Pasty GOP Media Tools Chuck Todd and David Brooks Decide That Obama Has a Manhood Problem


David Brooks and Chuck Todd revived one of the Republican Party’s favorite smears against President Obama on Meet The Press. Brooks claimed that Obama has a manhood problem.



CHUCK TODD: And isolating Putin, but also just sort of containing this issue, because there is this fear, as you know. He doesn’t want this to become the rest of his presidency, you know. But in many ways, he is being tested here in some way on how he handles Ukraine.

So, for instance, I’m about to hop on a plane in two days. We’re going on this Asia trip. And, oh, by the way, Japan has an issue with islands with China; Korea has some territorial issues. There are a lot of countries in Asia that have territorial issues with China. Where is the United States going to sit when this decides to raise its head and become an issue there? So that’s why this does matter globally, sort of how the White House responds to this. And they have no interest right now in doing sectoral things.

DAVID BROOKS: I mean, basically since Yalta, we’ve had an assumption that borders are basically going to be borders. And once that comes into question, if in Ukraine or in Crimea or anywhere else, then all over the world, you know, the tokens–

CHUCK TODD: All bets are off.

DAVID BROOKS: All bets are off.

CHUCK TODD: It is open.

DAVID BROOKS: And, let’s face it, Obama, whether deservedly or not, does have a (I’ll say it crudely) but a manhood problem in the Middle East: Is he tough enough to stand up to somebody like Assad, somebody like Putin? I think a lot of the rap is unfair. But certainly in the Middle East, there’s an assumption he’s not tough–

The only people who having this discussion about President Obama’s manhood are Republicans who constantly try to make up for their own inadequacies by talking tough and starting wars. “Manhood” is not going to win the peace, especially the Republican definition of manhood that Todd and Brooks subscribe to.

Real manhood means making the tough decisions that keep the country out of wars. Real leaders don’t have to send our troops off to die in some foreign land in order to prove their toughness. A real man is a good husband and father. He is a role model, and a leader.

Obama’s problem is not one of manhood. His problem is middle aged conservatives who think that only white swaggering fake cowboys like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are capable of being real men. Brooks said that a lot of the rap that Obama gets is unfair, but that didn’t stop him from repeating the Republican claim that Obama has a manhood problem.

Barack Obama is a real man in ways that Chuck Todd, David Brooks, and little boys in the Republican Party who desperately want to fire their guns will never understand.

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  1. Yeah, I always judge “manhood” against two idiotic Repig pasty pathetic ‘white boys’!

    Hillary will kick their asses.

  2. A middle east “manhood” problem. Yes, those sheiks, oil kings, misogynistic bigoted men running the Middle East are every girls’ idea of manhood – particularly their masculine dress style.

  3. Is this still planet Earth?

    I swear I’m in some other dimension.

    I think Mr. Brooks and Mr. Todd might not want to antagonize the man who can – literally – answer the question, “You and what army” with, you know, an actual army.


  4. The last three words of the article describe the problem of Todd and Brooks perfectly. “will never understand.”

  5. Yes I heard their sneering today. As though our President isn’t in much better shape than either of them. President Obama is definitely in much better shape than Putin. But these two men are always sneering at President Obama. He is much more intelligent that either of them and he will be the president who ends the wars that republicans started. President Obama was the one who worked to get this country out of the Bush/ republican recession inflicted on this country. So I will sneer right back at them both as the bigots they are.

  6. So being peaceful and reasonable is a bad thing?

    Yeah… the President probably has a bigger manhood then the entire GOP combined. It takes a real man to solve problems with diplomacy, not with guns and people and war.

  7. Manhood problem? Seriously?! Wow, just WOW! This is ridiculously chauvinistic crap! I can’t believe Gregory did not have a response to that and then Todd follows it up with the Alpha dog thing? What a bunch of scumbags! There are women who have more guts or crudely, brass tits than these three guys put together! UGh…

  8. This is so ridiculous. We finally have someone that is man enough to negotiate and not wave his penis around. These two are trolls.

  9. Benghazi. Damn. Didn’t work.

    War on Christmas. Damn. Didn’t work.

    Full Repeal. This didn’t work either, dammit.

    War on Easter. Too many people out getting stoned today.

    Sputter, sputter. Manhood.


  10. I don’t even listen to them anymore. I think I just figured it out. It’s the Law of Attraction. If we keep thinking about these nutjobs and if we keep talking about them, we will manifest their agenda and that is to keep us from thinking about and talking about the positive, which is thinking and talking then manifesting a democrat in office in 2016…..enough of my energy towards these fools, im no longer anti repug, im pro dem…..theres a difference….its the same as Mother Teresa said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me”…..she will not attend anything anti but she will attend everything pro….its negative vs positive…

  11. Chuck Todd and David Brooks, members of the Chicken hawk brigade,Asswipe battalion, GOP parrot company.

  12. Didn’t he also kiss one? If anyone has a manhood problem it is the rethugs, the far right, the self proclaimed Christians of this crowd who believe they have the only answer. To give them a little something to think about. try this: wasn’t Jesus a man who, cared for the poor, the sick, those who had less, the homeless & all those who were down trodden. DID JESUE HAVE A MANHOOD PROBLEM? according to their way of thinking, he did.

  13. So Chuck ask Osama you know the guy you guys couldn’t find; Chuck is “worth less as Pockets on an undershirt”

  14. I hate to point out the obvious. But Dodd, Brooks and Gregory are all Jewish. As are the people at Fox, running ABC, and the rest of main stream media. And their agenda is to brainwash Americans into thinking we are supposed to always be at war somewhere. We are never supposed to notice these obvious facts and certainly never mention the fact there is not enough profit in peace. It sickens me to even have to know this. I have been like the majority of people in this country for most of my 78 years. Just took my news from the only sources open to most people. When I got old enough and crippled enough to have time. I bought a computer and I have always had an inquiring mind, a tendency to question things and see patterns. The more I looked the uglier the picture in spite of wanting not to believe it. The main thing Americans should remember. FOLLOW THE MONEY. And look who, where, and why these trillions have gone to since Reagan.

  15. Sorry, Sonya, you’re a 78 year old idiot and anti-Semite. Jews do not control everything and everybody and the fact those three warmongers are Jewish is incidental. The majority of the Republican Party are white Christians and that’s who has been sending us on war after endless war.

  16. Sorry, Shiva, she was rather matter of factly recounting anti-Semitic talking points. What would you have called her?

  17. I’m so confused is Obama a ballless wonder or the angry black man. I just can’t keep the slurs straight.

  18. Sonja,

    I work for Jewish lawyers. They are the nicest people I’ve ever worked for – we are well-paid, have 100% paid HC, many holidays and vacations. All they expect is from us is to show up at work and do our jobs and we are an extremely busy firm.

    Most people have been here for many years.

    Niceness and courteous behavior does not have anything to do with their Jewishness or the fact that none of us on the staff are Jewish.


  19. Chuck Todd, the sissy Chick Todd? That man has no balls of his own so how in the hell is he gonna judge a man WITH balls. Give me a break and Brook must be irrevelant, I have never heard of him. I normally know the men with balls. Alright righties, ya gotta come better than this. Obama has common sense, he walks softly and carries a big stick. He was elected to keep us out of war and I think he has done a pretty fine job. Let’s face it, this is two men with no balls trying to play with the big boys. Run on along home to Mama, Chick Todd and Davie. Go on home now.

  20. The Republicans have a silly, juvenile ideal of manhood. It includes a shoot-first-ask-questions- later mentality, a readiness for belligerence at the drop of a hat, an aversion to complexities and nuances, and the need to elevate oneself at the expense of others. I have never seen a group of men up in age with such a childish, intellectually and emotionally stunted view of what constitutes a man. Aside from hating the president for his race, they down his manhood because he’s rational, introspective, and analytical–all the things they are not. They are a bunch of losers.

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