hope they take staggering losses this year. The we can listen to their excuses. It will be time for another autopsy.

  2. Sorry that they remain so deluded, the ACA is not perfect and most bills Congress pass are not. The ACA is helping people and would help more except for some GOP Governors in certain states refuse to help their own poor people. There will need to be tweaks to the ACA to make improvements. What is either funny or sad depending on your view this was actually based on a GOP health care plan, hello Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care…irony at it’s best.

  3. Right now,conservatives are living in la-la land where facts are ignored completely. Remember? Romney was going to win the presidency. They were absolutely convinced they had a winner – until they lost big time. I hope they continue to run on a repeal platform. There are 8 million votes against them and that doesn’t include the friends and families of those who now have affordable health insurance. I can’t think of a better way to lose an entire election than to keep repeating repeal, repeal. Reality is going to have a bunch of politicians looking for a new job.

  4. The ACA is a plan created by the Heritage Foundation with a few twists.

    It is not perfect, just like the Medicare Prescription D Plan.

    When the Democratic Party gain control over both houses of Congress, there was no cry to repeal the drug prescription plan, but to fix it.

    I haven’t forgotten.

  5. Is anyone really surprised that those on the FOX News Network payroll routinely distort the facts in order to promote a politically-motivated point of view?
    Roger Ailes probably has a framed poster of Tokyo Rose hanging in his office.

    This is how FOX News and other right-wing propaganda outlets go about spreading politically-charged disinformation. They perpetuate lies and half-truths that incite fear and hatred and claim it’s fair game because the stories are packaged as hypothetical “what ifs”.

  6. What if?

    What is the GOP quit being traitors to Americans and do their jobs for the progress and betterment of everyone in this ‘shared society’ we call the United States of America?

    What if?

    Faux Noise and RePigs spent half the time they doing lying and funraising, they could help the Democrats and President Obama create real tax reform and real gun reform.

    What if?

    Real jobs with real wages were being created for Real Americans to perform? Millions with educations and experience cannot get jobs and are denied UI.

    What if?

  7. “Now, is it working? That’s a fairly minimal claim. I mean, the farm subsidies in this country are working. Whether or not they are doing good work is another matter.”

    No, it’s not. Studies already show that the ACA is resulting in lowered rates (or lowered rate increases). Nothing else has worked to lower rates, or slow the increase of rates. Will knows this, and stays safely in the realm of *feelings* and away from pesky facts.

  8. I surmise that millions of republicans profess to hate Obamacare but are benefiting from it. I also surmise that they think it’s their “right” to do so because they pay taxes, whereas they think others don’t. That this cognitive dissonance exists within them is disturbing, since many of them will vote for politicians they know who, if given the chance, would repeal the law and end the healthcare benefits they and their families are enjoying under Obamacare.

  9. Its funny that nowhere in the article and in the commments nobody can dispute the actual truth of the actuarial basis of Obamacare, which is the only way it can keep going or the court cases Will was talking about. the court cases are very clear in showing IT IS unconstitutional, no matter how you all feel about it working or not working, repealing or not repealing.

  10. PLF in the DC Circuit of Appeals is about that per the Supreme Court this law is a tax and all taxes have to originate in the House per the Constitution, which this law didn’t. Its really clear.

    The ACA says only the State Exchanges can give out Subsidys multiple times. isn’t a state Exchange.

  11. WTF is the PLF The peoples liberation front? And the law was passed so your argument about taxes has as much weight as fly shit

  12. The US constitution, US Supreme Court, and the ACA itself doesn’t let Obamacare be a legal law. It doesn’t matter how it helps, its not legit.

  13. You are a idiot. Tell you what, move your ass to Somalia. They have no laws and you feel right at home over there

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