Rating For Meet The Press Have Melted Down And NBC Is Starting to Blame David Gregory

david gregory

With Meet The Press continuing to slide in the ratings, NBC News is starting to realize that the problem might be host David Gregory.

According to The Washington Post:

Thus, “MTP’s” meltdown has sounded alarm bells inside NBC News and attracted the attention of its new president, Deborah Turness, who arrived from Britain’s ITV News in August. Gregory’s job does not appear to be in any immediate jeopardy, but there are plenty of signs of concern.

Last year, the network undertook an unusual assessment of the 43-year-old journalist, commissioning a psychological consultant to interview his friends and even his wife. The idea, according to a network spokeswoman, Meghan Pianta, was “to get perspective and insight from people who know him best.” But the research project struck some at NBC as odd, given that Gregory has been employed there for nearly 20 years.

Around the same time, the network appointed a new executive producer at “MTP,” Rob Yarin, a veteran media consultant. Yarin, who had worked with Gregory on an MSNBC show, “Race for the White House,” during the 2008 campaign, succeeded Betsy Fischer Martin, who reigned over “MTP” for 11 years. Fischer Martin had helped Russert soar to glory, but had disagreed with Gregory over matters of style and substance (she was promoted to oversee all of NBC’s political coverage).

NBC News can tinker around the edges of the show. They can change the format, change producers, change anything that they want, but they can’t escape that the problem is David Gregory. Viewers don’t like Gregory, and they especially don’t like direction that the program has gone in.

Meet The Press used to the home of the tough interview, but David Gregory is the anti-Russert. Whether it is cable news or Sunday morning broadcast shows, the formula is the same. If viewers don’t like the host, they won’t watch the show. Over at CBS, Bob Schieffer is warm and inviting on Face The Nation. He is the perfect compliment to CBS Sunday Morning. Gregory appears cold, distant, and agenda driven.

There isn’t some magic missing formula to fixing Meet The Press. It looks like NBC might be starting to get it, and focus on David Gregory as the problem.

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  1. I quit watching MTP quite some time back and so advised NBC via E-Mail. David Gregory has trashed MTP as an unbiased and challenging news program.

  2. I don’t watch the show because my cable package doesn’t get this show but I have heard a lot of complaints that David Gregory repeats the same Republican talking points.

    People who are independents and liberals are tired of the rightward shift going on in the media, watching CNN is like watching Fox Lite.

    Also people are turning to streaming their news to avoid the endless barrage of commercials. I’m getting tired of the endless 5 minute news cycles on CBC followed by 5 minutes of toe fungus commercials (no, I am not kidding) I get a lot of my news from The Young Turks, Vice, Algazeera, RT. In other words, I stream it.

  3. I quit watching Meet the Presstitute at the beginning of 2011 and had been increasingly disgusted with it before that.

  4. As she referred to CBC, I presume a Canadian one (Actually, I do not know if Astorix is a she; I am proceeding from legal Latin)

  5. Agree with the other comments, stopped watching quite a while ago. David Gregory would make a great publicist for the republicans.

  6. CNN is almost completely useless any more. You would think there are only 2 or 3 news items with them. Same topic, droning on and on and on. I am so sick of the missing plane at this point.

  7. I can’t imagine any Canadian cable package not carrying the big 3 networks. Where they vary is in cable news. Mine carries CNN but not Faux or MSNBC.

    At any rate, I thought I’d read that Gregory had just signed another contract. I can’t stand him either.

  8. There’s already a house organ for the right wing and that’s Faux “News”. I used to watch MTP for honest analysis. Instead you get David Gregory spouting the Republi-bagger company line. I don’t watch any more.

  9. Agree 100% with DubsCorleone. David Gregory, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell are all weak and biased broadcast journalists.

  10. I’ve always been amazed how TV executives do things. I guess British (ITV) ones are no different–really, a psych profile? Is he getting vetted or something–talk to family and friends and co-workers?

    Producers are can make or break the front person–ask certain on-air people at CBS. Gregory’s current one seems to feed his ego and nothing more.

  11. For what it’s worth my cable package in New Mexico doesn’t carry ABC. No big loss. Any way MTP is nothing more than a GOP outlet with Gregory on it. Just like yesterday when DWS was on and all he did was basically attack her and try to keep her on the defensive. I think the only thing any of us want is just an objective news source. Unfortunately every host now has to be an opinionated commentator.

    I’m with the rest of you, I rely heavily on the internet for news and entertainment. Both for objectivity and to avoid the relentless commercials.

  12. ABC News is just as bad as NBC and its news programs including MTP. They have sunk to tabloid level.

    For news, I watch CBS Morning News with Charlie Rose, Nora O., and Gayle King. Best morning news. CBS Sunday morning is excellent. And of course, 60 Minutes. CBS can hold its head up.

  13. I think NBC may be trying to embarrass Gregory into resigning. He can’t take the hint, personally I’m sick of John McCain on every other week.

  14. It is clear that Gregory is a terrible, biased host.

    Since more and more people get information online, I imagine it is only those who don’t who can hang with these performances and watch this show.

    The last time I watched I heard distortions and just plain wrong information getting passed without being called out or questioned. When Gregory promotes/allows slant and misinformation about the things I know about I can only assume that the discussions about things I don’t already know about are just as biased.

    Why would I waste any part of my Sunday morning watching something of NO value.

  15. Gregory is nothing but a right-wing shill. He is NOT a journalist, nor is his stupid wife, Dana Bash at CNN.

  16. YES!
    At this point when I cruise past CNN, I say missing plane missing plane missing plane (3 times). And you know what… that is the story that is on about half the time as I am changing channels… still… today.

  17. Personally, I wouldn’t be so quick to make strong statements of support for CBS News – they are the ones who REFUSED to fire Logan the Benghazi liar and her producers. That is a serious black mark on the 60min reputation. Your mileage may vary.

  18. Having friends in Canada and having spent a substantial amount of time there, the Canadian station CBC has NEVER carried Meet the Press. So I don’t believe it was meant as CBC but a typo and should have been NBC. Meet the Press is on NBC network in Canada which is carried by all cable companies along with ABC, CBS, CNN. To get MSNBC, Faux , you have to get higher level packages.

    In reality — all stations are full of commercials about so much crap!! NBC is a standard network station – in the US and Canada so the initial post makes no sense other than a typo. If it is CBC — makes no sense whatsoever as I know the Canadian cable TV too.

  19. CNN has OCD’d on the plane crash like they did Balloon Boy and Michael Jackson’s death or any weather event causing damage where they may as well call it what it is — they relocate there for weeks and weeks on end — the rest of the world news is non-existent. It’s disgusting when someone has a family member killed and whoever is onair knocks on the family’s door. Ignorant — all for ratings and could not give a rat’sass how the people are suffering.

    So wish it was the death of CNN aka the ‘Bagger Station’.

    In fact, they OCD’d so much with the plane simulator pilot in Toronto, that he has been fired for what is stupid reasons — but it was courtesy of CNN. The owner thought him dressed inappropriate — too casual, and was acting unprofressional, etc — but CNN booked all the time of the simulator for weeks that it was unavailable to anyone else and the pilot was in the simulator for hours on hours for minutes here and there segments.

  20. Fire that right wing wimp and bring on Rachel Maddow. That will get the right wing liars’ attention. No more getting away with blatant nonsense without being challenged with facts for all to judge.

  21. Gregory is married to D.C. attorney, Beth Wilkinson. But, I do agree with you that he is NOT a journalist–he’s a Reichpublican cheerleader-operative.

  22. David Gregory is a lazy incompetent who does not take the time to study the issues in-depth which will be discussed.

    It seems to me, given all of the misstatements on the issues he listens more to the rumors and Faux Fictions that he parrots Sunday after Sunday…….

    I will not listen/watch MTP any more and shudder at the reports of the Gregory miscues that follow each show……

    He blackens the record of TV longest running news show and is a sorry excuse as a stand-in for Tim Russert……a real journalist

  23. Watched MTP throughout the 80’s and 90’s until the 2nd year of David Gregory, he just plain SUCKS! He doesn’t hold a candle to Tim Russart, and WHO CARES what NEWT, McCain, Noonan, Cheney & Romney have to say about ANYTHING! Hell NEWT hasn’t been relative for DECADES! Old tired formula, with old tired guests yammering on about old tired arguments! Not worth my time, hell he could phone in his part! DUMP HIM!!!!

  24. I had never missed a MTP show in like some 20 yrs-started watching it in my later teenage years, until David Gregory took over. I completely stopped watching almost 2 years ago. Still waiting for NBC Execs to pull their collective heads out of Gregory’s derier, just saying.

  25. NBC hired a ‘psychological consultant’ to analyze Gregory & his family. So, they hired a shrink to find out why MTP with Gregory sucks. Does NBC read online feedback or email complaints? They should listen to “former” viewers.
    In case NBC didn’t notice, Gregory is repugnant. Nobody likes him, except staunch Repubs & Bill Kristol. He lets GOP propaganda go unchallenged. He’s got that smarmy ick factor like a Scott Walker or Pat McCrory. Washed up frat boys with no charisma.
    Kochs & their corp shills are finally being exposed. Gregory is an extension of their oligarch agenda. No “treatment” will make him watchable.

  26. Right or Left, I don’t want talking points. Do some damn news. Gregory (but for Faux of course) is the absolute worst. Wonder how much the RNC pays him? Meh. He’ll be on Faux News one day bitching about Lib News.

  27. MSNBC has been in denial with Gregory, the Meet the TeathugliKKKan’s host and they should quit actin the ways of the Teathugs by being STUCK ON STUPID because they will pay dearly..I don’t even waste my valuable times on Sunday morning.

  28. 100% agree with all negative Gregory posts. Chuckie Todd too. They both must have some powerful pictures of TPTB to keep their jobs in the face of such failure. Poor Chuck cannot complete one sentence without including an “if you will” somewhere. I won’t watch either, and I was a loyal MTP fan my whole life.

  29. David Gregory is Karl Rove’s b-tch. It’s high time that Karl come and rescue MTP’s best host ever.

  30. Jees, guy, alot of different ways of viewing tv don’t provide that automatically. Direct tv for one doesn’t. Getting an additional dish is needed sometimes.

  31. I agree completely. He spouts GOP talking points, does nothing but put the potus down, and it’s embarrassing when he caters to a repub on the show. Russert was a man to navigate this stream of talking head fish. On both sides he would bring out the bad, good and ugly. Unfortunately, with this asshat, biased, Gregory that is no more….If I wanted to watch FAUX NEWS, I think I’d know how to change the channel there…

  32. Best host ever?? Aww, you livin’ in Washington or Colorado?? 420 was a couple days ago….heeee

  33. David Gregory has crossed my line in the sand. I don’t need to watch him anymore.

    This morning on Meet the Press his guest was former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Gregory’s theme was America and Obama is weak on foreign policy. He asked Blair if Obama is weak in Putin’s eyes. He asked Blair if Europe will stand with Obama on the Russian/Crimea issue (implying that Obama is in the lead and is weak), he danced around a theme that the US is the cause of world extremism and that Obama took his foot “off the gas” with Iran, he asked straightforwardly if the middle east sees Obama is seen as having a manhood problem in the Middle, and he asked (stated) if the Obama administration is making a mistake by disengaging from Iraq and Afghanistan. Gregory kept looking for ways to blame the US and Obama.

    My parting question for Gregory: “When did the US become the world police force, financed by the American taxpayers, and fueled by the lives of American military men and women?….

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