Republican Puppet Chuck Todd Says Democrats Will Lose On Health Care In Midterms

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During Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Chuck Todd, the network’s Chief White House Correspondent, stated that Democrats will lose on the health care issue in this year’s midterm elections. During the segment, a number of specious arguments were made, some with quite a bit of merit, others (like Todd’s) that just seemed to be talking points straight from the RNC. An interesting discussion did result from Todd’s statements, though, where host Joe Scarborough essentially said that Republicans won’t know what to do on the campaign trail if hit hard on their opposition to the ACA.

Below is video of the segment:



The discussion began with a short interview with New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin, who wrote a story regarding the complex political issues that Democrats face in the short-term. Martin’s piece argued that the Democratic Party will have issues running on the law as a major achievement because the people who it most positively impacted are the least likely to come out to vote in midterm elections. In essence, Martin said, in the nicest possible way in his article, that minorities and young people are lazy and don’t care about serious issues.

Martin pretty much made the same argument on Morning Joe. This led to Todd being brought on to discuss the strategy of Democrats this year. He claimed that the White House will likely not discuss the health care law much over the coming months. That especially will hold true when the President travels across the country, where he will instead focus solely on an economic message. Basically, President Obama will only want to talk about the ACA when it hits certain positive milestones.

This is where Todd then advanced the message that regardless of how hard Democrats try to campaign on the positive impact of health care reform and push back against the negativity from Republicans, they will still lose on this issue. Todd did say that he feels that Democrats need to start campaigning on the ACA as a way to change public opinion and flip the narrative. However, his message was very clear–Democrats can’t possibly win on the health care law in November.

Todd’s reasoning is that there is just too little time between now and the elections to change public opinion on the law. Despite the recent torrent of good news surrounding the law, and recent surveys showing that the public’s perception of the law is changing, Todd still feels that it is a given that Democrats cannot win on this issue. Considering that the midterms are more than 6 months away, and we’ve only seen highly positive news come out about the ACA in recent weeks and months, it seems downright silly to say that this is a losing issue for Democrats.

Interestingly, Todd’s statements led to a robust and spirited discussion between hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Both of them came to the agreement that if Democrats hammered Republicans on the campaign trail with not only the enrollment numbers, but the provisions of the law that are highly popular, that Republicans will be tongue-tied and not know how to respond. Scarborough basically told Democrats to go on a full-scale offensive assault against Republicans surrounding the ACA, as most GOP candidates won’t know how to play defense on the issue.

It is a strange morning when Scarborough comes across as reasonable. Then again, you had one reporter claim that a law that has seen nothing but good news the past few months is going to be an albatross for the party that passed it. You also had another reporter enforce the stereotype that minorities and young people are lazy and disinterested. With that level of opinion on the show, it isn’t too hard to rise above it and appear reasonable.


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  1. Chuck Todd dropped out of George Washington University before graduating with a degree in the French horn and is now one of the nation’s greatest political experts.

    But he does know what soup the White House serves everyday.

  2. Every time I see Chuck Todd it looks like he has a red squirrel hanging on to the front of his face. Must be his rebel without a clue statement.

    I think the Dems have any number of issues to run on. The congress has about a 10% approval rating. All they have tried to do is obstruct the administration in doing anything. Jobs are the biggest concern with the public and the repugnants won’t vote on a jobs bill. Hit them with Ryans master plan. Above all push ACA. The vast majority of americans want health care and do not favor repeal. Most importantly show them the repugnant party plan for health care, which is a big fat zero.

    I love how they keep saying their won’t be a big turnout. I am guessing the repugs are saying that figuring we will just throw in the towel now. I think Dems see it as a challenge. Their are alot of people fed up out there and I think they will show up out of frustration.

  3. Todd’s credibility took a huge hit in 2012. Who cares about what Todd said? Polls after polls has shown that growing base democrat voters who doesn’t vote in midterms has already said that they intend to vote this upcoming elections. We are finally tired of Republicans’ bullshot obstructionism attitude. Even Kentucky are poised to go blue in 2014 and 2016. Texas have chance at history this year and 2016 elections. Democrats will finally retake the House and retain the Senate, give Obama a chance to work for America.

  4. The GOP’s fact-devoid, hyperbole-laden, irrational fear-fomenting anti-ACA train is losing steam with each passing day.

  5. I don’t see where the Dems have much to shy away from.
    1. GOP shut down gov and the cost to taxpayers was obscene, especially because they supposedly are the party of “fiscal responsibility.
    2. GOP did not pass extended UE, slamming the door shut on many unemployed Americans.
    3. GOP also did nothing to pass the President’s jobs bill.
    4. GOP consistently trying to take voting rights away and women’s rights away.

    On and on..that is just for starters. Dems..go on offense for all of these things.

  6. Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte and every Democrat running in Texas and across the nation must outline heavily gender inequality. Additionally education should be the center piece topic to return education to the best in the world. Democrats must show a united front and willing to go to war over every social issue/project the TEA-Republican are warring against. Democrats should stand their ground locally, at the state level and nationally on social issues and take that to the stump speeches. Social programs and issues that should be pushed are enhancement of Medicaid in every state currently denying their residents and fully funding education for the future of our country. Providing good jobs stateside and raising the minimum wage while tying minimum wage to every raise the Congress gets. Enhancing the PPACA(Obamacare) and federalizing standards for voters in every segment of the nation. Over all enhancing equal rights for every citizen and segregating religion from politics.

  7. I personally think these tools of the GOP/TP are running with this narrative because they know Diebold controls most of the voting machines and tabulations in some way. They know the fix is in and when it happens they can say “See we have been telling you for months the Democrats would lose”…

  8. This is the same assclown who was running around the country saying Romney was a sure winner in 2012.

  9. Chuck Todd, David Gregory, are they the same person or did they start a publicist company for repubs recently.

  10. B Wood, I agree. I think your scenario is absolutely correct. IF the GOP wins, it will be through cheating which is all they have going for them.

  11. I would love to see the look on Mr. Todd’s face when the Dems WIN this Nov.

    You are right.. Toddie IS laughable. He is so laughable that when he first came on the scene marking the scoreboards at election time. We knew from day one he wasn’t to be taken seriously.
    And. Why doesn’t he shave that damn hair off his face! Does he actually think he looks good! Cant imagine that MSNBC allows him to look that way before appearing before cameras. They sure wouldn’t let their woman anchors dress/and/or look in a fashion that was unpleasing to the eye.

    Aside….Also, Chris Matthews. Mr. Chris is ALWAYS squinting on camera.
    Why doesn’t someone tell him for goodness sake. That is just terrible to look at a person for an hr. long, especially on TV. You would n’t see any female anchors getting away with that!

    (I know, I know, it still is a man’s world.)

  12. Cheating, lies, smears….all of the above.

    They cheat right before our eyes and get away with it.
    Why doesn’t someone or some group do something about it?

  13. How about this Toddy. if you are wrong you go back to college and get an education you might learn something. you can always go to work at Faux news with your buddies.

  14. Bet Chuck Todd doesn’t know what the Society of Professional Journalist Code of Ethics even is since he is a music major who quit not a journalism major. Question of the day is how did he get his job as as the White House correspondent? Who does his family know?

    He is nothing but a GOP Tea Party Shill that has the ethics of a gnat which is an insult to gnats.

  15. Personally, I don’t think any Democrat out there should be afraid to run on the ACA.

    I think part of the issues with the ACA being passed, rolled out, etc., was because Democrats DID shy away from it. I understand politically why they might have felt they had to do that, but for a long time it seemed like Republicans were the only ones talking about ACA – and it wasn’t good. Democrats just kept saying there were problems with the law, but we should work together to make it better, etc. Yeah, they said “let’s make it better” but all people heard was “yeah we passed a law about YOUR health care and it’s BAD.” They didn’t hear the “let’s make it better” part.

    But now they have a lot of positive to run on. Millions of people have health insurance – some for the first time in their lives. Lives will be saved from this.

    That’s not something to run away from and quite frankly, Chuck Todd probably knows less about the law than a five year old does.

  16. I just don’t understand this acceptance that the ACA is “unpopular”. It may poll as such, but all of that is purely because of headlines stating how unpopular it is over and over again. The RMNJ’s know this and keep yelling it, true or not. I know plenty of previously uninsured folks who are now happily covered. Everyone needs to help GOTV and then we’ll see.
    The Dems need to make a lot of noise about how great this ACA is, and the public opinion will change. People tend to change their opinion about something after they experience a personal connection to an issue. That’s going to happen with this as well.
    As for Chuck Todd, his political analyses are always very shallow, no depth, no comprehensive grasp of the big picture. He speaks straight from the latest sensational headlines. I have no respect for him. Don’t even bother to listen, he’s got nothin’.

  17. Clearly, Todd has never lived a day without health insurance. He has never had a sleepless night worrying about his 20-something child who is not covered by insurance. He has never wondered if he should commit a small crime in order to be sent to jail so he could get treatment for excruciating tooth pain.

    Todd has never had a family member die from a treatable illness in a state where republicans refuse to expand medicaid.

    If I saw Todd on the street, I would have a hard time keeping the spit from flying out of my mouth.

  18. He said the same thing about the ACA that young people weren’t going to sign up and this was going to fail.He said the same thing about Romney winning the election.But if you listen to Lawrence O’Donnell he makes it clear that his colleagues aren’t always correct and he clears things up for the reporting for the day.I will be glad when he comes back to work and correct these people.

  19. If theD ems lose it’s because the bought off sycophants of the supposed press are propagandizing for their owners on the extreme right ; there are 8million people who now have insurance who didn’t before nuff said .

  20. I expect much better from French Hornist/Music Majors. Musicians typically have much better BS detectors than Tuck Chodd. I suspect he was the “Bobby Corno” of his studio.

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